Cammy Gift Fan Art
Last update = January 14, 2001   (moved JD's picture in)

This is the old gallery for all the fan art pictures you sent me out of the goodness of your hearts!  Now I guess you know that there's a contest for Cammy fan art!  If this were the first contest, it would be really hard to choose a winner because there are so many good ones!  There are some that stick out for the outstanding art, and there are others whose ideas are so good.  Basically, since this isn't a contest, I don't have to give a decision on a winner... right?  I'll give you a hint though... there are 2 that I really, really love, and one maybe is just a bit better than the other because the idea behind it is simply genius!
come-ontn.jpg (5961 bytes) Come on!!!  234k  (706x876)
Yeah!  I've been dying to see more of the other Dolls.  BTW, this picture and the next 7 cosplay pictures are all by a guy named JD.
cam-balrogtn.jpg (4267 bytes) Cammy as Balrog  17k  (239x500)
This is Cammy as her arch-enemy, Balrog.  What's really interesting is that one of Vega's dolls is a girl just like Cammy, except she's wearing a mask just like Balrog - is it Cammy?  It's gonna kill me if I don't learn more soon!
cam-blankatn.jpg (5272 bytes) Cammy as Blanka  39k  (450x329)
Cammy as Blanka?  Since Cammy is so beautiful and cute, this might seem kind of strange, but as far as personality goes, Cammy is supposed to be very savage and wild.   The poor girl has been through a lot in her 19 years, so the idea of her snapping and becoming a Blanka-like freak isn't too far fetched.
cam-deejaytn.jpg (3913 bytes) Cammy as Dee Jay  33k  (231x500)
I knew this one was gonna be cool.  How could combining the 2 coolest Street Fighters go wrong?  I like the outfit very much... reminds me of Blue Mary, another favorite of mine.
cam-dhalsimtn.jpg (4499 bytes) Cammy as Dhalsim  32k  (234x500)
This is a real neat picture... not only is it probably the best looking of JD's stuff, but the levitating hair and skull-bra is very clever.  What's the story behind it?   I think Cammy's multiple run-ins with Dhalsim led her to study under him because she was fascinated by his secrets, and because she's long sought inner peace.  This will be SF4 Cammy.
cam-mikatn.jpg (4260 bytes) Cammy as Rainbow Mika  20k  (186x500)
Cammy is a natural Mika.  The only thing that's really different is the fact that Cammy and Mika have completely different body types.  Anyways, Cammy as a wrestler... why not?  I think it's a great idea, and it's about time that a wrestler in a game wasn't some big slow brute ala Mika, 'Gief, and Darun.
cam-rolentotn.jpg (3528 bytes) Cammy as Rolento  20k  (259x500)
She's also a natural Rolento because they both wear that beret.  There's only one problem with this idea though... I've spent hours playing as Rolento, but he's just too unruly for me to get a grasp of.  I like the way Cammy plays just as it is!
cam-thawktn.jpg (3548 bytes) Cammy as T Hawk  24k  (158x500)
This proves that Cammy rules!  T Hawk sucks, and he's just plain lame, but Cammy as T Hawk looks pretty damn cool!  But, I don't think wearing just an open vest with nothing else would be the best idea.  Sure she'd distract all the guys, but Mika, Rose and the other gals wouldn't fall for that.
js-cam7-tn.gif (3400 bytes) Lotsa Cammy by Jen Seng!  160k  (800x600)
I was feeling real bad, so good old Jen Seng made me all these sketches of Cammy!   That cheered me up in no time at all.  Even if I'm happy already, this picture makes me happier!  Thanks Jen, this means a lot to me!
cam-aoc1-tn.gif (7098 bytes) Cammy & Balrog by Alita  52k  (400x589)
I always wanted another picture of Cammy in that dress from the 6th Chapter of the Cammy Gaiden comic, and here it is!
cam-aoc2-tn.gif (7475 bytes) The world's smartest picture!  43k  (393x600)
My jaw hit the ground when I saw this... it took me days to start feeling normal again.   It instantly became one of my all-time favorite Cammy pictures!  By Alita.
cam-aoc3-tn.gif (7516 bytes) St. Louis Cammy  46k  (500x696)
What's better than a girl with pig tails in a hockey jersey?!  Nothing, I can think of...
You can't see, but the number on back is 99 - for Gretzky, Gunnm, and Stefan.  Thanks Alita I love it!
cam-aoc4-tn.gif (6250 bytes) New friends  26k  (400x446)
Cammy and Mary are really becoming good friends.  I hope Mary teaches Cammy some of those super cool wrestling moves that she knows!  By the way, this is Cammy in that dress from that old SSF2X picture where Chun Li and Cammy go out with Ryu and Ken.   Alita again!
cam-pr-sm-tn.gif (3499 bytes) Parappa Cammy?!  104k  (508x660)
Dethroning Lowena's Baby Cammy picture as most outrageous... it's Sammi's Parappa Cammy!
