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Delta Red Cammy
by Mami Itoh

Name - Cammy White
Nationality - English
Height - 164 cm  (5 feet 4 inches)
Weight - 46 kilos  (101 pounds)
3 Sizes - B86 W57 H88  (33.5 - 22 - 24.5)
Fighting Style - Special Forces
Age - 19
Birthday - January 6
Star Sign - Capricorn
Year - Tiger
Blood Type - B
Likes - Cats (LOVES cats!)
Dislikes - Everything in her sight when she's in a bad mood!
Arch Enemies - Vega (Bison) and Balrog (Vega)

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Introduction to Delta Red Cammy

First, I should make a quick note about the 2 different Cammys. In 1993's Super Street Fighter 2, we met 19 year old Delta Red Cammy. She was a good guy English Secret Service agent suffering from amnesia, so she could only remember what had happened to her since the age of 16. Later, in the SF Zero series (which takes place before SF2), we met 16 year old Shadowloo Cammy. She's as evil as they come, and she's Vega's personal bodyguard and #1 assassin. In other words, we met the amnesiac Delta Red Cammy first, and then we went back in time and saw what she was like before the amnesia. Same character, but 2 totally different people.

This biography is all about the good 19 year old Delta Red Cammy. Since we were originally given her story in reverse, it's okay if you are learning about her that way too. To know one Cammy, you really don't have to know the other.

I've tried to piece together her storyline as best as I could with the facts I've learned from games, CDs, books, and comics. I had to consider a lot of material when I put together this storyline. The foundation is 100% official Cammy storyline, and all the 'cracks' are filled in with the the most logical and likely info from other published sources.  Enjoy!

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Delta Red Cammy's SF2 storyline

CHAPTER 0 - Introduction
Cammy is a 19 year old amnesiac.  She's also an undercover agent for the Intelligence Department of the English Secret Service, MI-6. Specifically, Cammy is a member of an elite Special Forces anti-terrorist assault unit called "Delta Red."

You might think it's amazing that a 19 year old girl with amnesia could make it to the top ranks of the Secret Service, but that's just the half of it. Cammy's a very special girl...

CHAPTER 1 - On the steps of the English Secret Service Training Center
One night, 3 years before Street Fighter 2, Colonel Wolfman discovered an unconscious girl lying on the front steps of the English Secret Service Training Center. He took her in and did what he could for her. He was very curious to know what on earth this young girl was doing KO'd in a restricted area. He had many questions that he wanted answers to, but when she awoke, she had absolutely no memories.

Even with the vast resources of MI-6, they could find no information as to who she was, where she came from, or how she got to be where she was found. The only clue they had, was a dog tag that said CAMM740106, but that didn't help.

The mystery girl didn't even have a name, so Colonel Wolfman used the first 4 letters of the dog tag to create the name "Cammy". And since was starting life anew, he gave her the surname of  "White", because 'white' represents purity. They assumed that 740106 meant January 6, 1974. Her birthday? No birth records checked out for her, but that seemed about right. Although she now had a name and birthday, she was no less a mystery than when the Colonel first found her.

Since the whole situation was so strange, the English Secret Service refused to let her do until they had some answers. Besides, there was nowhere for her to go. There was much talk, but nobody knew what to do. Finally, Colonel Wolfman stepped forward and took her under his wing... temporarily. So Cammy stayed under the Colonel and Delta Red's supervision while she recovered from her concussion, and while MI-6 decided what should be done with her.

CHAPTER 2 - The chance to earn a new life
MI-6 gave Cammy a number of exams. First to check her concussion, and later to assess her health in general. It didn't take long for them to notice that her physical stats were off the charts! This was obviously not a normal 16 year old girl...

Of course this caused more buzz within MI-6. There were some who wanted to run tests and learn all about her. But when Wolfman learned of their plans, he more or less adopted Cammy and enrolled her into a training program with the expectation that she would graduate and join his team, Delta Red. That move put Cammy out of the reach of whatever the scientists and the agency had planned for her. Besides, nobody was ever able to come up with any answers about her, and she had nowhere to go and nothing to do, so staying with the English Secret Service, under the Colonel's care, seemed like the best thing for her.

In no time at all, Cammy's fighting instincts returned - and she was good! She had obviously been trained to fight. That was another clue, but like the dog tag, this clue just created more mystery about the young girl.

