Hey, Stefan from CammyFan.com here.  Here are 2 excerpts from e-mails Jason sent me.  They basically explain what all went into creating his fanfic.  It's really interesting and informative, so I thought I should put them up for you to see too.


e-mail #1
For a long time, now I was mulling over how to pull my fanfic off without a hitch.  Then I read Fanfic ideas.  My fanfic has SEVERAL of them rolled into one.  First off, would be Back to Shadowloo, which needs little or no explaination, since I was basing it upon the US Street Fighter cartoon.  2nd, was Shadaowoo History, where the dolls mention how she fought her way to the top, and how they were made into super-soldiers.  The third was a slight peek into Amnesia to MI-6, or rather MI5, in the US cartoon.  Vega thinks back to when she lost her memory in the Psycho Drive Incident.  Fourth was of course, the Shadowloo Dolls.  All 12 of them became immune to Bison's brainwashing, over time, and they're dedicated to getting even with Bison.  All of them were able to achieve their lifelong dreams, and got jobs that suited them.  Those plus the fact I didn't like Cammy's scene in SF2 the Animated Movie where she kills Mr. Sellers pretty much covered the basis of it.  I also knew I needed a relative of Cammy's to help her find her true self.  I read RJ Bailey's Cammy History, and asked for his permisson to use Estella in his fanfic.  He approved of it.  All of those Ideas I melded into the fanfic.

email #2
I realize now, that there was more than one fanfic idea which inspired me.  The first was of course, Back to Shadaloo.  I too, felt portraying Cammy as a robotic mind-numbed slave was lame.  Also, since it was based on the Street Fighter Animated Series, I felt the "Back to Shadaloo" secnario needed little or no explanation. Second, was of course Shadaloo History, which was provided a little bit in the story, along with the scar, the reason Decapre was forced to wear that black mask, and all.  Third was Amnesia to MI-6...or MI5, in this case, where Vega wanted to have the ultimate battle with Cammy, which was why he left her there...so she could reach her full potential.  The fourth, and maybe one of the biggest factors of all were the Shadaloo Dolls.  I think I did my best defining the jobs and personalities they have.  I wanted to do a fanfic where'd they have to join forces and fight to save Cammy.  The fifth inspiriation was of course, the Cammy Fanart Fanfics. I used http://www.cammyfan.com/Cammy-fan/jd-gift-art/pics/come-on.jpg as inspiriation for the scene where Cammy single-handedly defeats 11 of the dolls.  The second picture which was inspiring was http://www.cammyfan.com/Cammy-fan/gift-art4/daine-juni1.jpg where I clearly saw Juni as an MI5 agent.  Perhaps, the biggest inspiration of them all was Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie.  I thought that Shadaloo Cammy (who was in Delta Red Cammy clothes)  killing Mr. Sellers was a bit brutal, and thought it could do a retake in the Street Fighter Animated Series storyline.  I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of Robin J. Bailey, though.  Because of his permission, I was able to use Estella in the fanfic.

e-mail #3  (about this new update from the original version)
I realized that there might be something that should be explained, on this fanfic. On actual Street Fighter stories, Cammy's unit is in MI6, which specializes in anti-terrorist operations. USA Network's production of the Street Fighter Animated Series mixed it up with MI5, which takes care of domestic problems. This fanfic is based on that particular series, so I'm not responsible for this misconception.


And that's it.  Anyhow, on to the story...

Cammy's Reunion by Jason Boaz

disclaimer: Estella White is the creation of Robin J Bailey.  Used with permission.
This fanfic is based on the Street Fighter Series that was shown on USA
Network's Action Extreme Team.  Mr. Albert Sellers is a character from SFII the
Animated Movie.  And Yuen Lo, the female martial arts superstar is from the US
Street Fighter Animated Series, as is Satin Hammer and Escher.  Lt. Hanna is
from the Cammy Gaiden.


CHAPTER 1: Cammy Kidnaps Minister Albert Sellers

It all started in London, where a Peace Conference was being held on a
nice, sunny Monday Afternoon.  The delegates called upon three of the
best agents MI5 had to offer, in order to protect them from harm.  The
agents were Burke Wolfman, Celia Luwanda and Rory McKoy.  Because of the
dire situation of Cammy's return to Bison and the Shadaloo Organization,
they were ordered to protect the delegates, at all costs.  Lt. Hanna
insisted on coming with them, as well.

Rory: Crikey.  If there's no action soon, I'm gonna git bored.  

Celia: Same here, Rory.  I almost wish Cammy WAS here.  Then, I'd get
even with her for this dumb laser shot she gave me!  (winces) OWW!
Because of her, I got this rather large scar on my side!  AAHHH!!

Hanna: You should take better care of that,
Celia. Maybe some chicken soup would help.  I mean, that scar will ache
whenever the weather's cold and damp, right?

Celia: I'll be fine, thank you for asking! I still don't know why you're
here, Hanna.

Hanna: I'm here because I think I can reach Cammy.  We're best friends. 
She'll listen to me.

Celia: You're thinking with your heart, instead of your head, Hanna.  We have
our orders.  If she doesn't surrender, we have to terminate her with extreme
prejiduce.  We can't use kid gloves on her much longer, Hanna!

Burke: Quiet, Celia.  You too, Hanna.  Mr. Sellers is about to speak.   

Celia and Hanna: Yes, sir.

As the MI5 team became silent, Minister Albert Sellers began his speech,
unaware that a girl wearing a red coat was watching him with evil intentions.
GNN Reporter and champion martial artist, Chun-Li Zang was there too,
among those who were covering the peace conference.

Chun-Li: This is Chun-Li Zang, reporting live for GNN News.  As you can
see, the peace conference is now reaching its climax, as Minister Albert
Sellers is about to make the last speech of the day.  Now, we turn you over
to Mr. Sellers, who's ready to make his speech.  
Mr. Sellers: Thank you, Miss Zang.  My friends.  I am glad you've come from
all around the world to attend this peace conference.  We, the people of the
world must put aside all of our differences, if we are  to end all wars.  Hate,
drugs and terrorism are responsible for a lot of the wars in this world.  But
together, we can stop all of these evils, and bring about world peace!  (does a
V for victory sign)

As Mr. Sellers ends his speech, everyone cheered...except for the
suspicious-looking girl, who at the moment, was talking to someone on a
transciever.  The girl in the coat turned out to be Cammy, and the one who
she was speaking to was the evil M. Bison.

Girl in coat: The target's in sight, luv.  Shall I capture him now, Lord Bison?

Bison: No...not just yet.  Wait until he goes outside, and then you can
capture him and announce my ransom demands.  Understood, Cammy?

Cammy: Understood, my luv.  I'd do anything for you.  

Bison: I expect no less from you, Cammy.  Over and out.

As Cammy, the former MI5 agent and Street Fighter turned traitor ends her
transmission with Bison, the one she says she loves, the crowds of people
were leaving the English Division of AN headquarters.  The press were
asking Mr. Sellers about his opinions on other issues.  But, Chun-Li was
distracted, and noticed something familiar about the "girl in the red coat."  
Her words were drowned out in the crowd.

Reporter: Sir, what's your position on the homeless?

Mr. Sellers: Well...let's tackle one problem at a time.  

Chun-Li: Mr. Sellers, any statements on anti-corruption?

Mr. Sellers: No...sorry.

Chun-Li: (turns around, and sees Cammy) That girl...could that be Cammy?
(tries to speak to Mr. Sellers) SIR, WATCH OUT!  CAMMY'S HERE!  (NUTS! 
He can't hear me!  How am I supposed to protect him, now?)

As Mr. Sellers headed for his limo, Cammy smiled evilly.  She knew it was
time to capture her prey.  

Cammy: (smiles) Finally...it's time.  

Cammy then began her assault by plowing through the crowd.  She then
threw off her coat, and revealed herself to Mr. Sellers.

Cammy: Comin through!  Make way!  Move it or lose it!

People: Ouch!  Hey, watch it!  Move it, will ya?

Cammy: I'm afraid there's been a change of plans, Mr. Sellers.  (throws her
coat off) You're 'comin WITH ME!!

Celia: It's CAMMY!!  STOP HER!!

Celia tried to fire on Cammy, but the former MI5 agent used a Spinning
Knuckle on her former comrade right where she wounded her.  This made
Celia wince in great pain.  Meanwhile, the rest of the MI5 members were
too stunned at Cammy's sudden appearance to do anything.

Celia: You're not getting away this time!  (fires at her)

Cammy: Oh no, you don't!  (dodges, and performs a Spinning Knuckle
on Celia's sore spot)

Celia:  AAAAHHHH!!!!!  (buckles down with pain)

Cammy: HA!  Better luck next time, Cel.  

After Cammy took down Celia, she darted for Mr. Sellers, who was
"protected" by his bodyguards...until Cammy decked them.

Bodyguards: Get back sir!

Cammy: Nice try.  (punches them out)

Mr. Sellers tries to go into the car, but Cammy grabs him by the collar. 
After that, she called Bison, and told him to send the chopper for her

Cammy: (grabs Mr. Sellers) Going somewhere, Mr. Sellers?  

Mr. Sellers: Now that you mention it...no.  

Cammy: I thought not.  (uses her transciever) I have him, my luv.  Send
the chopper 'ere, NOW!!

Bison: Acknowledged.  

Rory, who had recovered from the shock of Cammy's appearance, aimed his
finger blasters at Cammy, who then placed a gun at Mr. Sellers' head. She
then declared Bison's latest ransom demands.

Rory: Look...I don't wanna hurt youse, little sistah.  But I've got me orders.  
(aims his finger blasters at Cammy)

Cammy: As do I.  (points a gun at Mr. Sellers' head) One false move, and
he dies!  Get my drift?

