13 Girls by Ian Dougherty

Chapter One - The Beginning

The rain poured down one winter night in Thailand. Amongst the hills was one temple. A sprawling complex surrounded it. The entire property was surrounded by eight-foot high walls with barbwire on top. The temple looked old but it was only when you got inside that you realised how modern it actually was.

The interior was very industrial. It was dark and a lone cloaked man dressed in red was sitting on a throne.

"Did you do as I ordered?" A shirtless young man with a large tattoo of a dragon on his body approached out of the darkness into the light.

"Yes sir" he replied.

"Well done, I take it she is unharmed."


"I am sorry Lord Bison, in my desperation my knife cut her cheek."

"Is that all it did?"

"I swear to you that it is my Lord."

"And the parents?"

"I killed them as you ordered and drove the car off a cliff to make it look like an accident."

"Very well Vega, you have earned your place as a member of Shadaloo. Remember that you're father would have wanted it this way, he was extremely loyal to me."

"I will not forget my Lord..."

"What is wrong Vega?"

"My Lord could you tell me more about my father, I was too young when he died to remember him."

"Vega, you're father was a good Chinese man who loved your Spanish mother dearly. They had always wanted more children, perhaps a sister for you. You never got that sister because he was murdered by a "monster", an experiment of ours that, in the years to come, should make up for the tragic loss of your father." A young woman dressed in a tight body suit walked in. She had long purple hair.

"My Lord, the girl is ready for the operation."

"Thank you Rose, tell Senoh I shall be with him soon."

"Right you are sir." Rose left the room heading towards the lab.

"Sir, is it all right I go to train now?"

"Yes Vega but I want to give you these first." Bison lifted up a small wooden box from beside his throne and opened it. He lifted out the contents. A hand shaped, finger-less, leather glove with three steel claws attached and a steel mask with eyeholes and an elastic strap. "These were you're father's Vega, and he wanted you to use them. Train at how to use them properly and you may become one of the strongest fighters in the world." Bison got off his throne and gave the claws and mask to Vega. "And remember Vega, this is how your father would have wanted it."

"I... thank you... thank you my Lord."

"You're welcome son, you're welcome." Bison walked away while Vega tried on the claws and mask.

Shortly afterwards Bison entered the main lab of the complex. Standing on a gantry he looked down to see a cylinder shaped glass "cell" with many pieces of computerised machinery at the top and bottom. Many of the cables attached to the machinery connected it to a central computer that Senoh was working at. Inside the cell were a green/blue liquid and a naked teenage girl who was attached to breathing apparatus.

"Well Senoh?"

"You were right sir, this particular girl could prove to be more successful than the other eleven. For the record, what did you say her name was?"

"I didn't but it is Cammy, Cammy White. Are we ready to clone her yet?"

"Yes sir, as you suggested after the cloning we will run the enhancement procedure on the clone to see how successful it is before considering doing it to the real girl."

"Then begin." Senoh entered the commands in his computer and the liquid surrounding the unconscious Cammy White swirled while in a separate empty "cell" a whirling sound initiated a supply of a different, blue, liquid. Soon, once the second cell was full, a pair of feet identical to Cammy's appeared. "Amazing!"

"The process is going better than expected my Lord!" Slowly from the feet up a second Cammy appeared in the second cell.

"Remarkable Senoh, but the clone is not perfect."

"What do you mean sir?"

"I want the clone to have a matching scar to the one Vega gave the original. Why was that not copied?"

"Beg my pardon my Lord but the clone is a precise genetic copy based on the original's DNA and a scar is not present in a person's DNA."

"Fine. If the enhancement procedure works I want the clone to wear a mask, now I have a few things to take care of." Bison walked away leaving Senoh to carry on.

Outside the complex and its perimeter a lone man wearing a tracksuit and a red baseball cap watched, remaining silent, planning how he would get into the complex and find out what had happened to his brother...

Elsewhere in Thailand a battle was taking place. A battle between a young boy named Ryu and a giant of a man named Sagat. A large crowd watched the battle. Among them were Eagle, an English detective, Adon, Sagat's young pupil, Birdie, a common thug and Ken Masters, Ryu's best friend and rival. Near the duelling pair was a referee of sorts, the man who put together and organised the tournament, a man dressed in a thin, fabric, black mask with a black hat, black coat, black trousers and black boots, the man known to the fighters as only the Organiser. He watched intently as Ryu barely matched to keep up and block Sagat's attack, but Sagat made a mistake, Ryu seized his chance and unleashed an all-powerful shoryuken. Sagat was lifted off the ground, a huge wound on his chest appeared and began to bleed, he fell and was knocked unconscious.

"Ryu! You did it! You beat him!"

"I can't believe it Ken!"

"Well you did child, you won."


"Yes children."

"I thought you were too disgraced by Gen to come here."

"I was Ken, but I have news for you both. Your master, my friend, Gouken was murdered months ago by 'that man'. 'That man' was recently seen in China."

"Akuma." Ryu was full of rage and walked off, Ken chased him.

"Ryu, where are you going?"

"I'm going to find Akuma and improve my fighting skills."

"What do you mean, you won. You're the best there is."

"I was the best in this tournament. There must be more challenges for me." Ryu walked away leaving Ken behind.

"Well when you put it like that..."

"Computer, who won the 'Street Fighter' tournament"

"Data received from Brockman, Jacob a.k.a. The Organiser reports that Ryu Hoshi of Japan won sir."

"Hmm, interesting. Computer record all future data received on Ryu Hoshi from this date onwards."

"Yes Lord Bison." Bison was now in his office and sat down at his desk. He lifted some files up.

"Hmm, Akuma, a mysterious Shotokan master. Garuda, a giant-sized creature of untold power. Gill, a man of fire and ice. Sagat, a master of Muay Thai defeated by Ryu. All of them are threats to my power. My enhanced soldiers may not be enough, I myself must become more powerful, but how?" That was a knocking at the door. "Come in." Rose entered.

"My Lord, Senoh has successfully completed the enhancement procedure. The clone is the most powerful. He want s to know what to do next."

"Enhance the original Cammy, if we're correct she will be even more powerful. Also, Rose I want my enhanced girls in here, it is time they were named."

"Right away sir." Rose left and Bison continued reading. After a few minutes there was again a knocking at the door.

"Come in."

"The enhanced soldiers as you wanted my Lord." As Rose spoke twelve women, all dressed in dark blue Shadaloo body suits entered and lined up. Bison stood up and approached the first one. She had brown hair that was tied up in a bun.

"Your name will be Juli and you shall be co-leader with this next one, Juni" Bison walked past Juni, a girl with short ginger hair. He approached the next girl who was African and carried both a spear and a monkey, "You shall be Februar and you shall be Mai." Mai had black hair and wielded a nunchaku.

Bison carried on to the next girl. She was Korean and wielded a staff.

"You, my pretty, shall be called November and you, Pakistani girl, will be September." September stood proudly holding an axe in each hand. Each axe was attached to along piece of rope. The next girl had long pink hair and held a microphone, the girl next to her had short pink hair and carried a gun. "You, singing girl, will be April while you will be August. As for you" Bison neared a Japanese girl who held a computer, "you will be called Marz. Your role will be as a strategist who will help your leaders. I expect you to keep in contact at all times."

"Yes sir." The next two girls remained silent. The first had ginger hair and carried two medical bags, the second and brown hair and a sword.

"You, ginger-haired girl, are Oktober while you are Dezember." By now only one girl was left, she was the clone created earlier. She was now uniformed like the others and wore a blue mask similar to Vega's as Bison had earlier requested. "You are very special to me, you will be the main force in this team called Delta Blue and to affirm your position I will call you Januar, which is the name of the first month of the year in German."

Outside, the tracksuited man continued his plotting but was unaware of the man behind him...

Chapter Two - Delta Blue

"Well hello there little girl, are you lost?" The security guard of a chemical plant in Utah got up off his seat when he saw the pink haired girl coming towards him.

"I thought you would be lonely, so I thought I'd sing to you." Her voice was emotionless, almost robotic, yet it retained a hypnotic quality. The girl began singing a slow, hypnotic song and in a matter of moments the guard was asleep. Not far away eleven other girls dressed in the same dark blue uniform could be seen. When the guard was asleep, one of the girls who had short brown hair which was tied up in a bun, walked forward a little.

"Delta Blue go!!!" She commanded them and they responded as they had been trained to. September leaped forward, threw one of her axes into the air, spun it by the rope attached and threw it towards the locked gate. The axe ripped through the lock and the metallic gate opened.

Thousands of miles away M. Bison kept up with the operation via a small camera built into Marz's computer.

"Soon Cammy, soon you will be with them." Cammy was sitting in a corner, she remained silent while watching the relay. "You'll have to excuse me my dear, I have other business to attend to." Bison left the room that had become a prison cell to Cammy White and went into another cell. Inside a man wearing a tracksuit and a red cap stood shackled to the wall.

"What are you doing here." Unbeknownst to either of the pair Rose was standing at the doorway. She listened to the conversation.

"What sort of way is that to talk to your brother?" Rose was shocked and suddenly her brain felt like it was on fire.

"My brother was lost to me years ago. You may inhabit his body but his soul was ripped to shreds when you infected him with your Psycho Power."

"You know too much Sirel Bison."

"I may have been too young to meet my brother the way he was but my family, or what's left of it, have not forgotten."

"Indeed. I think it is time I used you to my advantage." Rose remained silent but slowly everything came into place. Bison may have brainwashed her and given her some of his Psycho Power but now she was free."

"Stop it! Leave Sirel alone!"

"Rose?" Sirel whispered.

"What are you doing here Rose?"

"It doesn't matter anymore, I know the truth and I will stop you."

"You are welcome to try cousin!"


"Rose! Watch out!" Sirel's warning was too late, Bison was already flying towards Rose.

"PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!!" Rose blocked and knew she didn't have long to retaliate.

"AURA SOUL THROW!!" Rose attacked Bison with the most powerful version of her attack. Bison landed on the ground, unconscious.

