"Cammy History" by Yuka Minakawa

Finally, I know what the Cammy History novels are all about! My good friend, Cowabunga, read them and told me all about it. There's a TON of fascinating new Cammy info in those books!
These two books do a good job at showing you cold and serious side of Cammy's personality, and the storyline is more or less accurate.  I think this'll be just as entertaining as it is shocking for most of you. Cammy might not be who you though she was... but I think you'll still love her!
These 2 novels, which have over 500 pages combined, were written in 1995 by Miss Yuka Minakawa. Shadowloo Cammy hadn't been created yet, so Miss Minakawa had to guess about Cammy's past with Shadowloo.  She was not backed by Capcom in writing these books.  However, what's really interesting, is that Capcom obviously took ideas from these books when they created Shadowloo Cammy!  (you'll learn more about that later)  Anyhow, enjoy this wonderful adventure starring 19 year old Delta Red Cammy from Super Street Fighter 2...
Book One
Cammy History 1 - story by Yuka Minakawa
Book Two
Cammy History 2 - cover art by Satoshi Urushihara
Before you get started, you really should meet Cammy's 4 Delta Red teammates.  That picture below and on the right is an official Capcom picture the team.  Click on the picture for a full version.
You know Cammy of course!  The older guy behind her with the long hair and scar across his left eye is Colonel Wolfman.  The other girl with the wild blonde hair and really cool blade is Luwanda (don't miss the blade!).  The BIG guy with the cybernetic right eye is Mackoy, and that little kid is Gims.

Cammy's Team
Cammy and Delta Red

* By the way, in the pictures from the book, Colonel Wolfman looks totally different... please note that. 
Cammy History book 1
Cammy History book 1
Phase 0:  Prologue
Everything begins with Vega brainwashing an assassin who is hooked up to all sorts of tubes, wires, and machines. Vega tells the assassin "Find and kill the blonde girl named 'Cammy'!"

Kill Cammy!
Vega: "Find and kill Cammy!"

The sound of Vega's voice make the assassin sick, and makes his/her head hurt really bad... like there's a mouse in his/her head eating his/her brain!  It will only stop once the girl named Cammy is dead...
Phase 1:  Care killed the cat.
Phase 1:  Care killed the cat.
The real story starts in the middle of a Delta Red training session. Cammy and her teammates must save 5 people being held hostage in an 8-story building. Other MI-6 members role-play as the bad guys.
These Delta Red training sessions are full contact, so no holds are barred! For instance, in one such training session, Colonel Wolfman cut Cammy across her cheek with a knife... and that's where the big scar on her left cheek comes from!

Cammy's scared
Wolfman attacks!

Obviously this part is not true... we now know that Shadowloo Cammy already has a scar on her cheek.  Besides, according to the official storyline, Cammy already had that scar when Col. Wolfman finds her. 
Being a member of Delta Red is a serious job, so they have to go all out in order to be fully prepared for any situation they find themselves in. To further this idea, they trained not to use weapons. They rely almost purely on their fighting skills and smarts to accomplish missions.  They are the best of the best.
For this mock mission, Colonel Wolfman is not leading the team. Instead, he evaluates his members by being one of the bad guys. The team's other girl, Luwanda, leads Cammy, Mackoy, and Gins. Training mission
Cammy training
Throughout the mission, Cammy ignores most of what Luwanda tells her. It's nothing personal, it's just that Cammy is not good at following orders. Even with the lack of teamwork, they have very little trouble... they are that good!
Afterwards, the participants meet for an in-depth review of the training session, but first they get a little time off to rest, shower, change, gather their thoughts, and all that...
In the showers, Cammy and Luwanda gossip (as girls are apt to do). Luwanda tells Cammy about a serial killer named "Jack the Upper" who has  murdered a number of blonde girls around London over the past few weeks.  