Rory: Yeah.  I do.  (lowers his arm)

Cammy: Wise choice.  Now, listen well!  My lord and master, M. Bison,
demands thirty billion pounds sterling for the safe return of Mr. Albert Sellers!  
Send it to the old Warehouse district in 48 hours.  Failure to comply will
surely mean his death.  

As Cammy made her demands, a chopper flew in, and dropped an escape
rope.  The wind caused by the chopper blew her hair around.  It also caused
some dog tags to be revealed. Chun-Li's brave camera crew kept sight on
the whole thing...and even zoomed in on the dogtags.

Male Crew Member: We should get out of here!

Female Crew Member: Are you nuts?  This is the scoop of the century!  No
way we're disappointing our boss!  Zoom in, will ya?

Male Crew Member 2: You got it. (zooms in, and notices the dogtags)
WOW!  Nice dogtags.  I guess I zoomed too close.  Oh well.  Ms. Zang
would want the whole thing.  So I'll keep shooting...and zoom out a bit. 
(zooms out) There.  Much better.

Cammy: Well, there's me ride!  Remember, pay Bison £30 billion pounds
sterling, or Mr. Sellers gets it!  You have 48 hours!  Use it well!

With no futher delay, Cammy tied the rope around Mr. Sellers, and hung on to
it, as they were lifted into the chopper.  It then left.  But, the dogtags did not
go unnoticed.  Elsewhere, at the Glamour World fashion house, the
award-winning fashion designer Estella White was about to make her latest
masterpiece for the fall show, when she saw Cammy on TV. She was
shocked when she saw the dogtags that Cammy wore.  

Estella: Looks like the 'evenin news is on.  Better watch and record this.  
Maybe, today is the day I finally find her. Also, I need to use this time to
think of my latest masterpiece for the fall show. 

Chun-Li: (on tv) This is Chun-Li Zang reporting live for GNN News.  A
disturbing kidnapping has taken place today!  Cammy, the former MI5 agent
has made a daring daylight capture of Minister Albert Sellers!  The latest
demand Bison has made for the Minister's safe return is the shocking
amount of  £30 billion pounds sterling!  Will England give in to Bison's
demands?  Watch GNN News for further details!

Estella: (watches tv, and reads the dogtags) CAMM740106...OH MY
GOODNESS!  It's her...my long lost sister...Cammy.  I heard rumours that
Shadaloo did something to her!  They were right!  I have to go and help her
remember who she is!  She must know the truth! (takes the tape out of the
VCR and takes it with her) Better take this tape with me.  Those dogtags
are Cammy's only remaining link to me...and to mum and dad.  (begins
to cry)    Mum...Dad...Why did Bison have ta kill you?!  WHY?!

And so, Estella White, who is Cammy's older sister, decided to find a way to
reach her sibling.  At the very same time, 12 women watched in horror as they
saw Cammy kidnap Mr Sellers in their homes worldwide. Will these 12 girls
be able to aid MI5 and the Street Fighters in saving Mr. Sellers?  Also, who
are they, and why are they shocked to see Cammy's latest escapade?  What
of Estella?  Can she help Cammy know the truth?  All these and more
questions will be answered in the next chapter.

To Be Continued... 

CHAPTER 2: Here come the Dolls

As Chun-Li's newcast about Mr. Sellers' kidapping becomes worldwide,
several women around the world are forced to take action.  In Hong Kong,
Chinese Martial Arts superstar, Yuen Lo watched the report with great
shock.  Fei Long, her costar, was concerned.

Chun-Li: (on tv) As you can see from the footage, former MI5 Agent Cammy
has kidnapped Minister Albert Sellers just an hour ago.  

Yuen Lo: Oh, no.  Cammy...what have you done now?

Fei Long: What's wrong, Yuen Lo?

Yuen Lo: We have to cancel all of our guest appearances for this month.
We're going to England.  

Fei Long: Huh?  But why?

Yuen Lo: I'll explain on the way.  Right now, you have to come with me on my
supersonic jet.  We must go there, quickly!  (Already, the past has caught up
with me.  I thought I put it all behind me, but then Bison decides to make poor
Cammy's brainwashing kick in.  Because of her amnesia, she's especially
vulnerable.  Better not waste time.  I gotta go.  I hope the other dolls follow my

In China, Yuen Lo's sister, Xiang Lo had completed her teaching for the day,
when she saw the report.

Xiang Lo: That will be all for today, students.  Until later.

Students: Yes, sensei. (all leave)

Xiang Lo: Seeing these youths learn martial arts makes my life worthwhile. 
Let's see what's on the news.

Chun-Li: This daring young agent single-handedly defeated several bodyguards,
hurt agent Celia Luwanda, and successfully kidnapped Minister Sellers before
our very eyes.

Xiang Lo: Cammy...you don't know what you're doing.  Better go to England. 
Who knows...maybe my elder sister will be there, as well as the others.

Meanwhile, in England, the superstar  singing sensation, Enrika was on tour,
when she learned of Cammy's involvement.

Enrika: Si.  This is the life.  I've got a lot of fans, friends who will help me, and,
most importantly, my old life has been put behind me.  Let's see what's on tv.

Chun Li: As you can clearly see, Cammy's amazing speed and strength
enabled her to accomplish the task made for her by the evil warlord, M.

Enrika: Que Mala Suerte!  Cammy has gone muy loco!  I have to go and find
the local AN building so I can help save Cammy from herself.  I hope the
others are coming, too.  We'll need all the help we can get. 

Elsewhere, in a cage fight in London, a Vietamese huntress, known as
Santurna was fighting against Blanka, when they too saw the report.  

Crowd: Blanka!  Blanka!  Blanka!

Chun Li: This time, Bison's demand is for £30 billion pounds Sterling.  

Santurna: OH NO!  My gosh!  Cammy's at it again.

Blanka: (is about to throw a punch, but stops) What?  Do you know Cammy?

Santurna: All too well.  Take me to the AN Headquarters.  My friends and
I will help stop her.  

Blanka: Very well.  (yells at the referee) STOP THE MATCH!  I forfeit.

As Blanka forfeits the fight, Saturna is declared the winner.  They then
walked en route to their destination.  As they did, the Latino tracker,
known as Noembelu, and a Japanese Ninjutsu master, Satsuki accompanied

Blanka: Why are these girls following us?

Noembelu: We're following you because we all know Cammy.  Before she was
an agent for MI5, she was the deadly assassin who gained the nickname,
"The Killer Bee."

Blanka: The "Killer Bee?"

Satsuki: Hai.  We know what she's going through.  We too, were once
Shadaloo agents.

Blanka: You're not serious...are you?  (Wait a sec...could these be three of
the twelve Shadaloo Dolls T. Hawk and I saved back in Thailand, a few years
ago?  They have to be!)

Santurna: I'm afraid so, Carlos Blanka...I'm afraid so.

As Blanka walked with the three former Shadaloo agents, MI5 agent June
Eisanbach, her sister, Lieutenant Julia Eisanbach, walked into the AN HQ
building.  They were accompanied by fellow former Shadaloo agents, such
as April Vessini, a doctor and intern, AN Captain Fiona Dupree, AN
Communications expert Marcia Savinavich, and the calm, but powerful Anti
Terrorist expert, Denisia Esalinavich.  For some unknown reason, Denisia
looks just like Cammy....excluding the scar, of course.  She was one of
those rare doubles who look exactly like another person...namely Cammy

Julia: This is just great.  We try to put the past behind us, when all of a
sudden, Cammy is back under Bison's evil control.

June: Yeah.  This event really ticks me off.  Especially since my unit has
declared Cammy's termination, grosse Schwester. (big sister)

April: Do you guys think she remembers seeing her i genitori ottengono
ucciso (parents get killed) by Bison, since they were MI5 agents?

Marcia: Not likely.  If she did, she'd be fighting against Bison instead
of fighting FOR HIM.

Denisia: Da.  Ve have to help the Street Fighters, MI5 and the AN in an
effort to overthrow our former master.  It's our obligation to help poor
Cammy see the light,

Fiona: Agreed.  Let's do this, mes amis.

Meanwhile, in AN Headquarters, Escher was giving Guile his latest
mission.  Little did they know, 12 former Shadaloo agents, and a fashion
superstar were about to arrive.  What other surprises are in store.
Where is Bison's latest hideout?  Can these girls make a difference?
Find out on the next exciting chapter of Cammy's Reunion!

To be continued...

CHAPTER 3: Meet Estella White, and the Dolls (Satin Hammer, too)

An hour or so later, at AN Headquarters, Escher was giving Guile his
latest mission.

Escher: Once again, Cammy's accomplished yet another outrageous task for
M. Bison.  It's up to you to go to the Warehouse District, and get Minister
Sellers back safely.

Guile: Let me guess...the British Government has decided to pay Bison's
latest ransom demand, haven't they?

Escher: I'm afraid so. Better select your team.

Guile: T. Hawk, Chun Li and Blanka are in the area. They'll help us.

Escher: Good selections, Guile. If only we knew more about Cammy...and
why she's serving M. Bison...then we'd figure out a way to get her out of his

Guile: If only it were that easy.

As Escher and Guile were mulling out how to save Cammy, a young
dark-brown haired woman came in. She had brown eyes, and a concerned
look on her face. This was Estella White, the award-winning fashion
designer from Glamour World Fashion House.

Estella: Excuse me...this is AN Headquarters, is it not?

Escher: Yes...why are you here, miss?

Estella: I've come because I want to help you out.

Guile: Excuse me...but how can you be able to help us?

Estella: You see...I know Cammy very well.

Escher was surprised to hear that Estella knew Cammy...he was even more
shocked when she proclaimed she was Cammy's sister.

Escher: You...Do you know Cammy?

Estella: I bloody well ought to, sir. You see...she's my baby sister.

Escher: SAY WHAT?!