"Run Rose! Go!"

"But what about you?"

"I can handle myself. I need to beat him from within Shadowloo."

"I... OK." Rose ran off and escaped. Sirel watched Bison's unconscious body and formulated new plans in his head.

Utah. Delta Blue as Bison had named them were inside the chemical plant.

"I've got the chemical!" Juni screamed with delight.

"Marz is it safe to leave?"

"We have a window of opportunity of exactly 5.92 minutes before the police get here Juli."

"Right, tell Davin to get the jet here. Mai, Dezember and August, wait outside and alert us if anything happens." The girls followed their given instructions.

Scotland Yard, London, England.


"Yes, sir."

"Eagle, we've come up with a new operation in our investigation of Shadaloo or Shadolaw or whatever they call themselves."

"Shadowloo, sir. What is this operation?"

"Well it could take several years of work for you Eagle."

"You know I'm committed to this case sir, what is this operation?"

"I want you to go undercover and work for Shadowloo."

"My name is Cammy White." She says to herself, "I am thirteen years old and I live in London, England with my parents Jeff and Susan. I am strong and no one will beat my mental strength. I will resist them and their operations. I... I... I..."

"Soon you will be heart and soul, all for Shadowloo. There is no point in resisting." Vega walked into Cammy's cell.

"You... you are the one who scarred me. Where are my parents? How are they?" Vega did not answer. "Where are they? Tell me!" Vega walked out. "TELL ME!!!!"

"Lord Bison!" Bison was walking out of Sirel's cell. "What has happened sir?"

"Rose has escaped, but that is of no consequence, how are Delta Blue?"

"They are on their way home my Lord. They were successful in capturing the mutation chemical."

"Good, I think I have a test subject for Senoh. And Vega, make sure Balrog is paid extra for finding the man in the cell." Bison pointed towards Sirel's cell.

"Lord Bison?" the computer voice was unexpected.

"Yes computer?"

"Lord Bison the latest news on the experiment named Bl--"

"Computer print the news out in my office and do the same with all other news on the experiment."


"Now if you'll excuse me Vega I have pressing business to attend to."

Outside a nightclub in Rome...

"Don't you know who I am?"

"No. Should I?"

"The name is Balrog, I'm a boxer."

"Oh, Mr Balrog. I've heard of you. What're you doin' in town?"

"None of your business, punk!" Balrog went inside.

"That's what you think."

Thailand, M Bison's office. Bison read the reports on an experiment when he noticed a file left on his desk. He picked it up and read its name, "Project: Delta Red." He smiled and laughed knowing that his backup plan was nearing completion...

Chapter Three - The Thirteenth Girl

It was raining that night in Rome. Rose wearing a long, brown, hooded coat was running towards her apartment. She couldn't help wondering what Bison would do to her if he found her. She would have to hide until she'd built her strength. What would she pose as until then? She knew she'd have to think these problems out but first she'd get home and dry herself off.

"Let me go!" Sirel Bison realised that he was out of his depth. He was now shackled to a wall in the main lab. A needle containing some of the mutation fluid taken by Delta Blue was lined up near his now topless chest.

"Now, now boy, we're going to enhance your abilities" replied Senoh. M Bison watched on the gantry above. Vega approached.

"Lord Bison?"

"Yes Vega?"

"The brainwashing of the young girl is complete."

"Good. Once Senoh has given her a check-up send her to my office."

"Of course sir."

"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!"

"Computer dispatch Delta Blue to intercept the intruder. Vega you join them."

"Yes sir."

"I have a call to make." Just as ordered Delta Blue spread out in an attempt to find the intruder.

"The computer indicates that the intruder is on the south-eastern part of the base."

"Thanks Marz, everyone go to that sector." It was Juni's turn to lead the team according to the co-leader's rotational system.


"Yes November?"

"I can see our intruder, he's surrendered."

"Can you identify him."

"Yes, it's Eagle, he surre--" November screamed loudly.

"November? November are you all right? Delta Blue this is Battle Code Red! Stop the intruder!"

"Captain Wolfman? This is M Bison, I understand that you're new team is almost ready."

That's right Mr Bison but I don't know when we'll be going operational."

"It's OK Wolfman, I just need to know that should I be forced to use your team you will comply to my orders."

"Well I'll try..."

"You will do more than try Wolfman! Do not try to mess with me for you will feel my wrath! End of conversation!" Bison put the phone down. "Fool, does he think he can ignore the power I possess?"

The south-east sector of the base saw the remaining members of Delta Blue arrive almost simultaneously. November unconscious on the ground while Eagle was battling a man who wore a black gi and had ginger hair.

"Who on earth is that? Marz any idea?"

"Sorry Juni, unlike Eagle he's not on the computer!"

"Well Delta Blue we take the mystery man down freestyle!" Januar took the lead, rushing forward with a cannon spike. The stranger easily countered it with a shoryuken. Vega entered the battle and even with his and Eagle's help Delta Blue were struggling. Suddenly a red baseball cap landed beside the stranger. He picked it up and looked at it. He noticed that it was glowing. Then, to his surprise, it exploded. Delta Blue took their chance and easily defeated the man.

"Where did that cap come from?"

"Actually August, it was me." August turned to see Sirel Bison, his hands glowing.

"I see the enhancement worked" Vega remarked, hiding his disappointment that he had to rely on another person's help.

"Yes Vega it worked very well and in the words of Senoh 'I can now charge small items that will blow up after a short period of time.' So far it seems that baseball caps are good weapons..." Sirel and Delta Blue continued to chat while Eagle explained to him that he wanted to join Shadowloo. However Vega stood separate from the rest thinking about the fate of the girl named Cammy.

In Mexico a tribe were settling down for the night. They were the Thunderfoot tribe and one lone man looked to the sky while talking to himself.

"Julia, Davin, how many more of our people will disappear before we work out what is happening to you both?"

In Westchester, New York a limousine was driving up to the mansion of Jacob Brockman. The limo reached the front steps where Jacob was standing. The limo stopped and the chauffeur got out and opened the rear door on the left of the car. One man, his wife and his daughter stepped out.

"Kevin my son, it is good to see you."

"Dad, how're you doing?"

"I'm fine son, fit as a fiddle. Good to see you June, I hope he's not giving you any trouble."

"Oh you know what Kevin's like, he remains a playboy at heart with the sports cars and such."

"Just as long as he doesn't mess you around my dear, he's beyond sowing his wild oats, or he should be at least. May, come and give your grandfather a hug. Didn't you bring Robert?" May and Jacob hugged, Jacob savoured seeing his family, especially his twelve year old granddaughter. He wished he could see them more often but he was so rarely in town, always jetting off somewhere or other.

"You know Robert, Dad. He's always busy with one case or another?"

"What's my oldest son working on now? A divorce? A robbery?"

"Something much bigger Grandpa."


"He's working a big drug-ring thing. It's multi-national so you can see why it's taking him so long."

"Who Kevin? Who's he fighting against?"

"What did he say they were called? Erm... Shado? Shada? Shadowloo? That's it, Shadowloo."

M Bison's office. Cammy was standing in front of Bison's desk wearing a light blue Shadowloo uniform when Bison walked in.

"Master Bison I was told to come here."

"It's alright Cammy, it's was me who requested your presence."

"Why Master Bison?"

"Cammy, Delta Blue are my main strike force and I want you to work with them when I don't need you."

"Need me for what?"

"Cammy, I am going to be travelling the world for some time and I shall require a bodyguard to protect me should unseen or difficult adversaries be present. I want you to be that bodyguard, for you have excelled in the tests given you and you are a fighter with limitless potential."

"Thank you master."

"Now leave, I have pressing matters to attend to." Cammy left the room and Bison read a newspaper article left on his desk. "Soon you will be mine 'Beast of Brazil'. Soon."

Chapter 4 - X Marks the Spot

"This is it Storm, I can sense his thoughts."

"Right Psylocke. Havok use your powers to knock some of those rocks on to the base." Havok used his blasting powers as ordered. Wolverine sniffed.

"Everyone down!" Wolverine had picked up scents and the X-Men knew by now that he was difficult to fool. A spear landed in the ground and Februar was spotted in the distance.

"Now!" Delta Blue appeared like lightning completely catching the X-Men out.

"Storm's down people! Days like this ah wonder why ah left the Brotherhood."

"I hope that was a joke Rogue."

"Surely you know me well enough by now Wolvie to know it was a joke."

"Now, now my pretty ones why would you want to hurt me?" Colossus asked the question but received no answer from either Marz or Oktober.

"Maybe you should concentrate on the more dangerous ones Piotr." Havok was struggling against Juli and Juni while Februar and April were chasing Longshot.

"Jeez, they must be fast to keep up with him."

"Oh we are Wolverine and very deadly." Dezember's sword strikes were only just being blocked by Wolverine's adamantium claws. Dazzler was knocked out swiftly by Januar.


"Ah can't help you Betsy, this one with the staff keeps tryin' to poke me out o' the sky and the one with the gun's tryin' to shoot me!" Meanwhile Storm, unnoticed by everyone else, was recovering.

"The X-Men are going to lose at this rate, I must end this." End it she did, by summoning forth a hurricane force gale, which blew Delta Blue away.

"Good one Storm, now let's go in and get the main man."

"No Wolverine, not today. Today we learn from this encounter."

"I don't see why you're happy sir."

"That's alright Cammy, I don't expect you too. It's just that Delta Blue were winning."

"But Storm..."

"But Storm intervened. Next time we make sure she is taken out first."

"Next time?"

"Cammy it is inevitable that we will eventually end up battling superheroes."

She walked the streets of Rome in confidence. It had been three months and Bison hadn't found her yet. She had a life again; a fortuneteller by profession, Rose's life was coming together again.

"Oh no, not you again!" Rose heard the voice before she saw whom it had come from.

