Christmas Week
A Cammy Fanfic by Brian Szabelski (PikaPal13X)


-DECEMBER 20TH, 2001-
"I promise you? I?ll be home for Christmas, Cammy?"

Those words. Cammy hadn?t forgotten them. He said he?d
be back. But here it was, five days left, and he was
nowhere to be found. Cammy sat on the edge of her bed,
looking at a picture of her and a man, about 6 foot,
very muscular, with blue eyes and blonde hair. Cammy?s
long pigtail braids were let out, as she was about to
go to bed. The man in the picture was smiling, as was
she, one of his arms across her shoulders. They were
so happy. Cammy looked up as she took her eyes off the
picture, and softly spoke a few words.

"God, please don?t let Korey get hurt, or even worse,
die. I love him. Please help him keep his promise."

The man she was talking about was her boyfriend. His
name was Korey Burgundy, the leader of Delta Red?s
Canadian equivalent, Omega Force. They had met in
London that summer, and they fell in love with each
other the first time they met.  Now, he was in Peru,
hunting down a drug lord who had been using Canada as
a port to ship his drugs into the United States and
Mexico. His mission was to track the drug lord down
and capture him to be tried for cocaine smuggling.
Cammy, however, hadn?t heard a word from him since he
had left. She began to feel worried, concerned
something had happened to him. With her blue,
beautiful eyes, she looked at the picture again, her
eyes beginning to tear up.

" Korey? please be OK?"  she softly whispered, as if
Korey were there, listening to her.

Realizing she had work tomorrow, and that she had to
sleep sometime, Cammy stopped looking at the picture
and crawled under the sheets, the moonlight streaming
in through the small slats in the blinds, shining off
her face as she fell asleep, dreaming of a Christmas
with Korey.

-DECEMBER 21ST, 2001-


The sounds of gunfire were evident as Cammy fired off
her gun at the indoor shooting range. She was dressed
in her normal work attire (the same as in Street
Fighter II).Her hair was braided back into two
pigtails as it normally was, determination spread
across her face. You could see it in her eyes.  She
fired off three more shots, the barrel empty as she
looked at the target. The bulls-eye had been shot out
totally. Her aim wasn?t bad, but one of her shots
landed inside the red circle encircling the blue
bulls-eye. She placed the gun back where it was,
removing her large earmuff-like protectors and her
safety glasses. She heard someone enter the room. As
she turned to the door, she saw Colonel Wolfman
standing there, somewhat concerned as Cammy appeared a
little tense, thanks to her boyfriend being so far
away from her, and she didn?t even know if he was OK.

"Cammy, is something bothering you?"

"No, sir?" Cammy shyly replied.

"You sure?" Wolfman asked.

"Yes, sir." Cammy boldly answered.

"Good. I was just curious, considering you seemed to
have a worried look in your eyes?"

"Sir, I?m fine." Cammy answered. Wolfman just had one
more question to ask Cammy.

"How?s Korey?"

"He?s fine. He?ll be here for Christmas, sir." Cammy
told him.

"You don?t need to call say ?sir? in every sentence
Cammy?" Wolfman joked, pulling a smile from Cammy?s
lips. "Goodbye for now."

As Wolfman turned and left, Cammy also did so, going
the opposite way. However, as she walked, a thought
went through her mind. What if Korey didn?t come home
for Christmas? Cammy stopped to think, quickly
shutting her eyes as she thought, but she wiped the
doubt from her mind.

"He?ll be home?" Cammy told herself. "He promised."

-DECEMBER 22ND, 2001-

As Cammy left her house this morning, she walked down
the street of her apartment and around the corner. She
always did. She wore a pink turtleneck sweater, a pair
of blue jean pants, and a pair of black leather work
boots, all under a long brown overcoat, along with a
red knitted hat that covered her hair, except for the
few bangs that draped across her forehead and her two
long pigtails. Her suit was at work, like usual, as
she never really took it home because there was no
need to, As she walked by a pet shop, she stopped and
looked inside the front window display. In there were
several kittens, all black, save for one little white
one. The white one scampered to the window as Cammy
bent down to get a better look at it.

"And how are we today?" Cammy asked the small white
kitten. It mewed softly back in response , the sound
muffled by the pane of glass between the two. Cammy
smiled as the cat pressed her nose up against the
glass. The cat mewed again, and Cammy giggled.

