Cammy Comic Gallery #2
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November 26, 2000   (top 8 pictures were added)

Cammy has appeared in many, many comics over the years.  One of the best things about comic art is that it's one of the rare instances when you get to see pictures of her in action.  Fan art rarely depicts action scenes, so if you want to see Cammy kicking butt, this is where it is!   Besides showing cool action pictures, comics focus more on who Cammy is, and less on how she looks.
cam-comic11-tn.gif (3408 bytes) Looking suspicious  101k  (464x502)
One of the best things about Cammy is that she's emotional, so she's always got a lot of different looks.  Combine that with all the different artists that love her, and you've got endless possibilities.  Here, she's cute/dopey/suspicious...
cam-comic12-tn.gif (2245 bytes) Looking back...  60k  (582x600)
It's always good to see Cammy from behind.  No, it's because she has such a nice butt... it's because of those beautiful pigtails!!!
cam-comic13-tn.gif (2212 bytes) Cammy's so dreamy!  57k  (601x460)
This pretty Cammy picture comes from the title picture/page from a Cammy comic in one of the Capcom Gals comic anthologies.
cam-comic13b-tn.gif (1941 bytes) Cammy and Felicia  53k  (491x425)
Normally, the worlds of the Darkstalkers and the Street Fighters don't mix, but in comics, anything is possible.  And naturally, Cammy and Felicia would be the best of friends...
cam-comic13c-tn.gif (2521 bytes) Taking a nap... Cammy & Felicia  71k  (558x460)
Awwww... aren't they cute?!  Everything looks calm and peaceful here, but in a few moments, Morrigan is going to attack!
cam-comic15b-tn.gif (2668 bytes) Beating up on Chun Li again...  106k  (610x520)
This is a page from an old SSF2 anthology comic, and it's gotta be one of the coolest fight scenes I've seen.  As usual, Cammy's showing Chun Li's who really is the strongest woman in the world!
cam-comic16-tn.gif (3201 bytes) Beating up on shotoclone Ryu again...  104k  (514x696)
Here, she's showing Chun Li who the strongest woman in the world is again... but instead of giving her a first-hand beating, she's letting Chun Li watch what a she can do.
yi-cam-comic14-tn.gif (2740 bytes) Yuri Ai's Cammy  60k  (267x778)
Yuri Ai has such a unique style, so it's always neat to see some of his less perverted artwork.  This comes from a crazy comic where Cammy and Chun Li exchange outfits.
cam-comic17-tn.gif (2918 bytes) Here comes Cammy!  80k  (491x440)
This is the picture where Cammy appears in the Sakura Ganbaru comic by Masahiko Nakahira.   He's done many comics since SSF2 Cammy Gaiden, but it's still by far the best.   He really should do a SFZ3 comic about Cammy and all the Dolls!
cam-comic17b-tn.gif (3074 bytes) Surprise!  88k  (455x440)
Cammy drops in... right on Dan's head!  That's why I love Cammy - no respect for the clones!
cam-comic17c-tn.gif (3781 bytes) What!?   YOU wanna take him!?  112k  (500x718)
Stupid Sakura thinks she can handle Zangief, and Cammy is stunned.  Maybe someday I'll show you the picture of what Zangief does to Sakura...
cam-comic17d-tn.gif (2686 bytes) MIGHTY Cannon Drill  109k  (500x564)
After Zangief destroys Sakura, Cammy has to come in show him that not all little girls are as weak and foolish as Sakura.
cam-comic17e-tn.gif (3474 bytes) Cammy rules!  97k  (686x368)
This is a great picture of Zangief and Sakura bowing before Cammy.  They know she's the coolest!
cam-comic17f-tn.gif (2265 bytes) Eat this!  83k  (477x516)
One last lesson for Zangief.  Like all the previous pictures, this one is from the Sakura Ganbaru comic.

cam-comic16b-tn.gif (2145 bytes)

One down, about 6 or 7 to go...  33k  (548x363)
Cammy sarcastically wipes her brow after easily beating the snot out of Ryu.  So many clones... who is next?
cam-comic18-tn.gif (3484 bytes) Cannon Spike #1  89k  (438x640)
Cammy's signature move!  This picture comes from the comic adaption to the SF2 anime.
cam-comic1-tn.gif (3460 bytes) Cannon Spike #2  64k  (451x640)
Yet another cool cannon spike picture.  This time, Bison is on the receiving end.

cam-ad-tn.gif (2278 bytes)

Cammy sells comics  40k  (242x678)
As the most popular character of SSF2, Cammy was the one whose face sold comics.
camguiletn.gif (2943 bytes) Cammy & Guile  79k  (353x600)
A picture from Masahiko Nakahira's Super Street Fighter 2 Cammy Gaiden comic.  Cammy and Guile team up to investigate the Battle Rave.  2 of the coolest characters, by the most famous SF comic artist... does it get much better?
cmndocamtn.gif (3696 bytes) Commando Cammy  98k  (592x540)
Another awesome picture of Cammy by M. Nakahira.  Cammy doesn't really dress like this in the comic; this is just a 'bonus' picture from the comic.  This might be Mr. Nakahira's best Cammy picture.
camhandheadtn.gif (2904 bytes) Cammy w/ hand on head  41k  (234x570)
This is another picture from M. Nakahira's SF2 Cammy Gaiden comic; Cammy has just beat up 2 Popeye wannabes at the Battle Rave tournament.
junglecamtn.gif (3180 bytes) In the jungle  74k  (234x712)
This picture is a 'bonus' picture for Fight 5 of the SF2 Cammy Gaiden comic.  In this episode, Cammy and her arch-enemy, Balrog, have a brutal fight in the jungle.
nonosecamtn.gif (3651 bytes) Noseless Cammy  77k  (420x600)
Kohime Ohse is one of the best artists and biggest Cammy fans.  She's done hundreds of comics, 4-koma, and fan art pictures over the years.  You can always recognize her stuff by the eyes...