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"Lord Bison must be protected!"
Shadowloo Cammy
(official Capcom art)

Name - Cammy  (a.k.a. CAMM740106, the Killer Bee )
Nationality - unknown
Height - 164 cm  (5 feet 4 inches)
Weight - 46 kilos  (101 pounds)
3 Sizes - B86 W57 H88  (33.5 - 22 - 24.5)
Fighting Style - Special Forces
Age - about 16
Birthday - unknown
Star Sign - unknown
Year - unknown
Blood Type - B
Likes - To do whatever Master Vega orders.
Dislikes - Balrog and displeasing Master Vega.
Arch Enemies - Balrog, Juni & Juli, and Vega's enemies
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Introduction to Delta Red Cammy

*Note* I use the Japanese names for characters.  So, the Shadowloo leader is Vega, the guy with the claw is Balrog, the boxer is M. Bison, etc...

First, I should make a quick note about the 2 different Cammys.  In 1993's Super Street Fighter 2, we met 19 year old Delta Red Cammy.  She was a good guy English Secret Service agent suffering from amnesia, so she could only remember what had happened to her since the age of 16.   Later, in the SF Zero series (which takes place before SF2), we met 16 year old Shadowloo Cammy.  She's as evil as they come, and she's Vega's personal bodyguard and #1 assassin/spy.  In other words, we met the amnesiac Delta Red Cammy first, and then we went back in time and saw what she was like before the amnesia.  It's the same character, but 2 totally different people.

This biography is all about the evil 16 year old Shadowloo Cammy.  I've tried to piece together her storyline as best as I could with the facts I've learned from all the games and comics I have.

Although we were given her story in reverse, but I don't think it actually matters which one you learn about first.  If you don't know Delta Red Cammy yet, that's fine because Shadowloo and Delta Red Cammy are two totally different people.  What you learn here doesn't really effect that character too much.  Learning the story in the reverse order, or the chronological order, shouldn't make much of a difference.

The story of Shadowloo Cammy is very tragic.  Cammy's so cute and pretty, so we always see pictures of her being nice and fun, but nothing could be further from the truth.  What you learn here might shock you...

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Shadowloo Cammy's storyline

CHAPTER 0 - Introduction

Enhanced by biotechnology, Cammy is an assassin of Shadowloo.
She was made to be the perfect soldier and killer...
However, Shadowloo had not perfected their control over her mind.
She has no idea what destiny lies ahead of her...

At the start of the SFZ3 storyline, 16 year old Cammy is the #1 spy, assassin, and bodyguard of Shadowloo's leader, Vega.  She was originally an experiment (more details later), but quickly made it to the top of the organization.  Moreover, as Vega's personal servant, she was probably the most trusted person in Shadowloo.

Cammy was 'created' to be a super-soldier, the perfect killing machine.  She was the first one that survived the process.  Shadowloo scientists used biotechnology and all types enhancing drugs (many experimental) to improve her strength, speed, agility, dexterity, endurance, etc.  Cammy's one hell of a physical specimen wrapped up in the package of a little girl!  They also trained to the fullest extent in a new and unique fighting style.  And of course they did everything they could to make sure her mind was focused only on the needs and desires of Master Vega...

Although Vega has Sagat, Balrog and Bison to do his bidding for him, Cammy's skill, strength, and loyalty earned her a special spot at Vega's side.  When Vega wants to do something 'personally' without personally doing it, Cammy gets the call.  Cammy is more than a tool, she is basically an extension of Master Vega himself.  She is his 'hand' in the world, and she lives to serve him.  If his life needs saving, she will save it or give hers.  If he wants somebody dead, she kills them.  If he needs information, she'll get it.  And there have of course been those rumors about them being in love (to some extent or another) but that part is still a mystery.

CHAPTER 1 - Cammy and the Master of Yoga
As the Street Fighter Zero 3 starts, Cammy is doing a few things on behalf of Master Vega.  One mission is to gather information on the fighting data of Dhalsim, the 'Master of Yoga.'  Shadowloo is very interested in discovering the secrets of his strange techniques.

