kerwin-cammy.gif (39108 bytes)SUPER Cammy fanfic idea by Kerwin Tsang

Delta Red develops a chemical that strengthens the muscle tissue of any person, via a small pack attatched to the user that when activated, pumps the chemical into all the body muscle tissue and creates a kind of "Biological Armor" thing, so the user is enhanced by the chemical so he/she can withstand all sorts of harm. The pack can also adjust the amount of chemicals that is pumped into the user. The more chemicals, the more muscle and protection. The pack can also withdraw the liquid from the person at the user's will, returning him/her to their normal state.

They decide to test  it on Cammy, to see how much the chemical can do to her small body. She is reluctant, but her superiors assure her that she can use the pack to withdraw the chemical from her body at will. She is fitted with the pack, and small tubes attatched to it are surgically inserted into the side of her stomach area. Then they activate the pack, which pumps muscle enhancing chemicals into all parts of her body, which goes through a dramatic change. Her breasts dissappear under her massively rising chest, while arms and legs grow into superhuman proportions. After pumping in only half the chemicals, Delta Red superiors are surprised to see the huge change in Cammy's body. She has gained almost three times muscle mass, and her height increased by a foot. Her massive forearms stretch her gloves to a near-breaking point, as do her calfs do to her boots. Cammy's suit is now skin tight, but thankfully do not rip under the strain of her enormous chest muscles. Her superiors dare not think what she might become if ALL of the chemical was pumped into her.

With this chemical, Cammy can withstand bullets and other things that might tear through her flesh. When the need arrises, she can perform superhuman feats of strength to accomplish her goals, yet she can retain her agility(and speed) by deactivating the pack. Now thats what i call a SuperSoldier!