Anyhow, in about 2 years, Cammy rose to the top and took her final test to become a member of Delta Red. They gave her a knife, dropped her off in the middle of the jungles of South America, and told her to meet a contact on the coast within 10 days. It was 'simply' (sarcasm) a survival mission. Cammy literally stumbled into trouble (see the book reports for more), but she didn't let anything stop her! Cammy worked very hard to make it this far, and there was no way she was going to disappoint Colonel Wolfman. It wasn't easy, but she completed her test and earned that spot on Colonel Wolfman's elite anti-terrorist team, Delta Red. Then it was official: Cammy had a new life to live.

CHAPTER 3 - Aftereffects of amnesia
Physically, Cammy progressed extremely quickly, but mentally, she had many troubles. Although she instinctively knew how to fight, no memories ever came back.

Cammy's personality can be summed up as 'extremely temperamental'.  At the worst of times, she was stubborn, rebellious, impulsive, foul tempered, cocky, and even a little bit cruel... she liked to fight and tease her opponents, like a cat plays with a mouse.  At other times, she was curious, enthusiastic, funny, and all that good stuff. However, her work was tough and very serious, and her personal life was often lonely, sad, and frustrating, so that ultimately lead to a lot of moodiness.  (even more than a regular girl ^_^ )

It was assumed that her mental state was a result of the trauma of amnesia, and the fact that she was still very ignorant of the real world... after all, she was basically only 3 years old. Cammy tried to do her best, and got a lot of help from her teammates/friends, but those traits were very deeply rooted in Cammy's personality (deeper than anyone ever suspected).

Colonel Wolfman was very concerned for Cammy. She was like an adopted daughter to him, so he hated to see her suffer. Also, if she was going to become a member of Delta Red, she had to be mentally as well as physically tough. In an attempt to help her ease her life, he advised her to avoid all work and stress when she was off duty. To Cammy, cleaning her flat, doing dishes, taking out the trash, etc.,  was work and stress, so under the Colonel's 'orders', Cammy rarely did those chores. Consequently, her flat (apartment) was a total mess!

Anyways, being in the military probably helped Cammy cope with all those emotions. It gave her the reasoning and discipline to turn things around. So instead of being held back, she tried to be encouraged her to become stronger, and to fight for the truth. As hard as it was, Cammy was not going to be a victim!

Cammy enjoyed fighting and training, but one of the only times that she was truly at peace, was when she was around cats. Cammy LOVES cats. Unfortunately, there are no pets allowed on the base, so when Cammy saw a kitty out in town, she always stopped to play with it... and for a while, all those feelings of anger, confusion, frustration, and fear, were totally irrelevant to Cammy.

CHAPTER 4 - the Shadowloo Mission
Based near Thailand, Shadowloo was causing trouble all over the world. With Balrog, they now had a major power base in Europe too. Before they could get any more powerful, Interpol decided that they should nip the problem in the bud. Since Delta Red specialized in this kind of thing, Cammy and her teammates were assigned the task to taking out Vega and his Shadowloo criminal empire.

As the other members did their own thing, Cammy went undercover and tried to learn what she could by entering the Street Fighter Tournament held secretly by Shadowloo. Since she specialized in undercover work, happened to be one of the best fighters in the world, and didn't work well with a team, it was the perfect job for her. Also, she loved all the excitement involved in undercover work and fighting. Cammy looked forward to having a good time...

CHAPTER 5 - the Street Fighter 2 Tournament
As she advanced in the tournament, and beat up chumps like Chun Li and Ryu, bits and pieces of her memory started to come back. Everything seemed familiar to her. Nothing was clear, but she began to think that Vega and Shadowloo were somehow responsible for her amnesia. And at the very back of her mind, she thought she remembered something about being set up...

One of Cammy's most outstanding traits, is her will to succeed. She feeds off adversity. As fighters got better, and as memories returned, it gave Cammy the strength and desire that it took to go all the way. 19 year old Cammy, with only 3 years of memory, went through the world's toughest fighters on her way to the top... where the past, present, and future awaited her in the form of reigning champ and head of Shadowloo, Vega!

