Cammy Gift Fan Art 4
Updated = October 19, 2000   (first 3 pictures are new)
                       October 12, 2000   (first 10 pictures are new)

Not long after I opened up the 3rd gallery of Cammy fanart, here I am with gallery #4!  Thank you very much for all the great new art.  If you're an artist, please draw a Cammy picture and send it in.  And if you need ideas, check the Fanart Ideas section.  I've got 1 gig worth of server space, so I've got plenty of room for everything you can make!
hernandez-cammy8-tn.gif (7022 bytes) Cammy joins Ruby Hearts' pirates?  97k  (473x600)
This is another creative picture form Eric Hernandez showing Cammy as a member of Ruby Hearts' pirate crew!
trevor-cammy9-tn.gif (3421 bytes) Going on vacation!  74k  (434x600)
Cammy deserves a break... beating up Chun Li, Sakura, and the shotoclones can actually be hard work.  This one's from Trevor Tenes.
trevor-cammy10-tn.gif (7060 bytes) Communist Delta Red  80k  (575x500)
And this is also from Trevor. It's a different take on 'Delta Red'... they're communist!   The new team has Cammy, Zangief, and Rolento from SF, and Bayman from Dead or Alive.
erwin-cs-cam1-tn.gif (3314 bytes) Erwin Papa's ARST Cammy sketch  84k  (376x600)
Erwin Papa always sends in some of the very best pictures... just like this sketch of ARST (Anti-Robot Special Troops) Cammy from Cannon Spike!
erwin-cs-cam2-tn.gif (3132 bytes) Erwin Papa's SD ARST Cammy  60k  (381x400)
And Erwin Papa also made a little SD Cannon Spike Cammy.  I really like the way he colored this one... simple, but very nice.  And her eyes are really cute too.
hernandez-cammy7-tn.gif (3245 bytes) Cammy sketches!  142k  (915x682)
Wow, this is really, really, really cool!  This is just a scan of a piece of paper with a lotta Cammy sketches.  There are all sorts of great little Cammy pictures to see here.  I can't wait to see what the finished versions will look like...
BTW, it's was done by Eric Hernandez... Villa to Talbain and Cammy
hernandez-cammy4-tn.gif (6504 bytes) Cammy, MegaMan, and Dash  79k  (406x500)
Eric Hernandez also drew this picture.  I know a lot of Cammy fans out there are also MegaMan fans, so they should be especially happy to see this picture!  You know, they're teammates in Cannon Spike...
hernandez-cammy5-tn.gif (6869 bytes) the SNK Gals  86k  (485x500)
Well, Cammy's not really an SNK Gal, but wouldn't it be cool if she would be?!  SNK would know what to do with cool characters... Cammy and her fans would love it!   It's by Eric Hernandez.
hernandez-cammy6-tn.gif (7159 bytes) Cammy and her castle  120k  (448x600)
This is a really nice picture of Cammy at her SF2 stage.  Seeing this picture brings back so many good memories.  BTW, this is also by Eric Hernandez.
monkey-cammy1-tn.gif (5787 bytes) ARST Cammy in trouble!  97k  (781x600)
David Mitchell didn't think it would be fun to draw Cammy just shooting at a robot, so he drew a picture of the robot swinging Cammy by her feet!  When she gets outta this, she's gonna kick that robot's tin ass really hard!  And then she might to beat up David too...
monkey-cammy2-tn.gif (2089 bytes) Evil Power Puff Cammy  20k  (340x305)
I've never bothered watching the Power Puff Girls, but I know of them.  This Cammy's not cute in the same way they are, but she is cute in an evil/freaked kinda way, and I like it.  BTW, this little sketch is also from David Mitchell. 
julia-cammy1-tn.gif (1554 bytes) Julia's Cammy sketch  47k  (457x600)
My friend in Brazil sent me this little sketch she did in math class.  She's a really into cosplay, but I never knew she was such a good artist too.  BTW, she's got a great cosplay site (in Portuguese) called Otaku Cosplay
ian-cammy1-tn.gif (2709 bytes) Cammy's a winner!  27k  (311x420)
This little sketch was done by Ian Suddell, one of Cammy's fans over in the UK.   Cammy's turn-around win pose has been the subjects of tons of fanart pictures, but it's so cool that it never really gets old.
juan-cammy5-tn.gif (3016 bytes) Me and Cammy!  68k  (394x524)
This is of course one of my new all-time favorite pictures.  Thanks to Juan Ramirez for this one.  BTW, if you're wondering what inspired this picture, check this picture out...
daine-cammy1-tn.gif (2760 bytes) Schoolgirl Cammy  87k  (489x600)
Who doesn't love the schoolgirl look?  This one comes from Daine in Belgium, and he says RJB's fanfic inspired the picture.  (the fanfic can be found on the Cammy Info page)
daine-juli1-tn.gif (3116 bytes) Delta Red Juni  40k  (250x600)
No, it's not Cammy fanart, but since they're practically sisters, I suppose it's okay.  This is Juni dressed up in a Delta Red outfit... wouldn't it be cool if she resurfaced and joined?
daine-juli2-tn.gif (3520 bytes) SD Delta Red Juni  52k  (398x500)
Here's another cute Delta Red Juni, but it's in SD form. 
hernandez-cammy2-tn.gif (5286 bytes) Cannon Spike Cammy  136k  (595x600)
This is Cannon Spike Cammy doing Delta Red Cammy's trademark turn-around win pose.   And I still can't get over how cool the kneepads look on Cammy!  ^_^   Anyhow, thanks to Eric Hernandez for this picture!
hernandez-cammy3-tn.gif (7004 bytes) Cammy and Yuri  108k  (498x600)
And this is another Eric Hernandez picture.  It features SD Cammy and SD Yuri Sakazaki... two of my very favorites!
trevor-cammy6-tn.gif (5446 bytes) Arm-wrestling Cammy  94k  (600x427)
Trevor Tenes drew this picture of Cammy arm-wrestling some guy!  I wonder how the hell Cammy got herself into this situation?!  Nevertheless, she's strong, so I don't doubt that Cammy's one girl who can beat a guy!
trevor-cammy7-tn.gif (5101 bytes) Cammy sleeping  70k  (418x600)
And here's another picture from Trevor.  I'm telling you, when Cammy finds out that Trevor been taking these pictures of her asleep, he's in for a butt-kicking!
trevor-cammy8-tn.gif (3702 bytes) Vampire Hunter D Cammy  67k  (332x600)
This is definitely one of the most interesting Cammy cosplay fanart pictures I've ever seen!  Cammy's outfit here was inspired by the old anime, Vampire Hunter D. By the way, this is also by Trevor Tenes.
yakumo-cybercammy-tn.gif (4224 bytes) Cyber-Cammy  108k  (600x417)
This is an interesting picture from Yakumo.  He said he got the idea when went offline back in July...