R.J. Bailey's Cammy History
Updated August, 2001  (added pictures)

My first Cammy fan fic!  And man, does this one set some high standards!  The author of this story, Robin Bailey, is not only an excellent writer, and a long-time Cammy fan, but he's also English.  That, I think that gives this story a real special edge.  Moreover, he's got an uncanny feel for Cammy's personality.  Anyhow, the story is all about the mystery time before Shadowloo.  Like me, Robin Bailey doesn't believe in that DNA stuff.  Personally, I think this is the best and most likely storyline.

And a message from the author...
" I wrote this story because Cammy is one of the best characters to have come from Capcom. Also, she has the most confusing back-story out of all the characters in the Street Fighter series. Stories have been written about her work with Delta Red and Shadowloo. My story goes right back, to when Cammy had no connections with either of these organisations...but ultimately explains how she became a Shadowloo agent. I hope my story answers some of the questions that you may have about Cammy's past....from her homelife in England to how she was first spotted by Shadowloo....enjoy!....R.J.Bailey."
If you want to talk to him, you can reach him at: Arngrim_the_troll@hotmail.com

* By the way, this fanfic was updated in October 2000 with a "Cast of Characters" section.

If you'd like a notepad .txt version of this story... RJB's Cammy History
Anyhow, without further adieu, here's a great Cammy story...



Cast of Characters

The White Household:

Charles White, Cammy's father.
Background: One of the English Governments most senior diplomats, Charles White is a kind, caring father to his daughters and still craves the excitment his job brings, even at his age.

Elizabeth White, Cammy's mother.
Background: Coming from a wealthy family herself, Elizabeth White has a taste for the finer things in life and is not shy when offering an opinion, no matter how scathing.

rjb-cammy-tn.gif (3887 bytes)Camilla (known as "Cammy" to her friends) White
Background: Cammy is the youngest daughter of the wealthy White family. She is pretty, spirited and fun-loving but has an edge to her personality that some would find aggressive and unusual in a 14 year old girl. Although highly intelligent, Cammy dislikes school, mainly beacuse she finds her classmates too prissy and girlish. Cammy is none the less very popular, especially with the boys in the village of Westerham where her family live. Cammy hates her full name "Camilla"!

rjb-estella-tn.gif (4161 bytes)Estella White, Cammy's sister.
Background: A seductress, Estella flaunts her beauty to get whatever she wants from the long list of elligable young men that would give anything for one date with her. Cammy finds this pathetic.

Colonel Gideon White, Cammy's grandfather.
Background: A decorated hero of World War 2, Colonel White lives with his son Charles and his granddaughters in Gabriel Chase House, the White family home.

Mrs Kiersey
Background: The White Family's Housekeeper.

Friends, Enemies and Colleagues:
Emma-Sophie: Cammy's best friend and schoolmate at Combe Bank School for Girls.

rjb-emma-sophie-tn.gif (3872 bytes)

Stefan and Jonny: Two boys from Cammy's village.
Jenkins: Seller's chauffer.
Phillip Sellers: Phillip Sellers is Charles White's co-worker in London.
Dudley Burton-Smith: A close family friend of the White's and boxing gentleman.
Georgina Arrowsmith: A bullying senior at Combe Bank School.

rjb-georgina-tn.gif (4377 bytes)

Rose: Powerful street-fighting gypsy sorcoress!
Mike Bison: Evil Shadowloo boxing henchman.
Vega: Lord of Shadowloo.
Dr Miklov: Evil Shadowloo scientist.




