Cammy Comic Gallery #1
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November 13, 2000   (first 8 are new)

The only comic available in English is Masahiko Nakahira's Street Fighter II: Cammy comic.  However, there are literally hundreds of awesome Cammy comics in Japan.  When SSF2 came out, she was by far the most popular character, and all the artists wanted to draw Cammy.  There are many more game characters now, but Cammy is still by far the coolest!  Anyhow here are some pictures of Cammy from some of the other comics she's appeared in.
cam-comic2tn.gif (3878 bytes) Cammy's scared?  56k  (451x300)
This is just a really cute little picture of a frightened super-deformed Cammy.
cam-comic3-tn.gif (2605 bytes) Sometimes Cammy  94k  (430x640)
This is the cover page to a short Cammy and Chun Li comic.
cam-comic5-tn.gif (2159 bytes) Kiss my @$$  56k  (400x506)
When Cammy tells you to "Kiss her ass", it's supposed to be an insult, but I can't think of anything that would make me or any other guy more happy!!
cam-comic6-tn.gif (2760 bytes) Delta Red!  84k  (529x404)
Here's a nice little picture of Cammy meeting up with her teammate, Delta Red.  She's very happy to see them again!
cam-comic7-tn.gif (3659 bytes) A Spinning Back Knuckle for Chun Li  77k  (500x518)
Poor Chun Li, she's always helpless in fights against Cammy.  Before Cammy was added to SF, Chun Li was the strongest woman in the world, but now she's not even close...
cam-comic8-tn.gif (2750 bytes) A Mami Itoh comic page  117k  (541x819)
I don't know who's my favorite Japanese fan artist... Mami Itoh, or Kohime Ohse.   They're both SO good!  This is a good example of Mami Itoh's comic artwork.
cam-comic9-tn.gif (3633 bytes) Holiday Machi by Mami Itoh  104k  (420x640)
This is the title page to a short Cammy and Chun Li comic by Mami Itoh.
cam-comic10-tn.gif (2495 bytes) Shopping!  By Mami Itoh  84k  (484x685)
When Cammy gets some time off, she loves to go shopping!  However, later in the comic, things turn foul, and Cammy has to fight Balrog.  Luckily, she's got her Delta Red suit on underneath her clothes.
cammyglassesbwtn.gif (2672 bytes) Cammy wearing glasses  70k  (659x477)
Here's a cool picture of Cammy wearing something other than her regular fighting outfit. I wish there were more of these kinds of pics.
camvssakutn.gif (3480 bytes) Frankensteiner!  170k  511x540)
"Take this you little tomboy/clone wannabe... I shoulda been in SFZ2, Puzzle Fighter, Pocket Fighter, SFEX Plus Alpha, and Rival Schools!"
camgooftn.gif (2231 bytes) A goofy pose...  41k  (41x509)
This is a 2nd picture from the comic where Cammy beats up Sakura and takes her toy.
camcirctn.gif (2407 bytes) Cammy's situation  74k  (319x590)
This is a nice comic picture of Cammy explaining her situation... (in Japanese)
shdwlocamtn.gif (2657 bytes) Shadowloo Cammy  68k  (253x551)
Long before there was an official Shadowloo Cammy, this is what one artist thought she would have been like.
camouttn.gif (2733 bytes) Cammy's outta here  73k  (221x472)
The is an awesome picture of Cammy from (and of her) behind, showing those trademark pig tails of her.
camspytn.gif (2521 bytes) Cammy the spy  64k  (321x556)
This picture comes form Takashi Takashita, the same artist who drew the picture on my main page.  I absolutely love his style, but I don't have any other comics that he's done.
camcattn.gif (2447 bytes) Cammy Cat, Chun Li mouse  80k  (457x542)
What a neat idea!  Cammy's favorite thing: cats, and she's also much cooler, stronger, etc. than Chun Li, so the analogy really does fit.
prtyarmytn.gif (2502 bytes) The pretty army  81k  (467x590)
"The pretty army" isn't the best of nicknames, but on the other hand, this is one of the best pictures of Cammy!
tanlinestn.gif (2444 bytes) Tanlines  89k  (467x590)
Great idea and great art!  This is one of my favorites, and many of you have told me that it's yours too.
camspintn.gif (3166 bytes) Dizzy Cammy  41k  (397x590)
What a strange picture... the style is cool, but it looks like Cammy is either insane or very dizzy.  Probably dizzy from too many Spinning Back Knuckles, Cannon Drills, and Hooligan Rolls.
camvsdahltn.gif (2847 bytes) Reach advantage: Dhalsim  18k  (469x261)
If you've read the SF2 Cammy Gaiden comic by M. Nakahira, then you know that Cammy has had her troubles with this freak in the past.  Dhalsim can teleport and stiff-arm Cammy only so long... but she'll eventually get a hold of him, and then she's gonna make him pay for all his foolishness!
camgrintn.gif (2706 bytes) Scheming  40k  (158x600)
Check out the shit-eating grin on Cammy - I wonder what's going on in that mind of hers...?
camyeahtn.gif (3249 bytes) Happy about something...  25k  (298x413)
Here's a cute SD picture of Cammy jumping for joy.  If Cammy's happy, then I'm happy.