Guile: Cammy has a sister?

Estella: That's right. I'm Estella White...Cammy's big sister. Our parents
were MI5 agents. She always wanted to be part of MI5 herself...like mother
like daughter.

Guile: Do you realize what this means, Escher? There might be hope for
Cammy, after all.

Escher: Yes...but how do we know Estella's telling the truth?

Estella: I had a feeling you'd ask, sir. Which is why I recorded this off the tele.

Estella gave Escher a videotape she had taken off out of her VCR and had
put in her purse earlier.  She told him to play it, which she did.  She then
had it fast forwarded to the spot where it shown Cammy's dogtags. She
immediately explained about them.

Estella: PAUSE it RIGHT THERE!!  (points to the dogtags) See these?
These dogtags were given to her on her 16th birthday. CAMM740106. It
stands for Cammy White, Date of Birth, January 6th, 1974.

Guile: She's telling the truth, Escher. One time, during one of our missions,
Cammy's dogtags fell out of her leotard collar. I read them. That's exactly
what's written on them!

Escher: Unbelievable! There may be hope for Cammy after all.

At that point, Chun Li, and T. Hawk arrived. Chun Li had already changed
into her fighting outfit.

T. Hawk: We're here, Colonel Guile.

Chun Li: I'll bet we're to see that MI5's able to get Minister Sellers back
safely, right?

Guile: Yep. And, we have to make sure they don't kill Cammy, at the same

Estella: BLOODY COW! I almost forgot that the British Government declared
Cammy a security risk! We have to somehow save her from MI5, as well as
from Bison!

Chun Li was confused to see one of London's top fashion designers in the
same room. Before long, others came in. These others used to be the
Shadaloo Dolls....they came in with Fei Long, Blanka and Satin Hammer.

Chun Li: Estella White! What are you doing here? I thought you were finishing
up the fall lineup of fashions.

Estella: I was...until I learned that the Cammy who stole the Kali statue and
had most recently kidnapped Minister Albert Sellers was the Cammy I know...

Chun Li: What are you talking about?

Guile: Well...you see, Chun Li...We've recently discovered that Estella here
is Cammy's big sister.

Chun Li: WHAT?! NO WAY! Cammy...and Estella...are sisters?

Escher: (nods) That's right.

Blanka: (comes in) Don't look now, Guile, but 13 girls and Fei Long followed
me here.

Guile: SAY WHAT? I guess you're getting popular with the girls, huh old

Blanka: (laughs) Yeah, right.

June: The truth of the matter is...we've come to get even with M. Bison.

Escher: Agent June Eisanbach of MI5! What are you doing here?

Julia: She and I have come for the same reason, Escher...to get our revenge
on the one who nearly ruined our lives, by making us his personal
assassins...his "Dolls."

T. Hawk: JULIA! You're here, too?

Julia: (smirks) You got that right, T. Hawk.

Guile: Lieutenant Julia Eisanbach of the Allied Nations military forces! I
haven't seen her since the raid we made on Shadaloo, a couple of years ago!

Fiona: You see, mon amis, M. Bison took us all from our homes...trained
us...made us into assassins.

Satsuki: But there was one who climbed up the ranks very quickly through
the many missions she accomplished. She became the number one
assassin and bodyguard for M. Bison...this girl even earned the nickname,
"The Killer Bee," because of her patented Killer Bee Attack.

April: That person was Cammy. Cammy White.

T. Hawk: Are you saying that all we heard about Cammy being Bison's
sleeper agent is true?

Marcia: You don't know the half of it. All thirteen of us were brainwashed,
drugged and infused with Bison's DNA, which made us all faster, stronger,
and enabled us to heal more quickly.

Enrika: For example, an el punto negro hiere (bullet wound) which would
normally take weeks to heal would instead heal in a matter of days. We were
all made into super-soldiers loyal to him.

Santurna: Then the Psycho Drive incident occurred in the Thailand base.
Cammy regained her sense of self and beat Bison up! She freed us all, at
the cost of her memory.  T. Hawk was there to help us...as did Blanka. Back
then, he was known as Charlie.

Noembelu: The interesting thing is...only a few of us kept our original
names. Like me...Santurna here, Satsuki, and Cammy.

Yuen Lo: But, others, like me...were given codenames, which were
dependant on what month we were born.

Guile: You're Yuen Lo...the one who costarred with Ken and Fei Long in the
movie that never was..."Triad Enforcers; the True Story!" You were one of
Bison's agents too?

Fei Long: I'm afraid so, Guile. She told me all about it during the trip in her
supersonic jet.

Xiang Lo: You see, I was given the name Xiayu, and my sister, Yuen Lo was
named Yanyu.

The last former Shadaloo Doll to come in was Denisia Esalinavich. For a
second, Guile mistook her for Cammy...which EVERYONE had a tendency
of doing.

Denisia: June and Julia were renamed Juni and Juli, Fiona vas Fevrier, Marcia
vas Marz, April vas Aprile, Enrika vas Enero, and I vas renamed Decapre.

Guile: CAMMY! Why are you here?

June: Uh oh...you shouldn't have assumed she was Cammy.

Guile: Why?

Soon enough, Guile learned that the girl who looked like Cammy was
really the Russian anti-terrorist expert, Denisia Esalinavich...the hard way.

Denisia: NYET! Stupid Yankee! I am not Cammy! I REPEAT...I'M NOT
CAMMY!  My name is Denisia Robina Selina Esalinavich. I still don't
understand vhy people keep mistaking me for Cammy, to this day!

June: That's why.

Guile: Oops...I'm sorry, Miss...Denisia. It's just you look just like her.

Denisia: Da. That I do. Even M. Bison himself mistook me for Cammy
several times. Finally, he got so tired of it, he had Cammy change her outfit's
colors. After that, Bison took Vega's mask, modified its appearance a bit,
painted it black, added red tinted lenses und placed it on my face! Even after
Cammy got scarred in the face during a sparring session with Vega, he STILL
vouldn't let me take the mask off!

Chun Li: That was mean of him!

Denisia: Da. That it vas.

As Denisia related her story to the Street Fighters, the 13th and final girl
came in. T. Hawk was surprised to see that it was Satin Hammer...the red
headed cybernetic terrorist who wanted revenge on Livermore labs for what
they did to her.

Satin Hammer: You're not going to make it with them alone, Street Fighters.
You'll need my help, too.

T. Hawk: SATIN HAMMER! What are you doing here?

Satin Hammer: I've come to make a truce, T. Hawk. These 12 girls, like
me...had their lives messed with by an uncaring monster of a man. I feel
sorry for them. I can relate to their pain...their suffering. I want to help.
(looks at Escher) Please, let me be a part of this mission.

Escher: Normally, I don't let terrorists work with the Street
Fighters...but since this is a special situation, I'll make an

Satin Hammer: Thank you, Escher. I always knew you weren't as bull-headed
as other men.

Escher: Yes...quite.

Estella insisted that she'd go with the Street Fighters, too.

Estella: Please, you have to let me be a part of this, too. I'm Cammy's sister.
Once she sees me, she's bound to remember who I am...and who she was.

Chun Li: Well...what do you think, Guile?

Guile: These girls might be the best way to try to reach Cammy. Alright.
They're officially part of the mission...all 14 of them.

Dolls, Satin Hammer & Estella: YAY!

Fei Long: And what about me, Colonel?

Guile: You're in, too.

Fei Long: YES!

Escher: You've got your orders. Try to reach Cammy, and stop Bison from
getting his blood money. Now go...and good luck.

Guile: Thank you, Escher.

And so, Guile, Chun Li, T. Hawk, Blanka and Fei Long, along with Estella
White, Satin Hammer and the former Shadaloo Dolls, went in a fleet of 3
trucks, all heading out for the old Warehouse district. Truck 1 was driven by
Guile, and had T. Hawk and Blanka in it.  Truck 2 was driven by Chun Li,
who was accompanied by Estella and Fei Long.  Truck 3 was driven by
Satin Hammer, and was occupied by the 12 Dolls, who were changing into
their old outfits, to show Bison that they were no longer his pawns.  The
Shadaloo emblem they wore on an armband had a red "no sign" on it.  

Yuen Lo: I thought I'd never get into this outfit, ever again, Xiang Lo.

Xiang Lo: I know what you mean.  But we have to stop Bison at all costs. 
And wearing these outfits, along with these armbands, should show him
we're no longer his slaves.

Denisia: Da.  You are right, my tovariches.  Ve must show him who's boss!

Meanwhile, at the same time, Burke, Rory, Celia and Hanna were driving the
truck which was loaded with  £30 billion sterling. Hanna was the most
reluctant about terminating Cammy if she offers resistance.

Hanna: I still don't think we should terminate Cammy, Celia. She's my best
friend. She'd never hurt me!

Celia: I'm not so sure about you, but she had no qualms over hitting me in my
tender spot...where SHE SHOT ME! We have our orders.

Hanna: But that would be like...taking down your sister, Celia. Cammy's done
so much for us.

Burke: I know how you feel, Hanna. I care for Cammy, too. But we have to
face the facts. Cammy's slowly crossing the line. Bison learned about the
Doomsday Codes from me, during the time my team was captured. It was
I who rediscovered them. If she takes them, and hurts Celia again, in the
process, I'm afraid I'll have no choice...but to terminate her willingly.

Rory: I jus don't like the idea, Burke. She was like a little sistah to me.

Burke: I know, Rory. We've all gotten close to Cammy. I just hope...the
Street Fighters eventually find a way to get Cammy back to her old self
again. I'd never forgive myself, if I killed her.