Chapter One: Kent County England... 8:35 am

The sleek, black Bentley 's V8 engine hummed as it pulled off the country lane and into the drive of Gabriel Chase House. Phillip Sellers sat in the backseat, rummaging through an attaché case full of papers.
" Tell me more about this White chap Jenkins, has he worked for us long?"
" Yes sir", replied Seller's driver, Jenkins. "By all accounts he's an excellent diplomat. He's just got back from talks in Northern Ireland, discussing a peace treaty so I should say his diplomatic skills are first rate."
"What about his family?" asked Sellers.
" His wife, Elizabeth, usually accompanies him on diplomatic trips.  Apparently she was a successful model in the 1970's. He has 2 daughters, Estella and Camilla, 17 and 14 respectively......Ahh, here we are sir."
Two huge, wrought iron gates yawned open and the house came into view. The White family house was Georgian, very old and very large with extensive grounds.
" By Jove, that's a place!" exclaimed Sellers.
" Yes Sir, been in the White family for 6 generations I believe."
The car stopped and a large woman with a rosy face came down the steps at the front of the house and greeted the two men with a smile.
" Hello gentlemen, I'm Mrs Keirsey, the house-keeper. Mr White is expecting you, this way please."
The friendly manner of Mrs Keirsey relaxed Sellers as she lead him through the entrance hall of the house and into a sitting room. Charles White sat in a large, leather chair whatching the cricket scores on the BBC breakfast
"Mr sellers is here to see you sir," Mrs Keirsey said.
Charles White got up and shook Sellers hand warmly. Charles was tall, with thinning, blonde hair parted to the side. He had a moustache and was dressed in slacks and a morning coat. He smiled at Sellers.
" Good to finally meet you at last old chap, how's everything in London?"
"Oh fine," Sellers began, " I must say, this is a marvelous place you've got here White."
"Yes indeed, been in the family for 6 generations. Ah, speaking of family, may I introduce my wife Elizabeth."
Elizabeth White entered the room from another door. She was attractive now and was probably very beautiful when she was younger. Her hair was dark blonde and carefully pinned back. She wore a blue Channel suit and a lot of jewelry. She smiled thinly at Sellers, eyeing him up and down as if he were a new piece of furniture.
"Charmed, I'm sure," she said and held out her hand for Sellers to shake it.
"I must say I'm curious to know what this meeting is all about."
"Yes ma'am, " said Sellers.
Charles offered him a chair and he sat down.
" Mr and Mrs White, I've come to discuss a diplomatic visit with you.  Townsend at head office needs two diplomats to travel to Thailand. We need you to meet with the Thai government and discuss the Royal visit in September. Security is of the upmost importance, especially after the incident in Australia. We can't have the heir to the throne put in any danger. We need you to assess the security measures there and liase with myself and Jenkins here, in London. This is a very important trip and nothing must go wrong."
"Sellers, when do we leave?" Charles asked, immediately.
"Umm, darling, don't you think we should discus this first?" Elizabeth said, then she whispered, " I hear Thailand is a pretty ghastly place dear, full of unspeakable types.."
Charles interrupted.
"We'll be delighted to go, won't we dear?"
Elizabeth gave him a sour smile..
"Oh of course. I'm going to wake the girls, they'll be late for school."
Elizabeth marched out of the room and up the stairs.




