Cammy Gift Fan Art 7
Updated = February 11, 2002  (top 8 pictures are new!)
                        January 21, 2002  (the top 10 picture are new!)
            December 17, 2001  (everything is new!)

There's been more than enough fanart for this gallery for a long, long time, but I've been so busy these last few months that I haven't been able to get it all up for you to see... sorry!  But, here it finally is.   I know you like it!  And, there's much more on the way...
hutchinson-camchun-tn.gif (1857 bytes) Submitting to the truth  29k  (429x600)
Cammy's got a very interesting technique for making people think like her.  In this picture she's convincing Chun Li that Cammy is the strongest woman in the world!   Thanks to comic artist Brian Hutchinson for this picture.
hutchinson-camangels-tn.gif (1805 bytes) Cammy's Angels  30k  (400x560)
Here's another Brian Hutchinson picture of Cammy with two of her pals from SNK.   Cammy, Leona, and Fio are playing Charlie's Angels.
hutchinson-cam-ruliya-tn.gif (2256 bytes) Aqua Knight Cammy  40k  (429x570)
Here's Cammy posing as Yukito Kishiro's Ruliya from the comic Aqua Knight.  It's available in English, so go check it out!  Thanks again to Brain Hutchinson.
moy-cam-gally-tn.gif (1677 bytes) Battle Angel Cammy  31k  (450x580)
Comic artist Phil Moy drew this cool picture of Cammy posing as Alita from Battle Angel Alita (aka Gally from Gunnm).  This is a take-off of a famous picture from the comic book.
groborz-4koma-tn.gif (1677 bytes) Coming and going  52k  (376x1173)
This is a cool original 4 ko manga by Raymond Groborz.  I'm so happy to see one of Cammy's non-Japanese fans drawing a 4 ko manga, especially because it's so good!
boaz-cam-leilei-tn.gif (3277 bytes) Cam Cam the Kuang-Shi  35k  (350x580)
I always say that you can't go wrong by combining two great characters, and here's more proof of that.  Thanks to Jason Boaz for this great picture of Cammy cosplaying as Lei Lei.
boaz-vamp-cammy-tn.gif (3169 bytes) Cammy the Vampire  50k  (600x444)
Here's something I've never seen before.  Wow, could you imagine Demitri and Cammy together in the next Darkstalkers game... would be pretty cool, huh?  Thanks again to Jason Boaz.
boaz-vamp-cammy2-tn.gif (2352 bytes) Cammy the Vampire 2  ---k  (386x600)
Here's a full-body picture of Jason Boaz's Vampire Cammy.  I wonder what the storyline behind her becoming a vampire is?
yakumo-medpunch-tn.gif (3735 bytes) Strong (Medium) Punch  77k  (550x413)
Here's a very cool 3D picture of Cammy's strong punch (aka 'medium punch').  Yakumo can do all sortsa cool things with his 3D Cammy model... and so can I because he sent it to me ^_^
yakumo-dreams-tn.gif (3663 bytes) Dreams  79k  (382x540)
Here you can get a really good look at how nice Yakumo's 3D model of Cammy really is!   And if you wanna see more of his work, follow the link on this picture to:
stefrol-stix-tn.gif (3244 bytes) Cammy wants to know...  52k  (560x412)
Stefani sent this interesting little picture last year.  She's a BIG fan of Rolento & Cammy.  She's got good taste.  Anyhow, don't blame Cammy for asking such an innocent question... remember she's still kinda new to the world!
timmartin-cammy1-tn.gif (2728 bytes) Crouching tiger?  67k  (407x500)
This is what it looks like when somebody is jumping in on Cammy and is about to be Cannon Spiked!  This is the last thing they see!!  ^_^  Thanks to Tim Martin for this awesome picture.
temple-cspike-cammy-tn.gif (3074 bytes) Cannon Spike!  74k  (600x363)
Speaking of Cannon Spikes, here's a cool bomber plain logo I got from Peter Temple.   I've actually got the original on my wall!  For more of his work, check out
sharm-cammy1-tn.gif (1495 bytes) A unique 'twist'  26k  (245x645)
This is a AWESOME picture from Sharm for two reasons.  First, I like the unique artistic style, and second I love the way that Cammy's holding onto one of her pigtails.
