SFIIV Cammy's storyline
Last Update = August 28, 2000  (picture gallery added)

Episode 17
Cammy is hired to kill Lt. Dorai!
Episode 18
Cammy gets ready to take care of business...
Episode 19
Mission complete!  Lt. Dorai is surely dead.
Episode 20
Dorai isn't dead?  That's impossible!
Episode 21
Cammy and Bison discover the cover-up...
Episode 23
Cammy's patience is wearing very thin!
Episode 25
Cammy tries to finish the job she was hired to do...
Episode 26
Cammy and Fei Long fight over Lt. Dorai!
Episode 27
Cammy keeps a promise she make to Bison...
28 and 29?
Nothing!   They just leave it hanging...
blank cell
First of all, let me warn you... the Cammy in this Japanese TV show is nothing like the Cammy we all know and love.  I really don't have a clue why she was practically reinvented for this TV show.  This Cammy is not Delta Red Cammy from SSF2, and it's not the Shadowloo Cammy from the SF Zero/Alpha series - she seems to be Street Fighter 3 Cammy!  I know, Cammy's not in SF3, but the Cammy depicted in this series is apparently the 'next stage' Cammy.  Basically, she is a freelance assassin, and it's even mentioned that she is an ex-secret agent.  Interesting... it's not the Cammy we all know, but as Cammy fans have become accustomed to, Cammy is a constantly evolving character (unlike boring old Ryu!) - that's one of the reasons we love her so much!  I love what they did to Cammy, just one HUGE problem... they changed her hair!!  If I ever meet the person responsible for that attrocity, I will punch him/her in the face!
3 side notes:
1. I use the real Japanese names for the characters, so:  Vega is the leader of Shadowloo, Balrog is the Spanish ninja, Gouki is the evil Ryu clone, and Mike Bison is the unruly boxer.
2. the Street Fighter II V TV series was released on video (in English) by Manga Entertainment.  Check 'em out at www.manga.com
3. the 'V' in Street Fighter II V stands for "victory"

SF2 Victory Cammy gallery

Before you get to the story, here are some pictures for you to look at.  Cammy really doesn't look all that bad, but she's much better with pigtail & a scar!
sf2v-cammy-cel-tn.gif (4393 bytes) My SF2V Cammy animation cel!  117k  (570x457)
This is a real production cel from the series showing Cammy assassinating Chun Li's father, Lt. Dorai.  I was really lucky to get my hands on this one!  If anybody out there can help me get any other Cammy cels from SF2V, the SF2 Animated Movie, or the USA Network SF Cartoon, PLEASE lemme know!!!!! 
card27fronttn.jpg (5229 bytes) SF2V Cammy card - front  106k  (345x500)
This is a really cool super deformed picture of that strange person w/o pigtails that is supposed to be Cammy from the Street Fighter 2 Victory TV series...
card27backtn.jpg (5091 bytes) SF2V Cammy card - back  99k  (344x500)
Here's the back side of the card.  It shows what Cammy really looks like in the TV show, as well as an SD version of the SF2V assassin Cammy.
sf2v-cammy1-tn.gif (1764 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 1  38k  (562x600)
All 5 sketches here are design sketches for the SF2 Victory TV series.  This picture shows Cammy as she looks (front and back) when Mike Bison picks her up at the airport.
sf2v-cammy2-tn.gif (2554 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 2  55k  (757x600)
This one has 4 pictures of Cammy's face... and they are some of prettiest looking pictures I've seen.  Imagine how good she'd look if those fools had not gotten rid of her beautiful pigtails!
sf2v-cammy3-tn.gif (1696 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 3  38k  (800x600)
Here's Cammy in her swimsuit, and other picture of her... I think it's after she assassinates Dorai and takes a shower.  Anyhow, in the box between the sketches, it says "Cammy from the hospital"... why?  This isn't what she looks like at the hospital!  Strange...
sf2v-cammy4-tn.gif (2036 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 4  52k  (562x600)
Here's a sketch showing Cammy's necklace.  She pulls out the cross on a string and uses it to choke people... like she does to Chun Li's father!  If you haven't seen that scene, you really missed out... it's awesome!
sf2v-cammy5-tn.gif (1471 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 5  51k  (849x600)
This pictures details "Cammy's sunglasses and bag".  Isn't it amazing what kinds of details they take note of?  That's why I find these kinda of sketches SO fascinating! 

