Cammy Comic Gallery #3
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February 15, 2007   (picture #1 is new)

All these pictures in this comic art gallery come from doujinshi comics I picked up while living in Japan.  Cammy has always been one of the most popular game girls, so there have been lots and lots of doujinshi comics.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of those comics are X-rated.   However, there are plenty of good pictures, and here are just a few samples... (more are on the way)

cam-win-prfct-tn.jpg (2443 bytes)

Cammy Wins Perfectly  55k  (393x560)
One of the most clever fanart pictures ever!!  It's almost like a little comic actually.  It lists 14 points about Cammy and compares them to the other SF characters.
cam-chun-djs1-tn.gif (4778 bytes) Vegas Girls  115k  (425x600)
Here Cammy and Chun Li dress up like the dancing girls from the background of Mike Bison's Vegas stage in Street Fighter 2, but the outfits they got are just a little bit too small...
cam-djs2-tn.gif (2146 bytes) Onsen Cammy?  32k  (402x600)
This is a very cute little picture of Cammy, but it's kinda strange too.  I'm not totally sure what that thing is behind Cammy, but I think it's the entrance to an Onsen (public bath/spa).
cam-djs3-tn.gif (2004 bytes) Overdoing the winning pose?  32k  (402x600)
As if Cammy's normal turn-around pose isn't sexy enough...

cam-djs4-tn.gif (2878 bytes)

Gettin' a better look  32k  (348x500)
This is another picture from the same comic as the previous one.  It's nothing special, but the art is good and the pose is fairly unique.

cam-djs5-tn.gif (2812 bytes)

Contents  46k  (313x500)
This is Cammy from the contents page of a doujinshi comic.  I like the picture, but it's a little too cute & innocent & helpless looking...
cam-djs6-tn.gif (2369 bytes) Cammy in kneepads!  56k  (368x600)
If you don't know, I really like kneepads!  (don't ask me why, because I don't know)   Now, Cannon Spike Cammy wears kneepads, but this picture came way before CS Cammy.   It's good to know that I'm not the only one thought kneepads would look cool on Cammy.
cam-djs7-tn.gif (1916 bytes) Shadowloo Cammy sketch  63k  (389x600)
This is one of the prettiest pictures you'll ever see of Cammy.  It looks great as a sketch, but I think like like to see a finished version as well...
cam-djs8-tn.gif (4347 bytes) KICK!  119k  (463x600)
This is a cool action picture.  I don't think it's supposed to be a Cannon Spike, but it's similar.  BTW, don't miss Cammy's bangs (the hair on her forehead)... they're totally exaggerated!
cam-djs9-tn.gif (2107 bytes) Cammy Duke  70k  (562x600)
This is a great picture, that I know many of you will love... and not just because Cammy's wearing some REALLY short shorts.  It would be a great picture no matter what she's wearing.
cam-djs10-tn.gif (2174 bytes) Bomber Girl Cammy  60k  (384x600)
Here's the cover of a Cammy doujinshi comic called "Bomber Girl" where Cammy's doing her classic turn-around win pose.
cam-djs11-tn.gif (3781 bytes) Cammy and Galford  82k  (355x500)
Here's another little picture from the Bomber Girl comic.  This is just a little info page with a picture featuring Cammy and Galford.
cam-djs12-tn.gif (2334 bytes) Crouching Kitty  48k  (554x441)
This is just a cute little picture of Cammy from the back cover of some comic.  I think adding just a little big of color to the background of a black and white picture looks good.