Cammy Gift Fan Art 2
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Even though the Cammy fan art contests are over, I'm still getting a lot great Cammy art!  Thanks.  Since I'm paying for 300MB server space, I might as well use it.  If you like Cammy, and you can draw, please send in some art!  It's a lotta fun, we Cammy fans will appreciate it, and it's a good way to advertise your talents and/or homepage.
As for the Cammy fan art contests... I definitely plan on having more someday, but I don't know when.  I may decide to do it next week, or 2 months for now.  Keep checking back for news...
hernandez-cammy1-tn.gif (5861 bytes) Cammy & Gallon (Jon Talbain)  74k  (504x573)
Here's the first picture from a big Cammy (and Jon Talbain) fan, and it's a really good one!  I can't wait to see more!!  And, check out his new homepage if you get the chance... Villa to Talbain and Cammy
ninjamagic-cammy1-tn.gif (9736 bytes) Balrog's last moments...  84k  (450x617)
Here, Bob Dahlstrom has drawn a picture of Delta Red Cammy sneaking up on her hated enemy, Balrog.  (get 'im Cammy!)  He's got a website with tons of great comic art, check it out...
sammi-cammy26-tn.gif (3349 bytes) See you soon!  60k  (463x600)
You should all recognize Sammi's art by now.  Although she hates to hear me say it (it's a compliment!), she's got a very unique style!
otaking-cammy1-tn.gif (2593 bytes) OtaKing Cammy  53k  (476x600)
And speaking of unique styles... meet Paul "OtaKing" Johnson!  He's a great artist and a pretty big Cammy fan.  And I happen to know that his homepage should be opening up soon.  There'll be lotsa great stuff there, so stay tuned for the link when it's ready!
brainr-gamegals-tn.gif (4688 bytes) Cammy and the game gals  146k  (652x801)
And here's another one from Brian R.  He won the Sept. '99 Cammy Fanart Contest with a great submission move picture.  In this picture, he brings together some of gaming's best gals... Yuri Sakazaki, Ellis, Ryoko, and Cammy!!
erwin-cammy4-tn.gif (3974 bytes) crazy Cammy cosplay!  135k  (593x764)
Here's Erwin Papa with some more great art!  There are actually 4 pictures here: Dhalsim Cammy, Harley Quinn Cammy, Adon Joker, and... (believe it or not!) the mighty mighty Sagat Cammy!  They say "Seeing is believing", but I'm still not quite sure...
minako-cammy1-tn.gif (5230 bytes) Minako Kou's Cammy  67k  (458x450)
Here's another great first-time Cammy artist who calls herself Minako Kou.  Her fiancée is just starting an epic Cammy fanfic for which Minako will do the art.  It sounds like it'll be really interesting... stay tuned for more news!
daughtrey-cammy1-tn.gif (3502 bytes) Sakura submits to Cammy!  34k  (408x508)
I got this picture from comic artist Holly Daughtrey at the San Diego Comic Con in July 2000.  Here, Cammy locks Sakura up in a surfboard submission.  Sakura's not going anywhere until she cries "UNCLE!!!"
perry-cammy1-tn.gif (3690 bytes) Karin submits to Cammy!  32k  (800x525)
I got this picture from the San Diego Comic Con too.  It's by Gold Digger artist Fred Perry (homepage =  This is a super-cool picture of Cammy holding helpless Karin Kanzuki in some kinda figure four leglock and teaching that arrogant b**** a much needed (and painful) lesson in humilty!!
erwin-cammy3-tn.gif (2744 bytes) Erwin Papa's Cannon Spike  33k  (396x560)
Here's Erwin Papa's 3rd Cammy picture drawn in Bruce Timm's style.  (you can see his other two pictures below...)
alisson-sd-gals-tn.gif (2814 bytes) Cammy and the gals  61k  (697x500)
Alisson is a former contest winner, and here's another example of his great art.   This one shows what I consider to be the big 4 game girls... Cammy, Chun Li, Mai Shiranui, and Blue Mary. 
