2001 Cammy Birthday Contest

January 6, 2001 was Cammy's birthday as well as the 1 year anniversary of CammyFan.com.  So in honor of the occasion, I held a contest with a VERY special prize...
This contest was pretty much open to anything you could create... fanart, animation, comics, fanfics, cosplay outfits (girls only!), models, toys, screen savers, desktop themes, etc.  ie - BE CREATIVE!!!  For instance, if you made a Cammy cosplay outfit and e-mailed me a picture, that would have been cool, but if you wore it over to my house and kissed me on the cheek, that would be something special.  ^_^  Ha ha ha... I'm just kidding, but if a pretty girl did that, I wouldn't have been mad (and she'll probably would have won).  Anyhow, the point is that you really had to be creative and go the extra mile to win the very special prize grand prize.
Advice / FAQ Answers...
- The rules are very open as to what you can do, but I'm the final judge on all matters.
- All entries must be new and featuring Cammy.
- You can enter as many times as you like!
- If you've won at CammyFan.com before, it's okay to win again.
- If you win, you have to promise to love the prize with all your heart and have lots forever and ever!
- No porn... please keep it clean.
- Contest ends midnight Jan 5/6, Central Time - USA (GMT -06:00).  Just in case, get your entry in early!
- The winner will be announced on January 6, 2001.
- Sending original entries with cash will get you bonus points!  ^_^
- Need ideas?  Check the Fanart Ideas page, the Submission Holds page, & the Fanfic Ideas page.
- If you can't enter anything into the contest, please help tell people about it... e-mail friends, post messages, etc.  And, if you can somehow make a deal for somebody to win on your behalf, then you'll get the prize.

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.The Winners!
These contests are always fun... until I have to choose a winner.  Especially this time, there were so many deserving pictures, that it was really awful to have to pick 3 and leave out the rest.  I sat in front of my computer for a long time comparing, thinking (about the obvious and the intangibles), flipping coins, asking friends, etc., but I finally came up with 3.
Congratulations to the winners, sorry to all those who didn't it (please try again next contest!), and a very big THANK YOU to everybody for making this year's birthday so much fun.  ^_^
alita-cam-don-tn.gif (4601 bytes) Cammy + Donovan  41k  (346x600)    (GRAND PRIZE)
This is an awesome picture!!  I had the idea for this Cammy on the Midnight Bliss Game .GIFs page, and Alita tried it out... and it looks even cooler than I imagined it would!  The great art, the wonderful idea, and the obvious fun she had drawing this makes it the grand-prize winner!  BTW, she also drew 3 other great pictures!
hernandez-cammy11-tn.gif (3148 bytes) Cammy cosplays Lilith  43k  (232x600)     (Runner-up)
Wow, this picture looks absolutely amazing!  I think Cammy makes a MUCH better Lilith than Lilith!!  And she looks a lot better than Morrigan too  ^_^.  Another picture he drew of Cammy with Talbain was also especially cool!
trevor-cammy13-tn.gif (6906 bytes) Smelling the flowers  187k  (800x600)     (Runner-up)
Trevor has been working hard at drawing Cammy, and he's always made some really interesting pictures, but the beautiful watercolors in this one really make it stand out.  And, it's nice to see Cammy so happy!  ^_^ 
BTW - this one's big enough to use a a desktop wallpaper!

subliminal message:  I want to put a CammyFan bumper sticker on my car!!!

