Submission holds
Created on December 27, 2000

In real fighting, submission moves are some of the most effective tactics.  Not only do they look cool, but they're the ultimate form of domination because you can make your opponent admit defeat and beg for mercy.  Winning by submission has to be the best way to beat an opponent.
I've long lobbied for submission moves to be used in games (somehow).  And, after seeing some cool submission move art, I started asking for more.  I put up a few sample pictures, and after a while this idea of submission holds started to take a life of its own!  So, by popular request, here are some more pictures.  Just click on the orange titles to see examples of the move...
BTW, thanks to 'John Wayne' for sending most of these pictures.  I had no idea that there were so many submission move pictures online.  I suppose I'm not the only one who thinks they're cool.   Anyhow, he got most of the pictures from newsgroups, so I don't have any homepage URLs for you.  If you know where any of these pictures come from, please lemme know...
Please draw some Cammy fan art!!!
Submission holds and Cammy
Cammy likes to tease her opponents (like a cat toying with a mouse), so the idea of making a helpless opponent submit would be something I think Cammy would definitely love to do.  Plus she's known to be cruel and for talking a lotta trash while fighting, so she'd probably have a ball torturing and talking to her helpless opponent!
Out of all the various submission holds I've seen I think this Reverse Headlock is my favorite for Cammy... it's cool looking and it's practical.  Cammy can hold them so they can't move, she can apply pressure to make it hurt, or she can simply choke 'em until they pass out.
I just haven't thought of a good name for the move.  My best so far is the "Cannon Clutch", but that somehow doesn't sound right.  But, it's better than the "Hooligan Hold".  Well anyway, here it is...
cammy-sf2m-kill-tn.gif (8618 bytes) Cammy vs Mr. Sellers
I've always  thought Cammy's move from SF2 Movie was neat... just the end where she holds Mr. Sellers in that strange choke/headlock.  Modified just a little, that would make for a great choke out or submission move.  Don't you think so?
rev-headlock-knee-tn.gif (8140 bytes) The Reverse Headlock  (w/ knee to the back)
Somebody sent me this picture, and it's EXACTLY what I was thinking of when I said that the move Cammy uses on Mr. Sellers would make a good submission.  As strong as Cammy is, I think she could lock up and hold almost anybody from small Sakura to huge Zangief with this move.
rev-headlock-tn.gif (6159 bytes) The Reverse Headlock  (alternate version)
Here's a slightly different version of Cammy's choke... instead of choking and putting pressure on the opponent's back with her knee, she locked up her opponent's leg. 
BTW - click here for a cool alternate version of this picture...
Please draw some Cammy fan art!!!
Cammy vs Chun Li    by Yuri Ai
This has gotta be the coolest comic fight sequence ever!  I've liked submission moves for a long time, but I think this is what really opened my eyes to all the cool possibilities of submission moves...
I've always liked the idea of Cammy making Chun Li submit because Chun Li claims to be "the Strongest Woman in the World".  But we all know she's not, right?!  What better way for Cammy to prove Chun Li wrong, than by making her submit?  In a fight, I think that's exactly what Cammy would go for.  Cammy's not the kind of girl who just wants the win... she'd want to make an example of Chun Li and teach her a lesson she'd never ever forget.  (ie - so there could never be any doubt in her mind who the Strongest Woman in the World really is!)
yuri-ai-submit1-tn.gif (3419 bytes) Part 1  -  The Hooligan Roll
This is the first page of 3 from a Yuri Ai comic where Cammy fights Chun Li.  Here, the ass-kicking begins with a 'simple' Hooligan Roll which she lands and takes into the start of a Frankensteiner...
yuri-ai-submit2-tn.gif (4974 bytes) Part 2  -  The Frankensteiner
Cammy executes the Frankensteiner by flipping Chun Li and slamming her head into the ground.  Normally, that's the end of the move, but here, Cammy keeps Chun Li's head scissored and starts to do something else...
yuri-ai-submit3-tn.gif (4889 bytes) Part 3  -  The Submission
As Chun Li's head is scissored (which is painful and suffocating in and of itself), Cammy reaches forward and grabs Chun Li's leg... she locks on and pulls back.  I bet Chun Li's totally panicking from pain and helplessness!!   Cammy's in total control.
Yuri Ai's HomepageYuri Ai one of the most famous Japanese doujinshi artists, and he's been drawing pictures & making comics about Cammy for a long time.  His works are definitely adult-only, but if that's your style, then you should go check it out...
Please draw some Cammy fan art!!!
More submission holds for your reference...
If you just wanna see more, or if you need to get some reference pictures for a drawing you're going do, here are some more.  These are really cool because a lot of them feature game and comic characters we all know... Tifa from FF7, Sailor Moon characters, SF characters, Card Captor Sakura characters, and more!   I think it's also good to have submission artwork because it's probably easier than photographs for reference if you're going do draw a picture.