By the way, if anybody wants a Parappa the Rappa toaster, you can get one... they do exist!
cam-fmx-tn.gif (7989 bytes) Cannon Spike!  68k  (372x624)
Never enough Shadowloo Cammy pictures.  The Cannon Spike is always good too.   You can't see, but the person on the receiving end of this kick is Ken's wife, Eliza!   By FrogmanX.
rav-cam1tn.jpg (6769 bytes) Cammy the clone killer  131k  (586x400)
This picture is not only very cool looking, but it really sums everything up - Cammy is single-handedly better than all the damn clones put together!  Thanks to Raven for this one.  Check out the Raven's Dojo link on the links page.
rav-cam2tn.jpg (5940 bytes) Cammy vs Jin Kazama  114k  (556x400)
Here's a very cool alternative Cammy.  New outfit, new move, and a different game.   The only thing that's the same is the result... Cammy wins!  Check out the Raven's Dojo link on the links page.
ag-cam1tn.jpg (5426 bytes) Queen Cammy  86k  (441x700)
I got this one from some drunkard in New York named Aaron Gregoire.  This guy was my roommate in college (in California), so he knows just how crazy I am about Cammy.
sm-cam1tn.jpg (5406 bytes) Sailor Moon as Cammy  152k  (444x600)
Thanks go to Sammi for this original picture of Cam... errrr... ummm... Usagi.
ll-cam1tn.jpg (6363 bytes) Cammy's 25 hit combo  103k  (481x700)
Gotta love this one!  It's Shadowloo Cammy, it's action, and it's the coolest SF character putting the lamest SF character in his place!  Thanks to my good friend Lucas Loh for this one.
ll-cam2tn.jpg (4382 bytes) Police woman Cammy  89k  (385x889)
Thanks again to Lucas Loh for this new picture of Cammy.  This is only his 2nd attempt at Cammy - can't wait for #3!  BTW - Masamune Shirow fans should check out his site, the Masamune Shirow Hyperpage
b-cam1tn.jpg (3874 bytes) Cammy by Brandon #1  39k  (197x490)
Brandy's a huge Cammy fan too.  This is the first Cammy picture I ever got from him.   He's a young guy, and he's already this good!
b-cam2tn.jpg (4325 bytes) Cammy by Brandon #2  42k  (600x384)
A Cammy hockey picture!  Cammy and ice hockey... it just doesn't get much better than that!  BTW - check out the fake ads on the boards.
b-cam3tn.jpg (3958 bytes) Cammy by Brandon #3  23k  (140x316)
Here's another cure little Cammy picture from my buddy Brandon.  I really like the outfit she has on... especially the little plaid skirt.
lowenacammytn.jpg (3427 bytes) Lowena's Cammy  119k  (392x843)
My good friend and the #1 Lei Lei fan drew this great Cammy picture.  If you want to see some more of her work, check out my Lei Lei page.
lk-cammy2tn.jpg (4566 bytes) Lowena's baby Cammy  30k  (426x374)
How silly!  But, you gotta love it!  I've never seen any fan art like this before (except the baby Lei Lei and Lin Lin picture by Lowena on my Lei Lei page).   She's working on her own site... stay tuned for more!
ch-cam1tn.jpg (3402 bytes) Thumbs up to Cammy  43k  (324x388)
Christian Halsell sent me this cool picture of Cammy - It's Delta Red Cammy with a jacket doing a Shadowloo Cammy winning pose.
denacammy2tn.jpg (4008 bytes) Cammy's SSF2 select picture  94k  (439x600)
This cool picture is hanging up here on my wall (by all my Cammy posters, models, & misc stuff).  I got this one from Dena Natali, an artist in Sacramento, CA.
denacammy3tn.jpg (3671 bytes) Cammy's SSF2 winning pose  90k  (426x600)
Another Dena Natali picture, and also on my wall.  This is a picture every Cammy fan has to love... her SSF2 winning pose.
denacammy1tn.jpg (3947 bytes) Another Dena Natali Cammy  90k  (426x600)
My 3rd Dena Natali Cammy picture.  I talked to her a while ago, and she said she was gonna send me some more Cammy pictures... I put 'em up when I get 'em.
js-cam1tn.jpg (4115 bytes) Jen Seng Cammy #1  30k  (735x275)
If you ever get a letter from Jen, you're in for a real treat!  I send her some stuff in a Raisin Bran Box (all I had, and it was the perfect size!), and she sends me a letter with a bunch of cool sketches.
js-cam2tn.jpg (4123 bytes) Jen Seng Cammy #2 (w/ Guile)  40k  (463x594)
More sketches from Jen Seng.  This little Guile/Cammy picture is also up on the wall with the rest of my stuff.
js-cam3tn.jpg (4100 bytes) Jen Seng Cammy #3  47k  (514x600)
Yet another Jen Seng original!  I'm pretty sure that this will be worth a lot some day, but I couldn't ever sell it.
js-cam4tn.jpg (4647 bytes) Jen Seng Cammy #4  35k  (425x600)
This little Cammy sketch is actually a part of the precious sketch by Jen, but since I think it's so darn cute, I scanned and fixed up a better version for all to enjoy!
js-cam5tn.jpg (4140 bytes) Jen Seng Cammy #5  43k  (422x458)
Here's another Cammy sketch I got from Jen Seng.  Jen show us that Cammy really does love cat... maybe a little too much.  Thanks again Jen!  This is one of my all-time favorites!
gcheartftn.jpg (4086 bytes) Jen Seng Cammy #6  75k  (399x432)
This is a cool Valentines picture from a few years ago.  There's just one HUGE problem with this picture... Guile is married!  And he's got a kid!!!
huggdoll.jpg (4790 bytes) Jen Seng Cammy #6  105k  (635x398)
Cammy with a Guile doll... where did Lil' old Jen get that idea from... maybe from the Guile doll she made for herself!  I can't make fun, because if I could sew, I'd have made myself a Cammy doll a LONG time ago...