Cammy's Christmas Present - By Jason Barnett

She was dressed all in green, red gloves and red hat,
and her clothes were all tarnished like an old carpet mat.
A scar on her face and long pigtails,
and this sexy blond had one hell of a tail.

Her legs-How beautiful! Her skin how fair!
Her breast were like peaches, her kicks like a bear.
Her twinkling eyes glowed like a sapphire,
and her lips were as red as a boiling hot fire.

Her movements were fast, right on the dime,
and were sure to hit every time.
She had a cute face and a flat strong belly.
Her plump breast bounced like jello jelly.

She was strong and brave, and believed in herself,
and any man knows to just project himself.
When along came Birdie and with a twist of his head,
soon he crumbled to the ground because he was dead.

She spoke not a word, but went straight back to work,
and down went Dee Jay for being a jerk.
And laying their crying holding his peas,
and saying he was sorry and don't kill me please.

She sprang in the air,
to give Balrog a kick,
and over he fell,
on his head so thick.
But he heard her exclaim,
as she kicked him quite pleasant,

Merry Christmas to all, hoped you liked your present.