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Episode 17
"The Despot's Commander: The Rampage of the Fearful Thirst for Conquest Begins"

17 1/2 episodes, and Cammy FINALLY makes an appearance!   It's about time.

Shadowloo discovers that a Detective Dorai is assigned to take down Shadowloo.  He's been a a thorn in their side before, so Vega is quite upset.  By the way, Detective Dorai is also Chun Li's father!  Anyways, Vega decides to do something about it...

After the 1st commercial break, we see Mike Bison waiting in his car at the airport in Barcelona, Spain.   He's reading a file on "Cammy White."  A plan lands and we are taken into the airport.  By the way, as the camera pans through the airport, you can see Gouki talking to some little old man in the background.  Anyways, we are finally shown what Cammy looks like: she's wearing high heels, a gray suit with no shirt, sunglasses, a black choker with a cross, and she's got her hair pulled back into a ponytail.

She walks out of the airport and notices a car in the distance... the car flashes its headlights and Cammy goes over.  M. Bison is sitting in the car looking very uneasy; he's gripping the steering wheel, and sweating profusely.  Cammy's has had absolutely no expression since we've seen her.  She gets in the car and they drive off without saying a word or acknowledging each other's presence.

After a while, Bison peaks at the picture in the profile - there's a picture of the 'old' Cammy with the pigtails, a Delta Red beret, and wearing an army uniform.   Then, he sneaks a glance at the lady sitting next to him.  Next, he gets a wallet, tosses it to Cammy, and tells her that he's going to be her contact for this assignment. He also tells her that he's with Interpol.  She barely looks at the wallet and tosses it back to him.  By the way, Bison is not an Interpol agent... he's working for Shadowloo, trying to trick Cammy.  That's why he is so nervous.

He takes another look at her profile and mentions that it says that she's Cammy White, a former agent of MI-6, British Special Intelligence.   It also says that she was specially trained as an anti-terrorist assassin, in fact, it's rumored that she's the deadliest that Britain's ever produced.  But, then she went solo and became a high-paid assassin for hire...

She interrupts him and says "You can skip the trip down memory lane. (She takes off her glasses and looks at Bison)  I'm sure I know why I was hired."  Before this, Cammy was as cold as ice; she hadn't said a thing or even expressed any emotions.  Bison groans, and Cammy says "Tell me who you want me to kill."

Balrog hand Cammy a picture and tells her that his name is "Dorai."  As Cammy stares at the photo, Bison tells her that it won't be an easy job because he's a cop - the best in Hong Kong.  Bison goes on to say that he's heading up an investigation that Interpol's been working on.

Cammy seems a little suspicious, so she asks "This man is your colleague?"  Bison says that he's supposed to be, but that he's been busting drug syndicates and setting up new ones in their place; with himself as boss.   His position the HKPD puts him above suspicion.  Unfortunately, Interpol didn't realize what he was doing until after they brought him into their confidence.   He's now involved in a very delicate operation that is already years in the making.

They drive up to some waterfront warehouses and stop the car.  Bison goes on to explain that if Dorai is arrested, he might expose Interpol's operation.  He tells Cammy the head of Interpol has personally authorized her mission.  If Dorai turns up dead, nobody would be surprised; but their involvement has to be kept a secret.

Cammy gets offended at the fact that she's being told to keep the mission a secret.  She tells Bison "Don't worry, I'm not in the business of advertising my employers or my assignments.  In fact, it would be better if you didn't tell me the details."

"Better for who?" Bison asks.  "Better for both of us" Cammy tells him.  "I'm good at what I do Agent Bison; as Dorai is about to find out..."

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Episode 18
"The Beautiful Assassin: Green Eyes, Terror of the Cross"

Bison drives Cammy to a hotel and tells her that she has a room with a balcony reserved upstairs, right next to Dorai's...

Before she goes in, Cammy tells Bison that she wouldn't be surprised if Interpol put a price on her head after this is all over, so she wants his guarantee that that's not going to happen.  Bison is a little startled by this, but he tells her that he can't do that.  Cammy just says "Humph," squints her eyes at Bison, and then she gets out of the car.  But, she looks in through the window and tells him that if Interpol tries to get rid of her, she'll make sure he's dead first!  Then she goes to her room to take care of business as Bison sits in the car sweating.

