SSF2's Delta Red Cammy

Ahhhhh!!!  This is what I've waited a very long time for... Delta Red Cammy pics from the game.  After all this time, the animated pictures from SSF2 are still my favorite pictures of Cammy.  I love the way she looks and moves!!  It's a real shame that Capcom abandoned her...

Anyhow, I've already got a few hundred more pictures done, and those will be up very soon.  In the meantime, enjoy all the basics from SSF2's Delta Red Cammy...

Cammy's SSF2 Colors
cam2-greenfront.gif (1390 bytes) cam2-greenback2.gif (1288 bytes) cam2-whitefront.gif (1384 bytes) cam2-whiteback2.gif (1285 bytes) cam2-grayfront.gif (1390 bytes) cam2-grayback2.gif (1288 bytes) cam2-purplefront.gif (1390 bytes) cam2-purpleback2.gif (1288 bytes)
Jab Strong Fierce Start
cam2-offwhitefront.gif (1390 bytes) cam2-offwhiteback2.gif (1288 bytes) cam2-bluefront.gif (1390 bytes) cam2-blueback2.gif (1288 bytes) cam2-pinkfront.gif (1390 bytes) cam2-pinkback2.gif (1288 bytes) cam2-3secfront.gif (1390 bytes) cam2-3secback2.gif (1288 bytes)
Short Forward Roundhouse 3 seconds


jab strong fierce
in the air cam2-a-jabstr2.gif (1269 bytes) cam2-a-jabstr2.gif (1269 bytes) cam2-a-frc3.gif (1234 bytes)
standing cam2-jab2.gif (1506 bytes) cam2-str2.gif (1399 bytes) cam2-frc3.gif (1442 bytes)
in close cam2-cl-jab2.gif (1435 bytes) cam2-cl-str3.gif (1465 bytes) cam2-cl-frc3.gif (1424 bytes)
crouching cam2-cr-jab2.gif (1216 bytes) cam2-cr-str2.gif (1128 bytes) cam2-cr-frc3.gif (1392 bytes)


short forward roundhouse
in the air cam2-a-shrt2.gif (972 bytes) cam2-a-fwd3.gif (1236 bytes) cam2-a-rh2.gif (1281 bytes)
standing cam2-shrt2.gif (1339 bytes) cam2-fwd3.gif (1524 bytes) cam2-rh4.gif (1276 bytes)
in close cam2-cl-shrt2.gif (1261 bytes) cam2-shrt2.gif (1339 bytes) cam2-cl-rh5.gif (1218 bytes)
crouching cam2-cr-shrt2.gif (1118 bytes) cam2-cr-fwd2.gif (1008 bytes) cam2-cr-rh3.gif (1120 bytes)
Special Moves
Cannon Spike Cannon Drill Back Knuckle
cam2-cspk1.gif (1506 bytes) cam2-cdrill1.gif (1029 bytes) cam2-cspk1.gif (1506 bytes)
German Suplex Frankensteiner
cam2-splx4.gif (2717 bytes) cam2-fstnr7.gif (2423 bytes)

Miscellaneous SSF2 Delta Red Cammy pictures...

cam2-b-win5.gif (1271 bytes) cam2-crch.gif (1161 bytes) cam2-stand.gif (1457 bytes) cam2-u-jmp1.gif (1331 bytes) cam2-vsport.gif (3611 bytes)
cam2-turn1.gif (1405 bytes) cam2-cr-blk1.gif (1166 bytes) cam2-blk.gif (1340 bytes) cam2-d-jmp1.gif (1380 bytes) cam2-shk1.gif (1593 bytes)

Delta Red Cammy's SSF2X Ending

This is Cammy's first real bit of storyline info!  At the time, there was no Shadowloo Cammy, and this ending really brought up a whole buncha questions!  Those of you who are familiar with Cammy's storyline, will notice that this stuff isn't quite accurate.   But, since Delta Red Cammy knows nothing of her true past, this is all she really knows.
BTW - notice that Cammy's Delta Red symbol is on the wrong side...
cam2-end1.gif (14324 bytes) Cammy - "Tell me about my past, Vega."
Vega - "How could you forget about me, Cammy?  Don't you remember, I..."
Cammy - "All that I remember is that you set me up and tried to kill me, but only succeeded in scarring my face!  How could you do this to me?"
Vega - "I had feelings for you!  I did not try to kill you!   You had an unfortunate accident and lost your memory!  Don't you remember?   We were in love!"
cam2-end2.gif (5824 bytes) Cammy - "No!   This can't be possible.  I couldn't fall in love with a man like you!"
cam2-end3.gif (8006 bytes) Col. Wolfman - "Our mission has been completed.  Let's go home."
Cammy - "Wait!  What if what he says is true, I'm not the person I thought I was!"
Somebody in Delta Red - "Don't believe that slime ball Cammy!! No one could love a loser like him."
Cammy - "You're right!  Now Vega can be scarred with the nightmare of defeat."
cam2-end4.gif (4847 bytes) Cammy - "Lets go home guys!"
cam2-end5.gif (14829 bytes) Cammy enjoys her new life in England as a member of Delta Red...