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Last Update = November 27, 2000 (Cammy team ending pictures added)

Hey, welcome to the gallery/page dedicated to who and what ARSF Cammy is.  Anti-Robot Special Forces (aka ARSF) Cammy is from the game known as Cannon Spike in the USA, and GunSpike in Japan.  This is the 3rd different official Cammy.  It's the newest Cammy... she's still got the great outfit and pigtails, but now she's also wearing some super-cool kneepads and Motor Boots, and she's shootin' every robot in sight with her two guns!
This game was put out by Capcom, and it features many Capcom characters, but it was actually made by a company called Psikyo.   In Japan, they're legendary for their awesome shooting games!
Cannon Spike Cammy's knee-pads are SOOO cool!
.Cannon Spike & Cammy's storyline info and more...
The Cannon Spike storyline...
20XX AD.
A troubled economy wreaks havoc on the world...
Terrorism is rampant.  With warfare spreading to every city, people live in constant fear...
To combat the terrorists' robot soldiers, the World Union for Peace organizes a special force equipped with specialized Motor Boots for ultimate mobility.
It is up to this Anti-Robot Special Force to enter into battle and rid the world of the robot menace.
The future needs you.
Cammy's Profile:

arsf-cammy.gif (11750 bytes)
ARSF Cammy!

Heavy Shot:
Heavy Attack:
Special Attack:

Cammy White
5 ft 3 in
101 lbs
ZZ01 Mantis & Caesar SNG
Riot Smasher
Cannon Spike
Chain Grenade
Cammy's storyline:
Cammy, who possesses deadly fighting skills, is a soldier from a notorious crime organization.  She acts as a leader in most operations.  Though relatively weak in power, she is extremely fast and agile.  She is from the Super Street Fighter II series.
Charlie's storyline:
Charlie came from the U.S. Army to support Cammy with his cool judgement.   He is from the Street Fighter Alpha series.
Notes on Cammy's profile/storyline:
Okay, besides the fact that she's 1 year older in the Japanese version, and 2 inches shorter, the most interesting point is " a soldier from a notorious crime organization."   What does that statement really mean?!  Is she back with Shadowloo?  Is she with another crime organization?  Most likely, I think it's just half-assed writing from the Capcom staff... I think it meant to say that she was once part of a notorious crime organization.  I don't believe that she's bad again because she's a member of the Anti-Robot Special Forces, which is under the authorization of the World Union for Peace.  Delta Red probably just lent Cammy to that organization (she's still wearing her Delta Red outfit).
The second really interesting thing in that storyline is that she acts as the leader of the ARSF in most missions!  Yeah Cammy!! 
The third point is that Charlie's storyline (that was all of it) is all about Cammy!  He's just in the game to watch Cammy's back.  And although she's a bit older and a leader, I suppose she hasn't lost her temper since it specifically says that he's there to support her with his cool judgement.
Cammy's in-game storyline:
I was disappointed to see that there was no in-game storyline.  Other similar Psikyo games, like Gunbird 2, have all sorts of dialogue in-between stages, and that's really cool!  There is a storyline to the game, but it's very vague.