On the way to her room, Cammy stops at Dorai's door and listens for a bit; but she doesn't hear anything, so she goes in to her room.  She throws down her suitcase, and listens at the wall - but still nothing.  Next, she goes out on the balcony and sees Dorai typing over on his balcony.  She watches a while, and then sneaks back into her room.

Back in her room, we see Cammy from back/left side, and she takes off her coat... she's not wearing anything else.  As Dorai continues to type out on the balcony, Cammy changes into a new outfit; a pair of tight black pants, a pair or red boots, some black sports bra-type thing that's half-way unzipped, a pair of red gloves, and she's still wearing that black choker with the silver cross.  When she's ready, Cammy does that same "Humph"/eye squinting thing that she did to Bison a few minutes ago.  Cammy ready!  But, we have to wait a little because it's time for a commercial...

Cammy walks out onto her balcony, and Dorai is still on his balcony typing.  Cammy waits and watches a while, and as she does so, the camera zooms into one of Cammy's beautiful green eyes...

Cammy is on her balcony, and Dorai is still typing out on his balcony.  Cammy makes the sign of the cross (closes her eyes and touches her forehead, her heart, her left shoulder, and then her right shoulder).   Cammy's obviously a Roman Catholic - I didn't know that.  Anyways, she holds onto the silver cross on her choker for a moment, and then snaps into readiness.

Cammy silently jumps over to Dorai's balcony, and lands on the ledge right behind Dorai - she's only a few feet away.  She watches as Dorai stops typing, takes a drink, and leans back in his chair - he must be very tired.  By the way, it's nighttime.  She continues to observe Dorai for a few more moment and then she finally makes her move!

Cammy jumps high into the air, starts doing a Cannon Drill (a.k.a. Spiral Arrow), and yells "Sniping Kill!"  Dorai tries to run, but Cammy's kick hits him right in the back of the neck!  Dorai falls to the ground, his neck broken.   Cammy watches as a pool of blood begins to form under Dorai, and then jumps back onto her own balcony.  Once there, she looks back and watches as the pool of blood continues to spread.

The camera zooms back out of Cammy's eye, and we see that nothing has really happened; Cammy was just imagining what was going to happen.   Cammy's still standing on her balcony, as Dorai sits typing on his.

Now, the assassination begins for real!  Cammy goes through the motions of the cross again, but this time she grabs the silver cross on her choker and pulls it out on a long string.  She brings up and touches it to her lips, and gets serious.  She watches Dorai a little, clenches her left hand into fist, and the episode ends...

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Episode 19
Special Orders to the Iron Men: The Mightiest Rescuers Launch into the Sheltering Skies"

As Cammy watches Dorai on the next balcony, she take the cross on her choker and pulls it out - it's attached to a long thin string.  She pulls it out as far as she can with her left right hand, and then uses her left hand to pull it out some more.  She's holding the string with both hands.  Cammy jumps up onto the ledge of her balcony, and is about to jump over to Dorai, but the phone in his room rings.  He goes in to get it, but Cammy just stays crouched on the ledge and listens to what's happening.

Dorai answers the phone, and it's Fei Long to let him know that he's going to be in Spain soon (that's where everybody is right now).   Afterwards, Dorai goes back out onto the balcony because he's got to get back to work.  Cammy has been patiently waiting for him.  When he's settled down and at work again, Cammy makes her move...

She jumps high into the air, across the gap between her and Dorai's balcony, and goes into a Cannon Drill.  Before she yells "Sniping Kill," Dorai notices her reflection on the screen of his computer.   Dorai dives out of the way, and Cammy crashes into the table.  But, she recovers quickly and throws out her 'cross on the string' as Dorai glances back.  It wraps around Dorai's neck, and Cammy pulls it tight.  They both freeze.  Cammy starts walking toward Dorai, keeping the string tight as she does so.

Dorai screams "Wait!  Who are you?!"   But, Cammy just responds by tightening the string around Dorai's neck - so tight that the string cuts into his skin.  He stands up, so Cammy runs at him and Cannon Spikes him right in the chin.  The blow sends Dorai over the ledge of the balcony.   She lets out a bunch of slack on the string, and then steps on it, leaving Dorai hanging far below the balcony, but high above the street below.

Cammy lets him hang a while, and all Dorai can do is claw at the string around his neck.  When his body finally goes limp, Cammy makes the sign of the cross again.  She says "Heavenly Father, forgive me for what I have done."  Then she cuts the string, and Dorai's body falls a long way and lands on the back of a truck driving by on the street below.  We see Dorai's dead body on the back of the truck, and then we see Cammy observing the spectacle below.