"Ah, Mr Balrog, you must like our club to keep coming here." She had to hide. Run! Run! That was all she could think of until she saw Balrog go into the club. No one had seen her, not even the sun-tanned bouncer named Birdie. Was this going to be how she lived her life? Hiding? Running? No. She would have to get to the root of the problem, Bison.

"Hey Terry, can you take over for a while?"

"Sure Birdie." Birdie went into the club and looked. He saw the man he was looking for in a corner surrounded by women. He approached him.

"Excuse me ladies can I talk to Mr Balrog, alone?" The women left.

"What now?"

"You work for Shadowloo, don't you?"

"How'd you know that?"

"I have my sources, now I want to get in. Who should I talk to?"


"How do I get to talk to him?"

"He's in the Yellow Pages under 'Evil Dictators Looking To Take Over The World'" Birdie didn't respond. Balrog laughed, got up and rejoined the women.

"Bison, eh?" Birdie muttered.

"Who was that guy Balrog?"

"Don't worry about him gals, he's just a loser!"

China. A young woman dressed in black was hiding behind a wall in an office. She looked into the office. No one was there. She walked towards a filing cabinet and pulled out a drawer. She looked through the drawers until she found the file she was looking for; Shadowloo. She scanned through the file looking for the information she wanted. She found it. She heard footsteps along the hallway. She put the file away and hid in the shadows. The man opened the office door and put the light on.

"Hello young girl, what are you doing in here?" She panicked.

"Senretsukyaku!" The man fell to the ground. She wouldn't make it out the door in time, there was only one way out, the window. She leapt out, glass flying everywhere. The man got up.

"Ooooh. She's fast, faster than my father was in his heyday, Lee you're getting too old for police work..."

"Tiger Blow!" Sagat threw himself into the air attempting to mimic the shoryuken that left a huge scar on his chest, leading to the defeat that cost him both the title of 'King of the Street Fighters' and the envy of his now former pupil Adon. "Still not right, but I know I can do it. I must do it. It just needs more power."

"Senoh are you sure that this Psycho..."

"Psycho Drive."

"Will be any use?"

"Sir I guarantee that the device will increase your power exponentially."

"I have my doubts but show me more detailed plans and we'll see if your project has a future."

"I shall do that sir." Unbeknownst to either Eagle was watching them.

"Bison I swear I will rip your operation apart no matter what the cost to me is. All of your Delta Blue have been kidnapped, they have families looking for them and you use them as weapons, you are sick!" Bison walked past Eagle without noticing him, Vega approached his master.

"How are the girls Vega?"

"All of them have bruises and cuts but none of them have serious injuries. They should be ready for action in a few days."

"That's good to hear. Until then get Balrog back from Rome, he will join you, Eagle and Sirel in an emergency task force."

"I shall do that straight away sir. Sir?"

"Yes Vega?"

"What is it like to have your brother following your orders?"

"What do you mean Vega?"

"Sirel said he was your brother."

"Did he now. Vega go to your task I have, family, business to attend to."

"Of course sir." Vega left.

"Sirel is trying to rebel, I cannot let any of them know the truth." Eagle was still watching and was left with one question...

"What truth? What does he know?"

Chapter 5 - The World Warrior

He had been walking for hours, the Japanese sun burning his neck, the sweat dropping from his forehead. He ahd found Akuma just days ago, he even beat him, but he knew Akuma had been holding back. Akuma destroyed the island they had fought on so Ryu was left wondering what Akuma had meant about his 'evil intent'. He found a small shop and went inside. While he was inside a small jet landed nearby. M Bison stepped out while Cammy remained on board. Delta Blue were a few minutes away on a larger plane. Ryu came out and continued walking until he reached a tree beside a small river. He sat down and drank some water from a bottle he had just bought. Bison walked up to him.

"Are you the warrior named Ryu, who defeated Sagat a year ago?"

"Yea, who are you?"

"I am your master."

"You wanna bet?"

"Do you really want to fight?"

"If it gets you off my case then yes, yes I do."

"I shall write that on your tombstone brat." Bison opened the fight by firing a Psycho Shot which Ryu negated with a hadouken. On Bison's plane Cammy watched a relay through a tiny camera on Bison's cap.

"Why do you do this Bison? Why do you seek to use fighters help you to take over the world? I could ask myself the same question, why do I help you?"

"So he said 'What do you think?' Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!"


"Yes August?"

"Slay me. Save me from Davin's jokes."

"Oh come on girls, it's funny!" Davin continued laughing.


"What is it Marz?"

"Well Juli, girls, Bison just gained a big advantage."

"OK, OK, you'll find this one funny!"


"What November?"

"Can you get April to kill me as well?"

China. An empty room with one lone girl in it.

"Kikoken!" The girl produced a fireball which dissipated after a short time. "I'm nearly ready, I will find him and beat him." An old woman entered the room.

"Chun-Li, you should relax and take it easy."

"I can't Gran, you know I have to save father."

"Chun-Li, he may not be my son, but I do know it is time to finish this but fighting in anger is no reason to fight.

"Maybe. Gran, I know I've never asked but... what happened to my mother? Why did I never meet her?"

"My daughter was, ill, when she gave birth to you Chun-Li. Your uncle and wife cared for you while your father and I tried to save your mother. Your mother died during her sleep and we decided you should be named after her." The woman began to cry. Chun-Li hugged her and calmed her down. "You know, your mother would be doing what you're doing to save your father. Save him for me and your mother."

"You sound as if you're not going to be around when I do."

"Chun-Li, I am an old woman, my days are almost over."

"No Gran, they're far from over."

"Shinku Hadouken!" Ryu threw his most powerful fireball yet Bison blocked it with ease. Ryu was left in his stance and Bison seized his chance.

"PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!" Bison flew towards Ryu who did not block in time. He hit the ground and was knocked unconscious. "This pathetic whelp defeated my newest follower, Sagat? Sagat assured me would be more difficult." Bison held Ryu in the air with one hand.

"Does this mean he is useless to us master?" Cammy had run from the jet to meet the man she called master.

"No Cammy, I can almost taste the evil intent within him. I shall leave it to Senoh to expose it. Tell Delta Blue to scour the area for any onlookers. Any found should be killed and disposed of immediately." Cammy went back to the jet to contact Delta Blue. Bison followed not far behind carrying the unconscious body of Ryu.

Thailand, Shadowloo Base.

"Well Sagat it seems Ryu was not as difficult to beat as you advertised."

"You mean he beat him?" Sagat had only recently joined Shadowloo in order to boost his power and prepare for a second match with the boy who scarred him.

"Correct Sagat, it seems either you are a weakling in disguise or our master is the most powerful fighter on the planet." Sagat did not reply to Vega's comment, instead he remained silent, brooding, plotting.

Delta Blue were searching the area by the time Bison's jet was taking off. Ryu was now imprisoned in a small windowless cell and held in shackles. Cammy was sitting beside the cell while Bison was at the controls.

"Computer switch on auto-pilot."


"Shadowloo Base, Thailand."

"Plotting course. Auto-pilot initiated." Bison walked towards Cammy.

"How is the prisoner?"

"I have sedated him master."

"Good Cammy. Cammy have you ever fought in a battle so intense, so exhilarating, that you need a release or some sort to come back down?"

"I believe I know what you mean."

"How do you release yourself?"

"I relax and done things I enjoy, like playing with my cat Shadow. May I ask why you want to know sir?"

"Of course my little Killer Bee. You see, I find it more difficult to come down. You see I prefer the company of a beautiful woman like yourself." Bison kissed Cammy on the lips.

"I... I..."

"Ssh, Cammy. Go with the flow. I am your master and I would not let anything bad happen to you. That means I only let you take part in good things."

"You mean... this is good for me?"

"Cammy, I would be lying if I said I hadn't become attracted to you in the months we've been together."

"I... I... I feel the same way." Cammy was unsure what to say, she just hoped she was saying the words Bison wanted to hear.

"Good. Now as I said, just go with the flow..."

Chapter 6 - Evil Intentions

"This boy is miraculous sir, he is still resisting."

"Perhaps Sagat was not lying after all." Senoh and Bison were in a booth watching the unconscious body of Ryu sitting in a metallic chair and strapped up to various pieces of machinery.

"This is amazing, the readings are of the scales!"

"Divert more electricity to him Senoh."

"Astonishing, his mind is separated into two distinct beings, the Ryu known to all those who have heard of him and a darker person, one without guilt or humility."

"Excellent! Expose that side of him!"

"Do you think Ryu will replace us?"

"Of course not Oktober, how could you think that?"

"Juni, it's just that... the master seems to have been using us less and less in favour of Vega, Balrog, Sagat, Eagle, Cammy or Sirel."

"Don't worry Oktober," the pair were watching the experiment from outside through a window, Juni put her hand over Oktober's shoulder, "it's just that there hasn't been any big operations recently. Wait and you'll see we'll take on the X-Men again, or the Avengers or even the Fantastic Four!"

"I suppose..."

"Trust me Oktober, our best fights are yet to come!"

"Why do I feel so dirty? I did as he said, I 'went with the flow' and yet I feel horrible. Bison is powerful, maybe he used his Psycho Power to stop me from resisting him. No! He would never do that, not to me... would he?" Cammy was having a shower; she washed herself and washed and washed. She just couldn't get herself to feel clean...

"You will meet a short, light-haired young man named Joe. You will be very happy and have three children named Allen, Alex and Sharon."


"I said you will--"

"I know what you said but, no!"



"What do you think is wrong with my prediction?"

"No member of the Dame family would marry a man named Joe!"

"Even if he was Mr Right?"

"If he was Mr Right he would be forced to change his name. I also hate the boy's names."


"They sound too common to be children of Blair Dame."

"What about the girl?"

"You might be right about her. My sister's name is Sharon. Now if you excuse me, I've a friend to meet." Blair got up from her seat at the table and left.

"Wait! Wait! You haven't paid me! Rich b****!" Rose sat down and gathered in her tarot cards. She dealt them out again in an attempt to read her own future. "Hmm, Bison's there as I expected. Wait, I can't see anything else. That's odd. Maybe I was given some Psycho Power by Bison, I should remove it otherwise it may cloud my fortune-telling."

