Scanned Cammy Fan Art
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December 21, 2000   (added my all-time favorite Cammy picture)

This fan art gallery is for Cammy fan art that I've scanned from various Japanese comics, magazines, and books.  Some of the pictures were actually quite small, so even the best scan cannot make it look very good - but I've done the best I can.
When Cammy first appeared in late 1993's Super Street Fighter 2, she was the absolute favorite of fan artists.  Unfortunately, Capcom decided to give their newest and most popular character a 3 year vacation.  She was still mighty popular during her absence and after her return, but people didn't take to her 'new' look like they did the old one.   She's still one of the most popular girls in gaming, but there are now a million other girls - none half as good, but nonetheless a distraction.
hashigosha-rocket-cammy-tn.gif (3473 bytes) Hashigosha Rocket Cammy  77k  (301x600)
This is my favorite Cammy picture of all-time!  I bought a small laminated Cammy pin from a douhinshi artist in Tokyo, and this is that picture.  It took a TON of work to scan that picture and practically re-draw it, but it was worth it.
z3camfan-tn.gif (5379 bytes) SFZ3 Cammy  112k  (415x740)
This is a great picture that all of you have to check out!  It is definitely one of the coolest Cammy pictures you will find anywhere!
psmcammytn.jpg (3961 bytes) Cammy vs Sonya  43k  (389x400)
I got this picture from a issue of PSM (PlayStation Magazine).  It's drawn by Robert DeJesus.  To see more of his stuff, just check out any issue of PSM - he's the resident artist over there.
cammyhugcattn.jpg (3446 bytes) Cammy and her cat  104k  (384x749)
Cammy loves cats, right?  Well, one thing nobody knows is if Cammy actually has any pet cats.  Whenever you see Cammy with a cat, it seems like she's just picking 'em off the street.
campostertn.jpg (3506 bytes) Cammy Poster picture  113k  (306x700)
I've been looking for this poster for almost 3 years, and I finally found it again (along with 2 more!).  I saw it in Japan a couple years ago, but I wasn't able to buy it.   I've never seen this particular picture anywhere else, so I was really glad that I finally got a hold of it.  The other posters are cool too, but much too big to scan.
cambultn.jpg (4254 bytes) Cammy and Buletta  56k  (379x560)
Here's a pic of Cammy with Vampire Savior's Buletta.  To tell you the truth, I wish I didn't have this picture... In Japan almost all books/comics/magazines are sealed in a bag, and you have to buy it to see what's inside.  I immediately bought this one when I saw this Cammy picture on the back cover.  Inside however, the comic inside deals with her getting beat up and raped by a shadow.  I threw the comic across my hotel room when I saw that.  I took the cover and threw the rest in the garbage!
cambolttn.jpg (4383 bytes) Cammy is fast as lightning  33k  (287x600)
Here's another great picture from a favorite artist of mine... Miss Kohime Ohse.   She's a big Cammy fan, and has done a lot of great work over the years.
camporttn.jpg (8610 bytes) Cammy's portrait  78k  (377x500)
The umpteenth picture from a Japanese SF comic.  This one's kinda neat because it's made to look like a fancy portrait. Also by Kohime Ohse!
camhattn.jpg (8383 bytes) Cammy on Tabasa's hat  30k  (203x400)
This is a picture from the inside cover of the Capcom Gals Comic Anthology vol 3.  In the bigger picture, she's hanging onto the hat of Warzard's witch, Tabasa.
camannoytn.jpg (9365 bytes) Annoyed Cammy?  38k  (178x576)
I really don't know about this picture... what's that expression on Cammy's face all about?
sittintn.jpg (5203 bytes) Cammy resting  72k  (271x449)
This one from the same artist as the "Annoyed Cammy" picture.  He's (she?) is very popular, so look for more of his (her?) work in the future.
camshadtn.jpg (7975 bytes) Cammy and shadow  98k  (331x594)
This nice picture from Miss Mami Itoh comes from the inside cover of one of the many Japanese Street Fighter comics.
camthawktn.jpg (9751 bytes) Cammy and T Hawk  200k  (620x479)
I hate T Hawk.  But, this picture of Cammy sitting on his shoulders is still pretty cool.  Also by Mami Itoh!
cam97tn.jpg (8635 bytes) Nothing but fighting  206k  (450x538)
This is probably my favorite Cammy picture of ALL time!  Cammy's look here is absolutely perfect!  I wish I knew who the artist was...
My friend Carlos told me that the quote on the picture is from the '96 Olympics theme song called "Reach" by Gloria Estefan.  See the whole quote here.
freakycam-chuntn.jpg (5042 bytes) Cammy and Chun Li  233k  (471x697)
I don't think I like this picture too much - it's kinda weird!  Maybe you like it though...
camcltn.jpg (8194 bytes) Cammy and Chun Li  76k  (401x597)
This is another picture from the inside cover of a Japanese Street Fighter comic.
3ptsttn.jpg (5618 bytes) Cammy with Chun Li and Ken  96k  (560x560)
Another Cammy picture from an SF comic.  Cool picture, but would me much better without those other 2 people...  How about Dee Jay and Guile instead of those 2.
3in1tn.jpg (5155 bytes) 3 Cammy pictures  158k  (522x774)
Guess where this one came from...  Yes, a Japanese SF comic!  Great artist - Cammy looks really good here.
smashtn.jpg (7099 bytes) Smash the cross-dressers!  108k  (516x600)
Perverts shouldn't be tolerated!  Go girls, teach those 2 fools a lesson!
upsidetn.jpg (5503 bytes) Kick to Chun Li's head...  83k  (527x396)
It looks like Cammy's going to get the better of Chun Li in this one (she almost always does).  In about 1 second, Chun Li is going to be in a world of hurt.