fallen-balrog.jpg (5331 bytes)
Fallen Balrog

Basically, it just seems like Cammy tracks down all the terrorists and takes 'em out one by one until she gets to the boss.
Along the way, she also fights her long-time archenemy, Balrog!  First she fights him in an alleyway, but he runs away before she can finish it.  Later, he and a few buddies trap Cammy in a little cage, and this time, they fight to the death.  If you haven't seen, Balrog is a total freak now!  They call him "Fallen Balrog"... that's him over there on the left.  He's not a pretty-boy anymore! 
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.Cannon Spike Game Endings...
This game probably has the best endings ever!  The art is really good, the storylines (although a bit simple) are fun, and there are lots of different possibilities.
You probably know that I've always advocated good endings because they aren't hard to make, yet they as SO much to the characters, and the game itself!  I'm really happy that Psikyo did the right thing.  I am disappointed that there was no in-game storyline stuff, especially between Cammy and Balrog, but everything else was good, so I'm not too upset.
Cammy has her very own solo ending, and she has many different endings with whatever partner she teams up with.  Here they are...
BTW - more endings as well as all the pictures are coming soon, so please keep checking back!!!
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.Cammy's solo ending
cspike-cammy-end1-tn.gif (6267 bytes) Cammy: "A tremor... What's going on?!"
cspike-cammy-end2-tn.gif (9887 bytes) Cat: "Meow"
cspike-cammy-end3-tn.gif (10473 bytes) Cammy: "This place is very dangerous, lets go!"
cspike-cammy-end4-tn.gif (9013 bytes) Booooooooommmm...!
cspike-cammy-end5-tn.gif (7223 bytes) Cammy: "Guhhaaa!  That was too close!  Are you all right, kitty?"
Notes on Cammy's ending...
Well, there's not a whole lotta new info revealed here... we all know Cammy LOVES cats!   As far as I know, she's never had a pet cat of her own, so I hope she takes this little kitty home with her.  Out of all the endings I've seen, the art in this one is by far the best.  Don't you think so?
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.Cammy & Charlie's team ending
cspike-cam-cha-end1-tn.gif (9591 bytes) Kabuki: "Gwaaaaaaaah!  I won't let you escape!"
cspike-cam-cha-end2-tn.gif (8950 bytes) Charlie: "Cammy, go on without me!   Leave this to me!"
Cammy: "Roger... be careful!"
cspike-cam-cha-end3-tn.gif (6123 bytes) Cammy: "The base was totally destroyed.  It doesn't look like he stood a chance.,."
cspike-cam-cha-end4-tn.gif (6391 bytes) Cammy: "Charlie... Where are you?!"
cspike-cam-cha-end5-tn.gif (8099 bytes) Charlie: "I'm here, Cammy!"
Cammy: "You really are unstoppable, Charlie!"
Notes on Cammy and Charlie's team ending...
Well, I suppose this ending is as official as anything since it says in Charlie's storyline that he's came along to back-up Cammy.  They sure do make a good team.   I just wonder why it was Charlie instead of Guile?  Maybe because Guile is married, and Charlie is an eligible bachelor?!  Hey, if there's any SF guy that I'd like to see Cammy with, it would be Charlie.
Besides all that, I think it's pretty interesting that Cammy left because she's usually so stubborn and ready for action.  Maybe she's matured?
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.Cammy & Shiba's team ending
cspike-cam-shi-end1-tn.gif (9042 bytes) Cammy: "Well, I received the payment...!"
cspike-cam-shi-end2-tn.gif (9188 bytes) Cammy: "And the world seems to be peaceful..."
cspike-cam-shi-end3-tn.gif (9119 bytes) Cammy: "Now, we should have some fun!"
cspike-cam-shi-end4-tn.gif (6053 bytes) Cammy: "What are you waiting for?!   We're going to a shoe store next!  Follow me!
cspike-cam-shi-end5-tn.gif (8610 bytes) Charlie: "You know, my board is not a shopping cart!  Oh well... never mind..."
Notes on Cammy and Shiba's team ending...
Wow, that's an interesting ending, huh?!  Well, one thing's for sure... Cammy still loves to go shopping!  And it looks like she's suckered Shiba into 'helping' her.   Heck, but what guy couldn't Cammy sucker into doing anything she wanted?  NOT ME!!  ^_^  Hell, any girl dressed up as Cammy could own me.
Is she dating Shiba instead of Charlie maybe...?  I don't think so.  He really doesn't seem like her type.  How do I know what Cammy's type of guy is?  Check this out...  Anyhow, I bet they're just friends.
And do you know what else is so cool about this ending?  Cammy's got a fantastic sense of style!  I love the outfit, the hair, and all that.  Cammy really is the greatest!
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.Cammy & Simone's team ending
cspike-cam-sim-end1-tn.gif (9040 bytes) Kabuki: "Gwaaaaaaaah!  I won't let you escape!"
cspike-cam-sim-end2-tn.gif (8964 bytes) Cammy: "Leave this to me!  Run, Simone."
Simone: "What are you talking about!?!  Leave this to ME!   Cammy, YOU get out of here!"
cspike-cam-sim-end3-tn.gif (8729 bytes) Cammy: "No way!  Let me handle this!"
cspike-cam-sim-end4-tn.gif (8739 bytes) Kabuki: "Stop that!   I don't care who I fight!  Just fight me already!"
cspike-cam-sim-end5-tn.gif (8437 bytes) Cammy: "Step back, novice!"
Simone: "No!  YOU step back, novice!"
Notes on Cammy and Simone's team ending...
Simone... whatta dumb b****!  I'm sure Cammy beats her to within an inch of her miserable life (you know how tough Cammy is, and how angry she can get)!  You know how I always talk about submission moves being so cool?  Well, this would be a good time for Cammy to lock up Simone in some painful and inescapable hold and teach her a lesson!!!  Cammy could taunt her, and hurt her, and taunt her, and hurt her, and then Simone would not only tell Cammy she's right, but she'd never cross her again.   Simone deserves no less...
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.Cammy & BB Hood's team ending
cspike-cam-bbh-end1-tn.gif (7813 bytes) Cammy: "I have a bad feeling!"
BB Hood: "What?!  The base is going to explode!"
cspike-cam-bbh-end2-tn.gif (8118 bytes) BB Hood: "So, here... Baby Bonnie Hood Kick!"
Cammy: "What?!"
cspike-cam-bbh-end3-tn.gif (6891 bytes) BB Hood: "There!  Just go home and sleep, little girl!"
cspike-cam-bbh-end4-tn.gif (9007 bytes) BB Hood: "Gaaaaaah!  Where is my treasure?!"
cspike-cam-bbh-end5-tn.gif (7693 bytes) BB Hood: "It's all mine!   Everything worth having is mine!!!"
cspike-cam-bbh-end6-tn.gif (6425 bytes) BB Hood: "Whaaaaa?!"

