Cammy´s Christmas!!!

By ChaosXPloder





Once a time...there was a girl named cammy...and she was very happy beacause it was christmas!!!she was talkingo to her friend charlie that she would make something diferent in this christmas 


 Charlie- hum? something diferent?


Cammy- yes....this christmas i will  make a big party and invite people from around the all world!!!!- as she said this she walked down the street with him.






To help cammy  charlie called all his friends to help making the big party before christmas!!






whip,K,Athena,Chun-li  were there before the holy night to help cammy and charlie. until that cammy was traveling around the world... to invite another warriors...they called another wariors to this party and some of them were already going to there..ones like guy and







While that.....





Cammy found her self in a forest and she found a young woman named nakoruru.


Nakoruru- what a warrior like you is doing at this forest litlle girl?


Cammy- Litlle girl??im even taller than you!




Cammy- hum?


Nakoruru-sorry if i ofend you...


Cammy-its here to invite all the wariors to pass christmas in a party were will be people from around all the world!!


Nakoruru- very can count on me!!!






Until that others were helping cammy in inviting more people...


Mika- whant to come to a big christmas party hunk?


Stryder-hum...are you talking to me?


mika- Don´t be shy...c´mon!!it will be a blast!


Stryder- ho...ok!






People from everywere were there!!!Even Ryu!


Ryu- So you are here ganbit....


Ganbit- mai i help you ?


Ryu- i whant to fight you!


Ganbit- bring it on!


Charlie- hey!!this is a christmas party not a Ring!!


Rogue and rock- Hahaha!








People from the another dimension also heard about the party..


Galon- hey girls what do you say that we all go to a party??


Morigan- i got nothing beter to do...


lilith- i agree with you!!im going! going too!bzzzzz...


Ley-Ley-a party..i wonder if they will alow us to get in..


Galon- of course they will...CAMMY IS THE BEST!!






while that kasumi was taking litlle people to get along.


LGouki- hey there will be any presents?


Kasumi-of course ther will..


LChun-li- any candy?


Kasumi- yes dear...


LKen- Any cute litlle girls?


Kasumi- hu...i guess so..


Lley-ley-LETS GO!!!






Cammy was finaly going to her BIG party when she see two ninjas she Fighting and she goed talk to then..


Cammy- Hey why are you fighting?


Galford-it have to be..




Cammy-Its christmas Night!!and you are fighting...why dont you stop and come to a big party that its going on??


Galford-Are you serious babe?


ranzou-lets have list in this night...


Cammy and the two ninjas went to the party!






In the party Athen found a lot of girls who fight like her..

Athena- Hey!!i thought i was the only phisique with this way of fighiting!


Girl1-you are wrong sister!


girl2- yeah..there are a lot of phisiques around the world!


girl3- This is so enbarasing!!


girl4-Why do we all dress like her?


Girl5- We are your fans athena!!


Athena- Oh boy....


Cammy and the two ninjas enter in the house!


Cammy-Hello all!!!!Welcome to my christmas party!!feel yourself at home!!






The music started and the party began...


Guy-Do you mind to dance with me?


Nakoruru- so flaterd!!!i Whant!!yes!


Chun-li- What do you whant ryu?


Ryu- well...i think that i never had a chanse to talk to you..


Chun-li- what?


Ryu- Do you whant to dance with me?


Chun-li-No kiding?


Girl- Ei mister Charlie....


Charlie- yes?


Girl- Do you giveme your autograph?


Charlie- sure!






Whip- Liking the party K?


K- Yeah...A lot....


Whip- If you whant to live just say it!


K- im Fine here..


Sakura- My Hero!!You are Here!!!


Ryu- ooohhhhhh nnoooo!! Not you !




Ryu- litlle girl cant you see that im dancing now?


Sakura- ok..i wont bother you.




Chun-li- Poor girl Ryu why are you so mean?


Ryu- im not mean!! se is a bother!





Lmorigan- Hey mister....Where are the presents???


Ranzou-how im suposed to know?


Lgouki- What there arent presents?


Ranzou- I dont Know...


LDan- Lets wait until midnight!






Juni- Hey who are those?


Juli- I dont know..


lilith- Relax Sisters...we came in peace...


Morigan- We are just here for christmas!!


Juni- in that case..ok you may proced.


Morigan- Thanks...hehehe.


Juli- Why are you laughiting?


Lilith- Beacuse its the holy night shouldnt we suposed to be happy?