In the shower
Cleaning up

Luwanda warns Cammy to be careful.  Cammy is known to wander around alone (lost in her thoughts), so she's worried. Until Jack is caught, Luwanda says Cammy should be on guard in case anything should happen.
Later, at the meeting, all the participants get together to talk about the results of the training session.  They watch videos, review statistics and charts, and then listen to their superiors evaluate their actions. Getting evaluated
Getting evaluated
In this particular session, Cammy scores very high marks, but the Colonel is pretty upset that Cammy didn't work well with the team. He explains to Cammy that there are times when independence is good, but there are also times that she must work as a part of a team.  She has to understand this because it's important to the team, and it's important in everyday life too...
Phase 2:  The fog comes on the little cat's feet.
Phase 2:  The fog comes on the little cat's feet.
It's Cammy's habit to go for a stroll at the end of the day. It's a good way for her to wind down and think about things. Sometimes she even gets lucky and finds a cat to play with... like she does on this occasion. Cammy LOVES cats, and she's having the time of her life! Cammy attacked!
Jack attacks!
However, Cammy's fun is interrupted when she suddenly becomes very confused and disoriented. Some weird feeling in her head keeps her from seeing or thinking straight. She has no idea what's going... and that's when the attack comes!
Her attacker is none other than Jack the Upper, the serial killer who has been murdering blonde girls! Jack is actually a woman dressed in an all-black suit. She has long wavy brown hair, and wears a white mask (similar to Balrog's). cam-history6-tn.gif (1876 bytes)
Jack the Upper
Confused Cammy is a sitting target. The ringing in her head won't stop, so she's unable to fight back.  Consequently, Cammy gets her butt kicked pretty bad...
Not only that, but Jack the Upper fights the same way as Vega... with Psycho Power!! Cammy knows this because she recently fought in a Shadowloo-sponsored tournament held in South America. Shadowloo invited top fighters from around the world, looking to kidnap them and use them for experiments. Cammy fought and met other fighters like Chun Li. Anyhow, this was supposedly the 3rd such tournament. Vega won the first two, but he lost the 3rd. There are no details on how or who, but it did say that Cammy fought Vega.
Luckily as the stunned Cammy is getting beat up by Jack the Upper, Chun Li  (whom Cammy met in the S. American tournament) happens by and saves Cammy from Jack. Chun Li is working as an Interpol agent from Taiwan, and is in England following a lead related to Shadowloo's drug dealing.  Right place, and right time. Spinning Bird Kick
Chun Li vs Jack
Chun Li's attack forces Jack to run away.  She goes to help Cammy, but Cammy says she's fine, and tells Chun Li to go after Jack.
Cammy wasn't really okay, but she tries to make it home anyways. She's barely able to walk, yet she slowly struggles on nonetheless. Along the way, girl named Anne tries to help, but Cammy won't allow it. Anne want to help
Cammy meets Anne
Cammy is really foul mood! She's really angry that something stunned her and kept her from fighting back... she almost got killed. She's already embarrassed enough, so she's not about to accept the help of some girl off the street. Cammy's too proud, and she's trained to survive. She wants take care of herself!   (Damn, Cammy's stubborn!)
Regardless of what Cammy says, Anne follows as Cammy slowly stumbles home.  Ironically, Cammy's home is also Anne's home... they life in the same apartment building.
Phase 3:  All cats are gray in the dark.
Phase 3:  All cats are gray in the dark.
This chapter basically tells the story of how Cammy ends up with the English Secret Service and how she becomes a member of Delta Red.  It all starts while Cammy is at home recovering from Jack the Upper's attack.   Cammy heals really fast (more on that later), but she needs lots of sleep.  And like most people, Cammy has dreams...
First, Cammy dreams about the final test she had to take to become a member of Delta Red.  She was given a knife, dropped off in the middle of the jungle somewhere in South America, and told that she had 10 days to meet a contact on the coast... Good Luck!
Like I said before, being a member of Delta Red is a very serious thing, so all members are trained to an extreme extent - especially when it comes to surviving on nothing more than your mind and body. Even with all the training Cammy's received, having to walk across half a continent and survive with only a knife is no easy task.  But Cammy looks forward to it... she loves a good challenge!
Cammy's notoriously bad luck makes the test extra difficult.  In the middle of what she thinks is nowhere, Cammy stumbles over a tripwire and gets shot in the arm with a poisoned arrow.  The trap/alarm was set by Guerilla soldiers who happen to be working in the area.  Anyhow, shortly thereafter Cammy is captured.
What's worse, these Guerillas happen to be working with Shadowloo. Luckily, nothing ever comes of that - it's just a scary coincidence. Cammy's very well trained, so she manages to escape without much trouble.  However, she's having problems with that poisoned wound.  Her super healing (more on that later) isn't able to keep the wound from getting infected very badly.  Since she has no medicine, Cammy is forced to use maggots to help heal the wound!
As usual, Cammy endures a lot of trouble extra simple getting from A to B. That's how her life always goes. Nothing is ever easy or how it appears to be.  But Cammy is a fighter, and she never lets anything stop her... and her final test was no exception. She worked too hard, for too long. Not only that, she figured that if she doesn't make Delta Red, her life is over.  She has nowhere else to go, and nothing else to do.  Failure was never an option.
After much trouble, Cammy finally makes it to her contact and goes home to officially start her new life and job as a member of Colonel Wolfman's elite anti-terrorist assault unit, Delta Red!
Next, Cammy dreams about how she originally found herself with the English Secret Service. That was about 3 years ago when she was only 16 years old. Most of this Cammy doesn't remember... so is what she dreams fact, or a mix of fact and fiction? Nobody knows.
In the dream, Cammy was sent by Shadowloo to kill Colonel Wolfman. She tracks him into the mountains, where MI-6 uses a castle as a secret base.  (the castle from Cammy's SSF2 stage)  Anyhow, Cammy somehow manages to get caught in a mudslide!  What an unlucky girl.