alita-camfashion-tn.gif (2652 bytes) Gongal Cammy  67k  (276x738)
Alita is also a past contest winner.  She doesn't do too much an art nowadays, but luckily, she did do this one!  It's a more tame take on the Gonal Fashion of Japan.   (see the Misc Page's News Archive for the Gongal Fashion Gallery)
carlos-cammy1-tn.gif (2507 bytes) Gongal Cammy 2  23k  (283x497)
Here's another fashionable picture of Cammy.  My friend Carlos made this one.   The pigtails are gone, but new hair is pretty stylish... and I know it's just temporary.  ^_^
sammi-chibi-tn.gif (3785 bytes) More Cammy cosplay  53k  (400x523)
Sammi's another contest winner, and her specialty in art and real life is cosplay.   Here we got Sasami, Cammy, Shampoo, and Chibi Moon...
sammi-group-tn.gif (4190 bytes) Even more cosplay  110k  (400x518)
All the best girls are here... Cammy, Lei Lei, Felicia, and Blair Dame.  Like me, Sammi's a Blair Dame fan.  Too bad she's not been in much since SFEX.  But, did you know that she was in a little-known games called Fighting Layer?
sammi-bath-tn.gif (3317 bytes) Taking a bath  55k  (400x515)
Here's more Sammi.  Like Alita, she's not be able to do much fan art recently either.   This time, Sammi's ever active imagination created a picture of Cammy relaxing in a bath...
daala-cammy1-tn.gif (4027 bytes) After a bath  32k  (264x567)
And here's Cammy after the bath.  This one's Daala's ( first Cammy picture, and it a very interesting one.
erwin-dcammy-tn.gif (3710 bytes) Not Bruce Timm  45k  (280x496)
I'm a big Bruce Timm fan (Batman Animated Adventures) as well as the biggest Cammy fan.   Lucky for me, Erwin Papa can draw Cammy like Bruce Timm!  Too bad he missed the Cammy Fan Art Contests...
erwin-scammy-tn.gif (3908 bytes) Not Bruce Timm either  46k  (341x478)
Here's another Timm/Erwin Papa picture.  When I first got these pictures from him, I looked at the art before I read the e-mail, and my first thought was "Damn, looks like Bruce Timm!"  When I read the e-mail, I saw that's what Erwin Papa was going for.  Congratulations... it's perfect!!
erwin-vega-cam-tn.gif (2925 bytes) Shadowloo's new boss  125k  (436x600)
Here's a 3rd picture from Erwin Papa.  It's a cosplay or sorts.  Cammy's playing the role of Shadowloo leader, and Vega is... ummm... nasty.  ^_^
lucas-nbf2-tn.gif (4871 bytes) Nothing but fighting 2  66k  (350x535)
And you should know Lucas' art if you've been around this site.  This is a take off of one of me all-time favorite Cammy pictures - Nothing But Fighting.
hunt-cammy1-tn.gif (8034 bytes) Cammy collage  234k  (422x616)
Mauricio Hunt made this interesting picture of Cammy.  In the foreground she's doing a kick, and on the background, is a close-up picture of the right side of Cammy's face/shoulder.
juan-cammy3-tn.gif (2805 bytes) Spice Cammy  35k  (323x560)
Juan Ramirez is also a former fan art contest winner here at  He's got one of the best styles I've seen in a long time.  And the subjects of his fan arts are always especially good too.
muska-cammy1-tn.gif (3213 bytes) Muska's Cammy 1  83k  (300x548)
This picture by Muska reminds me a little of Kohime Ohse's portrait of Cammy.  It's a real simple sketch of Cammy, but very pretty nonetheless.
muska-cammy2-tn.gif (3669 bytes) Muska's Cammy 2  66k  (600x391)
This Muska picture shows Cammy from X-Men vs Street Fighter.  Cammy's doing her super-cool Killer Bee Assault super move...
rm-garza-cammy-tn.gif (3429 bytes) STRONG! Cammy  66k  (264x660)
Some fan artists don't like to draw Delta Red Cammy as being muscular.  This picture made by R Garza's girlfriend and colored by another friend in Germany. 
yakumo-anim-tn.gif (3296 bytes) Animated Cammy!  47k  (144x133)
Hey, this is something REALLY cool!  I've animated frames of animation from the games Cammy's been in, but I've never seen an animated fan art before!  Thanks to Yakumo.   Check out the Contests Links if you wanna see his homepage.
yakumo-cam-ter-tn.gif (4480 bytes) Cammy and Terry  102k  (392x599)
Yakumo's yet another contest winner.  This cool picture features Cammy and Terry Bogard.  I just hope Blue Mary doesn't get jealous of Cammy!  I'm sure she and Terry are just friends.  That would suck if Cammy and Mary fought...