What an awesome scene that was!

Later, we are brought back to the hotel.  The medics have arrived on the scene, and they have taken Dorai's body off the truck (Cammy's cross still hangs around his neck).  A huge crowd has gathered to see what's happening - among them is Mike Bison.  When the ambulance drive off, Bison says to a bellhop on the scene "That guy was pretty messed up, do you think he'll manage to live?"   The bellhop tells Bison that Dorai wasn't breathing when he came out, and that he hasn't moved a muscle since.  The bellhop concludes that "He's a goner for sure."  Bison's only response is "What a tough break."

Next, we go back up to Cammy's room where we see her outfit on the bed, and hear that the shower is on.  We then see Cammy in the shower - we see it almost everything, but nothing really... know what I mean?  Anyways, the phone rings, and we see that she's got another silver cross by the phone.  Cammy gets out of the shower, puts on a towel, and answers the phone...

Balrog says "Well, it looks like he's dead."   Again, Cammy's offended, and she snaps back by saying "My reputation wasn't built on advertising, Bison.  I'm the best in the business!"  He tells her that the place is crawling with detectives, so she better stay in her room.  She tells him that she'll be fine, and hangs up.  She sits down on the bed and picks up the cross that was sitting by the phone and looks at it...

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Episode 20
"Unknown Explosive Force: The Full Extent of Unbelievable Power"

What!?  In this episode we learn that Dorai was dead, but when he got to the hospital, he came back to life!  However, it's unknown if he will make it because his body sustained over 40 fractures, and a punctured esophagus.

This information is explained to an Interpol agent, and he realizes that Shadowloo must have tried to take him out.  Also, since nobody outside a small group of the most trustworthy special investigators knew that he had been chosen to head the Shadowloo investigation; Shadowloo's treachery must be closer than they thought.  The agent orders Dorai to be secretly moved from the hospital.

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Episode 21
"Compulsion Towards Vengeance: Cyberchip - the Challenge to Mind Control"

Fei Long arrives in Barcelona, Spain.  While still in the airport, he hears a news report about Lt. Dorai's death.  Investigators believe that Dorai had been drinking, so the death is being ruled as accidental.  However, the HKPD are requesting further investigation citing the possibility of assassination, but local authorities are discounting that because there was heavy security at Dorai's hotel.

Meanwhile, Cammy is lounging poolside in a black one-piece swimsuit.  Of course, she's also got her choker with the silver cross on too.

Bison calls her on her cell phone, and tells her that the police are saying that his death was the caused by an accidental fall due to intoxication.   There was no sign of foul play.  "Nice job." he tells her.

Cammy's suspicions are raised, so she thinks back to the incident.  She knows that the death couldn't have been ruled as accidental, so she tells Bison that she's surprised that Interpol is trying so hard to cover up the fact that he was murdered.  She wonders why they are so concerned about their reputation, and Mike Bison says "Huh!? You mean this cover-up wasn't your idea?"  As a side note to this scene: before the assassination, Cammy was a cold as ice; totally unemotional.  Now however, she acts very relaxed, and even smiles at the idea that there's a cover-up going on.

Bison gets real nervous and asks if she made any attempt to cover-up the kill.  She says no, she was only told to kill the man, not to cover it up in any way.  As long as the kill wasn't traced back to Interpol...

They figure out that neither of them are behind the cover-up, so something must be wrong.  Bison wonders if Dorai could still be alive, and tells Cammy to keep a low profile, and wait for him to call back.  Who would want to cover this up, and why!?

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Episode 23
"The Icy Light of Their Eyes: Heroes Possessed by Evil"

*NOTE* there was nothing concerning Cammy in episode 22.

An Interpol agent named Chief Barek lets Fei Long know that Dorai is still alive, and that he was really the victim of a Shadowloo hit.  Fei Long vows vengeance!  The Chief and Fei Long are the only ones who know the secret of Dorai because there's a Shadowloo spy in Interpol; nobody can be trusted.

Meanwhile, Bison comes to the hospital looking for Barek.   As a nurse pages Chief Barek, Bison calls Cammy and say to get to the hospital ASAP.  Bison can't tell her if something went wrong, but there's something very strange.  Upon hearing the news, Cammy snaps back into the 'all business mode'.