Cammy is also known for having a foul temper, and by this time, she was surely fit to be tied! On his hands, Vega not only had the best fighter, but somebody who had more than one reason to take him out. And that's just what Cammy did! Cammy wasn't going to let anything stop her from completing her mission, finding out about her past, and kicking the butt of anybody she laid her eyes on!
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CHAPTER 6 - Shocking news!  Cammy's SSF2X ending.
cam2-end1.gif (14324 bytes) Cammy - "Tell me about my past, Vega."
Vega - "How could you forget about me, Cammy?  Don't you remember, I..."
Cammy - "All that I remember is that you set me up and tried to kill me, but only succeeded in scarring my face!  How could you do this to me?"
Vega - "I had feelings for you!  I did not try to kill you!   You had an unfortunate accident and lost your memory!  Don't you remember?   We were in love!"
cam2-end2.gif (5824 bytes) Cammy - "No!   This can't be possible.  I couldn't fall in love with a man like you!"
cam2-end3.gif (8006 bytes) Col. Wolfman - "Our mission has been completed.  Let's go home."
Cammy - "Wait!  What if what he says is true, I'm not the person I thought I was!"
Luwanda - "Don't believe that slime ball Cammy!! No one could love a loser like him."
Cammy - "You're right!  Now Vega can be scarred with the nightmare of defeat."
cam2-end4.gif (4847 bytes) Cammy - "Lets go home guys!"
cam2-end5.gif (14829 bytes) Cammy enjoys her new life in England as a member of Delta Red...
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Obviously, what Cammy learned was something that she could never have imagined. She was dying to know truth, but when she learned it, she wanted nothing more to forget it again. They say "Be careful of what you ask for... you just might get it!" One Cammy mystery was solved only to reveal many more hidden behind it.

Luckily, before Cammy had time to freak out too much, her teammates arrived on the scene. Although strong in body, Cammy's mind was in no shape to deal with the strange news. Learning more about her past only made things worse. But, when her teammates told her that Vega was scum, Cammy knew they were right. She could never love a man like that! And if she did, then she was a totally different person.

That's when Cammy realized that the past is gone - whatever it might have been. Her life started over 3 years ago, and all that she really can do is just go forward. Cammy created a new life for herself. Even if she has no idea who she was before age 16, she knows who she is now. She has a home, a job that she's good at, and great friends... what more could anybody want in life!?

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Notes on Delta Red Cammy's storyline

What does Cammy know of her past?
She really knows nothing of her past. Vega told her some stuff, but I don't think she believed it. She knows that nothing Vega says or does can be trusted. I suppose that she's still as in the dark about her past as she was before all this happened.

After SF2, Cammy goes home with a new appreciation for who and what she is. And most importantly, she goes home with the people who are her friends, teammates, and family. The last picture of her SF2 ending shows her playing with a kitten on the streets of London. I think this all means that she's come to grips with who and what she is - she's Cammy, a member of Delta Red!

If we ever see another Cammy, expect her to be strong and confident - both physically and mentally. Nothing will hold her back... she's gonna do whatever she wants. I think Cammy will put all her energy into the future.  She's got a lot of potential!

The ugly truth...
Delta Red Cammy doesn't really have any idea, but for once, Vega was more or less telling the truth! If you are not familiar with Shadowloo Cammy, then you're in for some surprises! (check out my Shadowloo Cammy History for all the details)

Even though she has come a long way, and has the support of her Delta Red teammates, if she ever found out the ugly truth about who and what she really was (and still is), she would probably lose it.

The old saying goes, "What you don't know can't hurt you." That's basically true. Lets all pray that Cammy never learns the truth, and is allowed to continue her new life in peace.

The future (why Cammy's such a great character)
The true greatness of Cammy's character is that she has so much potential for more stories! After SSF2, hundreds of different things could happen to her...

STOP!  Okay, as I write this (May, 2000), news of a new Cammy is just coming out.  In the year 20XX, she's a member of the Anti-Robot Special Troops, and she fights to restore order in a world controlled by terrorists.  I call her ARST Cammy.  For more on Gunspike/Cannon Spike, Cammy's new game, check out the ARSF Cammy page!

I already said that I think Cammy has stopped living in the past, and started looking to the future. All that she's had to endure has just served to make her stronger. That's my opinion. However, there are a ton of possibilities.... For instance, I also mentioned that if she found out the real truth about her past, she would probably freak out - who knows what would happen then! Or, what if her brainwashing/memory kicked back in after she had time to think about what Vega said... would she go back to him and fight by his side?!