Celia: Speak for yourself, Burke. I've gotten sick and tired of her.  It would be
my pleasure to give HER a laser shot on the side, before sending her to

And, as the MI5 team heads for the warehouse district with mixed emotions
about Cammy, Bison was making the final preparations for recieving the
ransom. Will Bison get what he wants? Or, will his former Dolls be the key to
his latest defeat? Also, will Estella be able to make Cammy remember who
she was? And, will the MI5 team make it out of this mission alive? Will
Cammy's life be spared? Minister Sellers fate isn't written in stone yet. Find
out about all this and more in the next chapter of Cammy's Reunion!

To be continued...

CHAPTER 4: Cammy and Estella Reunited

About another hour had passed since Escher sent Guile, Blanka, T. Hawk,
Chun Li, Fei Long, Satin Hammer and the Dolls to stop Bison from
recieving his blood money.  At the warehouse district, a gigantic plane
was hovering overhead.  This was Bison's main jet, which was able to
seat a whole crew of people.  In the radar center, Balrog, the
intelligent yet brutal boxer of Shadaloo was monitoring a truck coming
their way.  He reported to Bison and Cammy, who were on the pier.  With
them was Minister Sellers, who was bound and gagged.  Cammy was dressed
in her light blue Shadaloo Doll outfit.

Balrog: (on the radio) Attention.  Radar's picking up a truck on the

Bison: Ah, yes.  Undoubtedly, it's MI5 coming with the ransom, ahead of
schedule.  (snickers)  I knew that the British Government didn't want to
see one of their most renowned ministers killed.

Cammy: Yes.  It won't be long now.  Then, we will finally be able to
topple the British Government with the money we recieve!

Bison: One thing at a time, Cammy.  Let's focus on one thing at a time.

Cammy: Yes, my luv.  (looks at Mr. Sellers) Looks like you're 'goin ta
live.  Consider yourself lucky.  You're one of the few who faced the
Killer Bee of Shadaloo and lived ta tell about it.  What do you think,
Mr. Sellers?

Mr. Sellers: (gagged) Mmpph hhhmmph.  Mmphmph mmph hmpph hmmph.

Cammy: Ah.  I see you're speechless.  Good.  (looks at Bison) Are Vega,
Sagat, Zangief, La Lupa and Balrog at standby?

Bison: Yes.  By now, I've come to expect Colonel Guile's interference.
No doubt he's tailing the MI5's truck, even as we speak.

As the conversation ended, the truck MI5 drove which contained the £30
billion sterling pulled up into the driveway.  Burke, Rory, Celia and
Hanna got out of the truck.

Burke: I see you have Mr. Sellers.

Bison: Yes, Burke.  Do you have the money?

Burke: See for yourself.

Bison opened the back of the truck, and saw the cargo of £30 billion
sterling.  Both he and Cammy were satisfied.

Bison: Ah yes.  You did the right thing, Burke.

Burke: Just hand Mr. Sellers over, now!

Cammy: Right.  I'm glad you decided ta play by the book, Burke.  Here's
Mr. Sellers, as promised.  (pushes Mr. Sellers into Burke. who catches

Cammy pushes Mr. Sellers towards Burke, who promptly catches him. He
then unties him.  Then, he has Hanna tear off the duct tape gagging
Minister Albert Sellers.  It hurt.

Burke: You're alright, now, sir.  (unties Mr. Sellers, then looks at
Hanna) Hanna, take the duct tape off of Mr. Sellers' mouth.

Hanna: Yes, sir.  (turns her attention to Mr. Sellers and grabs one end of the
duct tape) This might hurt a bit, sir.  (tears the duct tape off of Mr. Sellers'

Mr. Sellers: OOHH!  You were right.  It did hurt a bit.

Hanna: I know.  Sorry, sir.  It might be wise to get away from here, as fast
as you can.

Mr. Sellers: That's not a bad idea.  But before I go, there's something you
need to know.  Cammy just told me...that she was the Killer Bee of Shadaloo.

As Mr. Sellers told MI5 about what Cammy told him, Hanna looks at her
friend with disbelief.

Hanna: What the?  (looks at Cammy in disbelief) Cammy...YOU were the
number one Agent, Assassin and bodyguard of M. Bison?  I  can't believe
you're the infamous Killer Bee of Shadaloo.

Cammy: It's true, Hanna.  That's who I am.  (looks at herself) Man, it's so
good ta get back into my old uniform.

Celia: So, you've finally shown your true colors, huh Cammy?

Cammy: You're right about that, Celia.  Now, if I were you, I'd have Mr.
Sellers run away...as FAR AWAY from here as possible.

Rory: You win, Cammy.  (looks at Mr. Sellers) You'd bettah run, Mr.
Sellers.  She means business.

Mr. Sellers: You don't have to tell me twice.  (runs away)

And so, without delay, Mr. Sellers ran as far away from the Warehouse
District as humanly possible.

Burke: Alright, Bison.  You have what you came for.  Now take your blood
money and go!

Bison: You're absolutely right, Burke.  I have my money...and I HAVE
YOU!!  (snaps his fingers, and 20 Shadaloo Agents jump from the jet)

Bison snaps his fingers, and upon doing so, signaled the appearance of
20 Shadaloo agents, all armed with guns.  These agents were Shadaloo's
elite firing squad.  Cammy, while acting mean and cruel, was beginning
to fight a battle within herself.  Something about the situation seemed
familar to her...something traumatizing and painful.

Burke: BISON!  You've double-crossed us!

Bison: Not true, Burke.  I kept my word.  I let Mr. Sellers go free.

Cammy: Besides, it wasn't really him we wanted.  It was YOU!!  (looks at
the firing squad, and thinks to herself) This looks all too familiar.
Why do I feel as if this happened before?  People...who very close to
me...are about to be shot by the firing squad...DANG IT!  WHY CAN'T

Hanna: Cammy, don't do this.  I'm your friend.  Remember the good times
we had together?  Please..tell me you remember!

Cammy: I do remember, Hanna.  Which is why I am giving you an
opportunity to survive by fighting ME!  Either you fight me...or you

Hanna: (goes into a fighting stance) I guess I don't have a choice.

Just as Hanna got into a fighting stance, three trucks pulled into the
driveway.  This surprised Bison and Cammy.  Balrog reported in as they

Balrog: (on the radio) SIR!  Three more trucks headed this way!  They're
almost here!

Bison: The STREET FIGHTERS!  Right on schedule.  (turns his attention to
Cammy) Give the order.

Cammy: Yes, sir.  (gives an order on a 2-way radio) Vega!  Sagat!
Balrog!  Zangief!  La Lupa...MOVE IN!  Street Fighters are coming!  Get
into battle positions, NOW!!

As the three trucks parked in the driveway, Vega, Balrog, Zangief, Sagat
and La Lupa jumped out of the plane.  Vega glanced at Cammy...at least
for a moment, for reasons unknown.

Sagat: Ready!

Balrog: All set to take them down!

Zangief: Zangief ready to fight, Tovarich!

La Lupa: I'm gonna enjoy this, pċtron Bison.  (looks at Vega, who
jumps out last) Ready, dear brother?

Vega: Ready, Vendela.  (looks at Cammy for a moment)

Cammy: (glares at Vega) What are you looking at?!

Vega: Nothing, mi amigo.  (Cammy...you're slowly changing back to your
old self...I know it.   I'll never forget the day that man who became a
monster blew up the Psycho Drive with his Sonic Boom.  You had beaten
Bison, beforehand.  You had just saved the 12 remaining dolls from
certain death when the estupido Carlos Blanka's blast sent you reeling,
making you hit your head on a wall...causing your amnesia.  I taken you
out of the base, which was exploding.  I placed my mask on your face, so
it wouldn't be damaged further, before we escaped.  Then, after a while,
I took you to MI5, and left you there.  I knew you would reach your full
potential as my rival, there.  I know, that one day we shall fight on
opposite sides.  That will be my greatest challenge ever.  As for the
other Dolls, T. Hawk and Blanka helped them evacuate the area safely.
To this day, I wonder when we will ever encounter them again.  You won't
hear me say this out loud, but...I've always admired you, Cammy.  You
are an excellent fighter.  I hope the day of reckoning comes soon, for
Bison.  He's going insane!)

Cammy: (to herself) Why does he ALWAYS DO THAT?!  As long as I can
remember, Vega had some sort of fondness for me!  It's disgusting!  That's
why I hate his guts! 

Burke, realizing what was going on, gave a nod to Celia and Rory.  Then,
all three threw 3 members of the firing squad to the floor, knocking
them out cold.  The rest of the firing squad were too chicken to shoot.

Shadaloo Agents: OOPH!

Celia: About time the Street Fighters show up.

Rory: Finally!  Things are gonna git interestin around here.

Guile, T. Hawk and Blanka got out of the first truck.  Then, Chun Li,
accompanied by Fei Long jumped out of Truck 2, followed by Satin Hammer,
who was in Truck 3.

Guile: Looks like we've arrived just in time.

Bison: Guile!  The last time I encountered you, both of us were in bad
shape.  Now, you shall feel the wrath of a fully healed M. BISON!

Chun Li: We'll see, you MURDERER!

Cammy: Yes, we shall see, won't we, Chun Li?  I knew, from the moment
you saw me at the press conference, that you and the Street Fighters
would intrude sooner or later.

Cammy entered a fighting stance and was about to fight, when a vaguely
familar voice told her to stop it.  She tensely pulled out a laser
pistol, the same one which she used to shoot Celia with, and demanded
for the one in truck 2 to come out.  Little did she know, that the
person inside the truck was her big sister...Estella White.

Estella: STOP!

Cammy: Huh??  (pulls out a laser pistol) Who's there?  COME ON OUT with

Estella came out, without delay, holding her hands behind her head.
Cammy looked at her with disbelief.

Estella: (comes out of the truck) You win, Cammy.

Cammy: (gasps, is in shock) I...I know you...you look...very
familiar...to me.

