Cammy's Christmas Wish
by Jason Boaz

Cammy was walking toward her flat in London. She had another exciting yet rough day as a member of the Delta Red division of MI6. When she came in, she was surprised to see Burke Wolfman, Celia Luwanda, Rory McKoy, Gims, June Eisanbach and Lieutenant Hanna inside.

Cammy: What a bloody day. It's Christmas Eve...and I don't have a family to celebrate it with, or memories of the ones I loved. I wish I had a family. (opens the door, sees Delta Red and comes in) What the?

Burke: SURPRISE! Merry Christmas, Cammy.

Cammy: HUH? What's the bloody heck's going on here?

Celia: We've been waiting for you, Cammy.

Cammy: But why?

June: Because we felt you should spend Christmas with us. We're your family, now.

Cammy was surprised and happy to hear June say that.

Cammy: My goodness, you're right. I completely forgotten that, for awhile. But now, I'm so happy.

An hour later, as the members of Delta Red opened their gifts, the doorbell rang. Cammy asked who it was.

Cammy: (hears the doorbell) Who is it?

Woman: An old friend of yours, Cammy. I want to see you.

Cammy: OH! In that case, come on in.

Cammy opened the door with slight protest. She and June were happy to see Lieutenant Julia Eisanbach of Interpol. But, both were surprised to see her in her old Shadowlaw uniform.

Hanna: Are you sure it's a friend of yours? It could be an enemy.

Cammy: Relax, Hanna. It sounds like Julia. I gotta let her in.

June: Yeah! We have to let her in. She's my grosse Schwester, (big sister) after all.

Hanna: You're right. Sorry about that.

Cammy: Thanks, Hanna. (smiles, and opens the door) JULIA! (hugs her) You made it!

Julia: Thanks, Cammy. (smiles)

June: Ummm....why are you in your old Shadowlaw uniform, sis?

Julia: It was their idea. (points to four people, who were accompanied by 10 girls)

Julia pointed to 14 people who were outside. Cammy was shocked to see that M. Bison, the leader of Shadowlaw, Balrog, the boxer, Vega the Spanish Ninja, Sagat the Muay Thai Emperor, along with Actress Yuen Lo, (Yanyu) Latin American tracker, Noembelu, Vietnamese huntress Santurna, (Santurn) Martial Arts teacher Xiang Lo, (Xiayu) Ninjutsu expert and teacher Satsuki, Doctor April Vessini, (Aprile) Captain Fiona Dupree of the French Military, (Fevrier) International singing superstar Enrika, (Enero)Interpol's communications expert, Marcia Savinavich, (Marz) and Interpol's top anti-terrorist expert Denisia Esalinavich (Decapre) were all outside. The girls were in their old Shadowlaw outfits, while Denisia refused to wear her old mask.

Cammy: BLOODY COW! What are you doing here, Bison? Have you come to terminate me?!

Bison: Don't be so presumptuous, Cammy. That's not why we're here at all.

Vega: We've come to give you the merriest Christmas ever.

Sagat: Even though I'm no longer one of these guys, you're still a worthy opponent.

Balrog: So, we all moseyed on down to join in on the festivities.

Cammy cried with surprise and joy, when she heard the High Lords of Shadowlaw and her friends, the former Dolls were there for Christmas.

Cammy: (cries with joy) OH! That's so sweet...but why?

Decapre: Ve are like sisters, are ve not, Cammy? (I'm glad that dumb old Bison agreed in letting me keep my ugly looking mask off. I no longer serve him, so I do things the way I like...with the freedom of choice.)

Aprile: Si. After all, we're your famiglia. (family)

Fevrier: Oui. And families should be able to célébrez Noël ensemble, mon ami. (celebrate Christmas together, my friend.)

Cammy: OH! You guys. Thanks.

Just then, Burke got in Cammy's way, and argued with Bison about who was Cammy's family now.

Burke: Just a ruddy minute, gov. In case you haven't noticed, Shadowlaw is no longer Cammy's family. We are.

Bison: The Dolls of Shadowlaw and I were her family before she lost her memory and was dropped onto MI6's doorstep, Colonel Wolfman!

Burke: Says who?!

Bison: I do!

The dolls, the Shadowlaw Warlords and the other members of Delta Red were really worried about what it would take to stop a fight at Christmas Eve. Suddenly, Hanna noticed that Cammy had gone to her bedroom for some unknown reason.

Santurn: Aw, man! This is TERRIBLE!

Satsuki: Hai. Indeed it is. Why in the world are they fighting now? It's CHRISTMAS EVE!!

Xayu: I hope this doesn't ruin Cammy's chances for a Merry Christmas.