Think about it... What do YOU think will become of Cammy after SSF2?!

Likewise, her past is still mysterious enough that it allows for the same kind of possibility. We know a lot about Cammy, but there's even more we don't know. How do YOU think she got to be where she is...?

With Cammy, on one hand you have a starting point which allows you to take almost any path you want into the future. And on the other hand, you have endings to which you can take almost any path you want to get there.  Please think about all the possibilities... it's great fun! Make sense of it all, create your own stories, etc. The possibilities and the potential for fun is truly endless with Cammy.

*Note to fan fic writers* Cammy's gotta be a dream come true for you. Please write a story and send in!  And stay tuned for my the upcoming Story Ideas page.

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Other Delta Red Cammys

Come on, buy this great comic!Super Street Fighter 2 Cammy Gaiden by Masahiko Nakahira
This is probably the most famous Cammy aside from the game because it's been published in most major languages! BTW, if you want a copy, click on the picture to go to for more info...

This comic is a collection of 6 comic chapters about Delta Red Cammy. In one, Cammy is assigned a little 'test' mission. Later, she and Guile go undercover to investigate the organization sponsoring the Battle Rave tournament. Then, Cammy gets betrayed by a friend, kidnapped, and has to escape from a submarine. And finally, Cammy mixes it up with her arch-rival Balrog! First there's a big fight in the jungle, and later she takes on Vega and Balrog at dinner.

It's a lot of fun, and the art is perfect for Cammy! If you don't have it, please check it out. If you'd like to see something from the comic, check out more on Cammy Gaiden... There are pictures, additional info, and a link to where you can order your own copy. By the way, there's also a 7th chapter that was never translated officially, so I did it myself... it's over there on the left, under "Gaiden pt. 7".

RJ Bailey's Cammy History and the USA Network SF cartoon
There was once an SF cartoon on the USA Network that said Cammy's parents were diplomats from England. In that story, Vega killed her parents, took in Cammy, and used her as a guinea pig for his super-soldier experiments. She survived and became the fighter she is now. Personally, I think that's probably what happened. That makes sense, and it explains why she's British. For a great story on the subject, be sure to check out RJ Bailey's Cammy History fan fic!  (also over there on the left)

*NOTE* Does anybody out there have any of the 3 USA Network SF cartoons that deal with Cammy on tape?  If you do, please contact me!!

Cammy History novels by Miss Yuka Minakawa
Speaking of Cammy History stories, there were 2 novels published in Japanese about Cammy (by Yuka Minakawa). There's a link to the complete story over there on the left... under "Book reports"

Anyhow, it's basically a story about Cammy from the SSF2 timeline. It's kinda complicated, so it's hard to give a simple summary here. The story revolves around Cammy and a Shadowloo assassin (an ex-partner of Shadowloo Cammy) who comes to kill Delta Red Cammy. And along the way, we learn a lot about who Cammy was, how she became Delta Red Cammy, and who Delta Red Cammy is now.

What's most interesting, is that this was written before the official Shadowloo Cammy was created, but it was obviously a big influence on her character. And the idea of the Shadowloo Dolls (with Juni and Juli) no doubt started in these 2 books!

SSF2 Cammy Gaiden Drama CD
What's a CD Drama? Well, it's a story on CD... they have voice actors playing out the story, and there are sound effects to go with everything that's happening. It's just like a movie - only made to be heard, not seen.

This story takes place shortly after Cammy becomes a Delta Red member. Cammy goes undercover with a guy named Warren, and they to Columbia to check out a paramilitary organization called the "Neiba Cartel". It sounds like a simple mission at first, but it turns out to be much more...

This is a great CD because it really does a good job of showing Cammy's personality - especially that she's still immature and impulsive.  I'm working on a transcript of the entire 45 minute story, but it's not quite done yet.  When it finished, it'll go under the "Drama CD" link over there on the left...

Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie
Although Cammy was in every ad for the movie, she only had 30 seconds of action. But, it was definitely the coolest 30 seconds of the movie!! In about 20 seconds, she rushes into top security, takes out 6 guys and assassinates 1.

