"Cammy" by Mine Yoshizaka
(scanned & translated by Stefan)

My really good friend in England, Lucas, is from Malaysia so he's not used to the cold weather there.  It really worries him that Cammy wears such a skimpy outfit when she lives in such a cold place.  This is a very cute story about Lucas & Cammy, and how he worries & cares for her...
*note*  This is not really about Lucas, but he really does live in England and worry about Cammy catching a cold, so it's just like it was made about him... ^_^
*note*  As always, Japanese comics are read top to bottom, right to left...
"Cammy" by Mine Yoshizaka
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Panel 1                                 
Lucas: "Heyo, Miss Cammy!!"
Panel 2                                 
Cammy: "What is it... oh, it's you again?"
Lucas: "Yeah..."
Panel 3                                 
Lucas: "Ummm...  It started to snow, and I thought you'd be cold in just that suit..."

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