Cammy eventually tracks down Dhalsim in India.  Right away he notices something strange about this little girl who has come to assassinate him.  Her aura disturbs him, and he thinks that the look in her eyes is more like a machine than a human.  Cammy's doesn't listen to him... she's totally focused on her job, so she gets down to business and attacks!

Cammy wins the fight, but afterwards, Cammy seems in worse shape than him.  As Cammy is suffering from a severe headache, Dhalsim looks into her mind and confirms (maybe even triggers!) the fears that she has about herself... that she might actually be something other than a cold-hearted killing machine.  Cammy doesn't want to hear it, but he tells her anyways.  Dhalsim suspects that Shadowloo is controlling her mind, and that her true consciousness is trying to come out.  Confused and upset, Cammy runs off...

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cammy mid" link on the .GIFs Page*

CHAPTER 2 - Cammy and Balrog
Later, Cammy meets Vega's 3rd in command, Balrog.  Cammy and Balrog have long had an extreme dislike for one another.  Although it has never been made official, most people believe that Balrog once tried to set-up and kill Cammy, but only succeeded in giving her that scar across her left cheek.  A narcissist through and through, Balrog was probably jealous of Cammy's beauty.  In seeking to eliminate Cammy, Balrog would not only destroy a beauty which rivaled (or surpassed) his own, but he would also move up in the hierarchy of Shadowloo. 

Anyhow, when a confused Cammy comes to him, Balrog sees another opportunity do what he could not do earlier.  Balrog taunts Cammy... he says she's nothing more than a guinea pig that Vega doesn't want anymore.  Cammy doesn't want to fight one of Vega's best men, but when Balrog's taunting doesn't provoke her to attack him, he attacks Cammy!

Cammy wins the fight.  A number of factors probably contributed to this outcome.   First of all, Cammy despises Balrog, so she was probably extra motivated to kick his butt!  Besides, making Cammy angry is probably the last thing an opponent wants to do because she's known to have an extra foul temper.  And knowing Balrog, he was probably underestimated Cammy and overestimated himself.

Although defeated, Balrog was not done causing trouble.  He tells Cammy that she's going to be terminated by a hit squad of Shadowloo.  Cammy doesn't understand or believe Balrog, but for a girl who lives to serve her master, the idea that he might not need her anymore is devastating.  Even more confused than before, Cammy leaves Balrog and runs off to see the one person that can tell her the truth... Master Vega!

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cammy mid" link on the .GIFs Page*

CHAPTER 3 - Everyone's worst fears are realized
When she finally reaches her Master, the first words out of his mouth are "I didn't expect you to return, Cammy...!" And then she knows that all her fears had come true!  But she still had no idea why!  She had always done her job!  And she had done a good job... or so she thought.  Vega asks her why she hadn't finished off Balrog?  Confused Cammy can't answer him, so he gives her the answer "You became conscious of yourself!"  Then he goes on to tell her that she is now useless to him!!

Maybe she didn't quite know it yet, but she had changed.  The fight with Dhalsim brought about the first thoughts, the ordeal with Balrog changed her even more, and now this.  Before, she had always done her job without question - everything she did and thought was for Vega.  She was Vega's 'hand,' nothing more.  But now she started to think of how she fit into the bigger picture, and that is consciousness.  Cammy had begun to think for herself, and of herself.

It's not that Cammy couldn't still be a valuable tool to Vega and Shadowloo, but as powerful as she was, with as much potential as she had, and most importantly, with all the she knew, it was just too risky to have her around.  Vega knew this to be true more so than anyone, so he gives orders to Juni and Juli, 2 of his other Dolls, to eliminate Cammy while she was still weak and confused.

Time and time again, Cammy has proven that when she looks down and out, she is actually at her best.  She has always found a way to motivate herself to overcome all the odds.  When faced with the the task of having to fight 2 teammates simultaneously, Cammy's pride and the hope of proving her loyalty gave her extra strength and motivation.  Cammy fights Juni and Juli at the same time, and she defeats them both!