"You are such a funny little kitten?" She looked down
at her watch, realizing she had to leave. NOW.  "Oops!
Gotta go! Bye, kitty!"

The kitty softly mewed back as  Cammy, wrapped in a
long brown overcoat, walked to MI6 headquarters, where
she was to go to work, three days until Christmas.


Cammy had just gotten out of the shower. Her long hair
was let down, but she still looked beautiful. She wore
a pink bathrobe, tied around the waist as she exited
the bathroom, steam flowing into the hallway as she
opened the door. Suddenly, across the all, in Cammy?s
bedroom, right next to her bed, the phone rang. She
rushed to it and picke dit up, holding it close to her
ear and mouth as she wondered who was on the other
end. Caller ID had said it was a private caller.
"Hello?" Cammy answered.

"Hi. It?s me."

The voice on the other end was Korey?s. She knew it
anywhere. Cammy became excited as Korey spoke to her
for the first time since he had left.
"Hey, baby. What?s up?"

"Not much?" Cammy excitedly responded.

:I have some bad news?" Korey unenthusiastically

"What? "Cammy was now confused, and maybe scared.

"I can?t be back for Christmas. We?ve had some
problems here in Peru. The drug lord is constantly on
the move. We can?t pinpoint him. I?m sorry I can?t be
there, Cammy."

Cammy was shattered. She?d be alone once more.

"No?" Cammy thought to herself. "This can?t be

"I have to go now, see ya?" Korey replied, hanging up
the phone on the other end. Cammy eyes began to tear
up as she was on the brink of crying. Then she
collapsed onto the bed, crying on her soft white
pillow, distraught that she?d be lonely. But it was a
shock. She thought she?d be with someone this
Christmas. But it?d be no different. No different than
all the rest?

-DECEMBER 23RD, 2001-

Cammy walked by the pet shop once more, as she
normally did, but this day, she was in for a surprise.
Her little friend was gone, bought by another. She was
saddened at this. Obviously, someone was going to have
a good Christmas. It wouldn?t be her. She sadly walked
on, looking for a cab to get her to work.


A cab pulled up next to the pet shop. Opening the
door, Cammy stepped out. She had already paid the
driver, and as she shut the door behind her, the cab
drove off down the street. Looking into the pet shop
window to see six sleeping black kittens, she sighed,
recalling the memories of earlier today. She walked
on, a man, with a thick black beard, dressed in dirty
and worn-out clothes, playing Christmas songs on his
acoustic guitar. As people passed, they put some money
into an empty peanut butter jar the man had. He
thanked them as they gave him money. His songs were
beautiful as Cammy stopped to listen to him. Reaching
into her overcoat pocket and moving her hand around,
she managed to pull ?10 from her pocket. Bending down,
she placed it in the man?s jar as he played "Jingle

"There ya go." Cammy replied, smiling. The man looked
down at the jar, then up at Cammy.

"But why give so much money to me? Don?t you need to
buy presents?" the man asked.

"I was once in your position. Alone and with nothing.
Hopefully, you?ll be able to pull yourself out of this
mess, and you?ll be OK. You play beautiful songs on
your guitar."

"Thank you?"  the man replied. Cammy smiled and walked
on, going up the steps to her apartment, opening the
door, and shutting it behind her. She felt so happy to
help out someone who was in the position she was once
in, she forgot about the white kitten for a while.

-DECEMBER 24TH, 2001-

Christmas Eve. Cammy celebrated with the rest of her
Delta Red comrades.  Cammy was dressed in a pair of
khaki dress pants and a cute red sweater, her hair
braided back into pigtails (What else did you expect?)
that draped over the back of the chair she sat in.
Dinner has been cooked by Colonel Wolfman, with a lot
of help from Hanna, who managed to save the house from
burning down. As they finished up their dinner,
Wolfman had a question to ask them all.

"So," Wolfman says, "what are you guys doing for

"Going nowhere." Hanna replied, sighing as she wished
she could be somewhere.

"Not much." Stefan spoke. "Staying home."

"I was supposed to spend Christmas with Korey, buit I
won?t be. He?s on business." Cammy answered.

"How?s he doing?" Wolfman replied as the other waited
for a reply. "What?s he up to now?"

"He?s in Peru. Tracking down drug trafficers."

