Street Fighter back-up story
Artwork by Hyung-tae Kim (SIGONGSA)

Here's a great story that appeared in issue #4 of the Street Fighter comic by Udon (   Hyung-tae Kim is probably the most famous manga-style artist from Korea.  Be sure to check out his website at
Anyhow this is the story of Cammy's final test.  It's also the story of how she got the scar on her left cheek.  And, it's the story of how she lost her brain-washing!!  It's way too short, but at least they got somebody every special to do it.  It could have been the subject for a whole mini-series of 4 issues (instead of just 4 pages), but of course there's too much going on in the SF universe, so no one character can take up that much space.  Well, enough of my babble... on to the comic!
One year ago...
In M Bison's Shadaloo Headquarters
M. Bison: You've impressed me, Killer Bee.  Every minor mission I've assigned to you has been fulfilled impeccably.
Cammy: I exist to serve, Commander Bison, Sir.
Page 1
M. Bison: And you have served me well, but there is a final test you must pass.
Cammy: I await your orders, Sir.
M. Bison: Vega, test her fighting ability.  Hold nothing back.
Vega: It would be my pleasure to dance with this pretty one...

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