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cammy mid" link on the .GIFs Page*

CHAPTER 4 - The beginning of the end for Shadowloo Cammy and Vega
That kind of skill and power is exactly why Vega feared Cammy... seemingly down and out, but still able to overcome incredible odd.  So, having gone through all his underlings, Vega has to eliminate Cammy on his own.  Although he was quite proud of his Cammy, he knew it had to be done.

Vega tells Cammy that he's very impressed by her.  And for some reason, maybe to confuse her further, Vega tells her that she is actually a copy of himself!  An already stunned Cammy is further stunned by the news that they have the same DNA! ...and that's when Vega attacks!

Sure Vega used Cammy as a bodyguard, and had her fight for him, but he's still one of the most powerful fighters in the world.  It wasn't just his smarts that enabled Vega to create a world-wide crime empire, but his power as well.  His Psycho Power is more than a match for anyone... except his former bodyguard (and clone?!).

Despite the disappointment, the confusion, and everything else Cammy has already gone through, Cammy wins.  With all that raw talent, and fueled by many strong emotions, Cammy was almost unstoppable.  For better or worse, Cammy defeated her master and gained her freedom.

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cammy mid" link on the .GIFs Page*

CHAPTER 5 - The aftermath of Cammy's awakening
Vega's greatest success might have been creating the perfect fighting machine, but ironically, it was also the cause of his downfall.  Although Cammy has gone through all of Shadowloo's henchmen, and even defeated her master, her real troubles were just beginning!  Vega was down, but he wasn't entirely out.  As Vega's body consumes itself (he obviously doesn't die because he shows up again in SF2), he uses the last of his powers to invade Cammy's mind in a last ditch effort take her body and stay alive.  This is the point at which Cammy loses all her memories.

What happens afterward is not really clear... to us or to Cammy.  She eventually ends up wandering around Shadowloo's base, trying to save the Dolls.  It seems like Vega never did manage to take a hold of Cammy's mind, but Cammy wasn't really in control of it either.  Nobody really knows why Cammy was trying to rescue the Dolls.  She never seemed to be a part of them.  Nor did it seem like they liked each other.  My theory is that the idea of Vega trying to save himself mixed with the the idea (fact?) that the Dolls were clones of Cammy.  In other words, in some strange way, Cammy was trying to save herself... herselves?

Anyhow, as she wandered around confused, trying to save the Dolls, Cammy runs across somebody who coincidentally was there to infiltrate and destroy Shadowloo.  In the game it's Chun Li and Charlie, but that was probably only for convenience.  In reality, it might have been Charlie as a part of some special force sent to destroy Shadowloo, but who really knows.  Anyways, whoever it was didn't have to do much because Cammy had already done the job of taking out everybody in Shadowloo single-handedly.  And with Vega's downfall, the base itself began to self-destruct.

As the base is about to be destroyed, the person (or persons) who encounters Cammy wandering around the halls of the base is forced to abandon her, and hope that she can save herself.  The base blows up and that's the last anybody ever hears of Shadowloo Cammy and the Dolls.

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cammy end" link on the .GIFs Page*

CHAPTER 6 - Epilogue
No, that's not the last anybody ever hears of Cammy!   Maybe they don't recognize her, but Cammy comes back and begins a new life.  In SF2, Cammy crosses paths with most of the Street Fighters again!

After the destruction of Shadowloo's base, Cammy is found unconscious on the steps of the English Secret Service's Training Center (in England!).  Nobody has any idea of how she got there... it's doubtful that she wandered there herself, so somebody must have brought her there (who?!).  Aside from knowing how to fight, Cammy has no memories of her life a Shadowloo Cammy.  Her life starts all over again, and she eventually becomes Delta Red Cammy.

*To read about that story, check the "Delta Red Bio" here on the Cammy Info page*

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Notes on Shadowloo Cammy's storyline

About that DNA thing...
The bottom line is that nobody knows who Cammy really is, or where she came from.  Vega's explanation of her being a copy of him, and having the same DNA, is total nonsense.  That's in no way, shape or form possible.  What is most likely, is that the other Dolls had the same DNA as Cammy, and that they were just clones who were the same inside, but looked physically different on the outside.  Cammy was after all the 'perfect' soldier and killer, so it would make sense to think that they'd clone her.