Chapter Two: Cammy & Estella

Cammy lay in bed, she knew her mother would be coming to wake her up....she'd already called twice. The bed covers felt so warm that she didn't want to get out of bed. Elizabeth burst into the room...Cammy flinched.
" Get up at once, you will be late for school assembly AGAIN!"
Cammy pretended to snore....
"RIGHT!" yelled Elizabeth and she snatched the covers off of Cammy.
" Mum, it's freezing!," Cammy protested.
" Well I don't care, you have to go to school today young lady. Your sister never makes such a fuss, so why do you? Now hurry up and get ready, right now."
Elizabeth turned away and walked out of Cammy's room, shaking her head as she went. Cammy shivered and got up out of bed and went to her wardrobe.
" I hate this uniform, " she thought as she laid it on the bed. Cammy and her sister both attended Combe Bank School, a prestigious local girls school that claimed to have been educating girls since 1886. Cammy took off her night clothes, showered in her bathroom, and put on her school uniform. It consisted of smart, black shoes. white socks, a short, green and yellow tartan skirt, a white shirt with a green neck-tie and to top it off, a straw Panama hat with a green band around the brim. School rules were strict and any deviators from this set uniform were soon reprimanded by the faculty. Cammy sat at her dressing-table and combed her long blonde hair.
She had never cut it, despite her mother's insistence, and now she could practically sit on the ends of it. She began to plait her hair into two bunches. Just then, her sister, Estella entered the room, grinning.
"Good morning....Camilla," Estella said, sarcastically.
"You know I don't like being called that...it's Cammy or nothing, ok?"
Estella was 17. She was pretty, but Cammy had all the looks. Her hair was dark brown, almost black, as were her eyes. Cammy and her had never got on well together, they were much too different. Whereas Estella was feminine and liked shopping and horse-riding, Cammy was tom-boyish and liked play-fighting and the military.
"Hmph," Estella said. "Mother doesn't like you to put your hair in bunches, you know. We think it looks common."
"Just sod off Estella, I'm not in the mood,"
" Oh yes, it's your first day on report at school isn't it?" Estella asked, knowing very well that it was. Cammy had been put on report at school for "behavioral problems" and "attitude". She was therefore now being closely monitored by the teachers and risked being expelled if she didn't change her ways. Estella found this hilarious and taunted Cammy.
"I think you WILL be expelled.......Camilla"
"Right SOD OFF!" yelled Cammy and she threw her hair-brush at Estella. It hit her in the stomach.
"Oh!" she gasped and quickly left the room, looking shocked.
Cammy's relationship with her mother an sister was tense at the best of times. Elizabeth was a cold woman and in Cammy's opinion, paid her sister much more attention. Estella was deeply snobby and the only things she cared for more than herself were money and shopping.
Cammy went down the sweeping staircase and into the hall. She checked herself in the hall mirror and tied her bunches, being careful to leave a long bang above her right eye. She fiddled with her school hat and put it on the back of her head, to annoy the teachers.
" Good morning sweetpea!" said Charles and he hugged his daughter.
"Morning Daddy."
"This is mister Sellers Cammy, he works for special branch in London"
"Hi mister Sellers,.." said Cammy.
"Delighted to meet you young lady" Sellers replied.
"I'll see you tonight, Cammy," Charles said." Please promise me that you'll be good at school today...for me?"
"I promise Daddy."
Cammy loved her father very much and he was like a breath of fresh air to her, compared with her stuffy mother and downright nasty sister. Charles waved his daughters goodbye as they got into the family's Jaguar. Mrs Kiersey always drove the girls to school.