.The contestants...
Well, here are the rest of this contestants (the first half are here, and the 2nd half are in Gallery #2).  As you can see, many of these pictures could easily have won!  There will be more contests with equally cool prizes, so I hope you'll enter again.  On behalf of Cammy and all her fans, THANK YOU everybody very, very much!!
sonic-cammy5-tn.gif (5360 bytes) Lara Croft Eat Your Heart Out!  167k  (417x559)
Here's another cool picture from Sonic Dragoon.  This one has Shadowloo showing Lara Croft how it's supposed to be done.  They're both English, they both have 2 guns, and they both have long braided hair, but Cammy's got 2 braids, so that makes her twice as good as Lara!  (at least)
neuromancer-cammy2-tn.gif (4094 bytes) Baroness Cammy  36k  (238x500)
Wow, this is one of the coolest Cammy cosplays I've ever seen... Cammy as the Baroness from GI Joe!  I'm a big fan of GI Joe too.  Hey, I wonder if Shadowloo was based on Cobra?  Maybe.  Anyhow, thanks to Das Neuromancer for this great picture/
alan-cammy1-tn.gif (3585 bytes) Cammy vs Vice  66k  (596x547)
Alan Chim sketched this really cool little picture of Cammy and Vice.  Each girl is ready to fight for her man.  I think it should be a pretty easy win for Cammy and Vega!
alan-cammy2-tn.gif (4219 bytes) Cannon Spike!  76k  (702x556)
This is another picture from Alan Chim, and it features the 3 coolest characters from Cannon Spike... Cammy, Fallen Vega, and Charlie.  It looks like they've got Vega under control, but he's a sneaky bastard, so I'm not so sure...
hernandez-cammy10-tn.gif (4404 bytes) Don Karnage and Cammy  78k  (512x500)
This is a really cool cosplay and team-up!  Anybody know where Don Karnage is from?  If you said the Disney cartoon Tailspin, you're right!   How cool would a fanfic about Cammy in Tailspin be?
daala-cammy2-tn.gif (3749 bytes) Cammy by Daala  75k  (441x672)
My good friend Daala sent this cute birthday greeting for Cammy's birthday and the one year anniversary of CammyFan.com.  So far, it's been very very happy!  ^_^
fiona-cammy1-tn.gif (1786 bytes) Cammy by Fiona  19k  (319x600)
Awww... how cute!  This shows you how a simple little sketch can be as cute or cuter than a really fancy picture.  Thanks to Fiona Lee for making this one.
fiona-cammy2-tn.gif (2211 bytes) Cammy by Fiona's sister  57k  (502x500)
Fiona Lee's sister also as a talent for drawing really cute Cammy sketches... just look at those big eyes, that little mouth, and those pigtails!
raccaroo-cammy1-tn.gif (7317 bytes) Dan defeated  83k  (500x589)
Raccaroo made this psychedelic picture of Cammy standing over a bloody and beaten Dan.  Shotoclones are no match for Cammy!  Now that she's warmed up on Dan, she's gonna go whoop a bigger shotoclone like Ryu or Ken.
violentj-cammy2-tn.gif (7368 bytes) Cammy collage wallpaper  181k  (800x600)
violentj took some of his favorite Cammy pictures, cut 'em out and then pasted 'em back together to make this 800 by 600 desktop wallpaper.
lowena-cam-2001-tn.gif (3650 bytes) Out with the old... in with the new!  38k  (600x405)
For the 2nd year now, Lowena sent me a cool Happy New Year picture!  This is a really clever one showing how Morrigan and Chun Li are becoming part of the past, and how Cammy is emerging to finally take over in 2001!
lowena-cam-bunny-tn.gif (3067 bytes) Cammy the Capcom Bunny  31k  (376x580)
Well, the secret is out... I love bunny outfits!  And I suppose many of you like 'em too since I'm getting so many pictures.  Bunny outfits are especially cute when pigtailed girls wear 'em.  But then again, what isn't made cuter by by a girl with pigtails?!  ^_^  Thanks to Lowena for this one!
lowena-cam-fel-tn.gif (5517 bytes) Cammy + Felicia  55k  (239x580)
Cammy's the coolest, Felicia's one of the coolest so if you combine the two, you're bound to get something good!  In theory it sounds good, and as you can see from this picture, in reality is it's also good!  Thanks to Lowena for proving it.
lowena-cam-mermaid-tn.gif (6487 bytes) Mermaid Cammy  124k  (537x550)
Lowena's draw a lotta awesome pictures, but I think this one might be the all-time best!  Although I actually hate fish, I gotta can't help but love this mermaid Cammy!
lowena-cam-birthday-tn.gif (4978 bytes) Happy Birthday!  77k  (397x580)
Although this is a contest for Cammy's birthday, this is something I got from Lowena for my birthday!  Lowena always sends me pictures, but instead of e-mailing 'em, she gives me the originals!  ^_^  If you know her, you know she's probably the #1 Lei Lei fan, so for her birthday, I got her a really cute stuffed Lei Lei doll.
megan-x9-tn.gif (3075 bytes) Cammy ready for a date  51k  (313x600)
I absolutely LOVE this dress!  Normally, I like long dresses much more, but this one just looks so perfect on Cammy.  This is the dress Cammy wears in a piece of official Capcom artwork where she and Chun Li go on a date with the Shotoclones.  Thanks to Megan Hopper for drawing this picture!
megan-x10-tn.gif (5747 bytes) Cowgirl Cammy  74k  (368x570)
Here's another Megan Hopper picture.  We've seen lots of Cammy cosplay before, but this is the first cowgirl Cammy!  Normally, Indians like to wear their hair in pigtails, but I like the hat on Cammy, and it's always good to have a pair of guns...
megan-x13-tn.gif (3293 bytes) Pokemon Cammy  85k  (448x600)
Megan also drew this picture of Cammy in the Pokemon world.   Ummm... to be honest, I don't know anything about Pokemon (although I love the strawberry Pokemon Pop Tarts), so there's not much I can se here.  But, I do think the suspenders look cool on Cammy.
megan-gs1-tn.gif (3702 bytes) ARSF Cammy!  68k  (441x600)
And we have Megan to thank for this ARSF Cammy picture!  I'm SO into this new-look Cammy, so it's always a very happy occasion when artists draw pictures of her.
megan-x5-tn.gif (3262 bytes) Cammy cosplays Hinako  50k  (289x570)
This is a great picture!  Know who it is?  Well, of course it's Cammy, but she's dressed like a new fighter from KoF 2000 named Hinako.   I've never seen Hinako in action, but I hear she's a sumo wrestler!   Thanks to Megan for this one too... if you wanna see more by her, check out "Megan's Art" gallery on the Cammy Fanart page.
yakumo-cammysorry-tn.gif (4979 bytes) Yakumo Cammy comic  178k  (969x1513)
Everybody's upset that Yakumo's too busy to send in more for this contest.  Here's a funny little comic about the situation...
(Yakumo looks like Ryu!  >_<)