In the forest...
Coming for Wolfman

Anyways, the Colonel hears a person go down in the mudslide, so he runs over to help. He sees Cammy's hand sticking out of the mud and pulls her out. She's unconscious and pretty banged up, so he takes her to the base where she can recover. And in a way, she's also in custody for questioning.
When Cammy wakes up, she has no idea where she is... so when Corporal Watson steps to her, her first instinct is to attack! Poor Watson gets his butt kicked really bad. Luckily, when Colonel Wolfman arrives on the scene, Cammy stops her attack. She looks down at all the blood covering her, and   wonders what she's doing. Getting caught in the mudslide apparently jarred her brain, and more or less knocked out her brainwashing. Her instincts say kill, but she has no idea why.  In fact, she really has no idea about anything... all memories are gone!
Cammy is mighty confused at this point, Watson is beaten to a pulp, and I suppose Colonel Wolfman is a little scared!  But being the good man he is, Wolfman helps Cammy.  He walks over to the confused girl and takes her hand.  He tries to tell her that she's safe, and that everything will be okay.

Bloody hands...
I'm NOT your daughter...

The Colonel hold's Cammy's hand and talks to her, but Cammy's mind is somewhere else. As she is looking at Wolfman's hand, and it slowly morphs into a glove. And when she looks up, she sees a soldier in a red uniform (Vega). He tells Cammy that she is his daughter... but Cammy tells him "No, I am not your daughter.  I am Cammy."  Then she passes out again...
Unfortunately, the English Secret Service cannot find any information on her, and none of her memory returns. Cammy was wearing a dog tag that said "740106CAMM", but that didn't help much. Wolfman figures her name is Cammy,  and they assume that "740106" means January 6, 1974... her birthday. But that's basically all speculation. Cammy's life has to start all over again.
While the English Secret Service checks up on Cammy's health, they realize that she's not a normal girl.  Her physical statistics are off the chart! And being an agency that deals in war, weapons, and soldiers, there are certain people that are very curious, and want to study her further. In fact, there is a faction of the agency that is working on a super soldier program. They'd love to have her, but Cammy would be nothing more than a guinea pig.
When Colonel Wolfman learns of their plans, he enrolls Cammy in a training program to become a Delta Red member.  That move saves her from whatever the agency had planned for her. Besides, he feels responsible for Cammy, and since she has nowhere to go and nothing to do so why not? She's more than qualified for the job. And so began Cammy's new life with Colonel Wolfman and Delta Red.

Wake up, Cammy!
Cammy wakes up from
some strange dreams...

By the way, soon after 'losing' Cammy, the super soldier program is shut down.
Phase 4:  Curiosity killed the cat.
Phase 4:  Curiosity killed the cat.
This Phase is about Cammy getting a new assignment and a new partner. It's where the story comes together and starts to takes off.  (are you ready?)

Before the bad news.
A new assignment

Delta Red is part of the English Secret Service (MI-6) Intelligence Division, and like any other government organization, it's is big and bureaucratic. There are all kinds of departments. Another department is the Defense and Police Dept., and Cammy is assigned to work with them on a mission because somebody has apparently made a request for Cammy...
For this mission, Cammy will work under Lieutenant Hemming. And she's gonna have a new partner... Chun Li! Chun Li is pretty excited to work with Cammy. She thinks it's a neat coincidence that they meet again. To Cammy, however, working with Chun Li is NOT neat! Cammy is still in a foul mood about that whole Jack the Upper incident, so seeing her 'savior' only serves to annoy her even more. Besides, Chun Li just plain old annoys her!
(Cammy's such a grouch! ^_^ )

Cammy's new partner

Chun Li is in England investigating a branch of the Taiwanese Mafia, and MI-6 is helping out.  Colonel Wolfman gets the request and eventually decides that it's okay to let go of Cammy for a bit. Anyhow, Lt. Hemming tells the girls that they are to infiltrate a Taiwanese Mafia drug ring by entering a fighting tournament they are sponsoring. The Taiwanese Mafia is dealing in a new drug called LO-95, and it's the girls' job to bust the leader. By the way, this Mafia is also suspected of having ties to Shadowloo!