Chapter Three: Combe Bank fight

The White's Jaguar entered the school grounds and stopped. Combe Bank looked more like an old house than a school....or as Cammy thought, a prison. Cammy and Estella got out of the car. Estella marched off, greeting some of her equally snobby friends. Cammy got out and thanked Mrs Keirsey. The Jaguar pulled out of the drive and Cammy turned to enter the school...9.30 exactly, just in time thought Cammy. She entered the huge school building and made her way to the assembly hall, taking a seat next to her best friend, Emma-Sophie.
"Hi mate," Cammy whispered. The elderly headmistress was standing on a raised dais at the end of the hall, rambling on about school news. Emma-Sophie and Cammy had been friends since nursery school and she was
Cammy's best and probably only female friend. Cammy much preferred the company of the boys in her village to the girls at Combe Bank whom she found weak, prissy and stuck up.
Cammy glanced around the hall and met the eyes of Georgina Arrowsmith.
Cammy hated Georgina. She was huge, very strong and a bully to the younger girls. Cammy smiled at her sarcastically. Georgina was Estella's friend and captain of the school net-ball team, so she was very tall, nearly 6'2. She was feared by the younger girls and picked on them mercilessly.
Assembly finished and Cammy and Emma-Sophie trouped out with the other girls.
"I saw the look you gave Georgina, Cammy.....don't make her angry..you know what she's like"
"I'm not scared of that fat cow," said Cammy, confidently.
"Anyway we better get to class , it's gym first, my favourite!" In truth, it was the only class that Cammy consistently aced and actually liked. The girls turned to go....but were stopped by 3 senior girls, one of which was Georgina Arrowsmith.
"And where are you going girls?" Georgina demanded. " I saw that look you gave me White, you're getting way too cheeky for my liking...you just watch yourself.....I'll let it go just this once....if you give me all the money
in your purse!"
"Sod off," said Cammy, and she held her purse tightly in her hands.
"Don't make me angry White, daddy isn't her to defend you now!" Georgina chuckled.
"You leave my father out of this!" Cammy yelled, eyes wide.
"And what will you do if I don't!!" Georgina screamed and shoved Emma Sophie over. She landed hard and began to cry.
"You little bitches shouldn't mess with me!".....Georgina shoved Cammy.
"Come on White, let's go...looks like you're looking for a fight, COME ON WHITE!!!" Geogina yelled as she continued to shove Cammy.
Cammy was furious. She looked left and saw Emma-Sophie lying on the floor crying. Georgina and her friends were just laughing. Cammy attacked. She quickly jumped up and grabbed a chunk of Georgina's wirey red hair and pulled her down until her head was level with her chest, her body bent double. Cammy smashed Georgina in the face with an uppercut. Georgina screamed and lurched backwards from the power of Cammy's punch. Cammy again jumped up and span around, executing a perfect back kick that smashed into Georgina's stomach. Georgina flew through the air and crashed onto the floor. Cammy was shaking all over as she looked at the huge girl, crumpled on the floor. Teachers streamed out of the school buildings and grabbed Cammy.
"What have you done!!" they were saying. "Georgina, speak to me!" they chorused.
Cammy just looked on, she felt so energised, like she could take on anybody.
Georgina staggered to her feet. A huge gash ran up her face where Cammy had punched her.
"I'LL GET YOU BITCH!" she yelled at Cammy, "YOU JUST WAIT!!"
Cammy felt a sense of justice, even as she was hauled before the headmistress.
"You are a violent, aggressive girl!" The headmistress barked. "Poor Georgina won't be able to play in her net-ball match this afternoon. The school was depending on her!"
"But she....." started Cammy.
"SILENCE!!" screamed the headmistress.
"I have decided to suspend you from school for 2 weeks, to make you calm down. You have to catch up with the work you miss later." And with that, the headmistress got up and telephoned the Whites. Cammy was collected by Mrs Kiersey. She sat in the back of the car. She didn't care about the suspension from school...she just felt a rush from the fight. Cammy smiled quietly to herself. I got her, she thought.
" Your father will be cross dear," said Mrs Kiersey.
"I know," said Cammy, remembering the promise she made to him that morning......




Chapter Four: The date is set.

