The Cammy Peach Comic

Here's a new comic that I scanned and translated for you all... but it's something that I just don't know how to describe.  This comic is absolutely nuts!
Anyhow, it's loosely based on an old Japanese fairly tale called "Momo Tarou."   The artist cleverly modified it so that it fit more or less with the SF Zero storyline.  Cammy is Momo Tarou, and she tries to go on a little adventure.
I'm warning you now... this doesn't really make a lot of sense, and it's REAL weird!   But the art is good, and it's so strange that you should have a lot of fun with it nonetheless.  Enjoy!
peach-comic1.gif (46425 bytes)

Cammy's Little Adventure

Originally: Michimitsu Haruasa
Translated and scanned by: stefan99

Once upon a time....

There was a giant peach floating in the water.

It was rescued by the commander of Shadowloo, Vega.

He is a true born soldier.

Then the giant peach began to open.

What could be going on...?

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