I actually got more really cool pictures, but they're slightly erotic, so I won't up those up.  I never knew, but it seems like this is a big fetish topic, so there are a lotta perverted pictures.  Some of the pictures aren't that bad (just topless), but I don't wanna make this anything sexual... so I'm trying to keep it clean and fun.
perry-cammy1-tn.gif (3690 bytes) Cammy vs Karin (figure 4 headlock submission)
This one was made by comic artist Fred Perry (Gold Diggers).   Arrogant Karin Kanzuki is being taught a much needed lesson in humility by Shadowloo Cammy!  Ha ha ha...  just try to imagine HOW frustrated Karin must be!  ^_^
daughtrey-cammy1-tn.gif (3502 bytes) Cammy vs Sakura  (surfboard submission)
Comic artist Holly Daughtery made this one for me, and it features Shadowloo Cammy showing Sakura who's boss!   Cammy's probably telling Sakura that she's not a fighter, and that she should just go to school like a good little girl...
brianr-cammy2-tn.gif (2855 bytes) Cammy vs Ryu  (figure 4 headlock submission)
This was a Cammy Fanart Contest submission (no pun intended) by Brain Ruork.  Shotoclone #1 isn't going anywhere... except to sleep!  Ryu can't uppercut, fireball, or hurricane kick from this position.  I guess he didn't train enough...
bckbrkr-tn.gif (5455 bytes) Over-the-knee Backbreaker
This is probably my favorite move because it's a power move as well as a submission hold... you pick 'em up, slam 'em across your knee, and them hold them there until them give up!  (kids, don't try this at home)
bckbrkr-shoulder-tn.gif (6875 bytes) Backbreaker -  Picture #1  /  Picture #2  /  Picture #3
There are many different versions of the "backbreaker"... over the shoulder (pictures 2 & 3), on the back - across 2 knees (picture #1), bow-and-arrow (no picture), etc.
chinlock-tn.gif (7544 bytes) Chinlock -  Picture #1  /  Picture #2
This is one of my favorite holds.  Picture #2 is an especially good example of how this hold should be applied.  This really puts a lotta pressure on your back and neck, so it must be hard to escape (and painful too).
pretzel-hold-tn.gif (4932 bytes) Pretzel -  Picture #1  /  Picture #2  /  Picture #3  /  Picture #4
This is a strange hold indeed!  And, there are many different versions of it.   Some, I don't think are humanly possible (just in drawings), but they're some of the coolest looking holds I've ever seen...
strange-hold-tn.gif (8330 bytes) Unknown hold #1
I don't understand what's happening in this hold... but it's interesting.  I hope I can find more pictures of this hold that'll show more clearly she's doing...
scorpion-tn.gif (3708 bytes) Scorpion -  Picture #1  /  Picture #2
This is one of the most classic of all pro-wrestling holds... I'm sure you've all see it before.  It's more or less the opposite of a chinlock.  Instead of applying the pressure to the neck/back, the pressure is on the legs/lower back.
ab-stretch-tn.gif (4552 bytes) Abdominal Stretch -  Picture #1  /  Picture #2  /  Picture #3  /  Picture #4
This is an awkward hold where you lock up and stretch your opponent.  I think it's more of a pro-wrestling hold instead of a real fighting hold.  There are many variations, so it's one of the most interesting submissions.
arm-leg-lock-tn.gif (8124 bytes) Unknown Hold #2
This is a cool looking hold that I've never seen before - kinda like a chicken-wing armbar with a leg stretch...?
BTW, if you're wondering who the hell Yrena is, it's "Ilyna", one of the Turks from FF7?!  But how the hell is she beating up Tifa... I can't believe it!  >_<
romero-tn.gif (1924 bytes) Romero Special -  Picture #1  /  Picture #2  /  Picture #3
This is a move King uses in Tekken (it's hard to do!).  It's gotta be one of the oddest submission moves, but it sure looks cool.  And damn, you must feel helpless when somebody's doing that to you...
armbar-scissor-tn.gif (7449 bytes) Unknown Hold #3
This is basically a scissor hold with an  armbar.  I don't know if it would hurt all that much, but the leg scissors can make breathing hard, and there's probably no easy way to escape.
figure-4-tn.gif (2788 bytes) Figure-Four Leglock
This is another classic pro-wrestling hold that everybody knows.  You can apply a lotta pressure on somebody's legs with this move.  And, there's really no way for the other person to unlock him/herself.  But supposedly, if you turn over you can reverse the pressure... however, that may be just a pro-wrestling gimmick.
f4-headlock-tn.gif (2695 bytes) Figure-Four Headlock
This is probably one of the most practical holds because you can choke the person, hold and punch them, and it's very hard to escape from.  Cammy could do a Hooligan Roll into a Frankensteiner, and after landing, quickly go into a figure-four headlock while her victim is stunned from the Frankensteiner (very similar to what she does to Chun Li in the Yuri Ai comic).
mika-hold-tn.gif (9391 bytes) Mika's Hold
Hey, here's one with Mika!  But I've never seen her use this move in the game...
BTW, she's applying this hold to Tina from Dead or Alive.  I don't think this is a realistic hold, but it looks pretty neat in the picture.
crossface-tn.gif (2067 bytes) Crossface
Here's another favorite of mine.  Not only does it look cool, but you can easily hold your opponent down while pulling back and making it painful.  It would be a cool move for Cammy, but I can't see her doing this to a big fighter like Sagat.
crss-arm-brkr-tn.gif (4461 bytes) Cross-arm Breaker
In real fighting, this is one of the most basic submission holds.  You can do some serious damage to somebody's arm/shoulder, and it's fairly easy to apply.  The only flaw is that your victim can bite your leg...
b-crab-1leg-tn.gif (6857 bytes) Boston Crab -  Picture #1  /  Picture #2
I don't know where the name of this move came from, but it's a common pro-wrestling hold.   Actually, it's very similar to the Scorpion hold.  Anyhow, there are 2 different version of this hold... 1 leg and 2 legs.
BTW - what a funny picture Picture #2 is... it's some kinda Happy New Year 2000 picture.   But I don't think that girl on the bottom is happy!  ^_^