Cammy asked Mrs Kiersey to stop in the village, she felt like walking home and so Mrs Kiersey drove off, leaving her to walk the short distance home.
"Hi Cammy!" called a familiar voice. Cammy turned and saw two of the boys from the village, Stefan and Jonny.
"Oh hi! Guess what happened at school today?" Cammy told the boys about Georgina and the fight. The boys were amazed and totally impressed with Cammy's strength and spirit.
"But she's about 6 foot Cammy!! How did you beat her?!" they asked
"Size isn't important," Cammy explained," it's all about skill. My granddad teaches me self defence, he fought in the war you know."
Colonel White, Cammy's grandfather, was a veteran of WW2 and because he had no male grandchildren, encouraged Cammy's interest in the military. He lived with the family and was Cammy's favourite family member.
"I've got to go home boys," said Cammy, "I'm in big trouble this time."
"Good luck with your parents Cammy, I hope they go easy on you!" Stefan called after her.
Cammy arrived home and was met with the stony face of her mother.
"Young lady, you've gone to far this time." Elizabeth grabbed Cammy's arm and marched her into the study where her father was waiting.
" I'm disappointed in you Cammy, after what you promised me this morning."
Charles said. "Why did you attack this Georgina girl?"
"She's just plain nasty Daddy, she picks on the other girls, I was just defending Emma-Sophie and myself."
"It's all her Grandfather's fault!!!" Elizabeth explained, " He's the one who encourages this vulgar military streak in our daughter Charles!"
"You can go now Cammy," said Charles. " During you suspension you will accompany your mother and I to Thailand,....it will be better than you moping around the house all day.....it'll be educational." Charles smiled
and so did Cammy. Elizabeth left the room, still fuming.
"Go out to the garden, your grandad and Dudley are waiting for you."
"Thanks Daddy, " said Cammy and she hugged him. Cammy raced out to the garden. She picked up Hugo, her favourite cat on the way . Cammy loved cats, she had four in all, Hugo, Boris, Felicia and Alita. She ran over to meet Dudley and her grandfather.
"How's my favourite granddaughter today?" asked Colonel White.
"Did you hear about school?"
" Yes dear, don't worry.......I approve of what you did, even if your mum doesn't. It's good to stick up for yourself." They hugged.
"Where's Dudley?" asked Cammy.
Dudley had been friends with the White's for years. His father had gone to the same boarding school as Colonel White. Dudley's father was an English aristocratic land-owner and his mother was a beautiful African princess,
giving Dudley mix-race good looks and a regal personality. Slightly arrogant and a bit of a snob, Dudley was none-the-less liked very much by Cammy and her family. He came out of the summer house and greeted Cammy. The colonel and he had been practising shooting launched clay targets- "clay pigeons".
"Let's see if you've improved Cammy," said the Colonel and he handed Cammy a heavy double-barreled shot gun. Cammy took it confidently and Dudley took up position at the target launcher.
"PULL!" shouted Cammy, and Dudley released 2 targets hurtling into the sky.
Cammy blasted them both with ease.
"Excellent, you've improved your aim tremendously my dear," said Dudley.
"Thanks Dudley, are we going to do any training today?"
" Sure, I've got plenty more boxing techniques to show you," Dudley replied.
"Grandad's been teaching me "mortal combat"....from the army, right grandad?"
"Yes, and you're a natural Cammy. I can see a promising army career ahead of you."
"Stay for dinner, please Dudley." Cammy asked.
"I'd be delighted, " Dudley replied and they all walked back up to the house.
"I'm not sure I like the idea of you teaching Cammy these violent sports Dudley....it's all very vulgar," Elizabeth whined while the White family and Dudley were seated in the dining room for dinner.
"I assure you ma'am, that boxing is a noble art...I teach it at Oxford you know!" Dudley said.
Charles laughed and asked: " When is your next fight Dudley?"
"Oh not for a while yet, I'm taking some time off to rest up a bit, bad shoulder you know."
"Come with us to Thailand old chap, it'd be good company for Cammy and you can look after her while we are in our talks with the Thai's." Charles offered.
"I'd be delighted, sir,"
Cammy was truly happy to know that Dudley was going too.
"What about Estella?" asked Colonel White.
"Oh she's staying here with you," said Elizabeth. Estella had a mischievous look on her face. She knew that the house would be party-central when her parents and sister were away.
"We leave on Thursday," said Charles.
"Excellent," said Dudley.
"Cheers everyone!" and the family toasted the event.




Chapter Five: From Southampton to Venice

Cammy studied the itinerary for the journey to Thailand. The family were taking their yacht to Italy for a quick stop in Venice, then flying out to Thailand from Rome. Cammy loved to travel aboard the yacht and as it sailed out of Southhampton port, headed for Italy, she felt elated.
Arriving in Venice, Charles ordered the small crew to moor the boat and the family docked.
"Well. I'm off to Emporio Armani," Elizabeth beamed, "See you all later!" Elizabeth strode off.
Her mother, it seemed to Cammy, was only ever truly happy when she was spending money.
"What do you want to do Cammy, my driver is collecting us at 12noon to take us to the airport so you've got a couple of hours for sight-seeing," Charles offered.
"I think I'll just go off exploring the town Daddy,"
"Just be sure to be back here for about 11.30 to get ready ok?" Charles said.
"I will," said Cammy and she kissed her father and walked off.
It was baking hot in Venice town, but the cool breeze coming from the Venetian waterways cooled Cammy as she toured the town. She wore a pale blue Kookai t-shirt, black hipster trousers and trainers. Cammy was walking by the many waterfront cafes when she suddenly caught sight of an adorable kitten, patiently sat next to an extraordinary looking woman. She was seated at a cafe table, smoking a cigarette through a long holder. Her purple-black hair seemed to coil around her, like the whisps of smoke from her cigarette.
She was dressed immaculately, in a dark pink Channel button-up dress with a yellow stole. Cammy sensed the powerful aura that seemed to radiate from her. The woman looked up.
" You like my cat?" she asked. Her voice was husky and Italian.
"He's lovely, what's his name? can I stroke him?" Cammy asked.
"Of course child, his name is Mercutio.......You are Cammy White, yes?" the woman asked.
"H..how do you know my name?" Cammy asked, slightly taken aback.
"I know many things child. I am Rose, I see your future laid out before me in the cards."
Cammy looked down and saw a deck of tarot cards layed out all over Rose's table.
"What is my future?" Cammy asked, still wary of the woman but very curious.
"A man comes," began Rose as she turned over the cards. "He brings destruction and anguish.....you will face many hardships and forget yourself, who you are...."
Cammy was fascinated. Rose continued.
"The powers of good the I have been blessed with will try to stop this man, but it is down to you to never forget who you are...."
Cammy's mother suddenly appeared, gasped, marched over and grabbed her arm.
"What on Earth are you doing Camilla, talking with thi...this...this GYPSY!!!....come away at once!" Elizabeth tugged Cammy away.
"Beware the man in red!," Rose called after Cammy as she was dragged away by her mother. Rose lit another cigarette and smiled to herself,
"That girl will oneday finish HIM for good."