"Amazing! The evil form is trying to leave his body!"

"Create a clone body for it."

"We already have sir." With that a panel of wall beside Ryu's chair turned around revealing a clone of Ryu on the other side.

"Persuade the evil intent to move to the clone."


"Use my Psycho Power as a relay if need be." Bison left the booth and fired a beam of Psycho Power at the real Ryu. "Good, his evil intent stems from a similar source as my Psycho Power. Senoh! I'm getting the evil intent out of him, he is frighteningly powerful!!!"

"Fantastic!" Bison acted as a relay as he had suggested and fired the evil intent into the clone. "The readings indicate that 'evil' Ryu to be far, far more powerful than the original and possibly more so than Akuma!"


Outside Juni and Oktober were still talking when Januar approached them.

"Hello Januar."

"Hello Oktober. What is the master doing in there?" She was referring to Bison being out of the booth.

"He was trying to yield Ryu's 'evil intent' and was forced to put it in a clone."

"If there's anything I dislike in this world Juni, it's clones. Genetic freaks that's all they are!"

Rose's apartment. Rose was sitting on her knees, facing a small statue with candles laid out in a circle around her. She was mumbling, casting spells in a multitude of languages, some of which were no longer used in the modern world. Blue clouds appeared around her and soon dissipated.

"It's over. The Psycho Power is gone." She looked at her hands, they were glowing slightly. "By the Gods what has gone wrong?" At that moment a man wearing a red coat appeared above her.

"Rose, do not worry."

"Wh.. who are you? Wait! I recognise you. You're Doctor Strange!"

"Yes Rose I am Doctor Stephen Strange. As I said there is no need for worry, your spells worked but you have an, up until now, latent mystic ability. A unique gift which must be used for good. It is your 'soul power'. Use it well and remember, with great power comes great responsibility." Strange disappeared leaving Rose to think about what he had said.

"Senoh, have Ryu disposed of, his innate goodness makes him useless to me." Evil Ryu awoke and straight away destroyed his shackles. He got to Bison too quickly for the head of Shadowloo to retaliate.

"Sir? Sir? Are you all right? No! Get away! Leave me alone! No! NO--"

Chapter 7 - Evil Awakened

Knock! Knock! He'd been standing at the doors of the mansion, knocking every so often for fifteen minutes. He knew they couldn't be in, but he didn't stop trying. He was the only person on the grounds of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and he knew it.

"Where are they? I don't want to get the Avengers or Fantastic Four involved, I don't know them as well as I do the X-Men. They're my only hope; Robert won't listen to me. He's in so much danger and he doesn't even know it."

"C... C... Cammy?"

"Sir, you're awake, thank goodness!"

"Wh... where?"

"You're in one of the smaller labs sir."

"S... Senoh?"

"...He's dead sir."

"H... how?"

"Evil Ryu killed him after he knocked you out."

"Where... is... he?"

"Still on the grounds, everyone's on the lookout."

"R... Ryu?"

"He's right--" Cammy went to look at Ryu and saw his chair was empty, "oh no!"

"What... what's wrong?"

"He's gone! Ryu's gone!"


"Uuh! How much longer?"

"Shouldn't be too long Charlie."

"I hope you're right Guile, I'm starving, it's been days since we had something to eat."

"Shouldn't be too long Charlie."

"Great, that's some real original answers you're coming up with--"

"What is it?"

"Smoke! A town!"


"Over there! Look!"


"Come on, it doesn't look too far!"


"Let's run, it won't take --"

"Guile! Snap out of it! It's a mirage! There's nothing there! Nothing."

"You're lying!"

"Take a good look!"

"You're... you're... you're, right."

"I hate clones. They're disgusting and one day I will kill the clone Senoh made of me." The masked figure of Januar was talking to herself. She was stalking her prey, waiting for the right moment to strike. She heard running. Who was it? Evil Ryu was in eyeshot and no Shadowloo member would be stupid enough to run towards him. The running man appeared and stopped as soon as he saw Evil Ryu. "Ryu. What does he think he can do?"

"There you are, gene freak!" Evil Ryu turned round. Both Ryus were now facing each other. "You are my inner evil. According to Akuma I would have become you, that will not happen."

"You talk too much, I fight."

"So do I."

"This might be interesting." Januar remained hidden and watched with keen interest.

Not too far away...


"Yes Eagle?"

"After all of this, business, is over can I have a word with you?"

"It depends, what's it about?"

"I can't say now, but I have the feeling you're in possession of some very important information."

"Mai, Februar, do you see him?"

"No Marz, no sign in the medical unit."

"September, April, any sign?"

"No Marz."

"How about you August and Dezember?"

"Sorry Marz."

"November, Januar?"

"Don't know about Januar, but I can't see him."


"Yes Juli?"

"Where's Januar?"
"Sorry guys, she left me when I wasn't looking."

"November, Juni is going to join you."

"Right Juli."

"What about you Juli?"

"It's OK Juni, I'll go find Januar. Marz, Oktober, stay here and keep us all informed."

"Right Juli."

Russia, a government office.

"Yes sir?"

"Our leader has a mission for you."

"What sir?"

"We have reports that the drug ring, Shadowloo are building a weapon of destruction called the Psycho Drive. It is up to you to find and destroy this weapon."

She watched as the man in white was knocked out, leaving his darker clone, who was wearing a dark blue gi with matching headband, standing above. He taunted and she used the opening to her advantage.

"SPIN DRIVE SMASHER!!!" Evil Ryu was thrown high into the air, he had been weakened by Ryu and was unable to recover and began to fall. Juli arrived at that moment. Januar was too far away to attack; this was Juli's chance.

"REVERSE SHAFT BREAKER!!!" Single-handedly Juli inflicted 25 hits on Evil Ryu. His body was driven into the ceiling of the corridor and he was knocked out.

"I could have beat him myself Juli."

"You could have got yourself killed."

"Right." Januar sounded sarcastic.

"I am right, he is too dangerous."


"Yes Marz?"

"Have you found Januar?"

"Yes, her and Evil Ryu."

"How many people do you think you need?"

"Just enough to--"

"What is it?"

"He's... gone."

"If the X-Men aren't around to help me, I'll help myself. Let's see... Eagle's 'unavailable', no one can tell me where Ryu or Sagat are, Ken's in a tournament, Lee's busy on 'police business', Geki has been told to remain with his clan until his child is born. This isn't going well. I suppose I could find some new fighters..." Jacob Brockman was sitting in the study of his Westchester mansion with one thing on his mind, the destruction of Shadowloo...

Chapter 8 - Grudges Grow

"I shouldn't be doing this now. I know father is safe, I should come to terms with Gran's death first, he did say father would be safe. What am I doing here? I mean, I walking through the middle of the Amazon rainforest." Chun-Li was talking to herself looking desperately for signs of life. She knew the man she was looking for was nearby, she had seen his private jet landing earlier. She heard something behind her. Footsteps? She stopped. She felt as though she was being watched. She turned around and saw movement. A green face appeared through the leaves in front of her and she jumped back.

"Target spotted! Go for it girls!" The voice sounded young and feminine, it had an English accent. Suddenly thirteen young women appeared above her headed towards the green face. All but one of them were dressed in dark blue leotards with matching tights. The other girl wore a light blue leotard and did not wear tights. Her legs had bodypaint on them. The face disappeared and the girls chased after it.

"Who are you little girl? What are you doing here?" A man wearing a red suit with matching hat and a grey cloak appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

"You! Bison! My name is Chun-Li!"

"Chun-Li? The name is familiar. Yes... yes I remember now."

"Where is my father?"

"Do not ask questions girl if you are not prepared for the answer."

"If you don't tell me I'll be forced to hurt you!"

"Just try it girl!" Chun-Li threw a Kikoken.

The first thing he saw was darkness. He could feel the cold, hard steel floor he was lying on. He started to get up. Just then powerful, bright, blinding lights turned on. A lone, tall, scarred, one-eyed man was standing at the door.


"Yes Ryu, I'm glad to see you've not forgotten me."

"Where am I?"

"Shadowloo Base in Thailand."


"Yes Ryu, I still have my scar and for that reason, along with my humiliation and Adon's loss of respect for me, you will pay."

"I'll beat you again."

"I doubt that Ryu. I have learned from our last encounter and I have a few tricks up my sleeve."

"We'll see."

"Yes Ryu we will. TIGER GENOCIDE!!!"


"Everyone split into the teams Bison assigned earlier!"

"Right Cammy, Oktober and I will go back to the jet as planned."

"OK Marz, come on Januar."

"Soon Cammy, soon I will get you, you stupid clone!" Januar was muttering as she followed Cammy.

"Juli, I'm worried about Januar."

"I feel the same way Juni. I think we should tell Bison later."

"What if later is too late?"



"What are you watching?"

"Sagat's fighting Ryu in an empty stock room."

"Does Bison know?"

"Bison doesn't even know we've been keeping Ryu sedated in there for a fortnight, he thinks Ryu's been tossed out."

"Oh. Any news on 'Evil' Ryu?"

"Nope. Not a thing since he escaped. Where is this leading?"

"Well I never got a chance to talk to you like I had wanted."


"Well, I've heard you know Bison's biggest, most well-hidden secret."

"So what if I do?"

"I want to know it. I have to know it. I need to know it."


"I'm not all I appear to be. My very being here is dangerous."

"Really? Fine I'll tell you, but not here. Meet me at the back gate at eight tonight. Tell no one." Sirel walked away, Eagle sat down on Sirel's chair and watched the fight, not really concentrating, just thinking about what Bison's secret was.

"SHINKU TATSUMAKI SENPUKYAKU!!!" Ryu spun in the air but Sagat crouched below.

