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Some of the very best Cammy pictures have of course come from the artists over at Capcom.  From game portraits, fun/design sketches, and mini-comics, you can assume this is the 'real' Cammy because the people who created her made these pictures.  Akiman, Bengus, and others at Capcom are some of the best.
sf4-cammy1-tn.jpg (3275 bytes) SFIV Character Select Player 1  731k  (663x760)
This is one of the character select pictures for Cammy in Street Fighter IV.  There's another version of this picture for Player 2 which is Cammy's right side without the scar, but showing the Delta Red logo on her beret.
sf4-cammy2-tn.jpg (3374 bytes) SFIV Cammy Win Pose  306k  (1188x1580)
Cammy's full-body portrait from Street Fighter IV is her classic turn-around win pose, but ironically, she doesn't quite do this pose in the game... just a lesser version where she turns her back and puts her hands on her hips.
sf4-cammy3-tn.jpg (3408 bytes) SFIV Cannon Spike?  456k  (1106x1586)
Cammy's official action portrait from Street Fighter IV, but I'm not sure what move this is supposed to be.  Cannon Spike maybe, but that's not how she does it...
ssf2tr-cammy-tn.jpg (2492 bytes) Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo Revival  75k  (600x430)
Here's the character portrait picture for the 100th re-make of SF2.  This one's pretty cool because it's Cammy in action.  Is she finishing up a Cannon Spike or starting a Cannon Drill?
ssf2xr-cammy-tn.jpg (2189 bytes) SSF2TR Cammy  56k  (349x350)
This is the character select picture from SSF2 Turbo Revival.  This one makes me laugh because she's got the Battle Angel Alita "octopus lips" ^_^
cam-chun-bridge-tn.jpg (2364 bytes) Cammy & Chun Li  115k  (476x600)
Here's a famous picture of Chun Li and Cammy on Cammy's bridge.  Chun Li didn't like Cammy stealing her spotlight, so she managed to get herself inserted into this picture.
sf15-cover-tn.jpg (2597 bytes) SF 15th Cammy  72k  (418x500)
This is a brand-new picture of Cammy from the cover of SF 15th Anniversary art book.  How happy do you think Bison is right now?
ssf2x-cammy-tn.jpg (1851 bytes) SSF2X Cammy  55k  (250x600)
I always thought this picture didn't look right, but it's Cammy so it's pretty cool nonetheless.  Anyhow, it's the official Cammy character portrait for Super Street Fighter 2 X.
ssf2x-cammy2-tn.jpg (2542 bytes) SSF2X Cammy #2  68k  (280x700)
This is a much better character portrait of Cammy from SSF2X, but it's the one that was used the least.  However, it did make the cover of the "Everything About Cammy" book.
zerocamtn.gif (3293 bytes) X-Men Fighter  72k  (234x730)
This is another one of my all-time favorite Cammy pictures.  It's the 1st official character portrait of Shadowloo Cammy.  She made her debut in X-Men vs Street Fighter back in late 1996.
mvc2-cammy-tn.jpg (2544 bytes) Marvel vs Capcom 2  76k  (224x640)
This is another one of my all-time favorite Cammy pictures (yeah, this one too!).   It's Cammy's character portrait from Marvel vs Capcom 2.
sfz3-cammy-tn.jpg (2244 bytes) SF Zero 3 Cammy  102k  (284x780)
And this is Cammy's official character portrait from Street Fighter Zero 3.  It kinda lacks personality, but I guess that's what a brainwashed slave should look like.
ssf2-cammy-tn.jpg (2253 bytes) SSF2 Cammy  80k  (401x700)
This is Cammy's 1st 'official' picture, and I still think of it as THE Cammy picture. 
delta-red-tn.jpg (2823 bytes) Cammy and Delta Red  120k  (447x600)
Cammy is a member of a special forces team called Delta Red, and this picture is of her team.  The guy with the long hair is Colonel Wolfman, the man who took in and trained Cammy after she lost her memory.
cam-shopping-tn.jpg (2879 bytes) Cammy going shopping  70k  (341x700)
This is the mini poster from Cammy History novel #2 by Yuka Minakawa.  It's really nice to see Cammy drawn wearing something else for a change.
cam-as-chun-tn.jpg (2856 bytes) Cammy as Chun Li  96k  (352x700)
This is a picture from a little mini Cammy poster I got in the Cammy History novel #1.  Cammy looks much better in her own outfit, don't you think?  And no, she's not happy to be wearing Chun Li's outfit...