Chapter Six: Cammy vs Mike Bison

The flight out to Thailand from Rome seemed to be taking a horribly long time to Cammy. She sat next to Dudley on the British Airways jumbo, bound for Bangkok.
The plane touched down at 8pm local time and the family departed the plane.
"I say we all go out for a meal," offered Charles, "Our talks don't start until early tomorrow so I'd like to get a decent meal inside of me before then......Oh, Cammy, put this on darling."
"What is it?" Cammy asked as she stared at the pendant her father gave her.
It was marked CAMM740106.
"It's a form of identification, so if you get lost the authorities will know where you belong. If they read this, they'll take you to the British Embassy. It's government policy." Charles explained and he made sure Cammy put it on. The family checked into a hotel. After they had unpacked and freshened up, Dudley, Elizabeth, Charles and Cammy set out into the bustling city , looking for a restaurant. However, observing them as they went were
Shadowloo agents. At the time, Shadowloo was one of the biggest crime syndicates in the far East, maybe even the world. The organisation smuggled drugs, had a highly active terrorist force and kidnapped important members of society for the billions they could make in ransom money. An English diplomat and his daughter would be very much missed by their government and the ransom would be very high, perhaps £30 million.
The Shadowloo agents whatched Cammy, Dudley and her parents as they walked through Bangkok. The agents were lead by Mike Bison, a high-ranking Shadowloo soldier who's expertise in unorthodox boxing made him a terrifying opponent.
One of the Shadowloo agents, disguised as a local approached Charles.
"You want somewhere good to eat my friend?" he asked.
"Umm, well we are all pretty famished, " Charles replied.
"Follow me, my father's restaurant is deeelicious!"
Charles never suspected any trouble, he was just concerned with getting his wife and daughter some food.
The family and Dudley followed the man up a side street. Just then, the Shadowloo agents blocked off the top of the street. They were armed and looked very mean, in all black uniforms with sun-shades.
"Wh...what's going on darling?" Elizabeth whispered, terrified.
"Quiet Elizabeth!" Charles whispered and he pulled Cammy close to him. Mike Bison strolled into view.
"You three will make a lot of money for us, at least £30 million each I should think. And 2 beautiful blonde ladies," Bison drooled as he stared at Cammy and her mother, " Even better!"
Quietly, Charles pushed Cammy to Dudley.
"Dudley, you take Cammy and run!" he whispered.
"Sir, I can't leave you!"
"Just go!..don't worry about me."
Dudley grabbed Cammy's hand and ran back the way they had came, only to meet with 3 more Shadowloo agents. Dudley smashed through them with his powerful fist, sending bodies and blood in all directions, whilst desperately hanging on to Cammy with his free hand.
"DADDY!!" yelled Cammy, as she raced along with Dudley.
They screeched around a corner into a deserted alley-way. Cammy's heart sank as she saw the huge figure of Mike Bison at the top of the alley.
"You can't get away sugar," Bison said, mock-friendly.
"You stay away from her!" said Dudley, as he squared up to Bison.
Dudley launched a powerful blow at Bison's head, Bison dodged and smashed Dudley in the back of the head, knocking him over. Dudley got up and charged at Bison, punching him in the head and stomach. Bison roared and lashed out, shattering Dudley's bad shoulder. Dudley winced, the pain unbearable. It was the opportunity Bison needed,...one final blow to the head knocked Dudley out cold.
"YOU BASTARD!" screamed Cammy.
"Heh heh, just you and me now sugar, come along quietly and you won't get hurt."
Rage engulfed Cammy and she sped towards Bison, jumping and round-housing him hard in the stomach. Bison gasped and was knocked back, shocked at the girls power.
"Ho ho, you is dead now sugar!!" Bison laughed as he rushed at Cammy, fists flying. Cammy dodged left, crouched, and kicked with all her might into his huge legs. Bison howled with pain as Cammy's feet collided with his kneecap.
"BITCH!" he yelled and again threw a huge punch at her. This one didn't miss and caught Cammy hard in the chest. She fell back and crashed heavily to the floor.
"Heh heh, had enough sugar?" Bison taunted Cammy.
Cammy leapt to her feet and immediately adopted a back stance fighting pose, her eyes wide.
"I'm going to kill you for what you did to Dudley!" Cammy screamed and she ran at Bison. She blocked his punch with her right fore-arm, jumped up, punched his fat head with her left fist and swung her right leg into his
"ARGHHH!!!" screamed Bison as he bent double, the pain in his groin unbearable. Cammy saw her opportunity and swung her knuckle into the side of his lowered head. Bison went down......but to Cammy's horror got back up.
His eyes were flashing and he rushed at Cammy grabbing her and pinning her to the floor.
"GET OFF ME YOU BASTARD!" Cammy screamed in is face. She managed to smash him around the face with her elbow.
"My father will never let you get away with this!"
"That's what you think sugar," Bison chuckled as he finally pinned down both of Cammy's arms, "Check it out!"
Cammy looked left and saw her parents held firmly by Shadowloo agents. Her strength left her and she was gripped with horror.
"Mum?..DADDY!?"......Cammy was exhausted. Shadowloo agents rushed to where Bison held her down, produced a syringe and injected her. Cammy's eyes closed and everything went black.
"Boss, " Bison said into a cell-phone, "you gotta see this."