Cammy and Wolfman
Cammy & Wolfman

To even get into the tournament, the girls have to have a recommendation from the Mafia. With her contacts, Chun Li is able to get herself one, but to get Cammy in, they have to pretend that she and Chun Li are like some kind of partners/sisters/team.

Cammy comic
Cammy gotta... trouble!

So... Cammy has to dress up in Chun Li's outfit. That's one more reason for Cammy to be in a foul mood! Cammy doesn't want to fight in that silly outfit... she likes her Delta Red suit. Moreover, she has to bind up her pigtails!! But, at least it's not one of those lame schoolgirl sailor outfits...
By the way, before everything is finalized, Lt. Hemming wants wants them to fight a couple of guys and prove that they are good enough fighters. Chun Li doesn't isn't too excited to prove herself, but Cammy's up for a good fight...

Chun Li kick!
Chun Li qualifies

Cammy easily proves herself, and Chun Li also manages so win her fight. So, with that done (what a strange test), the girls are ready to go.
Phase 5:  Pull dog, pull cat.
Phase 5:  Pull dog, pull cat.
Back at Cammy's flat, Anne stops by one day to say Hello, and to deliver some cakes and stuff she baked... how thoughtful! Anne's trying to be a nice, friendly neighbor, but Cammy doesn't like her much.

You again?!
Cammy and Anne

Even after all the nice things she's done for Cammy, Cammy just doesn't really trust her. Call it a hunch. Cammy has lots of strange feelings/emotions as a result of her tragic life and sometimes she gets so preoccupied with that stuff that she treats others coldly by ignoring them.
Cammy has Delta Red check Anne out, but everything seems to be okay. After that, Cammy makes an effort to be more friendly. That doesn't always come naturally for her. Anyhow, Anne and Cammy eventually do become pretty good friends.
Later in the chapter, Cammy's out with Chun Li, and they come across a box full of abandoned puppies. Chun Li rushes over to play with them... and she wants to keep them. Cammy, however, gets upset at Chun Li's carelessness. It could be a trap! In their line of work, they have a lot of enemies. I suppose the recent attempt on her life by Jack the Upper is still weighing heavily on Cammy's mind too.

Woof Woof!

On a side note... Cammy's real tough when it's a box full of puppies, but if were a box full of kittens, Cammy (the super cat-lover) be over there playing without a second thought! Hey... wait a minute... wasn't Cammy playing with a cat when Jack the Upper attacked her?!
Anyhow, as Cammy and Chun Li drive home, Chun Li yaps about her family and all her childhood memories. And guess what... yeah, that annoys the already annoyed Cammy! Cammy has no family or memories of her growing up, so it really hurts to sit there and listen to Chun Li tell her stories.
Cammy shows what a moody and stubborn girl she can be when she has Chun Li stop the car... Cammy makes some lame excuse about remembering that she had to do something, so she gets out and walks home in the rain. Anything is better than listening to Chun Li go on and on like that...
Along the way, Cammy runs happens to run into Anne again. As they walk home together, they come across a cute little kitten. (maybe the same one Cammy met before the Jack the Ripper attack) It doesn't have any ID, so Anne decides to keep it. Cammy has a perfect name for the kitten: "Bess".

ABC - a natural team
Anne, Bess, & Cammy

What was a real low point for Cammy turns out to be a pretty good time. Anne, Bess and Cammy... whatta a good team they make, huh?  ABC.

End of Cammy History book 1

Cammy History book 2
Cammy History book 2
Phase 6:  The cat is out of the bag.
Let the fighting begin! Cammy and Chun Li get to the tournament... ready to fight and arrest some bad guys.
Chun Li better hope that she doesn't have to fight Cammy, because Cammy's a better fighter and much tougher.  And she doesn't like Chun Li a whole lot...
Anyhow, Cammy's first fight is against the mighty Zangief! Cammy's only 5'5" and 101 pounds (164cm & 46kg), while Zangief is HUGE!  But, Zangief is the one who's in trouble because when Cammy's in a foul mood (and she is thanks to Chun Li), everybody in her sight is in serious danger!
Nonetheless, it's not an easy fight.  Cammy has to be very careful to avoid 'Gief's grabs because he'd crush her with ease.  She uses her speed, but her jabs do little damage, and Chun Li's silly outfit is hard to move in...

