Cammy Fan Art Ideas
Last update = December 11, 2000

Since I think about Cammy almost all day, and since I have no artistic talent, you can imagine that I have a lot of unused ideas rattling around this big head of mine.  So, I thought I'd jot a few of them down for all you artists who might be looking for ideas...  (in other words, will you please draw some of these pictures for me and the other Cammy fans! ^_^)  I'm paying for a 1 gig server, so I've got room for all the Cammy fanart you guys wanna make!!
By the way, if there are any other non-artists with good ideas, send 'em in to me, and maybe I'll post them up here in hopes that some artist will use it.
Please draw some Cammy fan art!!!
Fighting Cammy / Submission holds (Updated Dec 11, 2000)
Don't forget, Cammy's a fighter!  She kicks butt for a living.  How about some action pictures?   There aren't nearly enough action fan art pictures!!  She's gotta a bunch great moves... the Hooligan Roll, the Frankensteiner, the German Suplex, the Killer Bee Assault, the Spin Drive Smasher, the Spinning Back Knuckle, the Reverse Shaft Breaker, the Cannon Drill, and of course, the Cannon Spike!!
However I got one request... if you're gonna draw an action picture where Cammy's beating somebody up, please leave out the shotoclones (Ryu, Ken, Gouki) because I really don't want to see them in any way, shape or form. Even getting beat up, they are downright uninteresting!
Personally, my favorite moves are submission moves.  And since Cammy likes to make tease her opponents (like a cat playing with a mouse), the idea of making a helpless opponent submit would be something I think Cammy would definitely love to do.
Specifically, I've always  thought Cammy's move from SF2 Movie was neat... just the end where she holds Mr. Sellers in that strange choke/headlock (look to the right).  Modified just a little, that would make for a great choke out or submission move.  Don't you think so?  Hey, and don't forget, Cammy's extra strong, so she should be about to hold just about anybody.  Below the SF2 Movie picture is another somebody sent me... and that's just what I'm talking about!  Click on it to see a bigger version...

Going somewhere Mr. Sellers?  Nope.