chris-xmas-cammy.gif (2080 bytes)

Christmas Cammy
This one came to me after Christmas, but that's okay.  Better late than never, right?  Or, we can always say that it's just a really year present for the 2001 Christmas!  Either way, I'm glad to have it.  Thanks to Guy Incognito for making it!
BTW - there's no link to this .GIF... that's everything right there on the left.
erwin-gongal-cammy-tn.gif (5361 bytes) Gongal Cammy  105k  (395x722)
Erwin Papa usually draws in black and white, but this time, he went absolutely nuts with the color!  Then again, I guess that's what being a Gongal Girl is all about... crazy fashion, and gaudy colors.  If you wanna see some real girls who look like this, check out the Gongal Gals gallery on the Misc... page.
alita-cam-mary-cos-tn.gif (4093 bytes) Cammy & Blue Mary  66k  (515x600)
Cammy and Blue Mary thought it would be great fun to cosplay as Darkstalkers.  Mary jumped right into it without thinking... but now she's starting to realize that her Gallon outfit has a fatal flaw!  ^_^  Thanks to Alita for this one.
alita-cam-vs-alita-tn.gif (8600 bytes) Alita vs Cammy  66k  (583x502)
Gahhh!  My two favorite characters are fighting!  No, not really... they're just having a friendly sparring match.  Cammy's attacking with a crouching short kick, while Alita ducks back and begins a roundhouse kick.  BTW, this is by Alita too.
alita-cam-don2-tn.gif (4628 bytes) Chun Li Hunter  37k  (346x525)
Alita went one step further and made this picture of Cammy with her prey... the foul Chun Li Succubus!  What's cool about this Cammy, is like Donovan, she's got a dual personality/life, so it not only looks good, but the storylines are similar.  How about a fanfic somebody...?

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Since so many pictures have been entered into the contest, I had to move some of the 'older' pictures into Gallery #2 or else loading time on this page would have taken forever (for those of us with lowly dial-up connections).

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