The Cammy Info page

It may have been hard to know Cammy's character in the past, but now it's all sorted out, and in one place.  I've been working long and hard, but it's definitely worth it.
Sure Cammy looks great, but her storyline and personality are just as great... and that's why she's so special. This page is all about who Cammy is, where she's been, and a lot more...
Shadowloo Cammy! Delta Red Cammy! SF Victory Cammy! Anti-Robot Special Forces Cammy!
Delta Red
SF Victory
You're about get to know Cammy all over again, and you're gonna love her even more! She really is something special.
Please start with my little intro below, and then check out all the other info on Cammy.  Have fun!
.Why is Cammy so great?!
Cammy is great because she's excellent in so many different ways. So many things are special about Cammy...
Looks - We all love her looks. Cammy's cool, stylish, beautiful, sexy, cute, and even tough. It's not easy to be so many things, but Cammy is all of that. The pigtails, the outfits, the painted legs, the muscular body, the pigtails, the scar, the gloves, the hats, and the beautiful long blonde pigtails combine to give her a unique look.
Personality - As far as personality goes, there aren't many like Cammy. Between the 2 main incarnations of Cammy, you get it all.  And again, Cammy manages to make it all work. Some of the main aspects of her personality that really stand out are her; moodiness, strength, bravery, sadness, stubbornness, rebelliousness, humor, intelligence, sense of duty, toughness, love of cats, and most importantly... her desire to be the best, and to fight on no matter what the odds.
Character and storyline - Cammy is actually 2 characters! Delta Red Cammy is a rebellious English Secret Service agent fighting terrorism, and Shadowloo Cammy is the totally loyal personal bodyguard and assassin of the world's most evil man, Vega. That's it in a nutshell, but there are many other aspects of Cammy's character, that make her that even more special.  And now, there's a brand new Cammy in the game Cannon Spike... it's ARSF (Anti-Robot Special Forces) Cammy!
And Cammy's storyline is epic! She is much more than an average character made to fill a slot in a fighting game. Her storyline is full of plot twists and mystery. Ironically, the more we learn about her, the less we know! When one Cammy mystery is solved, a few more are always uncovered. That may be a bit confusing, but it keeps things very exciting.
Although I've just written so much, I really haven't begun to cover what a wonderful character Cammy really is!  Please read on, learn more about Cammy, and you'll discover all the other things that make her so damn special!   Because of her looks, personality, and storyline, Cammy is always able to bring out some kind of emotion in you. Nothing is more fun or fascinating than being a Cammy fan...

What's on the Cammy Info Page?!

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November 3-5, 2000 - Added the summary of the 2nd episode of the Cammy Saga from the USA Network's SF cartoon and 2 galleries of extra screen captured pictures.  There are over 140 pictures that total over 8 Mb!  It should be the next best thing to actually watching the cartoon yourself.  Enjoy!
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By the way, most of the fanfics on that page are brand-new!
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