I think that they somehow got a hold of Cammy (kidnapped her) and then used a technique called "Gene Therapy" to give her some of Vega's characteristics.  What Gene Therapy (a real technique!) does, is give a person new DNA.  Basically what happens:  a sample of a person's DNA is modified by adding in new traits, or taking out undesirable ones...  then the 'improved' DNA is cloned millions of times and injected into a special virus...  the person (Cammy) would be infected by the virus carrying the new DNA, and that would begin a process that that switches the old DNA with the new DNA carried by the virus!  They might have used traits taken from Master Vega's own DNA to alter Cammy's existing DNA.

On top of all this, Shadowloo used many enhancing drugs to further make Cammy as tough as possible.  They also tried to brainwash Cammy to be the perfectly loyal soldier.  Finally, Cammy was trained in a new fighting style developed by Shadowloo's master fighters.  The perfect fighter and killer had greatly enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and agility, as well as a new fighting technique especially tailored to her strengths.

And one more mystery... Delta Red Cammy is English, right?  If she were cloned, she wouldn't have an accent. That's another reason why I believe that she born and raised in England, and then kidnapped by Shadowloo.  By the way, for a wonderful story based on this theory, check out R.J. Bailey's Cammy History fanfic.

By the way, if Shadowloo wanted to make a physically perfect agent, why a girl and not a boy?  After all, guys are physically stronger.  I don't know, but I can think of a few possibilities... Maybe it has something to do with the genetic make-up of a woman vs. a man, and that made it easier to do on a woman.  Maybe the scientists were perverts and wanted to make a perfect person in more ways than one.  Maybe an agent who was a pretty young girl could get away with and do more than a guy.  Who knows...

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Other Cammy appearances in SF Zero 3

I think more than any other character besides Vega himself, Cammy plays a major role in many other characters' storylines.  She sure seems like an important person to me...


Enhanced soldiers are created by Shadowloo's demonic technology...
Juli, one of these soldiers, receives an order from Vega...
"Find and destroy the enhanced soldier named Cammy!"

If you read the Book Reports section which tells about Yuka Minakawa's "Cammy History" novels, you'll notice that this storyline is right outta that!  Anyhow, Cammy is the basis for Juli's entire storyline.  When Vega finds out that Cammy is breaking free of her mind control, he sends Juli to find and kill her.

When Juli finds Cammy (in the fight just before the final fight vs. Vega), Cammy tries to tell her that she's become her true self again!  (she never gets that far in her own storyline).  However, Juli doesn't listen... she just attacks.  And believe it or not, she actually defeats Cammy!  Well, she thinks she does...

Afterwards, Juli reports back to Master Vega.   Unfortunately, Shadowloo's special enhancements have shortened her life!  Vega tells her that she's dying.  Juli, however, doesn't take the news very well... she takes it as a threat and attacks.  And believe it or not (again!), she defeats Master Vega!

Unfortunately, there's not time for celebration... Juli's still dying.  As her brain waves get abnormal, and then her blood pressure, Juli eventually looses consciousness.  After a while though, she wakes up and finds Cammy taking care of her.  Cammy must have come back to help her.  Cammy explains that she's an enhanced soldier just like her.  However, Juli's cells are on the verge of exploding, so Cammy suggests that they try using the Psycho Drive... maybe that can help her.  The End.  (is it really?!)

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cam/Nash/Juli" link on the .GIFs Page*


Balrog is a masked noble with blood red eyes of insanity.
By order of Vega, the leader of the Shadowloo organization,
he must find a girl named Cammy, and report on her experiences.

Like Juli, Balrog's storyline revolves around Cammy.   Their story, however, is a little more personal.  Vega sends Balrog out to keep an eye on Cammy, and knowing him, he's more than happy to do it!

