Cammy Gift Fan Art 6
Updated = March 8, 2001  (the top 14 pictures are new!)

Thanks!  So soon after the 2001 Cammy Birthday Contest, more Cammy fanart is coming in!  Anyhow, if you artist can keep making it, I should be able to keep posting it for a long long time to come...
brendan-cammy2-tn.gif (6278 bytes) Bison's Angels  85k  (500x600)
This is a very clever picture from Brendan, and it's based on the Charlie's Angels of course.  The analogy is perfect!
8blade-cammy1-tn.gif (5539 bytes) Pouting Cammy  112k  (600x807)
Val Fisse drew this super-cute picture of Shadowloo Cammy and posted it in the Cammy Fanart Forum at the CammyFan's EzBoard.  It's a great picture, and I especially love her pouty lips!
verry-cammy1-tn.gif (2209 bytes) Cannon Spike vs Jaguar Kick  46k  (580x716)
This is a verry nice picture from Verry!  And it's always verry good to get action picture fanart!  Cammy is, after all, a fighter.  Here she's going up against Adon.  It looks like it's gonna be close, but I think Cammy's boot's gonna connect with Adon's face before his foot comes down..
maxnafziger-cammy1-tn.gif (5046 bytes) Reach Advantage  110k  (643x624)
And here's another great action picture!  This one's by Max Nafziger.  Chun Li may have big, fat, strong legs, but Cammy's got longer legs, so none of that matter.   Chun Li's cool, but no matter how you look at it, if it's Cammy vs Chun Li, Cammy comes out on top.
madadric-cammy-alita1-tn.gif (6928 bytes) Delta Red Alita & Shadowloo Cammy  48k  (500x729)
Here's another cool picture from Madadric (homepage= http://www.madadric/   It's Shadowloo Cammy posing with Battle Angel Alita who's cosplay as Delta Red Cammy!  BTW, if you'd like a 800x600 wallpaper of this picture, click here...
mikebowden-cammy1-tn.gif (7776 bytes) Commando Cammy 2  129k  (777x786)
Here's a cool Delta Red Cammy by Mike Bowden that's been modified to look a little more militaristic.  Although the original outfit looks great, the bright red hat & gloves kinda cancel out the camouflage!   BTW - for comments, questions, & requests for more Cammy pictures ^_~ Mike's e-mail =
booyaka-cammy1-tn.gif (2252 bytes) Booyaka Cammy!  22k  (345x400)
Here's a cute little Cammy sketch from a young up and coming artist who calls himself "Booyaka".  For more of his art, check out his homepage at: http://oroboros/
lucas-cammy-ivy-tn.gif (1757 bytes) Cammy cosplays Ivy  46k  (700x773)
Cosplay pictures are always fun, especially when you combine two of the coolest characters ever... Cammy and Ivy from Soul Calibur!  And they're both English too, so it works on many levels.  Thanks to Lucas from the Masamune Shirow Hyper Pages for this one!
carlos-4koma-tn.gif (7687 bytes) Cammy 4 ko manga  55k  (232x824)
Carlos made this VERY strange 4 ko manga where other characters (like Chang from KoF) cosplay as Cammy in some kinda beauty contest!!  BTW, it's cool to see a non-Japanese artist make a 4 ko manga!
petertemple-cammy1-tn.gif (7013 bytes) Cammy vs Balrog  215k  (603x395)
This is an original picture I got from Peter Temple.  And right now, he's working on another Cammy picture for me!!  If you want to see more of his stuff, check out
alan-cammy4-tn.gif (1707 bytes) Shadowloo Cammy  16k  (162x214)
This cute little picture, as well as the next 3 are all by Alan Chim.  I think this is a picture of Cammy threatening to shoot you with her imaginary finger gun... maybe her memory's not the only thing in her brain that's not working right.  ^_~
alan-cammy5-tn.gif (1632 bytes) Cammy as Rolento  23k  (265x238)
Cammy's a natural Rolento because of the beret... but don't ever think that Rolento would look good in Cammy's outfit because HE wears a beret!  Yeah, it's a double standard, but it's also a fact of life.  Anyhow, this is a super-clever picture!  See how something so simple can be made great if the idea is good?
alan-cammy6-tn.gif (1770 bytes) Cammy as Balrog  24k  (244x316)
As horrible as the idea of Cammy being anything like Balrog is, I gotta admit that she looks really good in a Vega outfit!
alan-cammy7-tn.gif (2232 bytes) Cammy & Balrog  30k  (267x282)
Ack!  I spoke too soon... here are Cammy and Balrog exchanging presents on a park bench!  Stay away from him Cammy, he's nuts!  And don't let Vega find out that you're cheating on him...