Chapter Seven: In the clutches of Shadowloo

Cammy awoke in a dark room. She was strapped to a chair and a bright light shone in her race. Her head pounded, as did her chest where Bison had punched her. She suddenly remembered the fight.....her parents...oh God. A door at the end of the room opened and an ugly, hunched man entered wearing a lab-coat and walked over to her. Following the scientist was a terrifying figure, dressed in red with a flowing cape. He wore a peaked hat and his face was expressionless and evil.
"The man in red.....," Cammy thought, gripped with terror.
"Here she is Sir," the scientist said. "Reckon she's the perfect specimen."
"Hmm," grunted Vega, Lord of Shadowloo.
"Wh...who are you?" Cammy said, her voice sore and weak.
"I am Vega, your new master. You have the honour of being the first in a long line of a select group of soldiers that I will create from you. Dr Miklov, from what agent Bison has said, this girl will make the perfect
assassin, yes?"
"Yes Master Vega, her fighting skills are unmatchable in a girl of her age."
"My father will never let you hurt me!" Cammy yelled, finding her voice.
"But my dear, you're parents are dead." Vega stated, matter-of-factly.
"No, ....no you're lying! you need them for the ransom money!" Cammy cried.
"You are a far greater prize than ransom money...I have no need of your parents. Their deaths will be made to look like tragic accidents, and you young lady will become my greatest warrior. Dr Miklov, Miss White here is
going to be perfect material for " Project Doll."
"Master, what about this pendant she's wearing....shall I dispose of it?"
"Let her keep it.......in a few hours she won't remember her own name let alone the significance of that pendant...ahaha hahahaa!" Vega laughed coldly.
"NOOO!" screamed Cammy but before she could struggle or say anything more, she lost consciousness.


The End... (Thanks R.J. Bailey!)
This original story, and all original characters are copyright R.J. Bailey - August, 1999