Megan Hopper's Cammy Gallery
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July 21, 2003   (5 pics added... 1st DR Cammy, & 1st 4 Misc)

Original Cammy fan art that you fans draw is always special.  These, however, are extra special to me because Megan was actually nice enough to send me the original pictures!  A lot of you fans out there have done the same thing - thanks!  I'm working on more galleries like this, so stay tuned!  Anyhow, I hope you enjoy Megan's great Cammy pictures too...

Delta Red Cammy

megan-dr5-tn.jpg (2895 bytes) Outta my way!  56k  (312x600)
Here's a picture where Cammy looks like she's sweeping her hand to the side... kinda like she's saying "I'm coming through, so you better step aside!"
megan-dr1-tn.jpg (3055 bytes) The winner = Delta Red Cammy!  65k  (211x570)
This is DR Cammy doing one of S Cammy's winning poses.  If you look below, the first picture in the Shadowloo Cammy section is just like this one, but it's S Cammy.
megan-dr2-tn.jpg (2812 bytes) SFZ3 Delta Red Cammy  112k  (473x540)
This is another Shadowloo Cammy picture featuring Cammy.  For the SFZ3 home game, there was a picture just like this, but it's S Cammy.  I always loved that picture, and I've never had one where the legs weren't cut-off, so I'm extra glad to have this one!
megan-dr3-tn.jpg (3018 bytes) Cammy's gotta gun...  84k  (457x560)
I think this is my favorite out of all Megan's Cammy pictures.  It's an interesting pose, and it's kinda funny how she's sitting there really relaxed, but holding a gun and looking around (for something to shoot!).
megan-dr4-tn.jpg (3189 bytes) Under Fire 2  58k  (292x600)
This is Megan's version of Tavish's awesome "Under Fire" picture.  She redrew it and then changed it into Delta Red Cammy under fire.

ARSF Cammy

megan-gs1-tn.jpg (2784 bytes) ARSF Cammy!  68k  (441x600)
I'm SO into this new-look Cammy (guns, skates, and kneepads!), so it's always a very happy occasion when artists draw pictures of her.

Shadowloo Cammy

megan-s5-tn.jpg (3477 bytes) The Shadowloo Dolls of SFZ3  83k  (400x600)
Here are 3 of the coolest characters all together in one picture.   The idea of Cammy and the Dolls in SFZ3 was a huge hit with fans.  I hope we'll learn more about their lives with and after Shadowloo...
megan-s1-tn.jpg (3329 bytes) The Winner = Shadowloo Cammy!  71k  (235x570)
You all know this pose from SFZ3, right?  It's almost like her legendary SF2 pose, but she's giving a "thumb's up" instead of a "V for victory".   This is always a good pose for Cammy fan art.
megan-s2-tn.jpg (3232 bytes) Mission Completed, Sir!  69k  (221x580)
This is another winning pose from SFZ3 and X-Men vs Street Fighter.  Before Cammy loses her brainwashing, she's Master Vega's loyal assassin, spy, bodyguard.
megan-s3-tn.jpg (3226 bytes) Cannon Spike  72k  (285x700)
And this is this is the most classic of all Cammy pictures... her signature move, the Cannon Spike!  It's a little goofy because people don't bend like that, but it's somehow cool nonetheless.  It certainly is unique.
megan-s4-tn.jpg (3461 bytes) Spinning Back Knuckle  77k  (354x570)
Since it moves so fast, you don't usually see this picture, but it's what she looks like when she's doing her Spinning Back Knuckle.  I always thought this was one of her best frames of animation.

