Cammy Sketches Gallery
Last update = August
28, 2000   (the first 5 pictures are new)

I don't know about you, but I've always been a fan of simple sketches.  They are usually quick and sloppy drawings, but I've always thought there was something neat about 'em.  Most of these sketches are either basic outlines for a picture idea, or actual character design sketches from the people over at Capcom.
sf2v-cammy1-tn.gif (1358 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 1  38k  (562x600)
All 5 sketches here are design sketches for the SF2 Victory TV series.  This picture shows Cammy as she looks (front and back) when Mike Bison picks her up at the airport.
sf2v-cammy2-tn.gif (1640 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 2  55k  (757x600)
This one has 4 pictures of Cammy's face... and they are some of prettiest looking pictures I've seen.  Imagine how good she'd look if those fools had not gotten rid of her beautiful pigtails!
sf2v-cammy3-tn.gif (1113 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 3  38k  (800x600)
Here's Cammy in her swimsuit, and other picture of her... I think it's after she assassinates Dorai and takes a shower.  Anyhow, in the box between the sketches, it says "Cammy from the hospital"... why?  This isn't what she looks like at the hospital!  Strange...
sf2v-cammy4-tn.gif (1559 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 4  52k  (562x600)
Here's a sketch showing Cammy's necklace.  She pulls out the cross on a string and uses it to choke people... like she does to Chun Li's father!  If you haven't seen that scene, you really missed out... it's awesome!
sf2v-cammy5-tn.gif (876 bytes) SF2V Cammy sketch 5  51k  (849x600)
This pictures details "Cammy's sunglasses and bag".  Isn't it amazing what kinds of details they take note of?  That's why I find these kinda of sketches SO fascinating! 
drcammydesigntn.gif (2262 bytes) Delta Red Cammy design sketch  107k  (1005x700)
This isn't as cool as the Shadowloo Cammy design sketch, which is possibly my favorite Cammy picture of all-time, but it's really cool nonetheless.

sdcamkicktn.gif (1879 bytes)

SD Cammy kicking  22k  (439x355)
This is a real neat super deformed picture of Cammy doing a fierce kick in the air.   I think it's a design picture for some sort of Cammy collectable, but I don't exactly know.

sdcammytn.gif (1385 bytes)

SD Cammy  18k  (291x365)
Look at Cammy: so cute and super deformed, but trying to look mean.  Also, it's a design picture for a Cammy keychain... see m Models and Stuff gallery for a picture, and help me find one!
1stcammysktchtn.gif (2170 bytes) The 1st Cammy  36k  (349x600)
This is one of the very first pictures ever drawn of Cammy!  I really wish I knew who exactly invented her...
2ndcammysktchtn.gif (1856 bytes) The 1st Cammy #2  36k  (464x600)
This is another original sketch of Cammy, but from a different angle.  It this point, she's already cooler than 95% of the characters out there... and she's not even done yet!
3rdcammysktchtn.gif (1699 bytes) The 1st Cammy #3  28k  (426x600)
This is the 3rd of the original Cammy design sketches.  By the way, these are the only 3 nude pictures of Cammy that you will ever find on my page.
xsfcamdsgnsktchtn.gif (2346 bytes) Shadowloo Cammy design  59k  (791x656)
This picture or "Nothing but Fighting"... which is my all-time favorite Cammy picture?  I don't know.  Anyhow, this is the official Shadowloo Cammy design.   I never liked Shadowloo Cammy like Delta Red Cammy until I got this picture.
xsfcamkidsktchtn.gif (1956 bytes) XSF Cammy kid  32k  (393x600)
I think this is just an example of the Capcom artists goofing around while designing X-Men vs Street Fighter.  I love this kinda stuff... I wish Capcom did/showed us more of stuff like this.
xsfcamsktch1tn.gif (1471 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #1  56k  (338x600)
This is the 1st of about 20 sketches of Shadowloo Cammy from X-Men vs Street Fighter.
xsfcamsktch2tn.gif (1871 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #2  56k  (440x600)
The 2nd Shadowloo Cammy sketch showing her from behind.
xsfcamsktch3tn.gif (1935 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #3  67k  (338x600)
Yet another sketch from XSF.  By the way, these come from an extra Cammy art section in the XSF Gamest Mook.
xsfcamsktch4tn.gif (2056 bytes) XFS Cammy sketch #4  68k  (558x550)
Another cool XSF Cammy sketch.

xsfcamsktch5tn.gif (1639 bytes)

XSF Cammy sketch #5  63k  (434x600)
Another neat XSF Cammy sketch.
xsfcamsktch6tn.gif (1967 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #6  62k  (512x600)
Another kick ass XSF Cammy sketch.
xsfcamsktch7tn.gif (1808 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #7  54k  (363x600)
Another awesome XSF Cammy sketch.
xsfcamsktch8tn.gif (1838 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #8  64k  (413x600)
Another bitchin' XSF Cammy sketch.
xsfcamsktch9tn.gif (2023 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #9  73k  (543x600)
Another rad XSF Cammy sketch.
xsfcamsktch10tn.gif (2360 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #10  99k  (590x600)
Another good XSF Cammy sketch.
xsfcamsktch11tn.gif (2403 bytes) XSF Cammy sketch #11  66k  (402x600)
Another great XSF Cammy sketch.
xsfcamsktchruntn.gif (2775 bytes) Cammy from the XSF intro  87k  (417x600)
You should recognize where this one comes from... it's Cammy's picture form the XSF introduction.
xsfcamsktchcoltn.gif (2760 bytes) XSF Cammy  83k  (501x509)
Don't really know what to say about this pic because I don't know exactly where it's from... it's a picture of Cammy though, and that alone makes it cool!
camsg2xsktchtn.gif (1897 bytes) Cammy's SSF2X sketch  86k  (499x870)
This is Cammy's Super Street Fighter 2 X sketch.  This one's especially big and high-quality... check it out.