Zangief attacks!
Here comes Zangief!

When Cammy tries to kick at his legs, Zangief anticipates her move and takes out her legs instead!  Then Zangief jumps in with his big knees... but quick Cammy moves out of the way.  She's still off balance though, so he is able to grab her leg.  Luckily, Cammy manages another escape!
And that's when Cammy's temper flares!! Thinking he has her on the run, Zangief jumps in again... and that's when Cammy gives him a Cannon Spike! That dazes the monster, so Cammy hits him with another of her special moves, the Cannon drill. Then, a 2nd Cannon Spike hits him in the mouth and knocks out most of his teeth. After that, he's pretty much done for, but Cammy continues to beat him until he doesn't move anymore!
Does that shatter your image of cute little Cammy? Yeah, she does have a temper, and it's serious!  After the fight, Chun Li is stupid enough to complain to Cammy about being so cruel and cold-hearted, but Cammy doesn't give a damn.  (lucky for Chun Li!)

Psycho Crusher!
Jack uses Psycho Power

The next fight is Chun Li vs another girl named "Bess".  The leader of the Taiwanese Mafia brings her out. Once the fight starts, and Cammy sees how she fights, she knows that "Bess" is really Jack the Upper!  She's not 100% sure, but there aren't many people who fight with Psycho Power.
During the fight, Cammy sees that Mr. Wong, the leader of the Mafia and the sponsor of "Bess", is wearing a dog tag that says "740103BESS".  Then he tells Cammy that Bess is as tough as Cammy... maybe tougher!  And that's when Cammy knows that she was probably just like Bess before she lost her memory... she's 740106CAMM.  How many more are there?!

Jack's face
Jack the Upper...

All bad news aside, Cammy is still attentive enough to see one of the mafia guys pointing a gun at Chun Li, so she takes him out. Then when Jack sees Cammy, she goes after her... and all hell breaks loose, and now everybody is trying to kill Cammy and Chun Li.
Cammy's smart, so she takes Mr. Wong hostage. She holds him in some sort of headlock... so all it would take is a small motion by Cammy, and his neck would snap.

Cammy's hostage

As the girls use their hostage to make a getaway, Jack the Ripper rushes in and kills Cammy's hostage, the Chinese Mafia leader!  Jack doesn't give a damn about him or anybody else... she just wants Cammy!
The mafia guys are after both girls, and Jack the Upper is after Cammy. There's a long chase and fight as the girls try to get away. They eventually end up in a big rig truck with Chun Li is driving, the drug dealers following, and Cammy on top ready to deal with Jack the Upper.

Round 2
Cammy vs Jack 2

This time, Cammy is read for her... no mind tricks that leave her defenseless. Cammy and Jack fight a bit, but then one of the mafia guys, following in a car, manages to shoot Cammy in the leg.
Cammy makes her way into the cab of the truck, and Jack tries furiously to get at her. As Jack pounds at the windshield, Cammy's famously hot temper goes off goes off one more time!

Come here!
Cammy's temper

Cammy punches through the glass, grabs a hold of Jack, and smashes her face in through the windshield. Jack's face hits hard, but since she's got on that mask, Cammy punches her a few more times... and that's more than enough to convince Jack that she should get the hell outta here and try to get Cammy some other day.
Thus, Cammy and Chun Li are finally able to make good on their escape.  As they head back to base, the both wonder what the hell happened...
Phase 7:  Wait for the cat to jump.
Phase 7:  Wait for the cat to jump.
Back at base, Chun Li throws a fit! She and Cammy walked right into a trap and they want to know how the !#&*(@ that happened!

Big mouth
Chun Li is pissed off!

Lt. Hemming finally admits that it was kind of a trap. Cammy and Chun Li were not the only agents working on the L0-95 case. He allowed the other agents to leak the info about Cammy and Chun Li so that their position would be even more trusted. Hemming assumed that Cammy and Chun Li were tough enough to deal with it... and the were.
What's interesting, is that Cammy doesn't really mind. (Cammy not upset?!) She's confident in her abilities, and she figures that it was all just part of her job. Maybe she's just got a lot of other things on her mind (gunshot wound, Jack, changing out of that stupid outfit, etc.) so she doesn't really care.
Anyhow, since the Taiwanese Mafia leader dead, Cammy and Chun Li's jobs are more or less done. Lt. Hemming thanks Chun Li for her help, and says he will arrange to have her sent back to Taiwan ASAP.
But before Hemming can get rid of Chun Li, Luwanda arrives on the scene and takes the girls back to see Wolfman. He's heard about what went down, and he wants to know what really happened to his girl.

