Cammy Fan Art Contest!
September 1999

The winners of the 2nd contest...
Sammi and Alisson are the real winners, but Brian and Tyhm will get a little something too!  Congratulations, and thank you very much!!
I love Sammi's stuff because it's all so original and creative.  And her love of Cammy is obvious, so that makes me happy!
Alisson is almost everybody's favorite.  Many of you have written me about those pictures.
Brian R's picture looks good, and it's a great idea!  I love submission moves!  Finally.
And Thym is the ONLY one who bothered draw something from the fan fic.  Thank you!   And RJ Bailey (the writer) also told me that he drew Cammy's outfit absolutely perfectly.
Lucas obviously should have been a winner with his Cammysteiner pic, but he and I are too close, and besides, he's already getting a bunch of stuff from me!
To tell you the truth, there were many other pictures that were awesome!!  I'd love to give you all a little something, but I've gotta pay for these prizes out of my own pocket.  Please keep sending stuff into future contests because if you were really close this time, I will definitely keep that in mind next time.
sammi-cammy3-tn.gif (8839 bytes) Cammy is wicked!  60k  (400x540)
This is another Sammi Cammy picture.  This has got to be one of the coolest fan art poses I've ever seen... and I've never really seen anything like it.
alisson-cammy2-tn.gif (9369 bytes) Kill the traitor!!! 121k  (556x640)
Another great XSF action picture from Alisson Freitas.  I really hate Gambit, and love Cammy, so I especially like this picture.
brianr-cammy2-tn.gif (2855 bytes) A submission in more ways than one 43k  (379x931)
Hey artists... please do more stuff like this!  Submission moves are the coolest.   Just look at this... Ryu is in huge pain, there's nothing he can do about it, and Cammy is just comfortably sitting there in total control.  When she's given him enough pain, she can just choke him out and chalk up another win!  By Brian R.
tyhm-cammy1-tn.gif (4193 bytes) Cammy, Hugo, and Grandpa White 65k  (240x496)
The only pic from the story... Thanks Tyhm!  Haven't you guys read the story?   It's great, and it's not too long.  And drawing a character or something from that fan fic wouldn't have been that hard... would it?  Thanks again Tyhm!

And a whole lot of really close 2nds...

