Cammy Gift Fan Art 4
Updated = September 30, 2000   (everything's new!)

Welcome to the 3rd gallery of Cammy fanart!  (there are actually many more counting the contest galleries)  Many thanks to all who contributed their Cammy artwork.
If you're an artist, please draw a Cammy picture and sent it in.  If you need ideas, check the Fanart Ideas section.   I've got 1 gig worth of server space, so I've got plenty of room for everything you can make!
ian-kim-cammy-tn.gif (7692 bytes) Who Am I?  57k  (593x768)
This is the first Game Magazine Cammy Fanart contest entry.  It's by Ian Kim, and it's one of the best Cammy pictures ever!  AWESOME!!  BTW, look into the puddle at Cammy's feet. And, Ian's homepage is...
trevor-cammy5-tn.gif (2140 bytes) Trevor's Cammy 5  88k  (852x220)
This is an interesting picture of Cammy taking a rest.  Once there was a guy who e-mailed me about pictures of Cammy barefoot, but I didn't have any.  Now I do!
lucio-cammy1-tn.gif (5443 bytes) Lucio's Capcom gals!  161k  (688x873)
This is an amazing picture from a fan down in Chile!  I hope he sends some more Cammy pictures someday... 
Anyhow, his homepage is...
jeanatte-darkcammy-tn.gif (2597 bytes) Jeanatte's Cammy sketch  37k  (395x550)
I've always said that simple sketches can be the most beautiful pictures.  This picture from Jeanatte is a perfect example.  BTW, check the Contest links for Jeanatte's homepage!
juan-cammy4-tn.gif (3175 bytes) Juan's armored Cammy  131k  (385x640)
Juan Ramirez is always drawing cute and creative Cammy pictures!  Here's Cammy dressed up in some kinda armor...
lin-cammy1-contest-tn.gif (2814 bytes) Eric Lin's contest entry  95k  (636x800)
This is the picture that Eric Lin is sending to the game magazines.  It's much better most of the stuff they print, so I'm sure he'll get this cool picture into one of the game magazines' fanart sections.
lucas-cammy-design-tn.gif (3724 bytes) Lucas' Cammy design  49k  (254x550)
Here's Lucas' design for Cammy's outfit.  He's from Malaysia (on the equator), but he goes to school in England, so he's obsessed with Cammy wearing a skimpy outfit in the cold... hence the dressed up Cammy you see here.
otaking-cammy2-tn.gif (3133 bytes) Dark Presidente Cammy  140k  (500x675)
This is just a little part of a big picture in which Cammy makes a guest appearance.   When OtaKing's website opens, look for the Dark Presidente picture and you'll see Cammy staring up at a HUGE robot rampaging through the city.
trevor-cammy1-tn.gif (3876 bytes) Trevor's Cammy 1  47k  (265x641)
Here's a picture of Cammy looking a lot like Blue Mary (which is always a good thing), expect she's dressed a little more casual.
trevor-cammy2-tn.gif (2546 bytes) Trevor's Cammy 2  85k  (386x600)
Here's a picture of Cammy in a compromising position... moments before she's finished buttoning up her blouse!  If Cammy ever finds out, Trevor might gets a visit from a notoriously foul tempered ex-assassin...
trevor-cammy3-tn.gif (3364 bytes) Trevor's Cammy 3  53k  (379x600)
Here's Cammy stretching out in a bikini.
trevor-cammy4-tn.gif (3019 bytes) Trevor's Cammy 4  86k  (356x600)
And this is my favorite of Trevor's pictures so far.  You know I've got a thing for Cammy and pigtails, but I also happen to love girls wearing bandannas!  If she only could smell like Coppertan suntan lotion too... ^_^
yakumo-cammycomic-tn.gif (2078 bytes) Yakumo's comic  62k  (600x498)
Here's a really clever little Cammy comic!  It starts just like a scene from Masahiko Nakahira's SF2 Cammy comic, but it ends a bit differently...
yakumo-cammydodge-tn.gif (3674 bytes) Full Moon Cammy  43k  (582x840)
This is a picture Yakumo drew of Cammy dodging some bullets.  You gotta shoot pretty quick if you wanna hit Cammy!  If you don't, she's gonna come at you and do something really painful... Cannon Spike, Frankensteiner, German Suplex...
ben-dunn-cammy1-tn.gif (5632 bytes) Cammy by Ben Dunn  115k  (449x600)
Ben Dunn has been drawing Ninja High School for a long, long time.  He's one of the pioneers of the US anime scene.  I got this Cammy sketch from Ben at the '99 San Diego Comic con, and then somebody else at the show colored it for me!
dodson-cammy1-tn.gif (2408 bytes) Cammy by Terry Dodson  52k  (4436x597)
If you're a fan of Generation X (the X-Men spin-off comic from Marvel), then you probably know this guy's work.  He's not with Gen X anymore though.  He's been working on something new, but I can't think of what that is.  Anyhow, I also got this original picture from him at the '99 San Diego Comic con.
kinnard-cammy1-tn.gif (4296 bytes) Cammy by Ryan Kinnaird  133k  (624x750)
This is a super-cool Cammy cosplay!  And yup, I got this one from the '99 SDCC.   Ryan Kinnaird isn't really known for any work in particular... he does a little bit of everything.  Recently, he did the art for a cool card game called Brawl.
erwin-papa-2koma-tn.gif (3756 bytes) Erwin Papa's Cammy 2 ko Manga  34k  (346x359)
Guess you're getting to know Erwin Papa's work pretty good by now.  He's been sending in a lot of great stuff.  This time he sends us a great 2 ko Manga featuring Cammy and the Shadowloo bosses.
hitman-cammy1-tn.gif (3867 bytes) Cammy Bond  64k  (580x677)
This one's by the Hitman.  He read my Fanart Ideas section and came up with this.   Actually, he's not much of an SF fan, but he knows Cammy and likes her a lot!   Who doesn't like cute fighting girls with pigtails?!  BTW he's got a homepage too... the Hitman's homepage.
lowena-easter-cammy-tn.gif (3822 bytes) Happy Easter Cammy  92k  (255x600)
This is another original artwork that I have (and it's hanging on the wall right next to me!).  Lowena Ko sent this to me for Easter when I was in Japan.  Seasonal art is great, and I really like bunny outfits too!
lucas-sketch1-tn.gif (2808 bytes) Cammy the cutie!  32k  (451x500)
This is another one from Lucas.  He hates all his artwork, but as you can see from the picture here... he's full of BS!  He's very good.  This is one of the cutest Cammy pictures I own.  Luckily, he doesn't want his sketches, so he sends 'em to me!