Luwanda driving...
The girls &  Luwanda

After hearing their story, Luwanda is immediately suspicious of Hemming because he requested Cammy. Why... just so he could set her up as a decoy? She thinks there's something else going on, so she decides to get to the bottom of this fishy situation.
After a long and strange day, Cammy goes home... but it's not quite over yet. Instead of going into her flat, Cammy finds herself standing in front of the door to Anne's flat. She's kind of in a daze. After a bit, she finally snaps to and wonders why she's standing there (and for how long). Eventually, Cammy goes back to her own place and goes to bed.  Who cares, she's tired...

Cammy confused
Cammy in space

Well, with that gunshot wound to the leg, you would think that Cammy's going to be out of action for quite a while, right? Nope.
Remember, Shadowloo made Cammy to be a super-soldier. They used all sorts of biotechnological techniques and enhancing drugs to make Cammy more human than human. Cammy is not only incredibly fast, agile, strong, and all that, but she's also got the ability to heal much faster than a regular person... about 10 times as fast! With a lotta sleep, that gunshot wound can totally heal within a few days instead of a few weeks.
Phase 8:  Like a cat on hot bricks.
Phase 8:  Like a cat on hot bricks.
This is my very favorite part of the book because it reveals one of Cammy's greatest quirks!
One day Chun Li comes over to Cammy's to see how her leg is doing (it's already healed). Chun Li also brings Cammy some cakes and cookies. When Cammy invites Chun Li in, that's when we learn that her flat is a total mess! Cammy explains to Chun Li that it's Wolfman's idea. Here's the story...
Wolfman was concerned for Cammy because she's always so serious. Her job is obviously serious, and outside of that, she's got a whole lotta personal issues to deal with. So he told her that when she's at home, she should do all that she could to relax. He recommended her to avoid all work and stress when she's off duty. To Cammy, cleaning the flat, doing dishes and all that stuff is work and stress! So as per Wolfman's 'orders', she avoids it.

Cammy's strange quirk
Cammy's messy flat

I don't think that's exactly what the Colonel had in mind! All of a sudden, rebel Cammy is more than happy to follow orders, huh? And what's funny, is that nobody can tell if Cammy is really serious or not...
Anyways, Chun Li has some good news... Jack the Upper is dead! A tabloid newspaper published the story and even printed a photo of a dead body. Not much is left of the head, but they are sure it's Jack the Upper anyways.

Dog tag

Cammy's relieved, and maybe that's why she starts to talk about her past... she lets it all out. Cammy tells Chun Li all about her amnesia. And she also tells Chun Li about her 740106CAMM dog tag and about what happened with Mr. Wong and the 740103BESS dog tag. Cammy's afraid that she's was just like Jack the Upper before she lost her memory...
After Chun Li leaves, Cammy goes over to see Anne, and she brings some of Chun Li's leftover cakes and cookies. I guess she's not done talking yet. It's not like Cammy to gab like this.... she's definitely not herself today.
Cammy blabs to Anne about her strange past. Then Anne shows Cammy pictures of her family, tells her about growing up, and all that. Well, that did! What was fun at first, isn't fun anymore. Hearing all about Anne's life depresses Cammy again.
Lucky for Cammy, Anne very suddenly gets a severe headache. Cammy tries to help, but Anne convinces her to just go home.  So, Cammy leaves Anne to take some medicine and get some rest...

Tea time is over.
Anne's headache

As soon as she gets back to her own flat, Cammy gets a disturbing call from Luwanda... she tells Cammy that Jack the Upper is not dead yet! Moreover, she knows where Cammy lives because Lt. Hemming is in control of her.
Luwanda, who started her own investigation on Hemming, tells Cammy that he used to be the head of English Secret Service Super Soldier Program.  She suspects that he has been behind most of what's been happening! Even though the program was shut down a few years ago, he apparently has ideas of using Cammy to start it up again.
Moreover, he has been trying to learn Shadowloo's technology by aligning himself with the drug dealers who are themselves aligned with Shadowloo. He's trying to work every possible side at once.
He has also apparently taken over Jack the Upper with his own brainwashing.  For instance, in the Taiwanese Mafia fighting tournament, he had it arranged for Chun Li to fight Jack the Upper. He brainwashed Jack to kill Chun Li, but obviously her desire to kill Cammy overrode that command.
Bottom line... watch out Cammy!