Madman Balrog finally catches up to Cammy (the fight just before the final fight vs. Vega), and tells Cammy that he's going to bring Vega's "experiment" back.  Cammy doesn't have any idea what Balrog is talking about... she tells him that she's working under direct orders from Vega.  Balrog laughs at her, calls her pathetic, tells her that she has no idea, and then tries to kill her!  Balrog wins the fight, but he finds that he can't kill her.  He doesn't understand why he has feelings for this Doll.  Then he gets suspicious about Vega's intentions.  In his fight with Cammy, he gained respect for her, and he finds that he doesn't trust Master Vega.  (I think he's jealous!)  He decides to ask him about her...

When Balrog returns with Cammy, Vega is pleased by his good work.  Balrog asks what he's going to do with Cammy.  Vega tells him that she was created as a substitute body, but the substitute exceeded the original, and that's not right... especially if it gets its own sense of self.  Balrog reads between the lines: Vega's going to destroy Cammy.  His 'respect' for Cammy is apparently so great that he tells Vega that he can't do that.  Balrog attacks...

...and believe it or not, Balrog somehow wins.  As Vega's body destroys itself, he tells Balrog that he's made a big mistake.  Cammy is a human weapon with the same DNA as his.  Then he tells Balrog that he'll be back in a different body!  But before he can transfer his mind into Cammy's body, Balrog destroys the Psycho Drive and ruins his plans.  Instead of being reborn as Vega, he decides that Cammy should be reborn as a... he never says exactly, but he thinks that the possibilities could be interesting.  (Lord only knows what's really going through that madman's mind!)  Balrog decides that she's fine the way she is... a beautiful and strong foe.  He hands Cammy his mask and says "...come with me... beautiful soldier..."  The next thing we see, Shadowloo's base explodes, but 2 vital signs are detected as they escape just before...

What happens to Vega and Cammy after that?!  Who knows...
(maybe he's the one who delivers Cammy to the English Secret Service Training Center?)

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cammy/Balrog" link on the .GIFs Page*

Charlie Nash

In Nash's SF Zero 3 storyline, Cammy is his first mid-boss.  She tracks him down and tries to assassinate him.  Nash is really confused by the "little girl" in the Shadowloo uniform, but he doesn't have time to think or ask questions... just fight!

Somehow, he barely manages a win over Cammy.  He's got a little more time to think, but not much because Cammy still struggles.  Nash realizes that she's been artificially strengthened.  The thought of what Shadowloo must have done to this cute little girl enrages Nash, and he vows to make Shadowloo suffer!

*To see the actual scene from SF Zero 3, check the "Z3 Cam/Nash/Juli" link on the .GIFs Page*

Chun Li

Cammy only plays a guest role in Chun Li's storyline.   Towards the end of Chun Li's ending she finds Cammy outside Shadowloo's base, lying on the ground.  Cammy gets up but she has no idea what's going on (she's already suffering from amnesia).  Does Chun Li help?  No, Chun Li just rants and raves about the fight not being over, and how she's gonna bring Shadowloo down.  I doubt Cammy's listening... she's to dizzy and confused to care.

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Miscellaneous notes

X-Men vs Street Fighter
Fans first met Shadowloo Cammy when this game was released in the summer of 1996.  The basic facts about who she is (Vega's bodyguard, etc.) are correct,  but none of the storyline info is really accurate.  And no, that glowing blue energy that Cammy released when she attacks is not real either.  This is just a fantasy game.  In the real Cammy storyline, Cammy is not saved by Psylocke, but the basics of her ending are correct (loses memory, saved by somebody, joins Delta Red)... they just tweaked the details to make it fit into this game.

*To see Cammy's X-Men vs SF ending, check the "XSF Cammy end" link on the .GIFs Page*
*For frames of animation from XSF ending, check the "XSF Cammy misc" link on the .GIFs Page*

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
This is another fantasy game that Shadowloo Cammy appears in.  It was released in the spring of 2000.  There's really no storyline... just a lot of crazy fighting.

Anyhow, in the Japanese version of the game, Cammy was not available at first.  She had to be 'bought' with points.  And what's worse, she was one of the hardest characters to get!  To get Cammy, you needed to earn "D" points by playing on your Dreamcast, "N" points by using your Dreamcast VMU card on an MvsC2 arcade machine, and by earning "V" points by playing online with your Dreamcast.  Yes, that's an incredible amount of hassle, and it's impossible for most people to do.  Luckily, in the English version of the game, Cammy was much easier to get.