How cool would would a submission win be?!  Cammy doesn't simply knock them out, she makes them admit that they are beat!  And if they won't submit, she can just choke them out.  Can you imagine arrogant Karin having to submit!  Or Chun Li admitting that Cammy's the real strongest woman in the world!  Ha ha ha  ^_^.  You can tell by all the examples and explanations that this is also one of my favorite ideas, huh? She's not getting outta this hold!
Not convinced that submission moves are cool?!  Well, hopefully this will inspire you.  Check out this scene from a Yuri Ai comic where Cammy dominates Chun Li.
Here comes Cammy on
page 1... and Chun Li stands there helplessly watching.
It's a Frankensteiner on
page 2, and then she starts to make another move...
Wow!  On
Page 3 Cammy really puts the hurt on Chun Li!!  It's all over.
Now do you agree that submission moves are the coolest?
And to further my argument, here are 3 other pictures I've gotten...
1. Figure Four headlock - This was a Cammy Fanart Contest submission (no pun intended) by Brain Ruork.  Shotoclone #1 isn't going anywhere... except to sleep!
2. Figure Four headlock 2 - This one was made by comic artist Fred Perry (Gold Diggers).   Arrogant Karin Kanzuki is being taught a much needed lesson in humility by Shadowloo Cammy!
3. Surfboard - Comic artist Holly Daughtery made this one for me, and it features Shadowloo Cammy showing Sakura who's boss!
ARSF Cammy from Cannon Spike (Update 12/11/00)
As you know there's an all-new Cammy in the game Cannon Spike!  It looks like Delta Red Cammy, but she's got 2 guns, powered skates, and some super cool knee pads.
the new ARSF Cammy from Cannon Spike
Check out the picture over there on the left... that's her!!  And if you wanna see more artwork (all official), check out the "ARSF Cammy" section on the Cammy Info page.  But that's enough, so if you could, please draw anything you want featuring the new ARSF Cammy.  All us Cammy fans would really appreciate it.
Since everything concerning ARSF Cammy and Cannon Spike is so new, you should have a field day making up new pictures because not much has been do yet - you're totally free!  Have fun, and please send it in to
Cosplay Cammy  (August 13, 2000)
It's always a lot of fun to see Cammy dressed up as another character.  I don't really care who... anybody (real life, games, anime, comics, etc.) would be cool.  Use your imagination!!
Here are a few ideas...
- What would Cammy look like on the Simpsons?
- Or, how about South Park Cammy?
- Cammy as Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7
- Resident Evil Cammy
- Soul Calibur Cammy (eg - Sueng Mina, Sophita, or original)
- Toshinden Cammy (eg - Naru Amoh, or original)
- Cammy as Morrigan or Lilith (can't believe we haven't seen that yet!)
- Wearing Lilith's Gloomy Puppet Show bunny outfit (see the .GIFs Page examples)
- Cammy as Blue Mary (always a winner)
- Cammy as Rainbow Mika
- Cammy as Mai Shiranui
- Cammy in Tina Armstrong's (Dead or Alive 2) cat outfit
- Felicia Cammy
- Cammy as Wonder Woman (a friend of mine would love to see that)
- ...or whatever you think would be cool
Race Queen Cammy!
And here's another idea that I like a lot... Race Queen Cammy!  What's that you ask?  Well, in Japan, whenever you go to some kinda show (game show, car show, etc...) they always have lots of very pretty girls at the displays.  Usually, they were some kinda mini dress or swimsuit, and that helps sell LOTS of products!
Bet you wanna buy Rain-X from me too!!
I went looking for some sample pics for you, and here's what I found...
Miss Valvoline - A lotta race queens carry umbrellas and wear high heels...
Cowgirls selling cars - Race queens dressed in cowgirl bikinis!  Interesting...
Ears & fishnets!! - Mmmmmm... I really (shudder) like those bunny outfits!!!  ^_^
Miss Rain-X - Saved the best for last.  Only pigtails could improve this girl's look!!
Killer Bee logo  (August 13, 2000)
A killer bee logo for Shadowloo Cammy.  (That's her codename.)  If there are any graphic artists out there, this is for you!   Draw a cartoon picture of a killer bee or Shadowloo Cammy with the words "Killer Bee"... or something like that.
Or how about one of those WW2 bomber plane style logos... like that example here on the left by Joe Chiodo (click on it).  You could do a picture of Shadowloo Cammy with the words "Killer Bee", a picture of Delta Red Cammy with the words "Delta Red", or a picture of ARSF Cammy with the words "Cannon Spike".  This is another one of my very favorite ideas! Boom Boom!
4 ko manga Cammy  (August 13, 2000)
Hey why not, they're not all that hard to do.  I think anybody could come up with a silly 4 part joke.  Why don't you check out the 4-ko manga galleries on the Cammy Page, and give it some thought...
stefan99's SF4 Cammy  (August 13, 2000)
To learn more about SF4 Cammy check out my Fanfic Storyline Ideas on the Cammy Info page!  (no, it's not real... just my fantasy)  Anyhow, I have 2 basic ideas on her outfit.
Type 1 - Delta Red style Cammy boots with the same socks.  Knee and elbow pads (something I wanted long before ARSF Cammy).  Delta Red Cammy's suit with a stripe down each side (from the armpit to the top of the hip).  Regular fighting gloves kinda like Terry Bogard.  I'm unsure about a hat... yes/no, what style if so.  And I'm not sure about the painted legs either - see if you can make it work.  Also, I don't have any colors worked out yet - that's up to you if you do a color picture.
Type 2 - Shadowloo Cammy style boots that go up to just below the knee, with socks that go up just past the top of the knee.  Delta Red Cammy's suit, with a stripe down each side (from the armpit to the top of the hip).  Shadowloo Cammy's gloves, and something like a sock going to just past the elbow.   I'm unsure about a hat... yes/no, what style if so.  I'm not sure about the painted legs for this outfit either - see if you can make it work.  And I don't have any colors worked out yet - that's up to you if you do a color picture.
Here are a few pictures I've gotten from friends...
Mike Nario's SF4 Cammy sketches - You remember this guy from his great Cammy Fan Art contest pictures, right?  Or, Maybe you've visited his homepage: Hazy Dreamworld.  Anyhow from my ideas and his, these sketches are what he came up with.  The cap was his idea, but I've had other people mention that a hat like that would be cool.
Lucas' SF4 Cammy # 1 - You should know this guy from the Cammy Fan Art contests and the Masamune Hyperpages.  Anyhow, this picture (and the next one) are his takes on my ideas.
Lucas' SF4 Cammy # 2 - Join Team Cammy!  That's kinda my idea behind SF4 Cammy... she and Col. Wolfman are outta the English Secret Service & Delta Red, so she's back in the Street Fighter circuit looking for people to form a new independent team with.
Don't like my ideas for an outfit?  Got you own ideas?  Design a cool new outfit for Cammy yourself!!  As long as you don't change the hair ^_^, do whatever YOU want...
Q-T Pair  (August 13, 2000)
There's a really cool fan art of Cammy and Mika as a pro wrestling (aka "puroresu") tag team called Q-T Pair.  Get it... Cutie Pair?  Anyways they make a great team - light blue outfits, power & speed, blonde hair in pigtails...  How about a picture on this theme?  And make Zangief their manager.  I think you could have a whole lot of fun with this one.  Sure pro wrestling is stupid, but there's something fun about it too... right?

Cutie Pair... Cammy and R. Mika!!!
click to see the picture...

Fashion Cammy  (August 13, 2000)
Draw Cammy in normal situations (Cammy w/umbrella walking in the rain, Cammy at tea time, playing volleyball, at the beach, etc.) wearing something cool... Cammy doesn't walk around in some kinda swimming suit all the time!  Or, you can do something fancy like an evening gown.  Whatever you want.
Guest-star Cammy  (August 13, 2000)
Pick a game, and make Cammy a character for it.  I always liked my Resident Evil Cammy idea.  Or, how about a Darkstalkers Cammy?!  Who would Cammy team with in the King of Fighters?!  There's a lotta potential for ideas here.
By the way, not just games... try put Cammy in anything you like.  How about an anime like Tenchi Muyo, Battle Angel Alita, Oh! My Goddess, Gunsmith Cats, or Batman Adventures?  Or, what about a comic book... like the X-Men?  Whatever you want... just use your imagination, be creative, and have fun!!