Anyhow, that was not the real Delta Red Cammy! That was something like a mix of Shadowloo and Delta Red Cammy. In SF2, Cammy is at no time brainwashed!! I guess by this time, Capcom had already started to destroy her character from the pretty, tough and charismatic undercover agent, to the mindless goon.

Street Fighter 2 V - TV series
Who the hell is that?! No scar, new outfit, religious, not a member of Delta Red anymore, no English accent... and NO PIGTAILS!! Why on earth did they change literally EVERY detail besides the name? Whatta mess. If I ever catch the guy or girl who's responsible for this outrage, I'm gonna...

Although it's not really Cammy as far as looks go, the story is pretty interesting nonetheless. That's actually very close to her personality, but it's a little bit colder.   If you want to know more, check the transcript of Cammy's SF2V appearance... just click the "SF2V TV series" link over there on the left.

Street Fighter 2 - live action movie
Yes, Hollywood tried to make a Street Fighter 2 movie with real people! It was doomed from the start. At least it didn't focus on Ken, Ryu, and all those lame old clones.

The story focuses on Guile (Jean Claude van Damme) but Cammy is pretty important too. She works closely with Guile. BTW, Cammy is played by Australian pop superstar Kylie Minogue. Not too bad I guess...

Anyhow, the story isn't even worth mentioning. But, I gotta note that Cammy didn't really wear her normal outfit. It was basically like Cammy's outfit but blue and with pants.   However, in the screen captured video game based on the movie, Kylie did dress in Cammy's real outfit. Check out the SF2 Movie gallery on the Game .GIFs page for pictures!

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More info on the Delta Red team

This is all that I have on the team so far.   There's not much that's official, but I've gathered up and made sense of as much as I could. The problem is that they all kinda make up their own 'facts'. For instance, if you have the SSF2 Cammy Gaiden Comic, you'll notice that Nakahira made Colonel Wolfman somebody else. And he's also somebody else in Yuka Minakawa's Cammy History novels. But, he's one of the characters that Capcom actually designed, so I know exactly who he is.  Arrggghhh... you can see the problem. But, I think this turned out pretty good nonetheless.  Let's hope we learn some more in the future...
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delta-red-tn.gif (14027 bytes)
Cammy and Delta Red

Team members
Cammy - You know who she is!!  If you don't know, go back to the top of this page and start all over a again!
Colonel Wolfman - Wolfman is the older guy with the long hair and big scar across his left eye. He's the team leader, and of course he's the guy who saved Cammy. The Colonel is not only her savior, sponsor, and team leader, but he's also like a father to Cammy.  He's a good man. 
BTW, here's a picture by one of my very favorite artists, Miss Mami Itoh... Colonel Wolfman
Luwanda - She's other girl on the team with long and wild blonde hair.  Luwanda is the 2nd in command, and acts like a big sister to Cammy. And when you check out that picture above, be sure to notice that really big knife strapped to her back! Cool, huh? I'd love to see more of her and that knife!
McKoy - He's the really big guy with the cybernetic right eye. Nothing at all is known about him...
Gims - He's (she's?) the little kid on the team. Nothing is known of this Delta Red member either! It's not even agreed on whether it's a boy or a girl! Probably a boy...
Lt. Hanna - She's the '6th' member who coordinates things from the base. Hanna keeps tabs on who, what, where, why, when, and how. She has short brown hair (not pictured above).  Hanna is technically smart, but she doesn't have much common sense. She's like Cammy's best friend.  BTW, Hanna is a Nakahira creation, but she seems pretty important, so I'm counting her.

Miscellaneous - Although the main team consists of only 5 members, there are a number of Delta Red members stationed around the world. One example of this, is Warren from the Cammy Drama CD.  And of course there are all sorts of agents within the English Secret Service who sometimes help.

About the team...
Delta Red is an anti-terrorist assault team working for the Information Department of the English Secret Service, MI-6. It was created after the fall of the Soviet Union, in response to a spy scandal within the English Secret Service. Wolfman created the team, and he leads it. A few years after it was created, Cammy joined.

One thing that makes Delta Red special, is the fact that they train not to use weapons. Sometimes they do (like Luwanda with her big knife), but they try to accomplish all their goals with their skills and smarts. A great example of this, and why they do this, is when Cammy escapes from the submarine in the Cammy Gaiden comic. If you don't know what happened, that's another reason for you to pick up that comic!  In the end, it's all about the mind and the body.