"Tiger Blow!" Sagat thought his plan would work. He was wrong. Ryu's spinning continued and he kicked Sagat repeatedly in the air. "No! Not again!" Sagat landed on the floor, hurting his right side in the process. He tried desperately to get up before Ryu reached the door.

"Yes Sagat, I've beaten you again." Ryu left leaving Sagat to struggle.

"SENRETSU KYAKU!!!" Chun-Li advanced kicking Bison several times. Bison fell but quickly got back up and floated upwards.


"Yes sir?"

"Get the jet here immediately."

"Yes sir."

"And Marz, call off the search for the experiment."

"Yes sir."

"Bison, get back down here now!"

"No Chun-Li, I will not do that."

"What about my father? Where is he?"

"Chun-Li, Chun-Li, Chun-Li, haven't you worked it out yet? Your father will NEVER come home."

"No!" Bison's jet arrived.

"You gave me a good fight Chun-Li. Maybe I'll try a bit harder next time." Bison elevated himself higher and went inside the jet."

"Father..." Chun-Li began to cry.

"Cammy, what do you think of clones?"

"They could be very useful to us, why do you ask? Do you think this monster we're looking for has something to do with cloning?"

"Maybe, maybe not. What would you do if you found out you had a clone?"

"I... I don't know. I suppose it would be weird, a bit... well... disgusting."

"Maybe we're not so different after all Cammy."

"Maybe. Januar, why do you wear that ma--"

"Cammy? Januar?"

"Yes Marz?"

"Cammy, you and Januar have been ordered to return to the pick-up point and meet everyone else."

"Alright Marz, we're on our way there now." Cammy ran towards the pick-up point. Januar followed, muttering to herself.

"You've had a lucky escape clone. A very lucky escape."

Chapter 9 - A Prisoner's Revenge

"Incompetent fools! Two weeks! Two weeks since the pair escaped! They'll have reached an army base by now!"

"Sir, calm down."

"The fools should have told me two weeks ago Cammy! First Chun-Li tries to kill me, then, when I think I can go home, someone finally alerts me to this problem!"

"What? Someone tried to kill you while we were looking for the experiment?"

"Don't worry Cammy, I easily overpowered her."

"I shouldn't have left you, I should have--"

"Stop my killer bee. I ordered you to assist Delta Blue, there is no need for guilt on your part." Bison and Cammy kissed. "Now, how long till we get to Cambodia?"

"Two weeks?" Bison burst out laughing while Cammy giggled. While he composed himself she looked out the window and watched the clouds racing past below.

Just like the first night he stood outside Shadowloo Base it was a stormy night. What if it was a set-up? What if Eagle knew he hadn't been brainwashed successfully? What if Eagle would be his only ally in a world full of enemies?


"Eagle?! You gave me a fright!"

"We better not take long or we'll be missed."

"I need to know why you want this information before I tell you."

"Really? How do I know I can trust you?"

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"Hmph. Point taken. For the record my name is Eagle Muir, Detective Eagle Muir of Scotland Yard, England, United Kingdom."

"Detective Muir? Well I suppose I should tell you my whole name. Sirel Bison, brother of Michael."


"Yes. But that's not all he's been hiding from everyone..."

"You are ready my dear, from now on you tread this path alone."

"I... I don't feel ready, are you sure we're finished?"

"Rose, believe me, you are ready."

"But Dr Strange, this power of mine, what if he got hold of it?"

"There are others whose destinies are tied to yours. One man is destined to be your hero and possibly more." Suddenly Strange was gone leaving Rose alone in her apartment.

"How can you see these things when I can't? I know in my heart that you're right, now is the time to end this."


"Charlie! Look high!"

"He's found us! This is my chance!"

"You're not ready! Don't do this!"

"You don't understand Guile. I've got to do this for me, for you and for everyone else he's hurt." Bison descended from his plane towards Guile and Charlie who were standing at the edge of an army base.

"There you both are, get on board that plane."


"You refuse do you? You will pay for not obeying me Mr Nash." Bison teleported and took Charlie with him.

"Charlie? No! Charlie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Master Bison? Sir? Where have you gone? Computer! Search for Master Bison!" Cammy was frantic with worry, but was it because she respected him or loved him?

"Wh... where?" Bison and Charlie reappeared at the edge of a cliff, a waterfall was nearby.

"This is your last chance Nash. You have cost me dearly over the years."

"I saw what happened the last time you lost control, a whole tribe of people, along with their village, were obliterated. I won’t let that happen again."

"And your friend?"

"What about him?"

"Does he know what you know?"


"Good, I only have to waste the time involved in killing one person."

"Just try it."


Not too far away on another Shadowloo jet...

"I wonder what is in that huge box that the master would want so urgently."

"Who knows Juli, sometimes, where the master is concerned, it's best not to ask."

"I suppose Juni."

"Uh, Juli? Juni?"

"Yes Februar?"

"Januar seems awfully quiet."

"When isn't she?" The trio giggled unaware that Januar had heard every word. Fools, she thought. One day she'd put up the effort and dispose of them. She couldn't help but think about what her clone had been trying to ask earlier; 'Why do you wear that mask?' She wouldn't have been able to answer even if she wanted to. Why? She just didn't know why Bison had wanted her to wear it. Was it to disguise her face so that Cammy didn't find out that she was a clone of Januar? She approached her window and saw her reflection. She looked round, no one was about. She took off the mask.

"A scar? On my cheek? How?" She could remember putting the mask on for the first time in front of a mirror. She didn't have a scar then. She hadn't even taken the mask off since then. How did the scar get there?

Thailand, Shadowloo Base.

"My God! I knew it would be important but I never experienced Bison's secret to be as important as it is!" Eagle entered his bedroom and closed the door behind him. He lay down on his bed. "The atrocities he's committed and the true reason for him founding Shadowloo is astonishing! With his current power levels he's a lethal foe, when the Psycho Drive is completed he'll be unstoppable! Dear God, no one is safe!"

"Sonic Boom!"

"Psycho Shot!" Bison and Charlie were matching each other hit for hit.

"SOMERSAULT! SOMERSAULT! SOMERSAULT!" Charlie performed a Somersault Justice that caught Bison unaware. Bison was sent flying as a result. When he landed he remained perfectly still. "This was almost too easy." Charlie took his glasses out of his trouser pocket and turned his back to Bison as he put them on. "Quite a view, and fall, from here. Hmm, I shouldn't do this but it could save the world."

"Planning to throw me off the cliff Charlie? How ungentlemanly of you!"

"Like you'd know how a gentleman behaves!"

"Point taken. I suppose I really should live up to my ungentlemanly reputation." Bison pushed Charlie off the edge of the cliff.


"Goodbye Mr Charles Nash." Delta Blue's jet arrived, as did a helicopter carrying Vega and Davin. "Juli, off load the package and leave immediately."

"Yes sir!" Juni and Mai dropped the box which Bison levitated to ground level while Delta Blue flew away.

"Vega, scale the cliff face and retrieve all of Charlie's belongings. Once you do that hide his body where no one will find it. Davin help me open this box." Vega did as instructed while Bison and Davin opened the box to reveal a perfect clone of Charlie...

Chapter 10 - Allies and Enemies

Rome, Bison's private jet landed in a quiet area. A man with blonde hair and sun-tanned skin approached the jet as the door opened and stairs appeared.

"I take it you are Birdie."

"That's right Bison."

"How did you manage to contact me?"

"I 'ave resources."

"Really. What is this meeting for?"

"I want to join Shadowloo."
"Hmm, I'll tell you what, if you pass the initiation then you're in."

"What do I have to do?"

"Normally you would have to fight me, but I'm too tired, so today you must beat my number one assassin, the Killer Bee!" Cammy jumped out of the plane and instantly began her attack.

"SPIN DRIVE SMASHER!!!" Birdie began to fight her while Bison watched. Slowly Bison could feel himself being lifted up to the roof of a nearby building. He was placed down and only then his foe revealed themself.

"Rose... it's good to see you. What's it been? A year and a half since last we saw each other?"

"This ends here and now."

"You know Delta Blue will be looking for me. I always keep them nearby."

"I don't care. Our destinies are intertwined Bison, this fight is destined to happen."

"Yes, I'm sure it is." Bison backed off. "PSYCHO CRUSHER!!!"

"Computer, locate Ryu Hoshi."

"Subject located in Tokyo, Japan."

"You know the master wouldn't be pleased."

"Vega? You gave me a fright." Sagat was sitting in a chair in the entertainment room of Shadowloo Base trying to watch television.

"Bison has other plans for the boy, you holding him in the base without per--"

"The master this, the master that, you talk like you were one of his dolls!"

"How dare you?"

"It's true isn't it? You follow Bison blindly!"

"I... I..." Vega was too shocked to speak and left. "What if he's right? No... no I can't believe him!"

London, England, the headquarters of MI-5.

"Luwanda, McKoy, Gims, Warren, Stefan and Hanna, you are the founding members of a new team run by military intelligence. Along with myself, you are Delta Red."

"Cool colonel, when do we get to see some action?"

"Soon Luwanda, soon."

"Bull Horn!"

"Aah!" Cammy fell and hurt her side upon landing; she was unable to continue.

"I'm number one!"

"Well done, I guess that makes you a member of Shadowloo, right sir? Sir? Where are you sir?" Cammy looked around as did Birdie but neither could find him. Cammy went back into the plane and ran straight to the radio. "Delta Blue this is Killer Bee, can you read me?"

"Yes Cammy?"

"Marz, I can't find Master Bison."

"It's OK Cammy, we've know where he is."


"On a roof near you, he's fighting Rose."

"The traitor! Should I go and help him?"

"No, he contacted me telepathically and told us all to stay away."

"Right. Killer Bee out."

"You can't beat me, you do know that, don't you?"

"I did it once Bison, I can do it again."

"But you had your Psycho Power then, you don't have it anymore."

"True, but now I have my Soul Power."

"Soul Power?" Bison paused.

