How Bison Stole Christmas - by Cammy Commando

    All the people in Brition, the big and the small, were all awaiting the big Christmas Ball (which was to be held in thier city TownHall), but one did not like this, he hated it all.

    Most say his heart was as hard as a rock, as he looked off his balcony he started to plot, he wanted vengance, and this he said "I'll ruin the ball as they rest in thier beds!" Why, it was no other than the notorious M. Bison, he looked like an angry Mike Tyson.

    While on the streets Cammy troted along, unawhere of the evils prolonged. Later that night Cammy picked up some friends, rollin' along in her Mercedes Benz. Passing CityHall, jamming to beats, but what they saw, shook them out of their seats, M. Bison was destroying the big Christmas feast!

    Jumping out of the car, Cammy persued, in the back of her mind, she knew what to do, she would call up, her MI6 crew. Cammy came up with a Cannon Spike to the spine, Bison will pay for comiting this crime. MI6 drove in with a crash, "You idiots ruined my Mercedes dash!" MI6 all pulled out their guns, this is the end of M. Bisons fun. They pulled the triggers of AK47's, sending M. Bison the opposite direction of heaven.

    The whole hall was trashed, what could they do? They all looked at Cammy, could she have a clue? They all went out shoping for Christmas ornaments to, decorate the hall, and make it like new. The very next day, the party was a blast, everyone started to sing, it was Christmas at last!