legaspi-cammy2-tn.gif (1955 bytes) Cannon Spike action!  32k  (376x500)
Here's Christopher Legaspi's 2nd Cammy picture!  It's really cool to get ARSF Cammy fanart because that's the new Cammy, and it's my favorite version of Cammy.  And isn't this action pose cool?!  For more from Christopher, check out
garylai-cammy2-tn.gif (6916 bytes) The beautiful assassin  148k  (700x1108)
And here's Gary Lai's 2nd Cammy picture, and the first colored.  And it turned out very well!   This is an especially interesting picture because Cammy looks so strong, yet so 'soft'.  Also, she looks tough, but pretty at the same time.  That's really cool how he was able to do that!
brendan-cammy1-tn.gif (6382 bytes) Psylocke Cammy  61k  (438x600)
Cammy as Psylocke... of course that's gonna look good!  And you know, in X-Men vs Street Fighter, it was Psylocke that rescued Cammy after she lost  her memory.  Thanks to Brendan for this one.
rowan-cammy1-tn.gif (1799 bytes) Rinoa Cammy  22k  (231x600)
This is the first of 3 pictures Rowan actually mailed me from New Zealand!  He didn't have a scanner, so he sent me the real thing.  I've gotten lots of art that way.   If you want to send me the original picture too, e-mail me for my address.   BTW, this is Cammy as FF8's Rinoa.
rowan-cammy2-tn.gif (2174 bytes) Elektra Cammy  36k  (335x600)
Here's another picture from Rowan... it's Cammy as Elektra Assassin from Marvel comics (she shoulda been in Marvel vs Capcom 2).  I've always thought that would be a good cosplay for Cammy, so I'm really happy to see it!
rowan-cammy3-tn.gif (2391 bytes) Rei Ayamani Cammy  30k  (325x500)
And this is the 3rd picture from Rowan.  It's Cammy as Rei Ayamani from Evangelion.   Of course I know who she is, but can you believe that I've never seen anything from that anime!  True... no time.  (there's never enought time!)
jeriko-cammy1-tn.gif (2265 bytes) A new version  34k  (345x545)
This is Jeriko's redo of this Cammy picture.  I think it's really interesting to see 'simple' black and white versions of colored pictures because you can cover mistakes with color, but in a line drawing, you can see how good it really is.
macgregor-cammy1-tn.gif (5081 bytes) Vampire Hunter Cammy  130k  (471x567)
Awesome!  Here's another picture of Cammy dressed like Donovan from the Darkstalkers series. Thanks to Daniel Macgregor for making this awesome picture.  Let's get more pictures of this Cammy... and how about a fanfic too?
garylai-cammy1-tn.gif (2462 bytes) Cammy looming  58k  (500x697)
This is a really cool picture by Gary Lai.  He's just starting out, so you probably don't know him yet, but I'm sure you will!  I look forward to more.  I like this picture because it's like Cammy just kicked you butt and is standing over you...
lucas-evil-cammy-tn.gif (3822 bytes)  88k  (350x375)
My friend Lucas is crazy.  There's no, but he says if there were, it would be about an anti-Cammy that is manipulative, flirty, nonsensical, has a healthy memory, evil, likes wolves and tortures catgirls, criminal training instead of soldier, knows how to wear a coat when she's cold, made a deal with the devil instead of brainwashed by Vega...
alan-cammy3-tn.gif (2805 bytes) Happy Chinese New Year!  24k  (301x395)
Here's a special 2001 greeting from Cammy and Blanka....
erwin-cam-back-tn.gif (2574 bytes) Cammy's back  35k  (423x542)
We all love Erwin Papa's Cammy pictures and sketches.  Here's a nice sketch from behind of Cammy sitting down.  She must have something really serious on her mind if she doesn't even have time to take care of that wedgie...
erwin-cam-happy-tn.gif (3177 bytes) Happy CS Cammy  73k  (587x642)
And here's another Erwin Papa sketch.  Although sketches are kinda sloppy by definition, I really like the look (especially when it's by Erwin Papa).
trevor-cammy14-tn.gif (5083 bytes) Cammy's tired  65k  (590x768)
Trevor Tenes has sent in a lot of Cammy art, and here's another one.  Cammy's got an enhanced stamina because of her genetic modification, but I guess even she gets tired sooner or later.
yakumo-lights-cammy-tn.gif (3732 bytes) Lights!  Cammy!!  Action!!!  42k  (497x550)
Cammy's a superstar!  ^_^  This is a great picture from Yakumo, who always sends in really cute and clever Cammy pictures.