You already read about Cammy's extreme induction test into Delta Red, where she had to survive the jungles of South America. Another thing that the team does, is full contact training sessions. They go at each other full force... nobody has died or been hurt too seriously yet, but it's always possibility! Delta Red is for the best of the best - no exceptions.

Well, that's it for now, but there's still more that I haven't worked through yet.  So, expect expansions... and eventually a Delta Red Page.  (would be nice to have some fan art for the Delta Red page...)

"Delta Red"
The Greek letter 'delta' is shaped like a triangle, right? Well, that little red triangle on Cammy's suit must be the team symbol... it's a red triangle. So obvious, but I bet you never thought about it. Right? Now, does anybody out there have any info for me... Why "Delta" Red, and not "Alpha" Red or "Beta" Red. Does "delta" mean something special? Oh the other hand, why Delta "Red", and not Delta "Blue" or Delta "White"? Is there more to it, or is it just any old name? I wonder...
BTW, the letter 'delta' is not upside-down, but the team symbol is. Any ideas on that?

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Miscellaneous notes

This little section is just for some random thoughts, observations, trivia, and other interesting stuff like that...

The meaning of the name "Cammy"
I found this on some site (forgot) that lists the meanings of different names.  "Stefan" was dead on with me, and "Cammy" seems to be pretty damn accurate too!  Amazing. Check it out...

"Your name Cammy has given you tenacity of purpose and has made you extremely independent. Whatever you undertake, you approach from your own point of view, and others either have to conform to your ideas or go their own way and leave you to work things out for yourself. You are so narrowly focused in your pursuits that you frequently overlook the little personal considerations and attentions that create a bond of understanding and sense of companionship. Thus it is difficult for you to merge your efforts harmoniously with others. In the home, you can inadvertently be offhand and abrupt when you would really like to show your affection. In circumstances that require a little finesse, you find that you are inclined to be too direct and straight to the point and suffer frustration in your personal relationships as a result. Tension could affect the eyes, ears, teeth, or sinuses. Frequent head colds or severe headaches are potential problems."

Here's something interesting... guess who also has a big scar on their left cheek? Me! When I first saw Cammy in 1993, I just got done recovering from 28 stitches in my left cheek. Just one more reason for me to like Cammy. Besides, I've always had a thing for girls with pigtails.  Oh, and believe it or not, my father also had a big scar on his left cheek...

Is Cammy really English?
Here's a mystery: Delta Red Cammy is English, right? We always assumed that she had an English accent, but nobody knows where she came from. Maybe she lives and works in England, but doesn't have the accent. We now know that she was with Shadowloo before she lived in England... but we have no idea where she's originally from. Maybe she's not really English!

I don't believe that she's not. Somehow, Cammy is English... as far as I'm concerned.

Cammy's SSF2 Stage
Ever wondered what's the deal with Cammy's stage from SSF2? Whose castle is that? What's Cammy doing there? I don't know, but I do know basically where the idea came from... it's based on a little castle called Lichtenstein, very near to where I'm from in Germany (Stuttgart). And, that little castle in the background is also based on a German castle called Neuschawnstein (the Disney castle is also a copy). And one more little bit of SF castle trivia... in Hugo's SF3 3rd Strike stage, you can see Neuschwanstein if you look out the window.

Cammy's age
Although Cammy was supposedly born in 1974, she will always be 19 years old. Forget that 1974 part. She was born 19 years ago on January 6. Unless she's in another game that takes place after SF2, Delta Red Cammy will always be 19 as far as I'm concerned!

flipup.gif (12325 bytes)Getting up...
Have you ever noticed the way Cammy gets up after being knocked down? She does some kinda breakdancing backspin move, that is really just too cool! That was one of the first things about Cammy that got me hooked. Not only did she look cool, but she had all sorts of cool style and personality traits. I'm telling you, Cammy is much, much more than your average character - she is truly something special!

Who's your favorite?
Delta Red Cammy vs Shadowloo Cammy... why does everybody seem to be so divided on this topic? It always seems like people love one, and hate the other. Why can't you all love both?  At first, almost nobody accepted the 'new' Shadowloo Cammy, but people have caught on, and I think she's just as popular now.  Personally, I like the Delta Red Cammy just a little bit better when it comes to looks, but either way, she's still #1!