"Yes, the power that feeds my moves like your Psycho Power does for you. AURA SOUL THROW!!!" Still surprised by Rose's revelation Bison was caught unawares and was knocked out by Rose's attack. "It ends now. I WILL destroy you." Rose poured her heart and soul into increasing the strength of the beam of Soul Power she was firing at Bison. She tried desperately to kill him and destroy his Psycho Power once and for all. He lay still on the ground, she had drained herself and sensed the evil had at last gone. She left and went home.

An ICPO base in China.

"My name is Detective Lee Rang, I'm here to meet Detective Zang."

"I'll get her right away sir." The officer went to find the woman Lee was looking for. Zang arrived shortly afterwards. When she saw Lee she gasped, more than a year ago she had beaten him up in his office.

"Chun-Li Zang?"

"Yes, and you are?"

"Detective Lee Rang, I believe you are investigating Shadowloo."

"That's right Lee, I think it would be a good idea if we shared information to nail Bison and his people."

"I'm up for it Miss Zang, anything if it means my man in New York can do his stuff in court."

"You have a lawyer involved? That's... unusual."

"I know but Mr Brockman was determined to be a part of this investigation."


"Where is he? He used to train here everyday at this time, why isn't he here? Maybe he's too embarrassed to show his face." The ginger haired man was wearing a blue and gold pair of shorts with matching striped headband and armbands. He looked around searching for the man named Sagat...

"Uh... C... Ca... Cam..."

"Sir? Don't try to speak, that traitor nearly killed you."

"W... wh... where?"

"I said DON'T TRY TO SPEAK!! Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you. It's just that I'm really worried about you. We're on your private jet flying home, I better check how the auto-pilot's going." Cammy gave Bison a peck on the cheek, stood away from Bison's bed and went through to the cockpit.

"Mmm, at last I can relax. Bison is dead and Shadowloo will fall. It's strange, the evil presence he had hasn't gone, I'll use my cards to check." Rose was in the bath relaxing, later she got out and changed. She got out her tarot cards and proceeded to read her future. "Hmm, I still can't see my future, for some reason it remains cloudy as if... No! Bison's alive! I... I failed!" The tarot card she was holding exploded and she began to cry as Bison's presence returned. In her heart she knew that since she'd failed today she would never succeed in destroying Bison, at least, not on her own. Bison had won.

Chapter 11 - Goals Advance

"So Robert, how's the investigation going?"

"I'm not allowed to talk about it dad."

"Surely you can tell me son, I won't go spreading any information you give me around."

"Dad, I would if I could, but I can't. Don't you understand that? Why can't you leave it alone?" Robert threw down his napkin and stood up from the dinner table.

"Robert, sit down, NOW!"

"I'm not a child anymore, don't treat me like one!"

"Don't act like a child and I won't treat you like one!" Kevin stood up from his seat between the feuding pair.

"Robert calm down, relax."

"Where do you get off treating me like I was your child? Don't dare treat me like that, just remember which of us is older." Kevin's wife, June, and their child, May, watched in silence, they'd learned never to get involved in an argument involving Kevin, Robert or Jacob.

"Robert! Kevin! Sit down both of you and eat you--" Jacob began to cough violently.

"Dad?" Jacob didn't answer Kevin's question, instead he held his chest.

"Granddad? Granddad?" June quickly escorted her daughter out of the room and phoned for an ambulance.

Why was he doing this? It wasn't like he had a point to make. He was bound to win, he taught his foe. Another question began to run through his mind; why now? It was the middle of the night, it was so dark he had to rely on the streetlights to reach his destination, a kickboxing arena. He entered the building and saw the ring. A lone man stood in it and when he saw Sagat he cackled.

"So you made it after all?"

"What's this all about Adon?"

"You disgraced the art of Muay Thai by losing to the boy, twice."

"How did you--"

"How did I know? I have my sources. Fight me Sagat, fight me and feel the wrath of Muay Thai kickboxers the world over." Sagat entered the ring and took his coat off, all he had on was his blue and gold shorts.

"Let's do it!"

"You killed my father!"

"You killed me and replaced me with a clone!"

"You mutated me into... into this!"

"You brainwashed my grandfather!"

"You stole my people's land!"

"You used me as a weapon!"

"You controlled me but now I will stop you once and for all!" Everyone he had ever hurt or manipulated had formed a circle around him. Rose moved forward and fired beams of Soul Power from his hands aimed at him. Those gathered laughed and cheered her on. The pain was intense, he was unable to retaliate.


"Bison? Mike? Are you OK?" Cammy sat up, Bison's scream had woken her up.

"Cammy? Wh... where? What?"

"It's alright Mike, you're at home, in our bed, calm down, it was just a nightmare."

"A nightmare? Of course. You go back to sleep, I need a drink of water." Cammy lied down while Bison got out of bed. He went through to their private bathroom and poured a glass of water. He walked past the bed and over to the window, he looked out. "Was it a nightmare or something else? Why do I think it's a prediction? Rose did a good job, I should tell them what she did." Bison continued to look out the window, Cammy watched him having heard every word.

"Excuse me doctor, how is he doing?"

"And you are?"

"Kevin Brockman, his son."

"Mr Brockman, Kevin, I'm afraid to say it doesn't look good."

"What do you mean, what's wrong with him?"

"And you are?"

"Robert Brockman, his oldest son."

"Well, I simply don't know what to do, I've never seen anything like it. He's suffering extreme heart strain, lack of breath, violent coughing and vomiting as well as a fever."

"His chances?"

"As I told your brother, I can't tell for sure. I don't know what to do since I've never seen anything like it. All I can do is try a number of medicines and injections and hope one of them is successful." The doctor left, a nurse followed a couple of minutes later.

"Excuse me, I just need to go in and give the patient an injection."

"Alright miss..."

"Nurse Felicity Oktober, we've not tried this drug yet." Kevin eyed her up; the playboy in him rose to the surface until Robert punched him in the arm. The nurse went inside and gave Jacob an injection of a green solution. She activated a tiny microphone on her uniform. "Marz?"

"Yes Oktober?"

"I've given him the drug, I'll be at the rendezvous point in ten minutes."

"OK Oktober, Marz out."

"JAGUAR REVOLVER!!!" Adon's continual attack was too much for Sagat who was knocked to the ground once and for all. "Yeah I've beaten you!"

"It was a fluke boy, you know I'd win in a rematch." By now the first signs of light were coming through the windows.

"You're old Sagat and you know what they say, out with the old, in with the new! Now I'm ready to challenge him, no longer do I have to put up with your rubbish, you loser! A new day is dawning and that day will see me crowned 'King of the Street Fighters!'" With that Adon walked out, leaving Sagat to lick his wounds and think about what had just happened.

"Mike? Sir?"

"Yes Cammy?"

"I heard you talking early in the morning, you said you knew you had to tell us what Rose had done to you." Bison dropped his spoon into his Frosted Flakes causing milk to be splashed all over the table they were sitting at.

"Look at this mess, I better clean it up." Bison retrieved a cloth from the nearby kitchen and cleaned up the mess. He took the cloth back to the kitchen and didn't take long to come back and sit down again. "Sir?"

"Yes Cammy?"

"What did she do to you?" Bison took a sip of his orange juice and sat silently for a few moments. He looked round to make sure no one else was sitting at any of the other tables in the dining room.

"Rose has gained a new power similar to my Psycho Power, she calls it her Soul Power. At the end of our battle she used her power and tried to kill me but failed. However she did manage to do one thing."

"What?" Cammy began to drink some milk.

"She removed my Psycho Power." Cammy spat her milk out and dropped her glass. It smashed on the floor.

"Oh, I better clean this up!"



"Don't tell anyone else, not yet. Oh, and when you're in the kitchen tell Mai to make mine a full English breakfast." Cammy began to leave. "Oh and Cammy, I'll have tea with that. Make sure it's the way I like it." Cammy left. Bison's statement still hadn't sunk in, he was acting so normally, as if nothing was wrong.

"Mr Brockman?"


"What is it?"

"I'm afraid you're father died a few moments ago. He had been stabilising but suffered from a sudden, fatal, relapse."

"No, no, he can't be!"

"May, it's going to be alright. Kevin, I'll take her outside." Kevin didn't respond. He sat down and began to cry.

"No, he must be alive!"

"I'm sorry Mr Brockman, we did all we could. I'll arrange a post mortem so we can find out what caused his death." The doctor left and Robert sat down and stared at the wall in front of him, he was still in shock.

Chapter 12 - A Hero Lost

"I didn't think you could make it. Thanks for coming."

"It's no trouble Kevin."

"Really Kevin, it was no trouble at all. The competition in Michigan stinks."

"I appreciate you coming."

"Kevin, I know I'm not a fighter like Ken but I do know how nice a man you're father is, how could we--"



"You said my father is. He's dead. My father was."

"Oh, I'm... I'm so sorry."

"No, no Eliza. I should be apologising. I was very rude." Kevin guided Ken and Eliza into the living room of Jacob's mansion. There were lots of people there.

"My God Ken! Is that the Thing! Ken? Ken?" Ken had fainted at the sight of the Fantastic Four, Avengers, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Dr Strange and more.

"Great, more fans, that's all I need."

"You know I wouldn't mind taking some of them off your hands."

"Hey Spidey, I never said I don't like 'em, they just seem to follow me round." Spider-Man walked over to Johnny Storm, better known as the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four.

"Hey Torch, did I ever tell you I was writing a song?"

"How does it go."

"Let's see. Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can." Spider-Man's singing had everyone watching him, staring at him. "I'm just going to hide in a very dark corner!"

"Tiger Blow!" Sagat threw himself into the air determined to master a more powerful version of Ryu's shoryuken.

"SAGAT!!!!!" A man wearing a pink gi approached him.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Dan Hibiki! Remember the name of the man who beats you into your grave!" Sagat was puzzled by Dan's statement. "For my father!" Dan jumped into the air screaming, "Yahoo!" and fell flat on his face. Sagat began to laugh. "Koryuken!"



"Yes Cammy?"

"What's a Psycho Drive?"