cspike-cammy-end4-tn.gif (9013 bytes)

Notes on Cammy and BB Hood's team ending...
Well, I don't like BB anymore.  After seeing this ending, I took down my door-sized BB poster by Mami Itoh, and I took down my BB Hood toys and figures from my toy display... I HATE BB HOOD now!  You too, huh?  Whatta bitch.  (I'm just kidding ^_^)
Anyhow, in case you didn't understand the ending, BB betrayed Cammy because she wanted to get all the 'treasure'.  So, she sucker-kicked Cammy and booted her into an escape pod.   And presumable, she ejected Cammy away from the island.  But, BB was so obsessed with getting all the 'treasure' that she forgot that the island was exploding.   I suppose BB went boom with the island.  Good, then she got what she deserved!
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.The Cannon Spike Gallery
One of the coolest things about Psikyo games, is the "Gallery" feature.  They have all the official artwork, sketches, and other neat stuff like that.  All the pictures are super-high quality, and you can zoom in/out and move it all around... however you wanna look at it.
BTW - everybody should thank my good friend, Dr. Blasphemy, for getting these pictures!! 
cspike-pl-cammy-1-14tn.gif (3202 bytes) Player Cammy - picture 01/14  53k  (360x600)
Here it is, the official character portrait for ARSF Cammy from Cannon Spike!  She always looked great before, and I wasn't sure that she could get better, but this new outfit is totally awesome!!!  (especially the new kneepads)
cspike-pl-cammy-14-14tn.gif (3297 bytes) Player Cammy - picture 14/14  54k  (360x600)
Surprise!  The alternate version of Cammy in the game wears the old Shadowloo outfit.   Making this was a great idea... it's one of those simple little details that makes a game special!  BTW, to get play as Shadowloo ARSF, simply press up when you've highlighted Cammy on the select screen.
cspike-sp-cammy-1-12tn.gif (4640 bytes) Special Art Cammy - picture 1/12  50k  (480x390)
Wow!!  This is such a SUPER-cute picture of Cammy!  When I first saw this, it melted my heart.  Actually, I hate fish, but that's okay.... ^_^
Anyhow, I think this is my new all-time favorite Cammy picture.
cspike-sp-cammy-8-12tn.gif (5265 bytes) Special Art Cammy - picture 8/12  86k  (360x600)
This is a cool picture that I think somebody at Capcom/Psikyo copied off of Sammi's "Wicked" picture.   Another title I had for this picture was "Cammy puts the "ass" in assassin"... get it?  Ughh... that was a bad joke, huh?!  Sorry!
More Cannon Spike Gallery pictures...
There are still 3 more Cammy pictures that I'm missing, but they should be here soon...
1. ARSF Cammy jumping - it's the little picture up by the profile
2. Design Sketch #1 - ARSF Cammy from in front (colored), the side (b&w), and behind (b&w).  And there are also a lotta arrows pointing from detailed sketches to specific parts of Cammy (eg - gloves, holster, etc.).
3. Design Sketch #2 - The second sketch is is all black and white, and it shows Cammy moving and standing.  All around that are little notes telling about the specifics of Cammy. 
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!
.Cannon Spike secrets...
Play as Shadowloo ARSF Cammy!!  Simply press up or down when you have Cammy selected on the character select screen, and you can change outfits!
More Cammy endings!!  Play in a two-player game with Cammy, and you'll get alternate endings... I know it works with BB Hood and Charlie, but I haven't check who else it works with.  I'm literally gonna do that in a few minutes!
Is that it?  If not, lemme know if you know!   Or, keep checking back for more if there is more...
ARSF Cammy has really cool kneepads!