John Joseco's Cammy Art
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February 6, 2000   (top 4 picture are new!!)

John Joseco sent me so much Cammy fan art work, that I had to build an entire gallery just for him.  He's a great artist, and he's doing a lot of new Cammy stuff.  I already had 5 Cammy pictures from John, and then he went and created an entire 7 page comic.  Amazing, huh?   Now, years later, he's still sending in pictures!  If this keeps up, I'll have to create a 2nd gallery for his art... and I'd be more than happy to.
jj-cammy9tn.gif (3801 bytes) Schoolgirl Cammy  89k  (478x714)
This is one easily one of my all-time favorite Cammy pictures.  First of all, it's a really beautiful picture, and as simple as it is, it's got a background!  It's really nice to see a background in a fanart picture, especally one so cool!
jj-cammy10tn.gif (2922 bytes) Volleyballer  59k  (480x763)
This is another especially good picture of Cammy.  And personally, I've always had a thing for volleyball girls (probably because they wear kneepads).  Also, check out this cool animated 4koma about Cammy playing volleyball...
jj-cammy11tn.gif (2127 bytes) Portrait  35k  (600x638)
This is simple a sketch of Cammy's face... nothing too fancy, but it's Cammy, so of course it great.  ^_^
jj-cammy12tn.gif (2634 bytes) Profile  28k  (432x600)
This is another simple sketch of Cammy from the left side, where her scar is.  It's kina different because she's got her hair down.
jj-cammy8-tn.gif (4675 bytes) Cammy at the beach  74k  (479x600)
Here's a brand-new Cammy picture from John.  Cammy's spending some of her time off at the beach.
jj-cammy7-tn.gif (2271 bytes) Cammy with a cocktail  89k  (495x630)
This is one of my all-time favorite Cammy pictures!  I absolutely love the idea and the pose, but for some reason, it's the cute look on her face really gets me.
jj-cammy6-tn.gif (5652 bytes)  68k  (420x622)
I really like this one too... Cammy's advertising her homepage!  And, she's feeling especially patriotic too.  ^_^
jj-cammy5-color-tn.gif (4690 bytes) Cammy from behind - in color  71k  (460x520)
This is one of John's first pictures, but he's gone back and colored it in.
jj-cammy4-color-tn.gif (4235 bytes) Cammy flexing her muscle - in color  102k  (470x720)
Here's another old Cammy picture that's been redone in color.  Check below, and you'll see the original version...
jj-cammy3-color-tn.gif (4302 bytes) Right O! - in color  84k  (416x560)
This is also a former black and white picture that's now in color!
jj-cammy2-color-tn.gif (7608 bytes) Cammy's #1 - in color  69k  (479x729)
And this has been redone as well.  Before, when she was only in black and white, Cammy was already #1, and now that she's in color she's even better.  I'm not sure how you get better than #1, but if anyone can do it, it's Cammy!
jj-camchun-tn.gif (2647 bytes) Cammy and Chun Li  96k  (519x681)
This one brings back memories of SF2, when it was all about Cammy and Chun Li.  Delta Red Cammy was #1, Chun Li hadn't grown boring yet... ahhh, the good old days.
fj-cam1tn.jpg (5950 bytes) Cammy collage  101k  (745x969)
This is a great collage of Cammy in a number of cool poses.  This picture reminds me of an awesome collage from my favorite comic, Gunnm (aka Battle Angel Alita).
fj-cam2tn.jpg (4283 bytes) Cammy is #1  62k  (616x931)
See... I know, John knows, you know, and Cammy knows too - she's the best!
fj-cam5tn.jpg (4381 bytes) "Right O!"  55k  (540x826)
This is another cool Cammy pose.  It's my favorite of John Joseco's Cammy pictures.
fj-cam4tn.jpg (4350 bytes) Cammy flexing her muscle  43k  (463x811)
When Cammy 1st hit the scene, she was kinda special because she wasn't your typical 'big' sexy cartoon girl.  Instead, she was kinda skinny and muscular.
fj-cam3tn.jpg (4217 bytes) Cammy from behind  46k  (492x754)
Cammy's best poses are almost always from behind because it lets you see those awesome pigtails of hers.

A Cammy comic... "London Fog"

jj-comic1tn.gif (3907 bytes) Marked!  107k  (617x800)
IF you're a Cammy fan (and we all are!), you hate to see a comic that starts off like this!
jj-comic2tn.gif (3691 bytes) Outta the way you oaf!  80k  (617x800)
Not only is somebody trying to shoot Cammy, this big oaf looks like he's more bad news for our heroine.
jj-comic3tn.gif (2519 bytes) Watch out!!  100k  (617x800)
Chunks of flying rock and Cammy getting out of the way... things sure don't look good!
jj-comic4tn.gif (2849 bytes) What now?  91k  (617x800)
It looks like Cammy has changed her mind... she's not running anymore.  But, with the odds she's facing, is that really a good idea?
jj-comic5tn.gif (3968 bytes) Go Cammy!  81k  (617x800)
An air roundhouse to the face!  That'll help to even the odds real quick!
jj-comic6tn.gif (3114 bytes) Trouble?  90k  (617x800)
SMACK!  I won't be putting this comic up if it were Cammy getting smacked!  So, you can guess that she's the one doing the hurting.
jj-comic7tn.gif (3612 bytes) Marked again...  106k  (X617x800)
The last page of the comic, and Cammy is in somebody's sights again.  Bad new indeed!   I guess this means we'll have to tune in for more... right John?