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Chocobos are so cool!  They're always one of my favorite things about playing any Final Fantasy game.  I've been lucky enough to collect all these great things over the years, but I'm always looking for more.  I'll get pretty much any Chocobo item I can lay my hands on.
BTW - see the Chocobo on the left side with the little McDonalds logo on his neck pouch?  That was a Happy Meal toy in Japan a few years ago!    And the big plastic Chocobo to the left of the Happy Meal Chocobo is my piggybank Chocobo.  He can hold about $27 in change.
BTW2 - How cool is Fat Chocobo?!  Remember him from FF9?  He's the God of the Chocobos!!  ^_^
BTW3 - Please ignore the cans of Bailey's and the poster of Morrigan  -_-