By the way, as far as animation from the games go, I think Delta Red Cammy looks much better. The way she is drawn, the way she moves, and even her posture is better.  Check the Game .GIFs Page for hundreds of pictures and animations of Delta Red and Shadowloo Cammy taken directly from the games!

Miss Fitness
Cammy... Miss fitness? Not all artists draw her as muscular, but that's how she's supposed to be. She's not bulky or in any way manly, but she doesn't have the typical body of a game girl - small chest, washboard stomach, muscular arms, etc. Check out pictures of Cammy by Masahiko Nakahira... that's just about perfect.

Genetically modified
Cammy is not only in shape, but she's been enhanced by Shadowloo's technology. I suppose Delta Red Cammy doesn't really know why she's so strong, so fast, so agile, so resilient, etc., but she is. And she's also got extra fast healing ability. The only thing about her that doesn't seem to work as well is her memory...

I don't know if you know, but the Brits are totally freaked out about genetically modified things.  They ban and protest as often as they can.   It would be funny to see them try and protest Cammy!  She looks like a sweet girl, but she's got a notoriously short temper.  Heh heh heh... the silly hippies would get a beatin'.

Where the hell is Delta Red Cammy now?!
What happened to Delta Red Cammy?! Why did the most popular character disappear? I think Delta Red Cammy was more or less banned because she was just too popular. They took over the series by winning the hearts of the fans, and Capcom didn't want that - they want us to love Ryu and Chun Li. They did bring back Cammy, but it took 3 years, and they changed her into a character that could never be be mistaken for a hero.

Okay, in Capcom's defense, Delta Red Cammy starts with SSF2, and the SF Zero series takes place before that. SF Zero series Cammy would have to be a Shadowloo agent. And she would of course wear a different outfit. But, they didn't have to make her a mindless slave. She's almost like a robot! She could just have been brainwashed to be loyal and evil. And I don't really know about the outfit... it's not so different - just a little too cute. If you want to hear me rant more on Shadowloo Cammy's outfit, check out the Shadowloo Cammy bio. However, leaving her out of SF3 was definitely a crime!

Whatever Capcom did, they made a HUGE mistake. To this day, Delta Red Cammy is still on of the most popular characters even though she's been out of action for about 6 years now. For instance, in the last year (1999 to 2000), there have been 3 new Delta Red Cammy toys. And at the Fall Tokyo Game Show, she was the most common cosplayed game character. Stupid Capcom... Cammy has all the potential in the world, and she has the backing of the fans.

Let's pray that Capcom will realize those facts and use Delta Red Cammy again. It's not too late. She's easily young enough to make it into a 4th Impact/Strike of the SF3 series, or even SF4 if they ever make one.

Although it's in a minor role and on the side, Delta Red Cammy IS kinda coming back!   Check out the Cammy's Back page for all the latest news on her new game, "Cannon Spike"!  That's a good start... let's hope this leads to a bigger role in the SF series (she and the fans deserve it).

Battle Angel Cammy?!
Have you ever read Yukito Kishiro's Gunnm comic? (aka Battle Angel Alita) If not, I HIGHLY recommend it! It's the best comic ever. If you have read the comic, think about it... aren't Cammy and Gally (Alita) a lot alike?!   I've created a big comparison that will convince you that Cammy was based on Gally. Check it out now, or go to the "Misc. Page", and then click on the "Gally / Cammy" link.

Anna Kournakouva  (soon to be Anna Bure)
Ever heard of her? She's a young pro tennis player who likes to date old ice hockey players. Anna is originally from Russia, but now lives in the USA. Anyhow, she looks as much like Cammy as any real girl could... see for yourself

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Well, not that you've read it all, what do you think? I was right, wasn't I... Cammy is great character! (the best)

I hope I was able to explain Delta Red Cammy well enough for you. The basic idea of her character is not so difficult, but there's a lot of information. Please read through it a 2nd time if you're still a bit confused. After that, if you still have some questions, please feel to e-mail me.

Thanks for reading through this. I hope you learned a lot, and I hope that you're excited to learn and see more of Cammy!!  (more is on the way)

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