sharm-cammy2-tn.gif (4255 bytes) Cammy White  76k  (370x500)
If you look in the MI6 yearbook (if they have such a thing), this is probably the picture you'll see of Cammy.  Sharm even colors in a unique way, huh?  Thanks Sharm!
sam-z-ryocammy-tn.gif (2144 bytes) Camko?   Ryomy?  30k  (263x600)
Samantha Zalade sent in this very interesting picture of a Cammy & Ryoko (from Tenchi Muyo) hybrid.  Sounds strange, but who can combining two characters as great as Cammy and Ryoko be wrong?
spidey-newcam-tn.gif (2467 bytes) A new-look Cammy  23k  (324x539)
Here's a picture of a modified Delta Red Cammy.  I love stuff like this because you can make characters different but still keep them more or less the same.  It keeps things interesting.  (hey Chun Li, take note!)
spidey-cammys-tn.gif (1887 bytes) 3 Super-deformed Cammys  31k  (449x292)
Like the previous picture, this one's from Spidey7886. 
seifer-camwel-tn.gif (2157 bytes) Cammy says "Welcom!"  137k  (250x250)
This is a little animated .GIF of Shadowloo Cammy... don't miss it!  Thanks to Seifer for this one!  (BTW, Mai Shiranui's got nothing on this Cammy ^_~)
seifer-camback-tn.gif (2670 bytes) Stick 'em up Cammy!  43k  (340x580)
Get the feeling that you've got a gun and you're saying "Put your hands where I can see 'em!"  Sure... but don't get any ideas about getting close enough to frisk her!  BTW, this one's by Seifer too.
seifer-camfront-tn.gif (2191 bytes) Cammy front  50k  (248x600)
And here's another of Seifer's pictures.  I absolutely love his style!  And guess what... I've even got a few original pictures from him!!  ^_^
seifer-camfront2-tn.gif (1990 bytes) Cammy front 2  44k  (258x580)
Does anybody out there know Travis Charest?  Seifer's style reminds me a little bit of his work, but it's got more of an anime twist to it.
41-qt-pair-tn.gif (2508 bytes) QT-Pair  89k  (420x541)
There was once a fanart from Japan showing Cammy & Mika as a ladies wrestling tagteam called "QT-Pair".  Here's a picture from 41 that takes the idea a bit further!  BTW - I've got the original, and it's hanging right here on my wall!   ^_^
giamo-cammy-tn.gif (4396 bytes) PSM Cammy  75k  (371x500)
This awesome picture was featured in PlayStation Magazine, and I was lucky enough to track down Eri Guandiamo and get a copy for
giamo-cammy2-tn.gif (4815 bytes) PSM Cammy 2?  94k  (416x500)
Here's another Cammy picture Eri sent in to PSM (and  I SHOULD make it because it's Cammy, and it's better than 99.99% of the stuff that's usually printed in the fanart section.  I looking forward to seeing lots more art from Eri!
mr-dandy-cammy2-tn.gif (3925 bytes) Ambush  71k  (437x580)
Or, maybe I should say "Amtree"?  Ugghhh.. bad joke!  Sorry.   Anyhow, this very interesting picture is by Mr. Dandy.  It's cool to see fanart that gets your imagination going.
rebekah-cammy1-tn.gif (4591 bytes) Cammy as Tifa!  85k  (424x540)
Yeah!  Combine two characters as cool as Cammy and Tifa from Final Fantasy 7, and how can you go wrong!  Thanks a lot to Rebekah for making and sending this picture to me.
boaz-kbeelogo-tn.gif (2116 bytes) The Killer Bee  38k  (401x580)
Thanks to Jason Boaz for making this very cool picture of Cammy.  In case you didn't know, Shadowloo Cammy's nickname is "The Killer Bee".  BTW, did you notice that this picture is a variant of one of the SF2 Movie pictures of Delta Red Cammy?