Hanna: Speaking of Cammy, she went to the bedroom. But why now?

June: I hope she's got the losung (solution) for this problem.

Marz: Yeah. Ich hoffe so, auch. (I hope so, too.)

Just as the argument between Bison and Burke got to its boiling point, Cammy emerged out of the bedroom. She was in a green Shadowlaw outfit with a yellow tie and green lightning streaked camouflage. She wore a red jacket with fur trimming on the collar, waist and sleeves, her usual red combat gloves, (with the Shadowlaw combat glove elbow guard attachment on it) some red boots which were also trimmed with fur on the cuffs, and a red skirt trimmed with fur on the top and bottom of it. She held two bells, one with a green handle and one with a blue handle. (the green one symbolized Delta Red, and the blue one symbolized Shadowlaw) She wore on her head, a red Shadowlaw Doll's hat with antlers attached to it. And, she had her pigtails dressed up with white bobtails on them. Everyone was surprised to see her.

Delta Red: CAMMY??

Shadowlaw Grand Masters: Why are you dressed like that?

Dolls: What's the reason?

Cammy answered them all, showing she wanted a peaceful solution.

Cammy: Come on now, mates. You shouldn't be fighting over me. It's Christmas Eve. We should put aside all of our differences, at least for tonight and Christmas Day.

Enero: Oh, Cammy! (hugs her) You are un amigo realmente grande. (a really great friend)

Cammy: Awww. Thanks, Enero...or should I say...Enrika?

Enero: Either will do when it comes to you, Cammy.

Cammy: Thanks...can you let go? You're squeezing me kinda tightly.

Enero: Oops. (lets go) I'm apesadumbrado. (sorry)

Cammy: (smiles) It's okay.

Burke and Bison stopped their argument, and asked why she's doing this. Her answer surprised them both.

Bison: Cammy? Why are you being so nice to us, after all we did to you?

Burke: That was what I was going to ask. you have a good reason for it?

Cammy: You better believe it, Burke. (hugs both Bison AND Burke) As far as I'm concerned, you're both my family.

Rory: (cries) Aww...Crikey. That's so sweet. I'm so moved.

Gims: Me too, Rory. Me, too.

Yanyu: This is more like it. This is what Christmas is supposed to be like.

Noembelu: Well, what are you guys waiting for? LET'S PARTY!!

Everyone: YEAH!!

And so, there was a big Christmas bash. Balrog received new boxing gloves, for when he fights. Vega got a new glove for his claw, which replaced his old, tarnished one. Sagat got a new eye-patch and tape for whenever he fought. Even M. Bison, leader of Shadowlaw got something nice, too. A new hat, and a coffee cup which said, "World's Best Leader" with a Shadowlaw mark on it. Burke was about to make a quip, when Cammy gave him a coffee cup, which said "World's Best Father Figure" on it. It was even painted in green camouflage, like Cammy's legs, when she's in her Delta Red outfit.

Burke: Awww...Cammy? Does this mean you don't like me as much as you do Bison?

Cammy: Now, now. Don't be so jealous. (gives him a coffee cup of his own, and a kiss on the cheek)

Burke: (reads the cup's inscription) "World's Greatest Father Figure." Oh...Cammy. You're the best.

Cammy: Thanks, Mate.

Cammy then continued to give gifts to everyone who had an impact on her life. Celia got a new sword, as did Satsuki. (Celia also got some new tuxedo cuffs for her wrists) Juni, who changed into her Shadowlaw outfit, got a dvd player. Juli got a new bow and arrow, for hunting with her husband, Thunderhawk (T. Hawk for short) of the Thunderfoot Tribe. Enero got an entire home entertainment center, along with a karaoke set, complete with a new microphone. Xiayu got new nunchakus and a blue headband. Santurn received some new spears for hunting, as well as some food for her pet monkey, Jojo. Marz got a new laptop, and a Compaq Presario with all the latest and newest features. (both were compaqs, and both had the newest features) Yanyu got a cup with "Number one Actress" on it, as well as a new bo staff. Fevrier got a new bandolier for her gun, as well as a new tie and a new outfit, all for helping her looking her best in the French Military. Noembelu got new tomahawks and a Cherokee headband for good luck. Decapre got a coffee cup saying "Strongest Woman in Interpol" (just to rile Chun Li up) and some new boots. Aprile recieved a fully-stocked first aid kit, along with a medical bag. Hanna got a picture which an artist friend of Cammy's painted. It had both her and Cammy on it, and said "Best Friends for Life." Rory got some weights for pumping iron. Gims got a new dvd-rom and some really wicked speakers for his computer Everyone was please with Cammy's generous gifts, and wonder how she was able to plan for all this.