Juni-You´re Right...


juli- Hey i think that we are forgot something in this party...




Juli- We forgot to order the presents!!!!


juli-end2.gif (7469 bytes)







juni-end2.gif (7268 bytes)




Juli- Cammy will be desapoieted with us....

juni-end7.gif (6462 bytes)



Juni- I hope that she understand that we forgot....


Juli- Or kill us!

 are you?


Nakoruru-Fine thank you.


Galford- You escaped this time ranzou...


Ranzou- You were lucky that the blonde girl saved you..


Amakusa- Hi all...


Chan-Chan- Amakusa!!who invited you???


Amakusa- I invited my self....





Eiji- Great Party Charlie..


Charlie- Cammy did it not me....


Ley-Ley-Hey sister!!are you enjoying this Blast?


Karin-Yes!!this is wonderfull!!


Rose-Cammy only have good ideas....


It was midnight!and everyone were very exited..

They were waiting for the presents when cammy said:


Cammy- we are going to slepp and let

Santa put the presents in the living room while

whe sleep.








Cammy-Of course!


Juli-Cammy theres something that we need to say to you....


Juni-Yes its something inportant....




Juli ans Juni- We forgot to order the presents....


Cammy- Thats no problem!


Juli and juni-????


Cammy- will have a surprise.....


Galon-This Gonna be a long night!


Morigan- What about us?creatures of the night?

we don´t need to sleep!


Chan-Chan- I will stay awake! waiting for santa!


Cammy-If anyone whats to sleep there are free rooms!


As Cammysaid this she goes to a room and some warriors were tired and goed to sleep two.

but others stayed awake.






Mary-Does anyone believe in santa?


L.gouki-I do....


Juli-hahaha!....that doesnt exist!


Haomaru-Thats not true....some people think

that he exists and others depends on

wich person is...


Vanessa-you seem so wise haomaru...if you

werent a drunk samurai i would say that you

were a wise man..


Haomaru-What did you said???


Vanessa-Nothing realy...hihihi.




Mary-well if santa doesnt exist..WHOSE THAT??



 Be sure to read through all this stuff!



There was a FAMILIAR girl in red near the living room..and as Mary

see her she desapear...

Mary-Did you see that?

Shingo-She seems very familiar.....

Rock- A sexy

Lgouki-What is sexy?

Mary- Thats not the point now...we sauld something!!

Haomaru- Whats going on in here?

Mary-pherhaps it was our hiting the sack..good night!

All- Good night Mary...





Girl- hey..have you heard that? came from the living room!

strayder-hum...i heard it two...can it be?

bishamon-if it is santa lets let him live the presents there!

Girl-Yes you are right!



AT the morning!!!Some warriors whent to the living room and There were presents all over the room!

Nakoruru:yey!!its then!then presents!

Ryu- I dont believe it..theres one for me!

Chan-Chan-Bananas?i dont whant bananas!

Felicia- A Brand new cat sand box!

B.Bwood- A gun!!!

Ranzou-A new mask!!!exactaly what i whant...

While that some warrior were training in the garden when they

recived the news:






eiji-What is it?

Nakoruru-Hey...THe presents have come!!!!


Athena-Lets go!!!!I whant mine!!




Everyone opened the presents and they were all partying untill guy asked:



Ley-Ley-hey weres her after all?


Charlie-I wish i coul know!


Juni-Strange shes gonne.....


Juli- Yeah...





Athena- why she desapeared?


girl2- beats me....





Kasumi- Where the hell can she be?


K-Cammy hum?interesting girl...huummm....




K- What?what?? list  she gave to us all  the time of our lives!


whip- That cammy!!why she is



Ryu-oh! i didnt even told her thank you for inviting me...


Lmorigan- Mister ryu?


ryu- Yes?


Lmorigan- You are a loser!


Ryu- What?????



No one finded her in the house or in the garden....she desapeared!!!!WERES CAMMY everyone asked to wich other.


Charlie-I was expecting sometinh like this from cammy...


Galon-Thats it? she give us the best time of our lives and runs away?


Juli-i wonder..were did she get does presents?


Juni- Is it possible that...Cammy is Santa Claus? litlle angel..were ever you are....Thanks for a unforgateble christmas!



All warriors: Merry Christmas Cammy!!!



After They said this everyone have back to ther lands but no one have sauld cammy anywere....see you in next christmas cammy!


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