Back at the hospital, Bison goes off to look for Chief Barek himself - and he sees him coming out of a room.  If Dorai is still alive, Bison thinks, he must be in that room.  A split second later, Cammy puts her hand on Bison's shoulder.

Cammy is in a foul mood and tells Bison that he better have a good reason making her come all the way out to the hospital.  He tells her that it looks like her target survived.  That makes Cammy real mad because she wants to know why the Chief of Interpol is sneaking around like this, and why is Bison watching him.   After all, the Chief was the one who supposedly gave the orders for the hit.   Bison's weak response is "All you need to worry about is following my orders."  Cammy says "Fine," but tells Bison that if she finds out that any of the information he gave her was false, he will be her next target.  She also does that eye squinting-thing again.

Basically, Cammy knows that she's being jerked around by somebody, but she's in no position to do anything about it yet.

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Episode 25
"Fight to the Finish (Round 1): The Grand Triple Battle Command"

*NOTE* there was nothing concerning Cammy in episode 24.

At the hospital in Barcelona, Mike Bison finally gets a hold of Chief Barek.  He wonders if Dorai is gonna make it because he was real messed up!  The Chief breaks the bad news to Bison that Dorai is dead, and the the police have determined that he was drunk (he's lying of course).  Bison is real upset (at least he acts that way), and as he is grieving, the Chief looks on - probably trying to figure out if the emotion is genuine or not.

Meanwhile, Cammy is still wandering around the hospital hallways.  However, she's gotten herself a doctor's coat.  She apparently pumps some sleeping gas into a little room where a nurse is working on a computer.  Cammy walks in wearing a gas mask - so much for being inconspicuous!  She walks through the room, and in the next room where she finds Dorai on life support.

As she stands at the foot of his bed, she takes of the mask and start talking to Dorai (even though he's unconscious).  She says "I must admit I'm surprised.  I have no idea how you survived, old man.  No one has ever escaped me, and I had you dead to rights.  You have my admiration."

Cammy then takes off her doctor's coat, adjusts her gloves, pulls out the cross on the sting from her choker, and prays to God for forgiveness.   At that moment, Fei Long jumps out of hiding!  Cammy and Fei Long jump around the room taking shots at each another, but neither scores a hit.

Fei Long turns on the lights and starts talking nonsense... He mentions that he's never met a female assassin - at least one who knows how to fight.   He then hits on her by saying that it's a shame to have to fight somebody who is so pretty; so he'll try not to mess up her face.

In return, Cammy tells him that if he's such a gentleman, that he should step aside and let a girl do her job.  Fei doesn't fall for it, and tells her that she's been a bad girl.  She should just turn herself over to him; real lady-like.  Cammy asks him if he really wants her to be a lady.  He tells her that just because he's a movie star, doesn't mean that he doesn't like his ladies to be polite.   Then, in the middle of their pleasant conversation, he gets real mad and tells her that he hasn't forgotten what she did to Dorai!

Fei Long's mood swing just serves to amuse Cammy further.   She taunts him saying "My, my, how sweet - Dorai has a student who wants to make him proud."  He tells her that Dorai was a good man, and just because she's beautiful, doesn't mean that he won't make her pay for what she did to him.  Cammy warns him to go cool off because he's much to upset to be fighting anyone.  He tells her that any fighter without passion is a fraud (like Ryu!).

That finally sets Cammy off, and she tells Fei Long that anyone getting in her way will die!  She pulls out her cross and stands ready.   The stare each other down for a few moments, and then Fei Long finally attacks...

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Episode 26
"Fight to the Finish (Round 2): The Final Moments of an Exhausted True Friend"

In Lt.  Dorai's hospital room in Barcelona...
The fight is on, and it's fast and furious!!!  Cammy and Fei Long are bouncing off the walls, and basically going nuts!  During one of their passes, Cammy snags Fei Long's left hand with her line.  She has him at the end of about 10 feet of line, and they both watch each other - each waiting to see who is going to make the next move.

As Cammy gives the rope a yank, Fei Long jumps at her.   She reacts too quickly, and flips by him as he sails through the air.  Again, the 2 fighters are at a stalemate.

Fei Long long does a spin kick and steps on the line.   Doing so causes Cammy to be pulled forward, and onto her knees.  Before he can take advantage however, she flips the tables by letting go of the wire.  Fei Long loses his balance and Cammy immediately goes into a Cannon Drill!