Hi, this is Jack...
A phone call from Jack

As soon as Cammy gets off the phone with Luwanda, she gets another call... from Jack the Upper!! Jack is freaking out, and demands that she and Cammy meet so that they can finish their fight once and for all. She tells Cammy to meet her at a warehouse tonight...
Cammy's also anxious to finish off this nonsense with Jack the Upper! And DAMMIT, she's had a rough couple of days... stupid outfits, pesky teammates, and mysteries galore! Kicking some ass is always a good way to relieve stress. After she takes care of Jack, she'll see who's left and kick their ass too!  Too much thinking, time to fight...
Phase 9:  Fight like Kilkenny cats.
Phase 9:  Fight like Kilkenny cats.
Cammy gets Chun Li to back her up, and they go off to face Jack. It's a rainy evening when they arrive at the warehouse that Jack said would be the site of their final fight.
As Cammy and Chun Li make their way inside, they come across the body of a man. Chun Li rushes over to help him. Cammy screams for her to stop, but it's too late... almost. Chun Li stumbled right into a trap, but Cammy saved her... kind of. The man's body was rigged to a bomb. When Chun Li moved his body, she 'pulled the pin' of the bomb, but when Cammy yelled, Chun Li stopped. The pin was pulled, but the bomb wouldn't go off if Chun Li didn't move.  So, Chun Li was forced to sit there exactly as she was... holding the man's body.

The warehouse
Scene of the final fight

Cammy has no time to play games with Chun Li and her bomb because she knows that Jack will attack as soon as her back it turned. So she goes into the warehouse to take care of business. Chun Li is on her own.

Here comes Cammy
Ready for Jack

And as Cammy suspected, Jack the Upper is waiting... but it's Anne! Before, Jack was dressed in an all-black bodysuit, had long wavy brown hair, and wore a white mask. It looked nothing like Anne. Anne has short red hair... so that outfit must have been a disguise. Anne/Jack was not in her disguise now... she was dressed exactly like Cammy!  (in her Delta Red outfit)
As they fight, Anne tells Cammy all about herself... she works for Shadowloo, and she was once partnered with Cammy. Not only that, but there was a 3rd girl... Bess (740103BESS). Bess had somehow been able to break Shadowloo's mind control, so Anne killed her. Cammy had also broken free from Shadowloo's control, so Anne was here to kill her too.

Cannon Drill!
The fight begins!

Not only that, but Anne also reveals to Cammy her crazy plan about taking Cammy's spot in Delta Red.
It seems like Shadowloo's mind control is also starting to fade on Anne too.  While in England, Anne lived a dual life as Anne and "Jack the Upper".  Her brainwashing faded in and out. She needed to take the drug LO-95 to keep her mind control strong. But every once in a while, she would get an incredible headache... and that's when she felt the urge to kill a blonde girl. She believed that she had a mouse in her brain, and that if she didn't take LO-95 and kill, that mouse would start to eat her brain!  When this happened, Anne turned into Jack the Upper.

Cammy rushes Jack
Here comes Cammy!

Moreover, Lt. Hemming was trying to take control of Anne because he wanted to learn and use everything about Shadowloo's super soldier and brainwashing technology. For the most part, he was behind everything Anne did in England. Now, however, it seems like Anne has started to think for herself. She wants to be a member of Delta Red... that's her motivation, not what Shadowloo or Lt. Hemming's brainwashing tells her.

Cammy's ESP
Cammy's vision

Speaking of Lt. Hemming, he's watching the fight... waiting to see what will happen to the girls. When he sees Cammy is winning the fight, and when he learns that the brainwashing is not working, he knows that his schemes are about to go all wrong. He decides it's time to bail out. Anne is a failure... so he shoots shoots her in the head.

cam-history38-tn.gif (1559 bytes)
It's all over for Anne

Hemming is not the only party secretly taking in the fight... the English Secret Service is also there.  Thanks to Luwanda. they know all about Hemming.
With that, everything is pretty much over... Jack the Upper is dead, and the traitor within the English Secret Service is custody.  Oh... and somebody disarms the bomb, so Chun Li is okay too.
As Cammy sits in the car and waits for the Secret Service to tie up all the loose ends, it all kinda hits her. Cammy already has a lot to think about in her life, and now there's even more to haunt her conscience. None of what she learned can really be considered good news.
Cammy was created to be a mindless robot and killing machine. Her new friend, who was actually an old 'friend' (maybe even a sister!), betrayed her... and now she's dead. A fellow Secret Service member has also been proven a traitor. And worst of all, Cammy obviously has some of her past 'programming' still in her. For instance, she named Anne's cat "Bess". In a way, she remembered "Anne" and "Bess". Somewhere, deep in her mind, there's a lot of information (and who knows what else) from her old self still leftover.  Now she's not sure she wants to remember her past. Like life wasn't tough enough before all this happened...