Estella: Yes, Cammy...Indeed, I do.  It's me...your big
sister...Estella.  Do you recognize me?  Do you remember me, Cammy?

Cammy, who looked closely at Estella remembered her, and pointed her
pistol at her side, about to give to her sister what she gave to Celia,
when she and La Lupa took the Kali statue.  Her face was filled with

Cammy: (to herself) Wait a sec...I know her!  That voice...that face...It's so
familar to me...but why? (thinks for a second)

Estella: (in a flashback) You'll never be good as mum is, Cammy.  Seriously,
you MIGHT make it into MI5...in about TEN YEARS!

Cammy: (to herself) Of course!  It's Estella!  My annoying big sister!  She's
been against me every step of my training to be like our mother...who was an
agent of MI5. She bullied and badgered me...but now, it's payback time!  I
don't want to kill her, though.  That would be unforgivable.  No...I'm gonna
shoot at her side, and give her a scar just like Celia's.  Then, we'll finally be

 Estella: Well?  Do you recognize me, Cammy?

Cammy: Yes I do...ESTELLA!!  I remember you all too well, big sister.  You
were always nagging me, and you kept on calling me names!  Mum and
Dad trained me, day and night...while you said I would never be as good an
agent as they were!  You deserve a laser shot to the side, Estella!  You
deserve to have a rather large scar to the side, just like the one I gave Celia!!

Estella: I know I do, Cammy.  But that's all in the past.  I want you to
forgive me for all I've done.  I know I've been hard on you, but things
are different, now.  (starts to cry) You're the only family I have left,
Cammy.  And I know, that you'd never hurt me, no matter how harsh I was
toward you in the past.

Rory: Crikey!  Estella White, London's top fashion designer is Cammy's
big sistah.  Who'd believe it?

Burke: Yes...it's amazing.  Will she shoot her or not?

Celia: £20 pounds says she will shoot her, and give her a rather large
scar...just like she gave me.  (winces again) EEERRRR!!!  Blast this
dumb scar!  If I'm wrong, which I'm not...I'll give you guys £20
pounds each!

Burke, Rory & Hanna: You're on!

Cammy started to hesitate, and was shaky.  Though La Lupa told her to
shoot her sister, she couldn't.  Cammy then dropped the gun to the

Cammy: Estella, I....

La Lupa: What are you waiting for?!  Shoot her, Cammy!  She deserves to
have the same treatment as you gave Celia!  You said so yourself!  SHOOT

Cammy: I can't...(drops the pistol)  I can't do it, La Lupa.  She's my big sister.  
I can't shoot her.  She's all I have left.  

La Lupa: Fine then.  Have it your way, you spineless weakling! 

Cammy: Don't make me hurt you, La Lupa!!  (runs to Estella, who hugs her,
as she starts crying) ESTELLA!  I'm sorry!  I'm so sorry!

Estella: It's okay.  Just let it out.

Cammy: Thank you.  And yes...I do forgive you.

Estella: That means everything to me.  Ever since I heard Bison's firing
squad had killed Mum and Dad, and taken you to be conditioned into a
super-soldier, I worried about you.  Even though I'm now a world famous
fashion designer, I still missed you.  I never stopped searching for
you, Cammy.

Cammy: I'm glad.  But...what you said...about Bison killing our
parents...it can't be true...can it?

Estella: I'm afraid it is, Cammy.  I'm certain you were there.

Cammy: I don't know if it's true or not, sis.  I'm so confused.  I don't
know who I am, anymore.  But I promise you this.  I will never, EVER
hurt you...EVER AGAIN.

Estella: Thank you, Cammy.

Bison, who was getting bored, abruptly ended the conversation, and
ordered Cammy to attack the Street Fighters.  Estella let go of her
sister, and knew she couldn't stop her.

Bison: All of this sentimental rubbish is boring me.  (yells at Cammy)
CAMMY!  Attack the Street Fighters, NOW!

Cammy: Yes, sir.

Estella: (lets go of Cammy) You don't have to do this, Cammy.             

Cammy: (looks at Estella with regret) I'm afraid I have no choice.  I
have to obey Lord Bison.  I have to do what he says, until I finally
remember who I truly am.

Estella: I understand.  I won't stop you.  After you do finally remember
everything, know that I'll be waiting for you at home, ready to welcome
you back with open arms.

Cammy: Thank you.

Estella: And Cammy?

Cammy: Yes?

Estella: You've gotten so strong.  And even though you're lost and
confused, right now, I think...NO!  I KNOW...that Mum and Dad would've
been proud of you.  You've become the toughest, and strongest MI5 agent
ever...and the same is true with you as part of the AN Military, the
Street Fighters, and even Shadaloo.  Even though you're fighting on the
wrong side, I know that you'll be alright.

Cammy: Thank you.

And so, Cammy rushed to the battlefield, ready to fight her former
friends.  Bison finally talked with Satin Hammer, and asked if she was
going to join Shadaloo.  Surprisingly, she rejected the offer.

Bison: Ah, Satin Hammer.  So good of you to show up.  Have you come to
join me, and become a member of the Shadaloo Organization?

Satin Hammer: You're dead wrong, Bison!  I've come to seek retribution
for me, and for all girls like me, whose lives have nearly been ruined
by people like you!

Bison: WHAT?!  What's that supposed to mean?

Satin Hammer: What I mean is there's 12 certain ladies who have come to
see you.  And they're not too happy to see you, either.  I think they
want to take you down.

Bison: You're bluffing!  You and the Street Fighters couldn't have
gathered all of the Dolls, here to fight ME!!  I know you're desperate
enough to make an alliance with the Street Fighters, but you'd NEVER be
able to bring them here!

Satin Hammer: Oh, really?  We'll just see about that.  (yells in a 2-way
radio) Okay, Ex-Shadaloo Dolls!  MOVE IN!!

Dolls: RIGHT!

With the utmost grace and agility, the 12 former Shadaloo Dolls jumped
out of the van, and were ready to fight the one who made them into
killing machines...M. Bison.

Enrika: Enero, ready!

Fiona: Fevrier, ready!

Marcia: Marz, ready!

April: Aprile, ready!

Satsuki: Satsuki, ready!

June: Juni, ready!

Julia: Juli, ready!

Santurna: Santurn, ready!

Xiang Lo: Xiayu, ready!

Yuen Lo: Yanyu, ready!

Noembelu: Noembelu, ready!

Denisia: (takes off her mask) Decapre, ready!

All 12 Dolls: LOCK ON!!

Bison was in disbelief.  He was very shocked to see all of the Dolls
were all there at the warehouse district, which has become a
battlefield.  All of them were ready to take him down.

Bison: WHAT?!  How could this be?!  All 12 Shadaloo Dolls...are
here...and they've turned against me!!  WHY?!

Juli: You know why, Bison!

Decapre: We've come here to get even with you for what you've done to
us, Bison!

Yanyu: We'll never forgive you for what you've done to us, or to Cammy!

Enero: Frankly, you give me corazon-burn!  Cammy may think she's your
amor now, but someday, very soon, she'll learn the truth!

Noembelu: We're no longer your puppets, Bison!

Bison: Is that so?  We'll just see about that!  (eyes glow red)

Suddenly, M. Bison's glowed red, as he attempted to use his Psycho Power
to make their brainwashing kick in.  But, it was to no avail.  All 12
dolls were unaffected.

Bison: (eyes stop glowing) H...how could this be?!  Why isn't it

Satsuki: It's no use, Bison!  We remember everything!  Your brainwashing
can no longer affect us!

Decapre: And just to show you ve mean business, I'm going to do
THIS!  (throws the mask to Blanka)  Blanka...SMASH my mask!  It disgusts

Blanka: Gladly!  (smashes the mask into a million pieces)  This should
tell you who's side they're on, Bison!

Blanka, who had recovered his ability to deal with his rage, after being
coated in a megadose of DNA Mutagen (thanks to "Master" Quinn) smashed
Decapre's mask into a million pieces.  This was a definite sign of
defiance, which made Bison really angry.

Bison: (looks at the dolls, at first with disbelief, then with rage) TRAITORS!  
You will pay for this betrayal!  Shadaloo Agents, Vega, Cammy, Sagat,
Balrog, Zangief, La Lupa!  You will attack MI5, the Street Fighters, Fei
Long, Satin Hammer and those 12 turncoats!  Guile IS MINE!

Shadaloo Agents: YES, SIR!

Bison's Warlords: YES, SIR!

Cammy: YES, SIR!  (looks at Estella)  Don't worry, Estella...I will
survive this battle...this I promise.

Estella: Thanks, sis.

Burke: Looks like you've lost the bet, Celia.  Are you going to pay up
now, or wait until the fight's over?

Celia: I'll pay up...IF WE SURVIVE!  Fair enough?

Rory: Fair enough, darlin.

Hanna: I'm just glad to see that Cammy isn't all bad.  Her feelings for
her sister prove to me she's still the person I know, deep inside.

Celia: Stow it!

Hanna: Yes, ma'mm.

And so, Guile, the Street Fighter, MI5, Satin Hammer and the Shadaloo
Dolls fight against M. Bison, Zangief, Balrog, Sagat, Vega, La Lupa,
Cammy and 20 of Bison's elite firing squad.  (three of them just
recovered from being thrown by MI5)  The stage has been set for the
battle of the century!  Don't miss the action-packed climax of Cammy's

To Be Continued...

CHAPTER 5: The Battle of the Dolls

At long last, the battle had begun.  the Shadaloo Warlords chose their
targets.  As they did, Guile and M. Bison were engaged in mortal combat.  

Vega: I'm taking on Decapre.  I've always wanted to see if she is as
strong as Cammy.

Decapre: I vill try not to disappoint!

La Lupa: I'm going to take on the man-beast...Blanka.  After all, since
you were beaten by him twice, I think I should take a crack at it, mayor

Blanka: WHAT?  Vega is your big brother?