Juli: Thank you, Cammy! Sie sind das größte! (You're the greatest!)

Vega: Cammy...the way you've been able to give us all gifts, one would think you planned this in advance. If so, why?

Cammy: Because, Vega...Christmas isn't a time to be bickering or fighting with anyone. The true spirit of Christmas is to give without expecting something in return, and to share the spirit of Christmas with your family. I knew you guys would come, sooner or later. So...I came prepared.

Bison laughed heartily, and knew it was their turn to give Cammy gifts.

Bison: (laughs) Well, no good deed goes unpunished. So now, it's time for us to give you our presents as well.

Juli: Our gifts are all being lowered down by the jet. Hope you like them, mein Freund. (my friend)

Cammy went outside, and everyone helped her get her gifts inside the flat. Satsuki gave Cammy a cat themed calendar. Decapre gave her some new kneepads and a bandolier for her time as ARSF (Anti Robot Special Forces) leader. Enero gave her a year's supply of blue and green camouflage for her legs. Noembelu gave her an Indian friendship bracelet. Yanyu gave Cammy a leather jacket with her name embroidered on it. Juli gave her some new socks for when she goes on missions. Juni gave Cammy a shirt which had "I'm The Strongest Woman in the World" on it. (to rile Chun Li further) Santurn gave Cammy a leg-band identical to hers, while Jojo gave the ARSF leader some fanmail from Stefan, Cammy's #1 fan. Aprile gave Cammy her own first-aid kit, for use when she's scraped, or cut in battle. (it even came with a poison bite kit, for removing animal poisons before they go through a person's bloodstream.) Marz gave Cammy some fresh tickets to see the Broadway musical, "Cats," which was playing in England. Xiayu gave Cammy a martial arts gi, complete with black belt. Xiayu felt that Cammy deserved it. And, Fevrier gave Cammy a cute little kitten named Alita.

Cammy: OH WOW! This is bloody fantastic! Thank you all!

Dolls: Thank you, Cammy.

Bison: Just a minute now, Cammy...

Burke: The gift giving isn't over yet.

Indeed it wasn't. Vega gave Cammy two pictures he painted of her beating the pulp out of Chun Li. One with her using the Killer Bee attack as the Killer Bee of Shadowlaw, and one of her beating Chun Li with the Spin Dive Smasher as a member of Delta Red. Sagat gave Cammy a punching bag for training. Balrog provided the gloves. Bison then gave Cammy a plushie of himself and of Burke which Aprile made herself. (she can sew, too)

Cammy: I'm so happy. So far, this is a very merry Christmas.

Burke: It's not over yet.

Hanna: You got that right.

Now, at last it was Delta Red's turn to give Cammy some gifts. Burke gave Cammy a nice warm sweater for those cold London nights. Rory gave Cammy some specially built rollerblades for ARSF missions. Cammy then received some mittens with cats on them from Celia. Gims gave her a set of fighting games to play on her N64, PS1, PS2, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Gamecube and Dreamcast systems. Last, but definitely not least, was Hanna, who gave Cammy a portrait of her and Hanna another artist made, tickets to watch Felicia perform on stage, and a flight to China, to fight in a Street Fighting competition, where Chun Li was sure to be in. Cammy was very ecstatic.

Celia: What do you think of your Christmas now, Cammy?

Cammy: Oh my gosh! This is the greatest Christmas I ever had. And I'm so lucky to share it with all of guys ARE ALL MY FAMILY.

Everyone: Merry, Christmas, Cammy.

Yes, it was true. Cammy had been given the best Christmas ever. Everyone who she had considered to be her family was there, and she was happy. Remember, Christmas is more than just getting presents. The true spirit of Christmas is about forgetting past troubles and leaving them aside, giving from the heart, expecting nothing in return, and sharing these wonderful moments with your family. For Cammy, even though she doesn't remember her original family, she found happiness in the forms of Delta Red, and Shadowlaw, her two families. They even sang carols and were able to remember that Christmas also symbolizes the birth of the savior of mankind, Jesus of Nazareth. Remember that these are the things that Christmas is truly about.

Cammy, Shadowlaw Grand Masters, Dolls and Delta Red: MERRY CHRISTMAS! AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

The End


Notes: 1) Don't get me wrong. I don't really hate Chun Li. I'm a fan of her, too. This is just symbolizing the Chun Li/Cammy rivalry...I mean nothing personal to any fellow Chun Li fans.

2) I thought I'd made a Christmas fanfic which not only had Cammy in it, but also had the true meaning of Christmas in it, as well. We sometimes forget what it means, but it's important to remember what this holiday is truly about. Merry Christmas, Everyone.