It's all over!
What a long day...

Phase 9:  Epilogue
Phase 10:  Epilogue
In the days following all this, Cammy thinks long and hard about what has happened and all that she has learned... and she's able to come to grips with it all. Cammy has learned a lot over her years with Delta Red, and maybe most important is the ability to put things into perspective.
Cammy knows that she's not a robot. She knows that there's a lot of mystery about her past, and some other stuff still inside her, but she knows that she's strong enough to deal with that. Also, she has Colonel Wolfman and the rest of her Delta Red teammates there to help her. Whatever the past was, it really doesn't matter because she has a new life now. And although she doesn't know who she was, she knows who she is... she's Cammy White, member of Delta Red. She has a new home in England, she has a good job, and Delta Red is such a close team, that they are like a family.

Thinkin' positive
It's gonna be okay...

Cammy may not be sure of where she's been, but she knows where she is, and she knows that she's in control of where she's going. She is not a slave to anybody or anything. Even with all that's happened, knowing that leaves Cammy pretty happy with all that she does have.  Maybe things are going to be okay...


Miscellaneous Notes...
Miscellaneous Notes...
Somewhere in the book, it mentions that Cammy wears stockings with a camouflage pattern.  In other words, she doesn't paint her legs. I personally think that's not the case. Cosplayers do that, but I've never gotten the impression that Cammy the character wears camouflage stockings.
At the end of book 2, the author, Miss Yuka Minakawa, talks about writing the books. She says she had a very hard time because she couldn't find much definite information about Cammy's storyline, so she had to do a lot of improvisation. (and she said she even had to cosplay as Cammy so that she could 'feel' like her) I agree that Cammy's storyline has a lot of holes, especially at the time that these books were written, but what definite information about Cammy's storyline there was, was ignored/missed. For instance, Cammy was supposed to be found on the steps of the English Secret Service Training Center by Colonel Wolfman... so what's all this about a mudslide? Nevertheless, there are a lot of little differences and 'mistakes', but none of it really hurts the storyline. They just create different paths that more or less end up at all the same places. What's most important, is that she seemed to do a good job on Cammy's character.
And again, I want to stress what a great idea that part was about why Cammy's flat is such a mess!!  That sounds just like Cammy.  And it's those fun little personality details that really help to make a character special, fun, and realistic.
At the start of this summary, I mentioned that this story was written before Shadowloo Cammy was invented, so Miss Minakawa had to invent stuff about Cammy's past. And I said that Capcom used these books to create Shadowloo Cammy. Can you see how? Most obviously, is the idea that Cammy was one of a number of Shadowloo girls. Anne and Bess are Juni and Juli! Anne even looks just like Juni. They even wear all-black bodysuits like Jack the Upper.  And what's more, the 'mystery' Cammy doll wears that outfit, and a Balrog-like mask... just like Jack the Upper!
Phase 9 is called "Fight like Kilkenny cats." That title makes 2 references. First, is the fact that it's a girl vs girl fight... aka, a "cat fight". The second reference is probably to Kilkenny Ireland... a notoriously rough place.
About Cammy's personality being a little to mean and cold...
Miscellaneous Notes...
Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed it.  I'm glad my friend read these books because I've been wanting to know what they were all about for many years now!  And obviously, we've missed out on a lot of great information.   Although a lot of it contradicts the official Cammy storyline, it's not so bad, and good & interesting by far outweighed the bad.
Maybe the only real problem I had with Yuka Minakawa's portrayal of Cammy is that she made Cammy a little too much of a hard-ass.  Cammy is definitely a little cruel, and sometimes  over-serious, but she's got a real curious and fun-loving side too.  Then again, maybe it was just the nature of this story that made Cammy seem so mean.  After all, there wasn't much to be happy about, and very little time to have fun.  It was a serious story from start to finish.
Cammy's a special kinda character, so it's no wonder that she has been the topic of so many comics, books, etc.  I think any writer would love to work with a character as complex, interesting, and mysterious as Cammy.  Let's hope we'll see much, much more in the future.  Not only is there a lot more for us to learn about Cammy's life, but there are almost endless possibilities for her future!