"A machine capable of increasing my Psycho Power exponentially."

"But you don't have your Psycho Power anymore?" Bison was at his desk studying the blueprints, Cammy sat on the arm of his chair.

"Don't worry Cammy, no one else has to know."


"The Psycho Drive will be able to restore my abilities."

"Oh..." Bison and Cammy continued to talk. Januar leaned against the wall next to the door of Bison's office. She waited. And waited. And waited. Eventually Cammy came out. "Januar! You gave me a fright! What are you doing here?"

"I just wanted to talk to the master for a minute."

"Well, he's not got much to do so it'll be fine for you to go in. I'll see you later, I've a sparring match with Vega to get to."

"Bye Cammy." Cammy walked away and Januar watched her intently. Dumb clone. Miss High and Mighty thinking that she's better than the rest of us, just because she's Bison's favorite.

"Jealousy is such an ugly emotion."

"What? Sir? I... I'm not jealous. Not of her!"

"Whatever you say, I mean, she's just a clone of you after all, isn't she?"

"Yes, yes she is."

"Why are you here?" Januar took off her mask.

"Because of this." Januar pointed to where she'd found her scar weeks before.

"What am I looking for?"

"The scar!"

"What scar?" Bison opened a drawer of his desk and found a small mirror. He gave it to Januar.

"It was there! I saw it!"

As the coffin was lowered into the ground rain began to fall. Many thought the thunder that followed was natural, little did they know it had been summoned by Thor.

"Kevin, do you want an umbrella?" June took out a spare umbrella from her bag. Kevin didn't answer. He wanted the rain to fall; it would hide his tears. The funeral concluded and the guests went back into the mansion. Only Kevin, June, May, Robert and Josef Robertson, Kevin's best friend, remained.

"Is he alright Robert?"

"I don't know Josef. You're his best friend, can you get him to come out of his little world?" Josef walked up to Kevin.


"Jo." June took May back inside.

"Kevin I know what you're going through but you can't hide from it. May needs you."

"Why did this happen?"

"I don't know. The autopsy couldn't establish a cause of death."

"I think it was murder. Somebody poisoned him."

"You don't know that, there's no proof." Robert had been listening and suddenly everything fell into place. Only one man could be responsible for what had happened to his father; M Bison.

"Doshita doshita!" Again Dan Hibiki taunted his foe. Sagat replied in a violent and powerful manner.

"TIGER GENOCIDE!!!" Dan blocked. Once Sagat landed Dan retaliated.

"HISSHO BURAIKEN!!!" Sagat was left open for a matter of nanoseconds yet this was enough time for Dan to knock him out. Once Sagat was down Dan celebrated by performing his Chouhatsu Densetsu. "I did it! I won! I am the strongest! Now I can perfect Saikyo and teach it to others! Yahoo!" Dan ran off celebrating. Sagat sat up.

"Fool, did he really think he could beat me?" He stood up and headed back to Shadowloo Base.

"I bet you Cammy wins."

"I wouldn't waste my money September. Dezember knows what she's talking about."

"No it's OK April. Dez, I bet you $50 that Vega wins the match."

"You're on."

"September you can be a fool sometimes."

"Mai, be quiet. You know why I always bet on Vega."

"No, no I don't. Do you August?" Mai winked at August.

"Let me see... Oh, I know! She's in love!"


"You love him?"

"So what November?"

"He's always given me the creeps."

"Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!"

"Well it looks like you get to keep you're money September. Cammy! Vega! There's an intruder!" Cammy and Vega left the training room. Before anyone could start looking for the intruder or intruders they heard a voice from above.

"M Bison! This is the Police! Come out with you're hands up!"

Chapter 13 - The People VS M Bison

"At a courtroom in New York City law officials from around the globe have gathered for a unique trial; the people of Earth VS M Bison! I'll have further details in the next bulletin. This is April for Shadowloo TV."

"Shadowloo TV?"

"What's wrong with that August? He said to make it convincing." A car pulled up at the front stairs where April and August were standing. "There's the boss, have you got the acid?"

"It's ready." Bison got out of the car followed by Juni, who was wearing a blonde wig.

"Mr Bison do you have anything to say?" Bison walked up to August's TV camera.

"I just want to say that I am innocent." A tiny, almost microscopically sized cartridge was fired from the TV camera. Tiny rocket thrusters fired up and guided the cartridge into Bison's pocket. Juni ushered Bison up the stairs and inside.

"Mission complete!"

"Kevin. June. May."

"Can we get on with this?" Kevin sat down in a chair in his lawyer's office.

"Where's Robert?"

"He couldn't make it, he's working on a big trial. Can we get on with this?"

"Well I know most of the others in the will are out of town but I don't know about one."


"Miss Cammy White."

"Mr Bison, did you or did you not devise a break in of a chemical factory in Utah nearly two years ago?"

"I did not."

"What about the abduction of Cammy White? Did you mastermind that?"

"I did not. I have never heard of this 'Cammy' that you speak of."

"Do you or do you not run an international drug-ring?"

"I do... not." Robert became impatient and walked up to Bison. Bison took the capsule he had received from August out of his pocket and pressed on it. It tripled in size. He threw it at Robert. It burst open, covering Robert's body in an acid-based solution. Guards ran towards Bison. The wall behind him caved in and flying rubble knocked out the judge and several of the guards. No one could see what was happening due to the thick clouds of dust that formed, choking them. Robert grabbed the closest thing to him, a rope, the cloud disappeared and someone shouted out.

"He's gone! Bison's gone!"

"'To Kevin, my youngest son, I leave my mansion and adjoining estate as well as $1,000,000,000 and the tournaments. Robert will get my Spanish villa and $1,000,000,000. May will receive $500,000,000 to be held in a trust fund until her eighteenth birthday. To Cammy White I leave $100,000. Cammy will be given this money once she is found safe and well. I f she is not found after 15 years I want the money to go to charity. I also want to give the Fantastic Four $20,000, the Avengers $10,000 and Charles Xavier $10,000.' That's it, that's the whole will."

"I never knew dad had so much money!"

"I can't believe he gave the estate to you and not Robert."

"I wonder who Cammy White is?"

"Kevin, if you want I can get some private investigators to find her for you."

"Thanks Ross, I'll think about it." Kevin, June and a very stunned May got up and left the office."

"There is one seriously injured person, the prosecutor, Robert Brockman who had an unidentifiable liquid thrown onto him. Bison, who was up for several charges, has not been seen since and many suspect his escape was planned. Many of these people think Bison will never be found again. This is April for Shadowloo TV News in New York."

"Shadowloo TV?"

"You said to make it realistic sir, that's April's version of realistic."

"Yes, Februar, I think I understand what you're meaning." Bison was with Cammy and most of Delta Blue on their jet flying to Thailand.

"Cammy, how is the Psycho Drive progressing?"

"We can move in now, there's only a few odd jobs left to do."

"Good my Killer Bee." Januar, who had been standing beside Februar, went over to a window away from her master and team-mates.

"Cammy this, Cammy that, I hate her!! Stupid clone! Stupid, stupid clone!!!"


"Juli! Juli, I thought you were flying the plane!"

"No, Juni's piloting. Are you alright Januar?"

"Me? Me, I'm fine. You?"

"I'm... fine. Januar if you ever want to talk to me about anything, just let me know."

"I can do that, I'll remember that."


"So August, do you think I should ask Bison about making a real Shadowloo TV?"


"See I've come up with this program. You put 10 people, 5 of them men and 5 of them women, in this house with lots of cameras and every week two are nominated for eviction. A few days later the public decide who is to go until there's only 3 left and then the winner is chosen by the public."



"Shut up." August signalled for a taxi. She and April got in and the taxi drove to a small airfield. What they didn't know was that a woman they'd met before was watching them, flying above their taxi, observing where they went.

Later that night at the Brockman mansion in Westchester Kevin walked around the estate.

"Why did you give all of this to me dad? Robert deserves it more, I don't want the responsibility of a tournament, I don't deserve the money. I'm sorry dad. I'm sorry I wasn't the son you wanted. I know you were murdered, I can feel it in my heart, so can Robert. But who? Why? If only you could tell--"

"Kevin! There you are!" June ran up to her husband. "Kevin! I just got a call from the hospital, it's Robert!"

"What? What's happened to him?"

"There was some sort of fight at the court and Robert was badly injured. They want you to go down there ASAP."

Chapter 14 - Fighters Assembled

"Computer, locate Ryu Hoshi."

"Ryu Hoshi is currently in Westchester, New York."

"Strange. Locate Ken Masters."

"Westchester, New York."



"Charlie Nash?"

"Two locals, one is Westchester, New York. The other--"

"Zangief, the Red Cyclone?"


"Dhalsim? Edmond Honda? Guile?"

"Westchester. Westchester. Westchester."

"What are all of those fighters doing in Westchester?"

"I am not programmed to answer such questions."

"I wasn't asking you!!" Bison got up from his chair in his new office within the Psycho Drive building. Cammy entered the office.

"Sir? You look worried, is something wrong?"

"Maybe. A large number of fighters seem to have gathered in New York."

"Do you want me to join Delta Blue and fight them?"

"No, for now we wait. We wait until my Psycho Power levels are back to normal. This Psycho Drive of Senoh's was a piece of genius."

"Sir, according to reports from Davin, the old base has been searched by the ICPO."

"Was Emergency Procedure B utilised?"

"Yes, 12 officers died as a result of the explosion as well as the main detective on the case."


"Lee Rang."



"Robert, don't say anything."


"You're in hospital, you were badly burned by acid, you've not to speak. Don't worry Robert, I'll get Bison for this. I'll find him and kill him and all his troops." Robert fell asleep again and Kevin got up from his chair beside Robert. He put his long, black leather coat on as well as his black hat and left.


"Yes April?"

"I've been thinking about programmes for Shadowloo TV, do you want to hear my ideas?"


