...Best Left Forgotten

by Jason


This takes place right after Super Street
Fighter II Turbo.


Colonel Wolfman looked out the window of his
office, at the frost-covered ground. Outside,
decorations were already being put up in
anticipation of Christmas, though still over a
month away. Wolfman himself, however, felt none
of that cheer at the moment. The reason for his
somber mood having just entered.

"Reporting in, sir!" The young woman named
Cammy White said with a crisp salute. She was
in full, formal dress, her long pigtails rolled
up in buns so as to stand out less.

Wolfman gave a salute of his own, saying, "At
ease." Though he was technically her superior
officer, the two were closer than that, had
been since he had fond the young, amnesiac
girl. The two were practically father/daughter,
and Wolfman always found it difficult to
maintain a military barring and procedure when
it was just the two of them. He smiled, "So, I
take it you weathered the debriefing."

"Interrogation would be more like it, sir."
Cammy then gave a small, but strained, smile.
"Not as though I can't understand that, though.
It isn't everyday that you find you've been
harboring one of the most infamous assassins of
our time, is it?" The tone might have been
light, but Wolfman could tell that it was
forced. That it was covering a self-loathing
that had not been present the last time he had
seen her, before she had gone off on the Shadow
Law mission.

He could also hear the unspoken accusation -
'Did you know? Did you know that I was a

Admittedly, the outcome of that whole fiasco
had surprised everyone, with Bison and most of
his lieutenants dead, and Cammy herself
breaking into the Shadow Law master data
bank... and finding out about her past as the
'Killer Bee.'

"So," Cammy continued, "Is it to be a firing
squad then, or will I simply be imprisoned for

"Neither, actually. You are hear-by ordered to
take a two week vacation, and then report back
here to await your next mission."

Cammy blinked. "Wh... what? I mean... what,

Wolfman smiled. "You are going on a vacation.
Go to the Caribbean and lounge on the beach. Or
go skiing in the Alps. Or whatever. You just
had a rather traumatic experience, and the boys
in psyche feel that it would be best if you
took some time off to relax before getting back
into the saddle, as it were."

"B...but sir... I mean... what about..." Cammy
had obviously not been prepared for that turn
of events.

"You never read through the entire file, Cammy.
You don't know what was REALLY going on."

Cammy calmed instantly. "And what was going
on... sir?"

Wolfman opened a file. "You were subjected to
several 'treatments' while under Shadow Law
care. One of them was a process of," he glanced
back at the file before continuing, "Neuro-
Synaptic Enhancement, which basically meant
that they did something to make your brain work
several times faster and more efficiently than
most people.

"Of course, one of the side effects of this was
that it basically erased any previous
information stored in your head. To compensate,
they implanted some sort of computer-mind to
run your body until they could teach you the
basics again - like walking, eating, etc. Then
they found that the computer-mind was useful
for other things too... after all, you were
learning at a greater pace than they had
anticipated even after the enhancements, and a
computer wouldn't question any order."

Cammy had gone white somewhere along the line,
a look of horror across her face. Nonetheless,
Wolfman continued. "Of course, it looks like
they made a rather large blunder, tying that
computer-mind into the main system of this
secret weapon known as the 'Psycho-Drive.'
Whatever it was, it blew up, and the computer-
mind crashed. End result, another bout of
amnesia for you. And also absolution from
whatever the 'Killer Bee' did... as far as we
are concerned, at that time, you were reduced
to nothing more than a weapon, with Bison
pulling your trigger."

Cammy was still very pale by this point, but
had regained her composure. "What else did they
do to me?"

Wolfman sighed, and walked around the desk.
"I'm sure you can guess... physical
augmentations, to make you stronger, faster,
and tougher than normal. And intense lessons in
their own assassination combat techniques." He
put a hand on her shoulder, and began leading
her out of his office. "Now, I'm not going to
take any more back talk from you. Two weeks
paid vacation - anywhere in the world you want
to go, we'll get you there. Go. Relax. And,
once you get back, you are going to spend the
holidays with the rest of us," the 'Us,' in
this case being the core of Delta Red, who were
nearly as much a family as Wolfman and Cammy
themselves. He gently pushed her out of the
office. "Those were orders, by the way. Get to
it." He saluted, then closed the door.

Cammy stood in shock for a few moments, before
walking away. She would never understand
Wolfman as long as she lived.

Understand him or not, that didn't matter at
the moment. He was hiding something. Very
likely, there was more to that file than what
he had told her. Details that - if she were to
press - would be 'classified, need to know'
only. And she wouldn't be considered as

It was infuriating. To work so long to find her
past... only to find out that she had been a
killing machine and personal assassin for a
madman. And that was just with the little
glimpse she saw. Wolfman might have a train of
thought that mystified everyone, but one thing
was certain... he looked out for the best
interests of his people. He knew how much
knowing her past meant to her.

There would be only two reasons Wolfman would
hide things, then. He had either been directly
ordered to - and even then he probably would
have told them go to hell and told her anyway
unless it was the Queen herself that issued the
order - or whatever she didn't know yet was so
terrible that Wolfman was afraid she wouldn't
be able to handle it.

The question now was... what to do about it?

Did she hack into the MI6 database or sneak
back into Wolfman's office and get the file...
and find out everything?

Or did she trust Wolfman once again to be
looking out for the best for her?

Cammy stopped, and looked into a nearby window.
Her reflection stared back at her.

Disneyworld. She always HAD wanted to go to
Disneyworld. And Florida was supposed to have
some excellent beaches... and, if she had heard
correctly, some decent fighting tournaments.

Besides... it was long since time that she put
her past behind her. She really needed to look
to the future.


Wolfman sighed as he sat back down at his desk.
He didn't like keeping things from Cammy... she
was more of a daughter to him than just another

Cammy would no doubt realize that he had hidden
something. If she looked, she would find out
about the Dolls - the twelve other girls that
Cammy was the prototype for. It was technically
classified, and when she found it, she would be
able to see why he had kept that from her.

Hopefully, that would satisfy her. It probably
would drive her to find the other Dolls, but
that would be fine... their fates were unknown,
after all.

But she couldn't be allowed to find the rest of
the file. Even his superiors hadn't seen the
entire file, he had made sure of that. They
were willing to let the reformed 'Killer Bee'
work for them, but if they knew...

He looked over the file, the only remaining
copy of the full file. It began, not with
Cammy, but a young woman named Victoria Ivory.
A woman who had been seduced by an assassin and
spy near the end of 1973 in order to get close
to a target.

An assassin who would later go on to be know as
M. Bison, leader of the Shadow Law, and would
be world conqueror.

In January of '74, Victoria Ivory gave birth to
a blonde haired, blue-eyed girl.

Who would later be kidnapped by Bison for use
in gene-therapy and augmentation experiments.

And then became known as his 'Killer Bee.'

The file was dumped into the industrial
shredder... what came out resembled confetti
more than anything else.

"Some things," Wolfman said to himself, "Are
best left forgotten."