Cammy Gaiden Part 7
Last update = August 1, 1999   (re-created)

You've all read the Super Street Fighter II Cammy Gaiden comic by Masahiko Nakahira, right?  Well until now, the 7th part was never available.  In fact, I've never heard of anybody else knowing that this even existed.  Anyhow, the first 6 episodes were first published in English in Game On! magazine, and then later in a trade paperback from Viz.

Originally, the first 6 parts of the comic were published in the the spring and summer of 1994, in Japan's Shonen Sunday monthly comic anthology.  In August 1994, the 6 parts were compiled into their own comic book.  That's what James D. Hudnall and Lillian Olsen translated for Game On! magazine.  The 7th part was printed in September 1994 as a bonus in the comic adaption to the SF2 Movie.  Now, I've crudely translated it into English for all you Cammy fans.  I should be re-doing the translation soon...

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sfmovcomtn.jpg (5457 bytes) SF Movie Comic cover  203k  (505x713)
This is the cover of the SF Movie comic in which the 7th part of the Cammy Gaiden saga appears as a special bonus.
Page1tn.jpg (4795 bytes) Page 1  169k  (515x814)
Here's page 1 of Masahiko Nakahira's 'lost' 7th part to the Cammy Gaiden comic.  By the way, Japanese comics are read from right to left, top to bottom.
Page2tn.jpg (4430 bytes) Page 2  157k  (485x790)
On this page, Cammy admits that she really doesn't know what she's doing...
Page3tn.jpg (4095 bytes) Page 3  135k  (493x900)
Flashback: Cammy gets her mission...
Page4tn.jpg (4567 bytes) Page 4  145k  (497x828)
4 pages in, and Cammy's already kicking ass and talking smack!
Page5tn.jpg (4321 bytes) Page 5  120k  (505x870)
The bad guys are trying to make a deal... (but Cammy's comming to get 'em!)
Page6tn.jpg (3872 bytes) Page 6  130k  (485x847)
There's a disagreement on the price of the information...
Page7tn.jpg (5674 bytes) Page 7  134k  (491x735)
Page8tn.jpg (4158 bytes) Page 8  114k  (489x774)
Our heroine arrives on the scene!
Page9tn.jpg (5684 bytes) Page 9  128k  (498x947)
Now another fight starts...
Page10tn.jpg (5321 bytes) Page 10  151k  (498x845)
Uh oh, Cammy's in trouble!  It seems like Mr. Lewis know Cammy better than she knows herself!
Page11tn.jpg (5454 bytes) Page 11  146k  (498x832)
Cammy turns the table on Alex Lewis - now he's in trouble!
Page12tn.jpg (5311 bytes) Page 12  130k  (495x750)
K.O.!!!  Mr. Lewis is out!  And the winner is... CAMMY!!!
Page13tn.jpg (4428 bytes) Page 13  139k  (505x890)
Mission completed, but now Cammy's boss has a few questions that Cammy is not ready to answer...
Page14tn.jpg (5449 bytes) Page 14  89k  (498x910)
Cammy is just like a pair of scissors?