"I'll list them first; 'Prisoner Cell Block S', 'The Stupid and the Ugly', 'Pals', 'Shadowloo Beach', 'Shadowloo Toni--"



"Shut up!" Marz continued working on her laptop computer. April remained seated opposite; they were in the lounge.

"What are you doing?" Marz glanced at April for a second.

"I'm creating Shadowloo.com"


"Our web site?"

"Our what?"

"It's just a place people on the Internet can go to find out about the 'legal' operations of Shadowloo."

"What's an Internet?" Marz glanced at April again but never answered.

"Januar, if you could just lie down on this bed please." Januar and Oktober were in the sick bay of the Psycho Drive complex. Januar did as asked. "Now what was the problem?"

"I found a scar on my cheek a few weeks ago and the next time I looked, it was gone. I was wondering if you could look at it for me."

"Sure, what cheek is it on normally?"


"Could you take your mask off?"
"I... suppose." Januar began to take it off when Bison entered. Januar stopped.

"Why are you in sick bay Januar? Is there something wrong?"

"No. No sir."

"Good. I want you both to go to the assembly hall. Now." Bison left.

"Do you want me to look at your scar later on?"

"No, no it's alright. I'm overreacting. We better go." Januar left promptly, Oktober followed.

"For weeks now we have lived here in the Psycho Drive base and in all that time I have not revealed to you the true purpose for this complex. The Psycho Drive is capable of augmenting my powers on an exponential degree."

"Why would you need or want a machine sir?"

"A good question Vega and one I will answer now. Several weeks ago I fought Rose, a traitor to Shadowloo, in Rome. Rose had gained a Soul Power, which she had mastered well enough to remove my Psycho Power. Until a few days ago I was powerless."

"My chance to gain power and I missed it!"

"How come my computer couldn't pick that up?"

"Why didn't you tell us?" Bison walked down the stairs from his podium, through the mass of agents and out of the room without saying a word. Cammy followed. Everyone else talked to one another. Januar left the crowd.

"Bison was powerless. I could have got Cammy and he couldn't have stopped me!" Vega walked over to her.

"What is wrong child?"

"I can't believe he kept that from us!"

"I know, but I'm sure he had his reasons. He's been planning to use this to his advantage, I can tell." Not far away Sirel and Eagle just stared at each other. They knew they'd missed their best chance of killing Bison and saving the world.

The Brockman mansion, Westchester.

"Everyone! Everyone! I want to say how thankful I am for all coming here on such short notice." Kevin was in the lounge of his mansion speaking to many, many fighters. They all listened intently. All of them were there to beat Bison for one reason or another. Whether it was to avenge the killing of their father like Chun-Li, protect their country like Zangief, join their idols on their mission like Sakura and Rainbow Mika or save the world like Rose or Guy, they all wanted to see Bison take a great fall or did they? Someone sat in that room pretending to want to see Bison die but instead see these gathered fighters, but who? "We're all here to see the downfall of a very evil man by the name of Bison and his drug-ring, Shadowloo."

Chapter 15 - The Final Battle?

Searchlights cut through the darkness of the night. A helicopter flew around the building. Man and women searched the area, all for one reason. The intruder alarm had been set off an hour before and still the intruder or intruders had not been found. Inside the Psycho Drive complex Bison sat on his throne.


"No sign sir."

"That is not good enough Marz. Return to the control room I shall wait there with you."

"Yes sir." Marz walked out of Bison's throne room while Bison pressed a button on his throne. The metallic throne launched itself a short distance into the air where Bison held it using the telekinetic abilities of his Psycho Power before floating out of the room and into the control room where Marz was sitting at her communications console. He watched her for a minute then turned his attention to the piece of equipment in the middle of the room, the Psycho Drive. "Just being this close to the machine makes me feel more powerful. Senoh really was a genius."

"Killer Bee is there any sign yet?"

"No Marz." Bison continued to admire the Psycho Drive before noticing his hands were glowing. His Psycho Power was primed for use.


"What's wr--" Before she could continue Bison unwillingly fired two beams of Psycho Power at her, knocking her out instantly as well as damaging some of the large computer systems.

"What? I can't be overloading, not again!" Before he could continue a mighty noise deafened him, something was blasting off from the Psycho Drive base.


"What is it Vega?"

"What do you see in Bison? What does he have that I don't?"

"I..." Cammy was unable to continue as six missiles were fired from the Psycho Drive base and exploded in mid-air. "What on earth!"

"GO!!!" While Cammy, Vega and everyone else who was supposed to be looking for the intruder or intruders was stunned by the explosion overhead the Organiser took his chance and all the fighters with him followed.

"This is Killer Bee to Marz, can you hear me? Intruders found, there's about 25 of them, back up required urgently. This is a Battle Code Red!"

"Cammy we don't need back-up, they're all too ugly to beat us!"

"Computer! Identify intruders!"

"Intruuuders identi...ti...fied as K. Brock...k....k...k...man, Ryu, K...Ken, Chun-Li, E...E...E Honda, So...Sodom, Guile, Zzzzangief, Charlie Naaaash--"

"Computer stop!! It's like to talking to a stuttering robot!

"Delta Blue Attack!!!" Juni and Juli's orders prompted the other available members of Delta Blue to join the fight as did Sirel, Balrog, Eagle, Davin, Sagat and Birdie. Other less important Shadowloo agents tried to help but were easily defeated by the allied Street Fighters. IN the confusion of the fight Cammy was accidentally punched in the head by Balrog and was sent flying. When she landed outside of the group Vega's question from earlier on came back to her, "What do you see in Bison?" She thought about it and thought about it but she couldn't come up with an answer. She watched the fight and noticed that nearly all of Delta Blue were out of the fight as were Sakura, Ken, Dan, Guy, Adon, Dee Jay, Fei-Long and Rolento. She didn't know which side to fight on. She considered running away but before she could get herself up the roof doors of the Psycho Drive building opened and a glowing, very angry M Bison flew out.


"You killed my father, I know you did it, just try and deny it! If that wasn't enough you try to kill my brother! Now he's lying in a hospital bed covered in acid burns!"

"And you are?"

"Don't pretend you don't know! My name is Kevin Brockman, the NEW Organiser!"

"Kevin, Kevin, Kevin. Dressing up like Daddy these days, what a fool you are! I have one thing to say to you and your street fighters, DIE!!!" Bison fired beams of Psycho Power at the street fighters, those that were hit were knocked out instantly.

"Bison! I've beaten you twice, I can do it again!" Bison landed and walked over to Rose.

"Just try it Rose!" She did. She threw her most powerful Aura Soul Throw. The other fighters with projectile attacks threw their most powerful versions of those attacks at Bison, all of them other than Charlie who threw his weakest sonic booms, but why? Those street fighters without projectile attacks kept the remaining Shadowloo agents in check preventing them from assisting their master. Cammy however remained impartial. "Is this the best you can do? This is pathetic!" Bison was shrugging the attacks off with the minimum of effort but failed to notice two men in dark teleport beside him. They both grabbed him and a blinding light appeared stopping the street fighters from being able to continue their attacks. The light passed and the two men taunted facing away from everyone else. They teleported away again just as Bison rose back to his feet. His body was battered and bruised. He was bleeding heavily. His Psycho Power grew in strength. He exploded with Psycho Power shooting out of every pore of his body. The fighters were knocked out, the Psycho Drive complex was damaged, the Psycho Drive itself destroyed.

Bison fell to the ground and the rain began to pour. The battle was over.


He was the first one to wake up. The rain was pouring down, the Psycho Drive complex was in flames but the sprinklers inside were beginning to dampen the fire. He looked around, there was no movement, the street fighters were all out for the count as were all of the Shadowloo agents. He saw Bison's body; it was much thinner than he'd ever seen it before, his skin was pale. He heard coughing, it was Eagle.



"Is it over?"

"Looks like it. Bison's dead."

"Are you sure?"

"Just look at him, there's no way he's alive. It's over. You can go home. Shadowloo will fall now that Bison's dead." Eagle forced himself up.

"You coming?"

"I'll wait a while. I'll tell them you were gone when I woke up." Eagle nodded and ran off. Sirel sat up and just as he did Vega began to stir. "Vega?"

"Sirel? Did we win?"


"There must have been more ugly people working on our side, like you."

"I suppose."

"How is the master?"

"I... I think he's dead. I've not had a chance to check yet." Vega ran over to Bison's still body and checked his pulse.

"Thank Lord Bison! He's alive! Weak but alive!"

"God no!"

"What did you say?"

"I said thank God. What did you think I said?"

A few hours later in the remains of the Psycho Drive Sick Bay.


"No. My name is Doctor Robertson."


"You're in the sick bay of your 'Psycho Drive'"

"It's a bit dark."

"Smoke damage."

"I've never met you."

"I met Oktober in my hospital a few weeks ago when she was pretending to be a nurse. She said you needed a doctor you could trust, I'm it."

"Where's Vega?"

"I'm right here sir. You can go now doctor." Josef left the room.

"Vega, son, take Februar, Marz, April, Mai, Juni, Juli, August, September, Oktober, November and Dezember to Cryo Chamber 1 and freeze them. Do the same to Januar but in Cryo Chamber 2."


"Once you've done that I want you to take Cammy to England. The exact co-ordinates I want you to leave her at are on her name tag, I think its 740106. You must leave her at the door of the training center. If you don't do this correctly I will be forced to punish you severely. Understand?"

"Yes, but why? Won't she know all about us?"

"Cammy does not remember anything, I sensed a blankness in her memory during my... explosion. She has broken free of the mind control and we have no hope of regaining her."

"That is a sad thing to hear, I always enjoyed our sparring matches. Is that all?"

"For now." Vega left to carry out his tasks while Bison fell asleep.

A month later in Cryo Chamber 2.

"Hello Januar, my special little girl. I've come to give you your weekly dose of Psycho Power." Januar was lying on a metallic bed-like machine that kept her in suspended animation. He kissed her forehead. "I should have thought of this earlier." He held her face in his hands and passed a small quantity of Psycho Power into her before