sf2-col-cammy-tn.jpg (2965 bytes) SF Collection Cammy  91k  (292x400)
This is Cammy's picture from the SF2 Collection.  Be the way, even though Capcom did a half-assed job of putting her into SFZ2 Dash, it's great to have her there!!!
ssf2-vacation-tn.jpg (3130 bytes) SSF2 Vacation  180k  (700x490)
This is probably the best SF group picture ever!  These kinds of pictures are exactly why the SF characters were so extremely popular back in the day.  Why doesn't Capcom do this kinda stuff anymore?!
test-cammy-tn.jpg (2745 bytes) Location Test Cammy  71k  (233x700)
Until the new SF art book came out, I'd never ever seen this picture of Cammy!  And I have everything.  It says that the picture was used for the location test of SSF2.   BTW, notice the Delta Red sign is on the wrong side of her chest?
sf2movie-cel-tn.gif (1821 bytes) SF2 Movie animation cel  71k  (600x510)
It took about 5 years of serious searching to finally get a cel of Cammy!  In Japan, I was told that they never released any Cammy cels because the employees took 'em all for themselves...
snkvscap-cammy-tn.gif (3700 bytes) SNK vs Capcom Cammy  30k  (208x700)
Here's the offical SNK vs Cap picture of Cammy!  In the game, I don't know why, but it's Cammy vs Vice.  I'da thought Cammy vs Leona was the correct match-up.  But as long as Cammy's in the game, I don't care too much!
camcdcvrtn.gif (3821 bytes) Cammy drama CD cover  161k  (600x600)
This is the picture from a Japanese dialogue CD (radio play w/ sound effects etc.) about Cammy.  I actually own the original artwork for this ^_^
camcdjumptn.gif (2489 bytes) Cammy drama CD picture #1  77k  (424x600)
This is a picture from the inside of the Cammy dialogue CD.
camcdreadytn.gif (3076 bytes) Cammy drama CD picture #2  101k  (420x600)
This is a picture from the inside of the Cammy dialogue CD.

camcdbctn.gif (2093 bytes)

Cammy drama CD back cover  99k  (589x700)
This is a picture of Cammy's winning pose from the back cover of the Cammy CD.
camnov1tn.gif (4890 bytes) Cammy History novel #1  160k  (464x660)
I finally found them.  There 2 novels written by written by Yuka Minakawa, and published by Wani books.  Unfortunately, my Japanese still has a was to go before I can read these books...
camnov2tn.gif (4562 bytes) Cammy History novel #2  155k  (463x660)
This is the cover of the 2nd book.  By the way, the artist of these 2 covers is Satoshi Urushihara.  You've probably seen his work in other places (Plastic little for instance).  His style is easily recognizable.
card27fronttn.gif (5259 bytes) SF2V Card front  106k  (345x500)
Check out this cool picture of that strange person that is supposed to be Cammy from the Street Fighter 2 V TV series....
card27backtn.gif (5356 bytes) SF2V Card back  99k  (346x500)
Here's the back side of the card.  It shows what Cammy really looks like in the TV show, as well as an SD version of the SF2V assassin Cammy.
sfgamecovertn.gif (6538 bytes) Cammy vs Blanka  189k  (800x600)
This is a cool painted picture from the cover of the SF RPG.  Poor Blanka - hardly a man anymore, but he's just as vulnerable as regular men :(
sfgame2tn.gif (5205 bytes) Cammy RPG picture  72k  (553x500)
This is just a little picture from inside the SF RPG rule book - Cammy's giving some old bum the boot.
guesswhotn.gif (3690 bytes) Guess Who?  34k  (400x432)
This is the pride of my Cammy collection - a life-sized stand-up that I brought back from Japan.   I had to travel all around Japan for two weeks with Cammy.  That was a sight... 6'7" (2 meters), luggage, and life-sized Cammy.
xsfcammytn.gif (3464 bytes) XSF Cammy by Akiman  119k  (518x690)
This was originally a character design sketch (see the Sketches gallery), but Capcom super-artist Akiman colored this one in.
cammakitn.gif (3803 bytes) Cammy and Maki  101k  (353x479)
This is Cammy and Maki from Final Fight 2.  Yeah, she looks just like Mai Shiranui, and if you want to pretend this is actually a picture of Cammy and Mai, go ahead.