Unfortunately, she misses.  Fei Long tries to follow up with a stomp, but Cammy rolls out of the way.  He then rushes toward her, unleashing a flurry of kicks and punches.  Cammy easily blocks his attacks and sends him flying into the wall with a counter kick.

Embarrassed, and not sure what to do now, Fei Long starts talking again.  He says "Not bad for a woman in high heels."  Then he reminds Cammy that he hasn't forgotten that she tried to kill Dorai, and that he's going to make her pay.  Meanwhile, Cammy stands back with her hand on her hip - I don't think she's too impressed.

Fei Long decides to give it another try, and rushes at Cammy with more kicks and punches.  Cammy easily turns them aside, but then he finally land a lucky kick to Cammy's stomach.

The kick sends her flying back, but as she does, she knocks over and breaks some of the equipment that is keeping Dorai alive.  Fei Long loses his concentration, but not Cammy!  She springs feet first off the ground (doing a semi-Cannon Drill) and delivers a mighty kick to the small of Fei Long's back.

The blow sends him into Dorai, and as the bed he is sleeping on gets pushed back, Dorai's oxygen supply is cut off.  Then, Cammy delivers a vicious spin kick to Fei Long's face - the sight of it makes you flinch because it really looks like it must have hurt!

Fei Long is apparently out, and as Cammy stands there, alarms announcing Dorai's falling respiration and heart rate start sounding off.

Fei Long curses Cammy, but she just stands there.  He gets up off the ground, but Cammy just watches Dorai.  Fei Long retrieves Dorai's oxygen mask and replaces it - Cammy is still standing there looking at Dorai... with pity on her face?  Dorai's vital function quickly return to normal, while Cammy and Fei Long just stand there, side by side in front of his bed.

I don't know what the hell's going through Fei Long's mind, but he starts lecturing Cammy.  He tells her that she missed her opportunity; she should have pressed her advantage by killing both himself and Dorai.  Then her mission would have been completed (No shit?!).

Anyhow, he finally asks her why she stopped - and she answers "Humph, I have a very specific philosophy about killing people.  My pride would never allow someone to die simply by letting his oxygen mask fall off.   Death must come by my hand.  And once I've defeated you, it will!"

Fei Long has already been beaten by Cammy once, so the resorts to talking again.  He says that she's lucky... blah blah blah.  This time he won't hold back because she's a woman.  At that idiotic comment, she tells him that if he had been holding back, he'd already be dead!

Fei Long tells her that he's not impressed by talk (Oh really?!?!).  He thinks that she's never had a fight that has lasted this long, and he's just getting warmed up.  He gets in a fighting stance, and Cammy makes the sign of the cross and says a quick prayer asking for forgiveness.  Then Fei Long attacks...

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Episode 27
"Fight to the Finish (Round 3): Critical Point - The Limits of Smashing Hadou Energy"

For the 3rd episode in a row, Cammy and Fei Long are bouncing off the walls of Dorai's hospital room.  After flying around a bit, they two come to a halt, and Fei Long calls Cammy a loser.  Then, he reminds her that he won't let Dorai fall victim to her and her criminal syndicate.  Cammy listens (she thinks she's working for Interpol).  Fei Long vows that she and her Shadowloo bosses will pay.  Cammy asks what Shadowloo has to do with this?  She tells him that Dorai is behind the drug smuggling in Hong Hong, and Fei Long tells her that he's dedicated to stopping the drug smuggling in Hong Kong...

Uh oh... Cammy realizes that there's something wrong.  She thinks back to when she met Bison in the hospital hallway.  After telling her all that BS about the cover-up, she thinks to herself that this whole mission is starting to stink...

She stares deep into Fei Long's eyes, and eventually comes to the conclusion that she really has been taken advantage of.  She relaxes her fighting stance and tells Fei Long that one can always tell if somebody is lying by looking into their eyes.   She tells him that she believes him.  That means that the man who hired her must be the liar (watch out Bison, Cammy's coming to get you!).

Meanwhile, Bison is still sitting in the room where he met with Chief Barek.  He's just staring blankly and smoking some cigarettes when he hears a tapping.  He looks around, but doesn't figure out where it comes from right away... that when he sees Cammy looking in through the window!

