Udon Cammy fan sketches
Updated = Dec 13, 2004  (1 more sketch by Omar Dogan)
  August 2, 2004  (everything is new!)

At the 2004 San Diego Comic Con, I got to meet almost everybody working on the Street Fighter comic!  They were also promoting the new Darkstalkers and Rival Schools comic due out at the end of the year.
The artists from Udon took turn sketching pictures for all the fans, so of course I made it my duty to get at least 1 sketch from every artist.  I also got a few extras that I'd like to give away to you fans who visit CammyFan.com!
BTW, in case you're wondering... even without my 13 Cammy sketches, I'm pretty sure in all the hours I spent waiting in line and watching the artists sketch, Cammy was the most requested character!  ^_^
sd-udon-ahou-tn.gif (1290 bytes) Andrew Hou 1  68k  (391x600)
Andrew draws a great Cammy, but you should have seen some of the amazing Gouki (aka Akuma) sketches he did!  And there was also one especially cool Barlog (aka Vega).
sd-udon-ahou2-tn.gif (1963 bytes) Andrew Hou 1  83k  (395x600)
I got kinda lucky on this one because Andrew did a special sketch featuring both versions of Cammy from the comic!
sd-udon-atsang-tn.gif (1637 bytes) Arnold Tsang 1  71k  (392x600)
Arnold Tsang is probably the most well know of the Street Fighter artists at Udon.   He did that special Cammy story in Newtype as well as the super-cool Cammy cover to issue #7.
sd-udon-atsang2-tn.gif (1360 bytes) Arnold Tsang 2  67k  (392x600)
This is another picture from Arnold.  He's an very nice guy, and he's incredibly humble for somebody as talented and popular as he is!
sd-udon-awarren-tn.gif (2001 bytes) Adam Warren  81k  (385x600)
Adam didn't actually sit down a sketch any pictures at the Udon/Capcom booth, but I hung out with him at the show, so he did a special sketch for me!!
BTW, Adam did the back-up story in issue 2 where Cammy beats up Chun Li.
sd-udon-cchoi-tn.gif (1077 bytes) Christine Choi  63k  (388x600)
She did this picture with a regular pen that's very nice, but later she did a few with some special pens that looked amazing... I wish I'd had time to get one more from her.
sd-udon-evedder-tn.gif (1130 bytes) Eric Vedder  68k  (390x600)
Eric's pictures stood out to me because everything is so well defined, and he also came up with some cool non-traditional poses like this side-view of Shadowloo Cammy.
sd-udon-jchen-tn.gif (1326 bytes) Jo Chen  69k  (392x600)
Jo Chen has been doing the 'power foil' covers for the SF comics, and issue 11 will feature a power foil Cammy cover!  Jo was like a superstar at the show... everybody wanted to get a sketch from her, and most people also wanted a photograph too!  ^_^
sd-udon-jvrienns-tn.gif (1746 bytes) Joe Vrienns  90k  (389x600)
I really liked all of Joe's pictures because he always took the time to create a really dynamic pose like this one.  And he also signed this "To CammyFan.com"
sd-udon-mbrooks-tn.gif (1783 bytes) Mark Brooks  85k  (385x600)
Mark only spent one short session sketching because he had his own booth in Artists' Alley. Right as it was my turn, he had to leave... but he's good friends with my good friend (Jason Martin), so he did this awesome sketch and gave it to me later.
sd-udon-odogan-tn.gif (1052 bytes) Omar Dogan 1  64k  (393x600)
I have SO much to say about Omar!  Out of everybody I met, he impressed me the most.   He worked almost non-stop for 4 1/2 days!!  His sketches were always good, and he was enthusiastic about every sketch (he might have done 300+).  Except for him liking Sakura better than Cammy, I have nothing but the highest praise for Omar!
sd-udon-odogan2-tn.gif (1173 bytes) Omar Dogan 2  77k  (389x600)
This is a special picture Omar drew for me because he knew I'd gotten so many 'normal' Cammy sketches already.  BTW, Omar will be doing the Rival Schools comic, so definitely look for that... I guarantee it's gonna be great!
sd-udon-odogan3-tn.gif (858 bytes) Omar Dogan 3  63k  (385x600)
I met Jon from Anime Group Lone Wolf in line at the con, and sent me a can of his sketch by Omar Dogan!  I love Omar's style... so simple, but it's nice.  And I especially like her smile.
sd-udon-shepburn-tn.gif (1409 bytes) Scott Hepburn  91k  (390x600)
Scott was another guy who didn't spend too much time sketching, but of the 3 pictures I saw him sketch, they were all Cammy!   I like the extra fat pigtails on this Cammy.