Thanks to Cary Woodham for this fun poem!  Over the last few years, Cammy has stared in novels, fan fics, drama CDs, cartoons, movies, many comics, and a buncha other things, but I think this is her first poem! (but hopefully not the last...)
The Cammy Poem...


By Kobun T. Servebot

Cammy kicks my ass in this poem...

The Cammy Poem...
As far as cool Street Fighters go,
Cammy is to be revered.
But if you look at her fashion sense,
It looks a little…weird.
Some parts of her chosen outfit
Don't go with her fighting suit.
Those bright red socks don't really go
With those big ol' combat boots.
Her legs are all covered in
Those green camouflage patches.
It looks like her legs were the losing end
In several paintball matches.
That green swimsuit she likes to wear
Isn't too discreet, my friend.
Because when she turns around to us,
We can all see her rear end.
As far as weird hairstyles go,
Cammy really takes the grade.
It looks like she could trip and fall
On those long blonde pigtail braids.
That red beret that Cammy has
Is one nice headgear fixture.
With that hat she looks as if
She should be painting pretty pictures.
I sure do wish that Cammy was here
To listen to this rhyme.
Oh, speak of the devil! Hi there Cammy!
Have you been behind me this whole time?!?
Uh oh.
Um…here Cammy take a look
At this poem that I just wrote.
Hey, that's no reason to rip it up,
And shove it down my throat!
Now you've backed me into a corner,
And your face is getting red.
You sure do look mad there Cammy.
Was it something that I said?
Stop with the kicking and the punching!
My arm doesn't bend that way!
Ow! I've already got a boo-boo there!
I'm just having a bad day!
Well I've learned a lesson here,
From that previous double-whammy.
"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,"
Especially one named Cammy!
The Cammy Poem...
Hey fan artists!

This poem just begs for pictures, don't you think?  Each stanza could be made into a cool picture, so why don't you take this opportunity to draw something.   ^_^
BTW, if you like what Cary's done here, check out his video game reviews for the Dallas Morning News.
The Cammy Poem...