Bulleta animation frames

Bonnie (aka - Bulleta & Baby Bonnie) Hood is easily overlooked because she looks so normal... but nothing could be further from the truth!  Who the heck really understands this character?!  BB Hood/Bulleta is a strange one indeed!  There's a whole lotta sweetness, AND there's a whole lots meanness too.

Here's her basic storyline... She's a bounty hunter who is out to get the Darkstalkers.  Of course she hates the big bad wolf, Gallon (Jon Talbane), but she also has some unknown dislike for Lilith.   And she's got a dog named... Mary?  Harry?  Sammy?  Cammy?!   Oh, and one more thing is known about her... she has the same dark soul as the Darkstalkers.  That's all fine and dandy, but what's her real personality?  Is she evil?  Is she good?  Is she both?  Is she... what?!

One thing is for sure - Bulleta is never what she appears to be.  Here are a few examples.  I like BB lots, so expect more from her in the future...

99 Jab Strong Fierce
In the Air bb-jab-air.gif (1225 bytes) bb-strng-air.gif (1387 bytes) bb-frc-air.gif (1948 bytes)
Standing bb-jab.gif (1098 bytes) bb-strng.gif (1476 bytes) bb-frc.gif (1810 bytes)
Crouching bb-jab-crch.gif (1038 bytes) bb-strng-crch.gif (1080 bytes) bb-frc-crch.gif (1591 bytes)
99 Short Forward Roundhouse
In the Air bb-short-air.gif (1337 bytes) bb-fwd-air.gif (1138 bytes) bb-rndhs-air.gif (1719 bytes)
Standing bb-short.gif (1238 bytes) bb-fwd.gif (1258 bytes) bb-rndhs.gif (1523 bytes)
Crouching bb-short-crch.gif (954 bytes) bb-fwd-crch.gif (1085 bytes) bb-rndhs-crch.gif (1073 bytes)
Miscellaneous Bonnie stuff...
99 bb-bottle2.gif (2198 bytes) bb-b-ball.gif (395 bytes) bb-fall.gif (1556 bytes)
99 bb-bottle1.gif (1200 bytes) bb-punch-win.gif (1123 bytes)
99 bb-butler.gif (1037 bytes) mary.gif (1277 bytes) mary-hide.gif (400 bytes)
99 bb-butler2.gif (753 bytes) mary-scared.gif (581 bytes)
99 bb-bskt-smsh.gif (1516 bytes) bb-jump-back.gif (1395 bytes)
99 bb-burnt.gif (2284 bytes) sit-bb.gif (22013 bytes)  

bb-dem-curse.gif (4108 bytes)

99 bb-misc1.gif (1224 bytes) bb-stand.gif (1364 bytes) bb-vs-port.gif (5232 bytes)
99 bb-read.gif (5454 bytes)

BB's Winning Ending...

bb-end1.gif (10552 bytes) On a quiet night, in a small house, deep inside the woods...
bb-end2.gif (4490 bytes) ...next up, another story on that horrible serial killer...
I'm switching over to our lady on the field Shoji... Ready??
bb-end4.gif (13837 bytes) Hello and welcome, as the inspection goes on...
The witnesses say the villain was a child with a red hood.
Police are saying that this was a ruthless massacre...
bb-end5.gif (14287 bytes) Ohh Mummy!!

I'm so scared!!

bb-end6.gif (20788 bytes) Humans are so dangerous!  What can we do!?

Don't worry sweetie.  We're OK.  Dad is always with you.

bb-end7.gif (27829 bytes)


bb-game-intro1.gif (10350 bytes)