Cammy Fan Artist Links

Finally... here are all (I think) the Cammy Fan Art Contest artists who have pages.  If they like Cammy, you know they're good people!  And as you've seen, they're good artists too!  So if you've been wanting to see more... here you go. 
*if you don't see any more Cammy pictures on their sites, e-mail 'em as ask for more!
tavish-cammy1-tn.gif (8329 bytes) Negative Edge: The Capcom Resource
Capcom news, artwork, and more.  Just because Capcom isn't what it used to be, doesn't mean that you can miss this page, or Tavish's amazing art!!
lucas-cammy9-tn.gif (8061 bytes) The Hyperpages
Maybe you've seen the Lucas link on my main page... Maybe it's time to stop by again.   And by the way, he would be a winner, but he's not really eligible because we're too good friends.
jonah7-cammy1-tn.gif (6123 bytes) Hazy Dreamworld
This is Mike Nario's (aka Jonah Seven) homepage.  The homepage is pretty new, but he's got a lotta great art.  He's one of the best because of his talent, his style, and his taste.
alita-cammy4-tn.gif (4500 bytes) Liquid Silver
This is another all-time favorite Cammy fan art picture.  A lot of Alita's pictures are among my all-time favorites!  She's got a great page with all sorts of good stuff!   And if you're a Toshinden fan... you can miss it!
mig-cammy3-tn.gif (4767 bytes) New Nautilus '00
Mikko Pekkarinen's amazing website!  You gotta love artist websites because everything's new.  And you gotta love it when the artist is this good!  My babbling's wasting your time... go check it out!!
shawn-cammy4-tn.gif (7544 bytes) Shawn's Art Gallery
This guys works really hard on his art!  He's losing his eyesight to make pictures for all us fans.  No, it's not because his art is so ugly that it hurts to look at it... it's quite good and he uses many different styles too.  Definitely worth a look.
tang-cammy1-tn.gif (6304 bytes) Eddy Tang's Bonus Stage!
LOTS of rules to follow on this page, but it's not too hard to do... you'll be okay.   Don't worry, just go and enjoy all the good art.  He's been at it for a long time, so there's a lot to see.
kobal-cammy1-tn.gif (2375 bytes) Kobal Comics
Fan art from Chile (that really long country on the west side of South America).   From what I've seen, they have their own style down there... you can kinda see that her.  Anyhow, I think this will be a good new experience for you.  Enjoy!
robyn-cammy1-tn.gif (4067 bytes) ACK!! Anime Creation Korner
Robyn, the artist of one of the most clever Cammy pictures I've ever seen, has a homepage... but I can't seem to find her site.  I gotta e-mail her and see what's up.
jeanatte-cammy5-tn.gif (5638 bytes) Jeanatte's Art Shack
The page is back and it's better than ever!  Check it out, have a good time, and encourage Jeanatte to make a lot more Cammy pictures!
zenophobe-cammycomic-tn.gif (2531 bytes) Xenophobia's Art Page
This guy has one of the most unique styles going, so I know you'll wanna go see more.   And I can confidently recommend that you do! 
takenoko-cammy1-tn.gif (4906 bytes) Mugen Kokoro
Cammy Fan, Glay fan, Satoshi Urushihara fan, and a great artist!  You'll see and learn all sorts of good stuff at Takenoko's site.  (and everything's original too)
tyhm-cammy3-tn.gif (2537 bytes) Dragon's Keep
Tyhm's page.  Better behave yourself, because it's protected by the might Neko Guard!!   Not the fanciest of pages, but I'm pretty sure you'll have a good time nonetheless.
yakumo-cammy1-tn.gif (8454 bytes) Patman's Place
Manga Palace, more of his art, Sailor Moon special feature, and all sorts of stuff for you to check out.  Most importantly, MORE original Cammy pictures!!
chrisb-cammy2-tn.gif (7262 bytes) Endlessly Clear White
A very interesting site from Chris Bunag that you just have to check out yourself.   This link goes to the old page, but it'll take you to the new page... definitely worth your time.
frogg-cammy1-tn.gif (7942 bytes) Maximum Beatdown
The home of your typical brainwashed Capcom fan.  ^_^   I taught him how to make animated .GIFs, and he's used it for evil... to promote more stuff that Capcom already shoves down our throats!  Check it out anyways...
tim-cammy1-tn.gif (5124 bytes) The Pond
He's got a nice little page going.  It's not really a game art page, but there are a few other good things on there.