"Too bad? you?ll be alone this year, I mean." Stefan

"Shut up, Stefan! At least somebody likes me!" Cammy
yelled happily. Everyone laughed as Stefan looked for
the source of the laughter.



An hour or so later, finished with dinner, they talked
about many things. Christmas was the main topic, of

"?and then I remember the time Hanna got her hands on
the eggnog for a little too long, and then she tried
to kiss Cammy, but Cammy shoved her off herself, and
Hanna fell thorugh the table with the cake!" Wolfman
says, commenting on a time from not long ago.

"Yeah. I remember." Hanna says. "At least no one has
pictures to prove it?"

"I think I do?"  McKoy answered.

"Better get tot them before I burn them, McKoy?" Hanna
said angrily, not the bit pleased. Mean while, Cammmy
looked up at the clock, seeing it was almost 10:00.

"I gotta go?"

"What?s the rush, Cammy?" Wolfman asked.

"Oh, it?s just I don?t wanna stay out too long, or I
won?t be able to get a cab home." Cammy replied.

"Don?t worry. I can drive you home?" Stefan slyly
said, grinning.

"Thanks, but no thanks?" Cammy replied as she got up,
getting her coat, putting it on, and opening the front
door. She then turned to face her friends.. "Goodbye,
everyone! See you all later!"  

"Bye!" everyone relied back. Cammy stepped out the
door and started on her way home.


It was bitter cold that night. Small, white flakes of
snow fell from the clouds above London. Meanwhile,
Cammy walked the streets to her apartment. This year
would be like the rest, it seemed. Lonely as usual.
Tomorrow, she?d get up, open her presents, eat
breakfast and go to work. The poor girl, only 19. She
had never had a Christmas with anyone before, spare
her teammates from Delta Red. As she walked down the
street of her apartment, she sighed deeply.

"Better go to bed when I get in. Not much reason to
stay up." Cammy was obviously saddened that she was
alone this year, like all the other years.

As she walked up the steps to her apartment door, she
realized the door was slightly ajar. Someone had
opened it.

"What the?" Cammy wondered as she quietly entered the
apartment. A fire had been lit in the fireplace, and
it crackled, the only noise in the house. Could there
be a Shadowloo warrior in the house? Cammy wasn?t sure
as she pressed her back against the wall, glancing
every once in a while back to see if someone was
coming. However, she neglected to look the other way.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her from behind as she
turned to look. She screamed for a second in shock,
then turned to see a muscular, blonde-haired,
blue-eyed man, taller than her. He had a bandage on
his left cheek, obviously cut there. Cammy looked at
him, instantly recognizing him.

"Korey!"  She immediately hugged her boyfriend, tears
of joy streaming from her eyes.

"I told you I?d be home for Christmas?" Korey

"But.. how?" Cammy was still puzzled. Korey was
supposed to be in Colombia.

"We caught him. We set a trap, and he fell into it."
Korey smiled. "And I was sent home. But I flew here to
spend Christmas with you."

" That?s so nice of you. Now I?ll finally spend
Christmas with someone." Cammy smiled, not knowing
what was to happen next.

"If it?s OK, I have a present for you." Korey covered
Cammy?s eyes and led her to Cammy?s laundry room.
There, he uncovered her eyes, letting her see his
present. She opened her eyes as Korey looked on in
suspense, waiting to see what her reaction would be.
Cammy eyes watered up, and a tear of joy streamed down
her cheek and over her scar as she looked down to see
the small white kitten, sleeping in Cammy?s dirty
laundry. She was shocked, excited, and happy, all at
the same time. She turned and hugged Korey.

"It?s sooo sweet! Thank you! Thank you!" she cried as
she hugged her boyfriend.

"Awww? it?s nothing." Korey smiled "And if it?s OK, I
was thinking we could spend the night with each
other." Korey replied. Cammy nodded happily.

The two went to the couch and sat down, talking for
hours. Eventually, Cammy slowly got tired, falling
asleep in the arms of Korey, who also fell asleep. The
looked so cute together. The two of them slept on the
couch as the kitten got up, walking out of the luandry
room. It went over to the two, looked up, mewed
softly, then hopped up onto the couch, cuddling up
next to Cammy and falling asleep, the three of them
sleeping there until the next morning. It was
Christmas Day. And Cammy had spent Christmas with not
just one person or friend, but two friends that loved
her very much. And she was finally truly happy.