Cammy's Completely Crazy Christmas?

Cammy tugged on the furry edge of her red-and-green velvet Christmas dress. They were late. No... they weren’t just late. They were very late.

She stared out the window, searching for some sign of her friends. Nothing.

Cammy went and sat on the stairs. She immediately got up and began pacing around foyer.

" Where are they...?" she wondered out loud.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Cammy jumped from the spot she was at, and landed by the door. She nearly ripped the doorknob off, and opened the door. There were Chun Li, Ken, Guile, and Ryu...

dressed in Halloween costumes?

" Trick-or-Treat!!!" they chimed.

"You guys...?" Cammy asked. "Why are you dressed up like it’s Halloween...?"

Chun Li replied, "Because it IS, silly."

"Yeah!" A rather HAPPY looking Guile said. "And I dressed up as you!"

Cammy stood there, dumbstruck. Just play along, she thought. "Oh-- OK. Come on in, then!"

Ken looked up. "Aren’t you gunna give us candy?"

"CANDY?!" Cammy shouted. "Can-- oh yeah! Um... sure, ‘cmon in while I find something..."

She swished her hand over to the staircase. Then foursome walked over and sat on the stairs. Cammy ran into her kitchen, searching for something.

Nothing. Oh well, thought Cammy. I hope they won’t mind.

She walked out of her kitchen, back into the foyer.

"Sorry guys, but I don’t have any--"

Chun Li, Ryu, Ken and Guile were singing:

"Turkey and Dressing on the Table

Sweet Pumpkin Pier is Mighty Fine...

Cranberry Sauce

Tastes so Yummy

Thanksgiving is Eating Time!!"

"Huh?" questioned Cammy. "I thought it was Halloween...?"

"No, Cammy, you’re off by a month. It’s THANKSGIVING," said Ryu.

"Oh...k..."her voice trailed off.

"Can’t wait until that Thanksgiving dinner you’re gunna make us, Cammy!" Ken exclaimed elatedly.

"WHA--?!" Cammy bellowed. "But I made LAMB!!!"

"Such a shame." Chun Li shook her head. "Oh well... now it’ll have to be Valentine’s Day!"

Suddenly, Ken and Ryu jumped up and gave Cammy marshmallows.

"You guys...? Um... I think... we should eat dinner now," she said awkwardly.

Cammy led her guests (who were now all wearing green and had shamrocks pinned in their hair) to the dining room, which was set for a CHRISTMAS dinner, to the surprise of her guests.

"Hey!" shouted Guile. "It’s ST.PATRICK'S DAY, Cammy, not CHRISTMAS!!!"

"Well then, I guess this’ll have to do," said a frustrated Cammy.

She grabbed the shamrock out of Chun Li’s hair and thrust it on the table.

After a rather confusing dinner (Guile, Ken, Ryu and Chun Li refused to eat any lamb; it was supposedly ‘Good Friday’), Cammy angrily showed her guests to their rooms. She ran into her room and slammed the door.

In the middle of the night, an alarm went off. Cammy shot up out of her bed, thinking it was the burglar alarm.

Silently, she crept down the stairs. Cammy heard something in the den. She tiptoed into the room, shut her eyes, prepared to do a Gunspike when suddenly--


Cammy opened her eyes. Ken, Ryu, Chun Li and Guile were wearing party hats, and holding beer and wine in their hands.

She couldn’t take it any more.

"Enough with the antics!!! I don’t care what holiday it is, just GET into your rooms and go to bed!!!"

Her friends sulkingly trudged up the stairs, heads hung, while Cammy stood there with a satisfied look on her face.

"Wonder what the Easter Bunny’ll bring us in the morning," Ryu wondered out loud.


"Well, that’s that. Maybe NOW I’ll be able to sleep! But first..."

Cammy reached behind the bookcase, and pulled out some wrapped presents. Christamas presents!

Even if they ARE acting like total idiots, I should give these to them, Cammy thought with a forced smile.

She trotted over to her Christmas tree and sat down. Her eyelids were heavy. VERY heavy. Infact, they were SO heavy that when Cammy bent down to put the presents under the tree, she fell into a deep, DEEP sleep.

"Cammy! Cammy, wake up!!"

Cammy opened her eyelids. Her friends were above her, all wearing... CHRISTMAS CLOTHING!!!

Her eyes flickered over to the Christmas tree. Presents! More then she had put (well, dropped) under it last night! They had been playing! Fooling! Chun Li, Ryu, and Ken had been fooling around! They had KNOWN it was Christmas!

"You guys...? I thought it was Easter!"

"April Fools!" they chorused. "We knew it was Christmas all along!"

"April Fools...?"