Cammy 4 ko mangas
Last Update = July 31, 1999  (re-created)

In Japan, there's a very popular form of comics called "yon ko ma."  It means "4 piece comic" and that's exactly what it is... a short comic with only 4 panels.  Typically, 4-koma comics depict a cheesy joke or point out something silly.  They're lots of fun, very popular, and easy to do.  And, when SSF2 was at it's height, about 30-40% of them featured Cammy!  Here's a few that I've scanned and translated for you.
camgottroubtn.gif (3691 bytes) Cammy Gotta... Trouble!  87k  (423X523)
This one's not really a 4 ko manga, but almost as short and simple.  It's from some artist at Capcom who just drew it for fun.  This is a perfect example of why Cammy is SOOO cool!  She's as sick of Chun Li's lame old look as everybody else is!
gc4komatn.gif (4974 bytes) Cammy wants to fight Guile.. Why?  110k  (283X800)
This is a rare 4-koma in color featuring 2 of the coolest Street Fighters.  Despite being in color, the style and content of this one is a textbook example of what 4-komas are like.  And, I did the translation on the picture.
where-vegatn.gif (6933 bytes) Overthrowing Shadowloo
This is another rare color 4-koma.  In this one, Cammy tries to track down some guy named "Vega."
mirror2tn.gif (5642 bytes) Mirror, Mirror...
Mirror, mirror on the wall... who's the most beautiful of them all?  I think the answer to this one is quite obvious!
gettemtn.gif (2623 bytes) First Strike
Cammy's got a new gun... Everybody watch out!
papatn.gif (2596 bytes) Papa Guile!?
Can't say much without giving away the secret... please see for yourself.
undercovertn.gif (2420 bytes) Undercover
Hey Cammy, I love the new outfit!  'nuff said - see for yourself!
valentinetn.gif (3110 bytes) Valentines surprise
NO!!! Cammy, say it's not true!  You're not really giving Ryu a Valentines present, are you!?  Of all the people...
teamwork1tn.gif (2456 bytes) Teamwork part 1
4 people with 4 goals try team up...
teamwork2tn.gif (2612 bytes) Teamwork part 2
They've formed a team, but they still have to work on morale...

Animated Cammy 4-koma

elevanimtn.gif (1776 bytes) "Elevator"  35k  (338x221)
Cammy and a special guest... not especially funny, but quite interesting.
pianoanimtn.gif (2732 bytes) "Don't be so nasty to me"  64k  (400x303)
Cammy's obviously cute, beautiful, strong, and cool, but this one proves that she's also got a sense of humor, and that she's very clever as well.  My very favorite 4-koma ever!
volleyanimtn.gif (2866 bytes) "Volleyball practice"  79k  (362x258)
In this comic, Ken tries to teach Cammy to play volleyball, but it's Cammy that ends up giving Ken a lesson of sorts.  A very typically cheesy 4-koma.