jonah-cammy5-tn.gif (6498 bytes) #99, Cammy 108k  (375x549)
Here's another great one from a winner of last month's contest.  Mike Nario, aka Johan Seven.
eric-cammy2-tn.gif (6969 bytes) The Cammy Shrine 108k  (581x600)
This one has a real Japanese theme to it.  And back in the day, Cammy was the most popular character in Japan.  Thanks to Eric Lin
eric-cammy3-tn.gif (5353 bytes) Secret Agent Cammy 80k  (430x620)
Don't forget, Delta Red Cammy is an undercover agent and spy.  But now that she's with the good guys, she's not assassinating anyone.  Anyhow what's her mission in this picture... to get her hat back.  By Eric Lin.
eric-cammy4-tn.gif (6007 bytes) In the office by day... 75k  (523x600)
Wow, I really wish the secretaries in my office looked like this!  And but the way, I love the glasses!  Thank again Mr. Eric Lin.
eric-cammy1-tn.gif (2223 bytes) Cammy without her pigtails?! 41k  (800x558)
No, I don't hate it.  I love those pigtails, but I suppose Cammy lets her hair down sometimes.  And it's pretty neat to see that sometimes.  Thanks to Eric Lin for this one.
jin-cammy1-tn.gif (2131 bytes) Look what Cammy caught! 51k  (500x665)
This is an interesting picture by Jin Nagakuse.  Check it out, I think you'll like it too.
alisson-cammy1-tn.gif (6637 bytes) XSF Super Team-up! 102k  (463x640)
Color, action, and Cammy... just how I like it.  Thanks to Alisson Freitas from Brazil.
alisson-cammy3-tn.gif (9558 bytes) Best of the bunch! 153k  (420x640)
Not really a Cammy picture, but she's in there, and she's the coolest.  Plus, it's a very nice picture.  Also from Alisson.
sammi-cammy4-tn.gif (6744 bytes) Cammy Spice? 30k  (400x400)
Crazy old Sammi is at it again.  And believe me, I know that she's got a few more up her sleeve... Stay tuned for more! 
sammi-cammy2-tn.gif (8255 bytes) Cammy Muyo!? 34k  (400x268)
My favorite anime and my favorite game character together... what's not to like?!   Thanks again to Sammi!
sammi-cammy11-tn.gif (3307 bytes) Best pals 57k  (400x551)
Why we don't get more pictures of these two together is beyond me.  Cammy loves cats!   Leave it up to Sammi to do the right thing!
sammi-cammy12-tn.gif (2806 bytes) Cammy's little buddy 34k  (400x558)
Another Cammy and Felicia picture, but this one's a little different.  And by the way, Cammy looks real nice in this picture.  Also from Sammi.
sammi-cammy5-tn.gif (3168 bytes) Playboy Cammy! 63k  (400x559)
Mmmmm.... I love that bunny outfit!!!  Thanks Sammi.
sammi-cammy6-tn.gif (2592 bytes) Tears of joy? 54k  (400x557)
Cammy's not all happy.  She's had a really tough life....  (Sammi, why'd you make Cammy cry?!)
sammi-cammy7-tn.gif (3035 bytes) Best friends at the beach 57k  (400x556)
Neither one of these girls really needs to dress differently for the beach, but it's nice that they did.  If you guessed that this one was by Sammy, you're right!
sammi-cammy8-tn.gif (2087 bytes) Sammi Kick! 58k  (400x522)
Like me, Sammi is a big Tenchi Muyo fan.  But I guess she doesn't think much of Mr. Tenchi himself...
sammi-cammy9-tn.gif (2363 bytes) Sasami, Cammy, and Sammi are #1 49k  (400x527)
A classic Cammy pose with a little different twist... it's Tenchi Muyo's Sasami dressed up as Cammy
will-cammy1-tn.gif (1698 bytes) A classic Cammy pose 42k  (407x619)
This is a really nice picture of Delta red Cammy by Will Trepe.
will-cammy2-tn.gif (1708 bytes) Like an angel 73k  (585x773)
Is this turning into a trend?  Last month I got an angel Cammy picture too.  But this time, the artist is Will Trepe.
will-camm3-tn.gif (1382 bytes) Nina Williams Cammy? 37k  (336x695)
This one looks a lot like Tekken's Nina (talk about a character with some great submission moves!).  Thanks to Will Trepe.
brainr-cammy3-tn.gif (2156 bytes) Taking the gloves off! 40k  (693x735)
Cammy's beat up Sakura (again), but what now... it's probably time for a talk about how old her outfit is, and how SF doesn't need another clone.  Also a Brian R picture.
craig-cammy1-tn.gif (6199 bytes) Craig's happy Cammy 37k  (465x650)
This is a nice, simple, happy, picture.  That's always good.  Like I've said before, we all know the ridiculous troubles Cammy has experienced, so it's always nice to see her happy.  Thanks to Craig Charlesworth for this one!
craig-cammy2-tn.gif (6199 bytes) Cammy the Stalker? 49k  (500x656)
Let your imagination go with this one.  To me, it seems like Cammy is gonna get that girl who looks like Chun Li.  Maybe Cammy'll put her in a figure-4 headlock of give her a wedgie...  (thanks Craig Charlesworth)
lucas-cammy1-tn.gif (2738 bytes) Cammy by Lucas 69k  (450x713)
It's always great to see Cammy dressed in something else!  I love Cammy's regular outfits, but I've already seen that plenty of times.  Check out the links page (Misc Gallery) and check out the great Masamune Shirow page that Lucas runs.
lucas-cammy2-tn.gif (2793 bytes) Cammysteiner 93k  (800x656)
A classic Cammy move, but done is a little different way... from the side.  Who else does a Frankensteiner from the side?  Mina from Soul Calibur, that's who.  And the new outfit on Cammy is cool too - I always like to see that.  Thanks again to Lucas!
sj-cammy1-tn.gif (7078 bytes) Cammy with the wrong hat 99k  (512x815)
SJ's Cammy is pretty cool.  And although she thinks she's not too good at GGing... I think the colors in this picture look great.  'cept her hat is the wrong color... ^_^
lyn-cammy1-tn.gif (8078 bytes) Tomb Raider Cammy 139k  (847x644)
Wow, this picture is strange on so many levels, but it's cool nonetheless.  Thanks to Shawn Luke.  (here's another Cammy with a green hat... am I the one who's missing something?!)
sol-cammy1-tn.gif (4131 bytes) Sol's Cammy sketch #1  76k  (485x846)
This is a nice big sketch of Delta Red Cammy.  Sol says he's working on some more, so stay tuned...
sol-cammy2-tn.gif (3176 bytes) Sol's Cammy sketch #2  40k  (369x375)
Another sketch, but this one is from behind.  You know, Cammy sure does turn her back on you a lot, but you'd think a fighter wouldn't do that.  But then again, we're not opponents, we're friends...
zenophobe-cammy2-2-tn.gif (2467 bytes) Cammy says... (black & white) 34k  (368x431)
Here's another Cammy picture from Zenophobe.  This is the before picture...
zenophobe-cammy2-tn.gif (4559 bytes) Cammy says... (colored)  63k  (368x431)
... and this is the after picture.  That little guy in the corner is Zenophobe.