La Lupa: (unmasks, and reveals a beautiful girl with blue eyes and an
arrogant look on her face) Si.  That I am.  I am Vendela Izabera!

Blanka; This should prove to be interesting!

Zangief: Zangief take care of T. Hawk!

T. Hawk: We'll see about that!

Balrog: Unless any of you remaining 11 Dolls want to rumble with me, I'll
deal with T. Hawk, as well.

Juli: I think I speak for all of us, when I say...get a life, Balrog.

Balrog: Fine.  Your loss.

Cammy: Guess that means you're mine, Chun Li!

Chun Li: I guess you're right.

Sagat: I've always wanted to see how strong you really are, Satin

Satin Hammer: You'll be surprised, Sagat.  I promise you!

Cammy: (looks at the 20 agents) The rest of you can fight whoever you
like, how ever you like.

Shadaloo Agents: YEAH!!

Guile: You're not getting away this time, Bison!  SONIC BOOM!

Bison: (cancels it out with a Psycho Shot) I think not!  PSYCHO

Guile leads off by using his Sonic Boom, which was immediately cancelled
out by Bison's Psycho Shot.  Then, Bison performed the Psycho Crusher.
That move floored Guile.

Guile: OOF!!

Meanwhile, the MI5 team were taking care of four of the twenty Shadaloo

Celia: Take this!  (does a sulplex on an agent)

Rory: (uses a headlock on another agent) You're gonna git hurt if ya
don't watch out.  Now say uncle.

Agent 2: U...nnn...cllle.

Hanna: (does a drop kick on another agent) HYAH!  Take that, you stupid

Agent 3: OOPH!

Burke: (elbows an agent, then throws him, knocking him cold) We're doing
our part, Guile!  You guys take it from here!!

Bison: You're mine!  PSYCHO CRUSHER!!

Guile: Thanks, Burke.  (barely dodges a second Psycho Crusher attack)

At that moment, the battle between La Lupa and Blanka began.  the
new-age cyborg who was also Vega's baby sister used her whip talons to
attempt to trip Blanka up.  He blocked them, and reacted with the Grand
Shave Roll.

La Lupa: Not even a beast can withstand the whip talons of La Lupa!
(lashes at Blanka)

Blanka: (blocks) Nice try.  (does the Grand Shave Roll and plows La Lupa

La Lupa: UNGHH! (is floored, but gets back up) It'll take MORE THAN
THAT to stop me! 

Blanka then used the Tropical Hazard Attack, which successfully knocked
La Lupa out.

Blanka: Very well, then!  Try THIS!  (performs the Tropical Hazard attack)

La Lupa: UUNGGHH!! (is knocked out)

Even the dolls had their fair share of taking out agents.  Juni and Juli
performed a combination of punches and kicks, which finished with the
sisters doing the Sniping Arrow attack, which knocked over at least three
agents.  This mesmerizing technique is known as Death Cross Dancing. 


Agents 5, 6, and 7: OOH!!

Fervier used her laser pistol to blast another two agents.  Since it was
set to a low setting, it didn't scar...only knock them out.

Fervier: Take that, les agents stupides de Shadaloo!  (blasts two agents
with her laser pistol)

Agents 8 and 9: Urrrrrgghh...

Santurn sliced the clothing of one Shadaloo agent with her spear, and
had her pet monkey, Jojo go wild on another.

Santurn: (slices the clothes of an agent with her spear) There.  That's
a good look for you.

Agent 10: (looks at himself)  YYYAAHAHHH!   (runs back to the jet)

Bison: You're out of uniform!  (is Flash Kicked by Guile) UUNNGGHH!!

Guile: Don't be so distracted, Bison!

Agent 11: Uh oh...I'm OUTTA HERE!

Santurn: Oh no, you don't.  Jojo, sic'em!

Jojo: (jumps onto, bites, claws and pounds Agent 11)  Ooh ooh ooh ooh AH


Noembelu, who was born as a Latin American, but was raised in T. Hawk's
village, like Juli was, used her tomahawks' ropes to trip up Agents 12
and 13.  Then, she tied them up, and gave them a haircut.  They crawled like
worms to escape.

Noembelu: (trips two agents with the ropes on her tomahawks) Time for a
haircut.  (ties them up, and uses her tomahawks to carefully shave the
agents' heads)

Agent 12: Let's get outta here!  (crawls to the jet)

Agent 13: Good idea. (crawls to the jet, too)

Satsuki and Aprile did a double-team to Agents 14 and 15.  Satsuki
slashed them with her katana, giving them lacerations, and scratches,
while Aprile went overboard with bandages, and made them look like
mummies.  They were completely bound head to foot, so they hopped back
to the jet.

Satsuki: HYAH!   Ki-yai!  (slashes Agents 14 and 15) Oops.  Looks like
they need medical attention.  Aprile?

Aprile: Way ahead of you, Satsuki!  (uses a lot of bandages on the two
agents) There.  All better,

Agents 14 and 15: Thanks.  (both hop back to the jet)

Marz used her computer to talk with an internet buddy who was in the
area.  The buddy turned out to be Rory, who blasted Agent 16 silly.
Then, Marz did a spinning knuckle, knocking the agent down.

Agent 16: What are you doing?

Marz: I'm defeating you.

Agent 16: Yeah, right!

Marz: Don't believe me?  Watch.  (types on the her laptop) "Rory, could
you give this guy a laser blast for me?  We ARE Internet buddies, after
all."  (presses the return button, which sends email to Rory's cyber arm

Rory: (gets the message) Sure thing, luv.  Anythin fer a friend.
(blasts Agent 16)

Agent 16: AAAHHH!!!

Marz: See what I mean? (does a Spinning Knuckle)

Enero sang really loud, and blasted the eardrums of Agent 17.  Before he
passed out, he managed to get Enero's autograph.

Enero: (singing) So you think you're a tough hombre, well that isn't
really true...If you mess with me, amigo, I'm GONNA SING TO YOOOOUUU!!!
(gets Agent 17 disoriented with microphone feedback)

Agent 17: WWAAAHHH!  (recognizes Enero) You're...Enrika, right?

Enero: Si.  That I am.

Agent 17: I'm you're biggest fan.  (barely gets a photo out of his
wallet) Sign this picture, please?  Sign it to Joey.  That's me.

Enero: Very well, amigo.  (signs her autograph, "Oceans of amor, Joey.
Your idol, Enrika!") Here you go.  (hands Agent 17 the autograph)

Agent 17: (puts the autographed picture in his wallet)   Thank
you....(finally passes out)

Enero: De nada.

Xiayu and her sister Yanyu used their nunchakus and bo-staff to clobber
2 more agents, while Fei Long attacked the last agent with a Rekka Ken,
a Rising Dragon Kick, and a Super Vacuum Hurricane Punch.

Xiayu: (whaps the head of Agent 18 with her nunchakus)  You're going

Yanyu: The last one's all yours, Fei Long!   Sorry about us hogging a
lot of the agents.  (uses her bo to whack Agent 19's head, then tosses
him into the river, where he struggles to
swim back to the jet)

Fei Long: It's okay, Yuen Lo!  At least I got some action!  (performs a
Rekka Ken/Rising Dragon Kick/Super Vacuum Hurricane Punch Combo)

Agent 20: I'd like a cup of water, please...ooyyy...(passes out)

Fei Long: Wonder how Chun Li's doing?

Yanyu: Let's see for ourselves.

Chun Li and Cammy were engaged in combat.  Chun Li led off with a
fireball, but it was passed by Cammy's Spinning Knuckle, which connected
in Chun Li's face.  Chun Li reacted with her Thousand Burst Kick, which
was blocked.  The other fights were easy, but this battle, along with
Decapre vs. Vega, and Guile vs. Bison would be the three most intense

Chun Li:  Cammy, if what Estella said is true, you should hate Bison as
much as I do!  KIKOUKEN!

Cammy: I don't know about that, but I will serve Bison until I get the
answers for MYSELF!  I have ta see evidence of my parents being killed
by Bison to believe it!    (does a Spinning Knuckle)  YAH!!

Chun LI: (is hit) OOH!  Don't make me hurt you!  SENRETSU KYAKU!

Cammy: (blocks) You won't...beat ME!

Elsewhere, in another area of the Warehouse District, Vega started off
his battle with Decapre with a claw thrust.  Decapre blocks and hits him
with a Cannon Drill.  Vega snaps out of it, and slashes her in the arm.

Vega: You aren't even a challenge, Decapre!  You're wasting my time!
HYAH!  (does a claw thrust)

Decapre: (blocks Vega's Claw Thrust) Nyet!  I am Cammy's equal!  You
just don't know it yet!  CANNON DRILL!

Vega: (is knocked over) AAHH!  We'll see about that!  (slashes Decapre's
left arm)

Decapre: UNGGHH!  Not bad, Vega.  But, you vill see the truth, soon
enough!  Bison repeatedly mistook me for Cammy about a hundred times.
During those times, he accidentally taught me moves like the Spin Dive
Smasher, the Reverse Shaft Breaker und the Killer Bee Attack!  Und that
vas before you scarred Cammy's face.  The Spin Dive Smasher und the
Reverse Shaft Breaker are standard issue moves for all of the dolls, but only
Cammy und I know how to do the Killer Bee Attack!  By my estimation, I am
just as strong as Cammy is.

Vega: What?  Impossible!  There's no way you can be as strong as Cammy!

Decapre: I'll prove you wrong!

Meanwhile, the battle between Cammy and Chun Li continued.  Cammy used
the Hooligan Roll to Frankensteiner her rival.  She then kept her legs on Chun
Li with a scissor hold, while she reaches forward and grabs Chun Li's leg. She
then pulls back, causing her opponent great pain for all the humiliation Chun Li
has caused her..Chun Li reacted by grabbing Cammy's arm, and throwing her. 
She then uses the Revolving Circle Kick, which connected.  Cammy fought
back with the Spin Dive Smasher, which floored the reporter/Street Fighter.