Miscellaneous Cammy & Friends

megan-x15-tn.jpg (2885 bytes) Cammy's Uniform  37k  (164x600)
I bet Cammy hates having to dress up in her military uniform, but I think it looks great.  But then again, a girl with pigtails looks good in pretty much anything, huh?
megan-x14-tn.jpg (2861 bytes) Athena Asamiya  33k  (228x600)
She may not have the popularity of a Cammy or a Mai Shiranui, but Athena's been around longer than just about anybody!  And every year she gets a new look.  This is one of her older KoF outfits.
megan-x16-tn.jpg (2404 bytes) King of Fighters Angel  34k  (226x600)
Guess most of you haven't met Angel because none of the newer King of Fighters games have been seen by people outside of Japan.  I love her style.
megan-x17-tn.jpg (3586 bytes) Alita Angel  75k  (539x700)
Battle Angel Alita never really has wings in the comic, but there's a famous picture of her with wings in book one, and that's where this comes from.
megan-x9-tn.jpg (2658 bytes) Cammy ready for a date  51k  (313x600)
I absolutely LOVE this dress!  Normally, I like long dresses much more, but this one just looks so perfect on Cammy.  This is the dress Cammy wears in a piece of official Capcom artwork where she and Chun Li go on a date with the shotoclones.
megan-x10-tn.jpg (3912 bytes) Cowgirl Cammy  74k  (368x570)
We've seen lots of Cammy cosplay before, but this is the first cowgirl Cammy!  Normally, Indians like to wear their hair in pigtails, but I like the hat on Cammy, and it's always good to have a pair of guns.
megan-x11-tn.jpg (2784 bytes) Cammy cosplays Devilot  57k  (333x570)
Cammy cosplaying as Devilot looks EXACTLY like Devilot.  In fact, many people believe that Devilot (from Cyberbots) is actually Cammy in a different world, time, and place...
megan-x12-tn.jpg (3088 bytes) Battle Angel Alita  59k  (375x570)
This isn't Cammy... it's Battle Angel Alita.  But, there is actually a very big tie-in between the two characters because I'm 100% sure that Alita was the influence for much of Cammy's character.
megan-x13-tn.jpg (3376 bytes) Pokemon Cammy  85k  (448x600)
Ummm... to be honest, I don't know anything about Pokemon (although I love strawberry Pokemon Pop Tarts), so there's not much I can se here.   But, I do think the suspenders look cool on Cammy.  ^_^
megan-x5-tn.jpg (3399 bytes) Cammy cosplays Hinako  50k  (289x570)
This is a great picture!  Know who it is?  Well, of course it's Cammy, but she's dressed like a new fighter from KoF 2000 named Hinako.   I've never seen Hinako in action (dammit!), but I hear she's a sumo wrestler!
megan-x6-tn.jpg (3927 bytes) Past and Present Cammy  91k  (429x600)
This is a nice picture showing both Cammys... you don't get that very often.  It's nice to see them together because then you can compare all the little differences in their looks.
megan-x7-tn.jpg (3934 bytes) Metal Gear Cosplay  112k  (481x570)
I was a big fan of the original Metal Gear games, but I never got around to playing the new games of the PlayStation (despite the fact that everybody recommended I play them).  Either way, I still this this is a cool picture!
megan-x8-tn.jpg (2817 bytes) Cammy cosplays Li Xiang Fei  50k  (351x570)
This is a picture I've always expected somebody to draw because if you take down Xaing Fei's hair, she has pigtails just like Cammy.  Oh, who is Xiang Fei?  She's from Fatal Fury and the King of Fighters.
megan-x1-tn.jpg (2465 bytes) Swimsuit Cammys  143k  (554x600)
Here are 2 pictures of Cammy wearing a new swimsuit.  I love the style, it's unique... perfect for Cammy.
megan-x2-tn.jpg (3006 bytes) Cammy's Day Off  70k  (282x570)
Hey, Cammy doesn't wear her uniform 24-7, and she doesn't just cosplay either.  Of course not.  It's always refreshing to see Cammy as she would be on a normal day.
megan-x3-tn.jpg (3695 bytes) Chinese Cammy  78k  (434x570)
Everybody likes the look of the Chinese dress, right?  This is a really stylish picture of Cammy and a couple of her pets.
megan-x4-tn.jpg (3457 bytes) Blue Cammy  75k  (278x570)
Cammy as Blue Mary... always a favorite fan art subject of mine!  I really like Blue Mary's outfit, and it just happens to look really cool on Cammy too!
megan-jj1-tn.jpg (2424 bytes) Juni and Juli Cosplay  89k  (377x570)
Now this is a VERY clever picture!  It's Juni and Juli cosplaying as Vice and Mature from the King of Fighters.