One interesting thing here, is that there's a freaky looking 'evil' Cammy.  She has pink hair, a charcoal black suit and leg paint, and she's really tan.  There's really no special story behind it, it's just a really interesting color scheme you can buy with points.

The "Cammy History" novels
In 1995, before the official Shadowloo Cammy was created by Capcom, Miss Yuka Minakawa wrote 2 novels about Cammy.  In these books, she theorizes a little about Cammy's history with Shadowloo.

What Miss Minakawa ended up doing, is creating the whole idea of the Shadowloo Dolls.  In the books, Vega sends girl named Anne to England to assassinate Cammy because she broke free of Shadowloo's mind control.  Previously, Anne, Cammy and another girl named "Bess" worked for Shadowloo.  Bess also broke free of Shadowloo's mind control, but by the start of the first novel Anne has already killed her.

This is obviously the basis for Cammy, Juni, and Juli.  Anne even looks exactly like Juni.  Although these books were not supported by Capcom, Capcom obviously used some of the ideas about Cammy when they created SF Zero 3!  Pretty cool, huh?!

*To read all about the books and see the pictures, check the "Book Reports" section on the left*

Cammy + Vega = love?
cammy-vega-shop.gif (1422 bytes)This is still one of Cammy's greatest mysteries... There are basically 4 clues that back this up. First is of course her SSF2 ending where Vega tells her that they were in love!  Second is her XSF winning quote where she says "Vega and I will laugh about this tonight..."   Third is that picture of Cammy and Vega holding hands and window shopping on the Christmas Stage of Pocket Fighter.  And finally, I ask you this... Who couldn't love Cammy!? ^_^

There's one other problem... is this love like a father to a daughter, or an old pervert to a pretty young girl?  Everything points to it being the latter, but it's not 100% certain.  I wonder if we'll ever know for sure?

Shadowloo Cammy's outfit
What a cute outfit, huh?!  Yeah, and that's the problem.   Although the design is really good, it's not at all appropriate for who and what Cammy is.  Cammy is a spy, an assassin, and a bodyguard for the most evil man in the world.  A light blue suit with red gloves and cute yellow tie is not really what you think of an agent of evil wearing, much less a spy or an assassin!  Right?  Shadowloo Cammy's supposed to be mean, evil, and scary.  It's a little inappropriate, but oh well... Cammy's still cool.

Cammy is not, not, NOT a robot!
I don't know what Capcom was thinking when they wrote Cammy's lines for SF Zero 3.  They make her talk and act just like a robot (like that thing from the SF2 Animated Movie), but she is obviously not in any way robotic.  She's genetically enhanced and brainwashed.  Capcom really did a half-assed job!

Shadowloo Cammy has 2 nick/codenames.   First is "The Killer Bee", however, not much is known about it.  Where exactly did she get that name...?  The second is "CAMM740106".   There's not much known about this either.  Shadowloo Cammy wears a dogtag with this code written on it, but what it means is more or less a mystery.  When Cammy is found on the steps of the English Secret Service Training Center steps, she's still wearing that dogtag, and it's assumed that it stands for her name & birth date... Cammy - January 6, 1974.  In the Cammy History novels, Anne and Bess (Juni & Juli) have similar dogtags - ANNE740102 and BESS740103.

Shadowloo Cammy's games
X-Men vs Street Fighter  -
Shadowloo Cammy's 1st appearance (summer/fall 1996)
Street Fighter Zero 2 Dash - Cammy's a secret character... if you get the high score with Vega, and type in CAM as your name, you can play Shadowloo Cammy in Vs. Mode.
Street Fighter Zero 3 - Shadowloo Cammy's biggest appearance!
Marvel vs Capcom 2 - Shadowloo Cammy's latest appearance...

