Cammy 4 ko mangas 2
Last Update = June 18, 2000  (Copycats 5 added)

More cool 4 ko manga from Japan... scanned and translated by me, for all you Cammy fans.  I'm sure you'll love 'em.   And, there are dozens more that I'm working on!
cam-hondacopy4koma-tn.gif (1985 bytes) Copycats
Everybody loves Cammy's cute winning pose!
cam-guyscopy4koma-tn.gif (2217 bytes) Copycats 2
Honestly, everybody really does love Cammy's cute winning pose!
cam-hondacopy-tn.gif (2616 bytes) Copycats 3
Honda's at it again... well, this time Cammy has a little surprise for him!!
BTW - this is the last page of an entire comic about Cammy's problems with E Honda's cross-dressing fetish.
smashtn.gif (5518 bytes) Copycats 4
Here's an good old one that runs along the same theme.
t-back-4koma-tn.gif (2062 bytes) Copycats 5
The Honda/Cammy Saga continues in this comic.  They say "Immitation is the highest form of flattery", but I have a feeling that nobody's flattered by what Honda does here!
cam-catblank4koma-tn.gif (2302 bytes) Cammy the kitten  87k  (423X523)
Looks real harmless and innocent, doesn't she?  But remember, at age 16, she was already one of the world's top assassins!
cam-cattail4koma-tn.gif (2483 bytes) Cammy's just like a cat
Cammy loves cats and thinks about them so much, that maybe she's become like them.
cam-chun4koma-tn.gif (5187 bytes) Cammy's so cute!  110k  (283X800)
Cammy's SO cute and pretty, but she's got that big scar on her left cheek.  Poor girl...
cam-deejay4koma-tn.gif (1744 bytes) Jamaican humor is not funny!
Cammy learns something new in this one, but it's not what she expected...
cam-dhalsim4koma-tn.gif (2276 bytes) READ THIS ONE!!!
4 ko manga just don't get any more clever than this!!!  Please check it out now.
cam-golf4koma-tn.gif (1823 bytes) SSF2 Golf Tournament
They do it all.  Just like the game, I know Cammy'll kick all their silly asses in golf too!
cam-janken4koma-tn.gif (2716 bytes) Telling Ryu off!
There are so many possibilities for this one, huh?!  This one is about Cammy telling Ryu how the game is supposed to be played.
cam-ken4koma-tn.gif (1917 bytes) Cammy and Ken
It's not bad enough that he's a clone, but he has to go around wasting the time of a character actually is something, and has something to do!  Jackass.
cam-vsken4koma-tn.gif (2261 bytes) Cammy's special techniques
Look at that face!  Aren't you dying to see what this Cammy vs Ken fight is like?!
cam-kenfreak4koma-tn.gif (2106 bytes) Weirdo Ken
Heh, Cammy looks kinda pissed here.  Find out what it's all about.  A very clever 4 ko manga!
cam-caterpillar4koma-tn.gif (2434 bytes) Chun Li has big fat legs!!!
This is how girls fight.  Watch out Chun Li... not only is Cammy stronger and prettier than you, but she's smarter than you too!
cam-newstage4koma-tn.gif (4169 bytes) Cammy's new stage!
What if the fighters got to design their own stage.  Ryu's would be a black void, and Cammy's would be...
cam-sagtrick4koma-tn.gif (2566 bytes) It's good to be tall
I agree, although at 199 cm (6'7") tall, I'm tiny next to Sagat, it is nice to be tall.  But, being tall does have it's disadvantages too!