Cammy: I'm gonna show you who's the strongest woman in the world, Chun
Li!  (does the Hooligan Roll, and performs a Frankensteiner, but doesn't let go)

Chun Li: Uuhhhnnn...why are you...doing this?

Cammy: To pay you back for the times you humiliated me, that's why! 
(grabs Chun Li's leg and pulls back) THIS is for beating me during our

Chun Li: (is getting choked, and feels her leg hurting badly) UUNNNGGHHH!!

Cammy: (pulls back harder) And THIS is for saying that I should be the defiler
next time, right after Bison framed you, Guile and Blanka for desecrating a

Chun Li: ENOUGH!!  (grabs Cammy by the arms, and throws her)

Cammy:UMPH!  (falls down, then gets back on her feet)

Chun Li: I really don't want to do this, but you leave me little
choice.  SEN'EN SHUU!! 

Cammy: (is knocked over) UMPH!  (gets up)  It'll take more than that to

Chun Li: Uuhh!!

Satin Hammer fired a blast at Sagat.  He blocks and uses Tiger Genocide.
Satin Hammer was hit, but she returns the favor by using a super-powered
punch which knocked him all the way back into the jet.

Satin Hammer: You're going to see I'm stronger than you are, Sagat!
(blasts Sagat)

Sagat: (blocks) Not bad, but you are a fool to challenge me!  TIGER
GENOCIDE!  (pummels Satin Hammer)

Satin Hammer: (gets up effortlessly) Spare me.  (punches him with an
uppercut which sends him back to the jet)


Bison then did a Knee Press Nightmare on Guile.  The "Fallen Eagle"
faked right, and used the Double Flash Strike.

Bison: This is where you'll meet your end, Guile!  KNEE PRESS NIGHTMARE!  

Guile: (dodges) Not today, Bison!  DOUBLE FLASH STRIKE!

Bison: UUNNGHH!!

Balrog and Zangief decided to double-team T. Hawk.  Balrog was on the
left, and Zangief was on the right.  T. Hawk was in the middle.  They
rushed him at both sides.  T. Hawk reacted by doing the Hawk Dive on
Zangief, and the Storm Hammer on Balrog.  Satin Hammer and Juli, who
both had a crush on T. Hawk, looked at each other and sneered.

Zangief: LET'S GET EM!

Balrog: Right!

T. Hawk: Some people never learn.  (does the Hawk Dive on Zangief, and
the Storm Hammer on Balrog)

Balrog: UNNGHH!

Zangief: Uuhhhnnnn...

Satin Hammer & Juli: NICE SHOT, T. HAWK!  (both look at each other)
Gggrrrrr.....T. HAWK'S MINE, YOU HUSSY!! 

T. Hawk: (slaps himself in the face) Oh no!  (Here's something to remember. 
NEVER put Julia and Satin Hammer in the same room when I'm around.)

The battle between Cammy and Chun Li finally drew to a close when Cammy
leapt in the air, somersaulted to Chun Li, kicks her into the air three times in
three different directions, and sends her back to earth with an scissor throw. 
This was Cammy's infamous technique...the Killer Bee Attack.  Then, the dolls
began a counterattack.

Cammy: You know luv, it's been a blast.  But, it's now time to end our

Chun Li: (is knocked senseless)  UUUNNNGG!

Cammy: That's that.  Who's next?

Dolls: We are!!

Cammy: Have at it, then.

Enero tried to do a Spiral Arrow, but was countered by Cammy's Spinning
Knuckle.  Next to fall was Marz, who  attempted a Cannon Spike, but was
thrashed by the Frankenstiener. Aprile and Xiayu were soon knocked over
by the Reverse Shaft Breaker.  All four had wear and tear on their outfits,
and were a bit bloodied by Cammy's attacks.

Enero: Try this on for size, mi amigo.  Spiral Arr...(is hit by Cammy's
spinning knuckle) OOPH!!

Cammy: Not today, luv.

Marz: We don't want to hurt you, Cammy.  CANNON SPIKE!  (misses)

Cammy: Too bad, Marz.  Because I'm going to kick your butts once again,
like I did in our practice sessions.  FRANKENSTIENER!  (throws Marz to
the ground)

Marz: OOHHH!

Cammy: Sorry about that.  Who's next?

Xiayu and Aprile: We both are!

Cammy: You're both going down.  REVERSE SHAFT BREAKER!!

Xiayu & Aprile: OOPH!  UHHNNN!!

Yanyu: A little help here, Decapre?

Decapre: I'm a little bit busy right now, Yanyu!  (dodges Vega's Claw

Vega: Ha!  Very good.  What will you do next, my worthy adversary?

Decapre: Next, I will do...THIS!  REVERSE SHAFT BREAKER!!

Vega: OOOHHH!!

Satsuki: (talks with the other dolls) Our only chance is to rush Cammy
at all sides.  Our goal isn't to kill Cammy, just make her come to her

Juli: Sounds like a plan.

Other Dolls: LET'S DO IT!!

Juli and Juni rushed Cammy from the left and right sides.  Satsuki
jumped ready to swing her sword, as was Noembelu with her tomahawk.
Santurn was ready to floor Cammy with the flat of her spear's tip.
Fevrier was ready to make Cammy dance with her laser pistol, while
leaping alongside Yanyu, who was ready to strike with her bo.  Cammy
countered this by throwing Aprile into Juli, performing the Cannon Revenge
counter on Satsuki and Noembelu, grabbing ahold of Santurn's spear and
whacking her with the other end, and pushing Fervier into Yanyu and Juni.  
Cammy defeated and humiliated 11 of 12 dolls single-handedly.  At that
same moment, Vega slashed at Decapre's face, barely missing.  Decapre
reacted by grabbing his mask, and putting it on for protection.

Vega: I'll show you who's the better fighter!  YAH!  (slashes at
Decapre's face)

Decapre: (dodges) You should fight vithout your mask, you vain fool.
(grabs it and puts it on)  This looks much better than my other mask.

Vega: WHY YOU....GIVE THAT BACK!!  (does a Rolling Inza Drop, which is
countered with a Cannon Spike in the face)  OOF!

Estella, who was awestruck by Cammy's superiority, told her sister she
did well, even if she was on the wrong side.

Estella: Wow!  Cammy, you did great back there.  Even though you're on
the wrong side right now, I know you're a tough fighter, little sister.
And...I know you'll go over any obstacle in the way of finding out who
you truly are.

Cammy: Thanks, Estella.  You don't know how much that means to me.

Bison's battle with Guile finally concluded when Guile knocked Bison
down with the Sonic Hurricane.

Guile: Time to end this fight!  SONIC HURRICANE!!

Bison: AAAAHHH!!!  (is knocked down)

Cammy: LORD BISON!  (rushes to Bison's side, and glares at Guile) You
know, one of these days I'm gonna pay you back in spades, Guile!

Guile: Well excuse me, Cammy, but you're the one who's confused.

Bison: (is helped up by Cammy) Uuuhhh...Forget the money.  Everyone,
abort the mission!  The Street Fighters have beaten us!  RETREAT!         

The remaining Shadaloo agents, along with La Lupa, Zangief, and Balrog
left for the jet.  Vega, who wanted to finish the fight got floored by
Decapre, who finished up with the Killer Bee Attack.  Vega, who received
a sprained leg because of this, hobbled his way back to the jet.

La Lupa: Coming, mayor hermano?

Vega: I'm not leaving until I finish my fight!  (slashes Decapre's other

Decapre: OUCH!  That iz it!  KILLER BEE ATTACK!  (does the Killer Bee
Attack on Vega, and sprains his leg in the process)

Vega: UUUNNNGGHHH!  My leg!  (hobbles to the jet) You'll pay for this
insult, you witch!  I'll get you yet! OOOOHHH!

Bison was the next to enter the jet.  Before he did, he proclaimed he
would initiate Operation Doomsday, which would wipe out all of his

Bison: (floats to the jet) You may have won this time, but mark my
words!  Next time, I shall use Operation Doomsday!  Once I do, then I
will crush ALL OF MY ENEMIES!  Be warned!

Guile: Operation...Doomsday?

Burke: Oh no...(Bison is planning on stealing the Doomsday Codes...if he
does...the whole world is in danger.)

Celia: (to herself) Just as I thought.  Cammy's going to strike the
bunker where the Doomsday Codes are kept.  I'll finally pay her back for
that laser shot, for certain.

Bison: Cammy, we're leaving!

Cammy: In a sec, luv...I...want to say goodbye to my sister, before I

Bison: Very well, Cammy.  You have 5 minutes.  (Gggrrr....Cammy's
changing back to her old self, again.  Once she realizes I killed her parents,
and used her as the first guinea pig for Project Doll, she'll want to avenge
her parents deaths, as much as Chun Li wants to avenge her father!  I must
be ready for such a situation!)

Cammy: Thanks.

Cammy goes to Estella, and talks with her, saying her goodbyes.  The two
sisters then hug, and part ways.

Cammy: I guess...this is goodbye, Estella.  And just when I finally
remembered you, too.

Estella: I know, Cammy.  But we will be together again.  You're already
on the road to finding your true self again.  Remember, I'll always be
there for you.

Cammy: (cries, and hugs Estella) Thank you, Estella.  You've given me
hope of a future where I can be myself...free from Bison.  I'll miss

Estella: And I'll miss you, too.  Goodbye, Cammy.

Cammy: (ends the hug, walks into the jet, and waves goodbye as its door
closes) Goodbye, Estella.  We'll see each other again...I know it.