Shadowloo Cammy's winning Quotes
X-Men vs Street Fighter

1.  "Lord Bison must be protected!"
2.  "I've learned a lot from this.  What about you?"
3.  "I'm young, but you're pathetic!"
4.  "Don't try to confuse me.  I have my instructions!"
5.  "The plan will be executed soon..."
6.  "Bison and I will laugh about this tonight..."
7.  "Don't mess with me, I have Shadaloo on my side!"
8.  "I'm the world's strongest bodyguard!"
9.  "Now that we've won, bow down to my master!"

Street Fighter Zero 3
1.  "Target destroyed!  Remaining in secondary combat mode!"
2.  "Condition Green!  Motor functions operating at maximum efficiency."
3.  "Life readings confirmed.  Power readings are negative!"
4.  "Minor damage... memory error!  What am I doing here?"

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The Shadowloo Dolls

Who/what are they?!
Vega's 12 Dolls aren't clones of Cammy.  Instead, they were kidnapped from various places around the world and then genetically enhanced like Cammy.  Here's a list of their names and the countries they came from...
1) Enero (Spain) - January
2) Fevrier (France) - February
3) Marz (Germany) - March
4) Aprile (Italy) - April
5) Satsuki (Japan) - May
6) Juni (Germany) - June
7) Juli (Germany) - July
8) Santum (Vietnam) - August
9) Xiayu (China) - September
10) Yanyu (China) - October
11) Noembelu (Latin) - November
12) Decapre (Russia) - December

Vega's Dolls
Here they all are!  click on the
picture for a bigger version....

There's a simple pattern to the picture above... if you start and the bottom left with the karaoke girl, and then go right, that's January through June.  Then, if you go up to Juli in the top right, and go right to Dark Cammy, that's July through December.  If you click on the picture above, you'll see that I've added the names to all the girls.
This has to be some of the most fascinating news I've gotten in a long time!  I've always loved this picture because it's so cool, and quite rare, but now that we know more about it, it's even more special.
Anyhow, just from looking at the girls, it seems pretty obvious that all of them specialize in in something... weapons, telecommunications, karaoke, etc.  It's unreal how cool this all is.  The story of Shadowloo with Cammy, Vega, the Dolls, and all that is probably twice as interesting as all the rest of the SF storylines put together!  It would be a crime if Capcom let all this stuff go... they've just GOT to give us more of them in some future game.   Pray really hard that they do!
mask-cammy3.gif (1060 bytes)The masked doll... Dark Cammy?
Have you ever noticed that when Juni and Juli drop in, there are 10 other Dolls (picture), and one looks a lot like Cammy (she's also in Dolls group picture above).  The only difference, is that she has a mask like Balrog (except it's black), and her eyes glow red!

Her name is "Decapre" (means December), and she was kidnapped by Shadowloo from Russia.  Other than that, nothing at all is known about about her.mask-cammy4.gif (1079 bytes)   cam3-cdrill1-rev.gif (1336 bytes)I doubt it's just a coincidence... there's gotta be something behind it!   Who or what is she really, and what is her relationship ship to Cammy?!

The storyline potential here is absolutley golden!  If you're a fanfic writer, I'd think that the opportunity to work with this would be a dream come true.  Go for it... we're dying to hear more about Dark Cammy and the Shadowloo Dolls!!

blank cell


Although we've learned so much about who Cammy was before Delta Red, there's still a lot of mystery surrounding almost every aspect of her.  It's amazing because it seems like the more we learn about Cammy's past, the more we realize that we don't understand it.  Solving one mystery uncovers many others!  ...what about the other Dolls?  ...who is the masked Doll that looks like Cammy? did Cammy get that scar on the left cheek? Cammy really a clone of Vega? did she earn such a high position at Vega's side? did she escape the base's destruction and end up in England?  Etc...

On one hand, all this mystery is frustrating, but on the other hand, it makes Cammy all that much more interesting!  Theorizing about what happened, and trying to fit the pieces together can be great fun, and it's very good for writing fanfics!  And since there are so many mysteries and stories left untold, it leaves a small hope that someday Capcom will make another SF game in which we'll learn more about what happened.  If we pray and wish really hard, maybe our dreams will come true...