He gets up and opens the window for her (the fool doesn't have a clue)!  He says "Damn woman, what're you doin?"  Then he tells her to get in before somebody sees her (sucker!).  She stands a few feet away from Bison with her back to him.  He seems to be getting annoyed, and asks if she's killed Dorai or not!

Cammy doesn't answer, so Bison gets mad and raises his voice and says "Don't give me the silent treatment!  The man dead or alive!"   She tells him that he was already dead when he arrived.  This news makes Bison real happy.  She's really toying with the poor slob.  After a brief celebration, he asks if she actually saw his body...?

Cammy asks why she has to be the one to confirm the kill - he could just walked in and saw the body?  Bison doesn't have an answer, so Cammy provides him with one.  She tells him that he can't go in and see Dorai's body because his condition is being kept a secret.  Then she hits the idiot with some more questions... She asks why his Chief is keeping the death a secret if he's the one who ordered the hit?  And, why didn't the Chief just go public with the information that Dorai was drunk?

Mike Bison, the idiot, is thoroughly confused!  He doesn't have a clue, so he asks what she's getting at?  She asks if his Chief could somehow be setting the two of them up to take the blame.  'Why would he do that?" asks Bison.  And Cammy says "I don't have a clue.  But I have the feeling we're being set up."  Now it's Cammy who looks confused!  Does she really not understand?! But she was so close!!!  Now I'm the one who is confused!

It doesn't matter, because at that moment Bison cracks and pulls a gun on Cammy.  He tells her that she's partly correct... that she has been set up - by him!  And while he's already telling her everything anyway, he goes ahead and tells her that he's going to kill her and take the credit for killing the assassin that killed Dorai.

Now Cammy finally gets it!  Bison is a double agent.   Cammy wants to know one more thing... who does he work for then - Shadowloo?   But, now that Cammy wants to know, he doesn't want to tell her.  Besides, he says, she's as good as dead anyways.  Then, to prove that he really is an idiot, he tells her that she should be honored that she was killed by a true Shadowloo warrior - in other words, he works for Shadowloo!

Cammy now knows that Dorai was innocent.  Bison gets ready to squeeze the trigger, but a noise outside distracts him... just long enough for Cammy to kick the gun out of his hand.  As the same time, Fei Long kicks in the door.  He catches the gun, and behind him enters Chief Barek, announcing that Bison is under arrest!

Cammy  interrupts the Chief, and looks at Fei Long.   He knows exactly what she's thinking, so he asks the Chief if he would do him a little favor and ignore what is about to happen because he promised Cammy...  That's when Bison realizes that he's in BIG trouble!  He remembers what Cammy said she was going to do if she discovered that he had been lying to her.

She confirms that by pulling out her wire.  Cammy jumps off a wall and hits Bison with a Cannon Drill right in the face!  The she punches him in the face, punches him the the gut, kicks him in the head, and grabs him by the throat and slams him into the table.  She yells something as she slams him into the table, but I can't understand it - what I hear her saying couldn't be what she's actually saying!

Meanwhile, Chief Barek and Fei Long stand in place looking shocked by the vicious beating that Cammy is handing Bison.  Cammy wraps her wire around Bison's throat, and that's when the Chief protests that she's going to kill a valuable witness.  Fei Long agrees and yells at Cammy.  He tells her that she's going too far; this isn't what they agreed to.

Cammy asks the Heavenly Father for forgiveness, and jumps backwards out the window.  She holds onto her wire, and drags Bison to the edge of the window - so that his head is hanging out and looking into the sky.  She hangs on, choking the life out of Bison, and tells Fei Long and the Chief about the lies Bison told her.

They tell Cammy that they've all been lied to.  Cammy tells Fei Long that Bison's life is hers to take, but that she's handing him over anyway.   And, she thanks him for setting her straight.  With that, she cuts the wire and falls a long way to the ground below.  Fei Long thinks she's dead, but she lands on a the back of a truck and flips off safely to the ground. 

Cammy looks back up and sees Fei Long look down at her.   They stare at each other for quite a while.  In her head, Cammy says "Farewell Fei Long, I'll fight Shadowloo in my own way."  Then she leaves.  

It seems like they've both earned each other's respect in the end...


Cammy never shows up in the last 2 episodes, so we'll never know what's happened to her...

I assume she never did anything about Shadowloo because the clones (Ken & Ryu) took care of that.  I guess she went on being an assassin for hire - but I bet she's a little more careful about with whom she works.

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