And so, the door to the jet finally closes, and the gigantic plane took
off for Shadaloo City...without the £30 billion pounds sterling.  The
11 remaining Dolls picked themselves up, and Guile watched as Cammy left
on Bison's main aircraft.

Guile: Cammy...because of today, I now know there is hope of reaching
you.  We'll be waiting for the day you'll come back to us.

Blanka: Well, we beat them Guile.

Guile: We sure did, Blanka.  We sure did.

And, as Bison's jet heads off into the sunset, the Street Fighters, MI5,
Satin Hammer, Fei Long and the 12 dolls, along with Estella go back to
AN Headquarters, where they will part ways.  And there, they will
contemplate their future.

To Be Concluded...

EPILOGUE: Estella White...Her Sister's Guardian Angel

Back at AN Headquarters, Escher congratulated everyone for a job well

Escher: Excellent work, everyone.  Thanks to all of you, Mr. Sellers and
the MI5 team has been saved.  Bison didn't get his money, either.

Guile: Thanks.  But the real thanks should go to Estella.  After all,
she reached Cammy.

Estella: Thank you, Guile.  It was nothing, really.

Guile: Don't mention it, Estella.  Because of you, we know that there's
hope for your sister.

Escher: Alright.  Everyone should get a good rest, now.  You've earned

The Dolls, who were back in their civilian or military clothes, knew it
was time for them to go.

Julia: Well, T. Hawk, I guess I gotta go.  It was great to work with you
again, old friend. (Or should I say, boyfriend?  Heh heh.)

T. Hawk: Thanks.  You and the others really wiped the floor with those
Shadaloo Agents.

June: No problem, T. Hawk.  We'll have to admit, Cammy is still as
strong as ever.  She's resilient, versatile, and is able to her best
under pressure.

Chun Li: I'm glad you think so, guys.  I got a royal beating from her.
MAN!  That Killer Bee Attack of hers was painful...as was that
submission hold of hers.

Blanka: At least you fought her as long as you could.  After all...we're
only human.

Chun Li: (smiles smugly) Got that right.

Enrika: Well, it was diversión para ayudarle, mi amigos.
(it was fun to help you, my friends.)  We have to go back
to our normal lives, now.

Denisia: Da.  I'm glad I got the chance to help.  It vas my way of
repaying those who have given us all a second chance.

T. Hawk: Thanks.  Boy, you sure wiped the  floor with Vega. And taking
his mask like that.  You sure made him mad.

Denisia: That vas easy.  After all, I have proven I am as strong as

Guile: You've proven that, without a doubt, Denisia.

Then, Satin Hammer asked Escher about something important.

Satin Hammer: Escher?

Escher: Yes?

Satin Hammer: After today...I realized that it might be time to put
aside my terrorist ways.  I want you to make me the leader of a strike
force consisting of the Dolls.  We have a lot in common.  Together,
whenever the need arises, we can take on Shadaloo terrorists, wherever
the show up.  And until the need arises, the former dolls can go on with
their daily lives.

Escher: I see.  Are you willing to stand trial and spend a couple of
years in prison?

Satin Hammer: Yes.  It's time I paid for my crimes.  I'll repay my debt
to society.

Escher: Good.  I'm sure that with your testimony, the judges will give
you some leniency.

Satin Hammer: Thank you Escher.  I'll go and turn myself in, now.  I'll
see you again, old friend.

And so, Satin Hammer left.  After she went to turn herself in, Guile
finally asked Escher the question that has been bugging him all day.

Guile: Escher...why was Satin Hammer acting friendly towards you?  I
thought she hated ALL men...but she likes you a lot.

Escher: Well, you see...that is...

Chun Li: Come on...spill.

T. Hawk: Tell us, ok?

Estella: Yes, Escher.  Please tell us.

Blanka: I want to know.

Fei Long: Come on.  Tell us what we want to know.


Escher: Alright. You have me dead to rights.  She and I were high school

Everyone laughed at Escher a little.  He was embarrassed.  After they
learned a bit more about Satin Hammer, it was time for Fei Long,
Estella, MI5 and the Dolls to part ways.

Fiona: I guess it's that time, mes amis.

Yuen Lo: Yeah.  Fei Long and I have a movie to get back to.

Fei Long: She's right.  It was great working with you again.

Guile: Thanks.  Always remember, the Street Fighters will be there, when
you need us.

Noembelu: We'll remember that.

Xiang Lo: Well, we'll see you later.

Satsuki: Sayonara.

Aprile: Buono Arrivederci
Fiona: Au Revoir.

Denisia: Das Vadanya.

Santurna: Later.

Enrika: Adios, amigos.

Yuen Lo: Good bye.

Noembelu: Farewell, my friends.

June: So Long.

Marcia: Lebe wohl
Julia: We'll see you again.

Fei Long: We'll meet again, my friends.

Guile: Good bye.

Blanka: Good luck.

Chun Li: Thank you all for helping.

As the dolls and Fei Long left, Burke asked a favor from Guile.

Burke: Guile?

Guile: Yes, Burke?

Burke: Listen...I have reason to believe Bison might send Cammy after
the information I rediscovered, soon. If that happens...I need you to
stop me and Rory from killing Cammy.  Though I might say otherwise, on
the field.

Guile: I promise we'll do what I can.

Hanna: Thanks, Colonel.  I know you get Cammy back to herself soon.

Rory: Well, it was nice workin with ya Street Fightahs again.  See ya
later, eh?

Chun Li: Thanks.  We'll see you again.

Celia: I'm going to make sure Cammy pays for what she did to me...and
nobody is going to stop me.

Hanna: Speaking of paying, you have to give us our £20 pounds, now.
You promised.

Celia: Alright.  After all, I never welsh on my friends.  (gives Hanna,
Burke and Rory £20 pounds each.)  Well, see ya, mates.

And so, the MI5 team left.  Leaving Estella the last person to go.

Estella: Well, I have to be headed that way.  I have a fall line of
fashions to finish.

Guile: I know.  But it was great working with you.  I'm certain the day
we get Cammy back is coming soon.

Estella: Thanks.  I'll still do my part to help her.  After all, I'm her
big sister.  I'm the only family she has left.  See you guys later.

Escher: Good bye.

Street Fighters: See you around.

Estella: Thanks.

And finally, Estella left.  As she did, her thoughts dwelled on Cammy,
her little sister.  She also had worries that Bison had gone over the
edge.  As she drove home in her car, she thought of a way she can help

Estella: Cammy...the day is coming when you'll have to face the truth.
Bison is going over the edge.  Sometime before they died, mum and dad
told us about the Doomsday Codes, a compiliation of every nuclear
missile armament code in the world.  If Bison intends to get those, he
must be willing to destroy everyone in the world.  I have to help stop
him, in some way.  But how?  There has got to be someone in Shadaloo who
shares the same concerns as I do.  I'm going to phone Sagat, first.
Good thing I did a fashion show in Shadaloo befrore.

As Estella was deep in thought, she parked her car, and went back to her
desk at her work area of Glamour World Fashion House.  She knew that she
had to risk calling Sagat.  Elsewhere, in Shadaloo City, in Sagat's
home, the Muey Thai fighter was contemplating Bison's actions as well.

Sagat: Bison is going insane.  Before,  he said he'd never impliment
Operation Doomsday, since that will bring about the end of the world.
Now, I'm certain he's lost all of his sanity.  I want to find a way to
help, but who can I trust?  I know I can't trust my comrades with my
concerns...they'd think I'm crazy, myself.  What can I do?

As Sagat thought about Bison, his phone rang.  He answered it.  It was

Sagat: (hears the phone ring) It's the phone.  I'd better answer it.
(picks it up) Yes?

Estella: (on the phone) Is this the residence of Viktor Sagat?

Sagat: This is he.

Estella: Good.  This is Estella White...Cammy's sister.

Sagat: Ah yes.  What do you want?

Estella: I need your help, Sagat.  I'm certain M. Bison's gone crazy.  I
don't expect you to believe me.

Sagat: No worries.  I do believe you.  So, you noticed it too?

Estella: Yes.  I think he intends to use the Doomsday Codes to destroy
the world.

Sagat: Then our concerns are the same.  I want to help in any way
possible.  I can't let Bison destroy the Earth.

Estella: I knew I was right about you.  Everyone says that you are a man
of honor.  I was right.  I'm going to trust you with something that
might help save the world.

Sagat: Very well.  What is it?

Estella: Do you have a videotape of a recording around the time when mum
and dad were...were...killed?

Sagat: I'm afraid so.  Your worst fears are justified.  Bison had his
firing squad kill them.  I was there.  He had me record the whole
thing...While your sister Cammy was watching.

Estella: That's awful.  Just awful.  (cries, a bit, then regains her
composure) Anyway, I need you to get a courier ready to send that tape
to Guile, in case our suspicions are confirmed.  That tape may very well
be the key to Cammy's soul.  It's the only way we can save her...and
perhaps the world, as well.  Will you help me?

Sagat, after thinking awhile, decided to help Estella, in any way

Sagat: Very well.  I will do as you ask.  I'll help you in any way I
can.  Even though my actions will make Bison realize I betrayed him, I
know that it has to be done.  Don't worry, Ms. White.  I will help.

Estella: Thank you.  Good bye, Sagat.  And good luck.

Sagat: Thanks.  I'll need it.  (hangs up)

And so, the phone call between Estella and Sagat ended.  The young
fashion designer knew that everything would be alright, now.  She would
be secure in the knowledge that her efforts to reach Cammy were not in
vain.  Her determination will be a factor in enabling the Street Fighter
reach Cammy, stop Bison from carrying out his plans of global
annihilation, and save the world.  To Cammy, Estella is now more than
just her sister.  She now considers Estella to be her guardian angel as
well, always watching over her, and seeing to it she will be alright.

The End