Cammy vs Chun Li part 3

Go Cammy!
Street Fighter issue #11 was a sad day for Cammy fans!   We were all looking forward to her rematch with Chun Li (Cammy won the 1st fight in SF issue #2)... and things started out great as Cammy took control, but then she gave up and Chun Li got the embarassing win.  >_<
Cammy isn't one to let something like that stand, so she challenged Chun Li to a rematch.  No sneak attacks or anything like that.... just a fair one-on-one fight to see who the "Strongest Woman in the World" really was!
Thank you VERY VERY VERY much to Adam Warren for drawing this amazing comic just days after one of the worst moments in the history of Cammy fans.

*note*   This special comic features an unsactioned fight.  It was not in any way endorsed by Capcom or Street Fighter comics.

Go Cammy!

The Re-rematch...
Story & Art by Adam Warren

The 'rubber match' begins!

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