SFZ3 Cammy's ending

A fight that should never has been just ended.  The thing Vega never wanted to happen, has happened.  He played with fire, and got burned - his little super soldier became self-aware, and he lost control over her great power.  He couldn't stop the 16 year old girl...

This is where everything in the SF universe changes forever.   Cammy has had a huge effect on the entire world, and she doesn't even know it.   Actually, after a few minutes, she doesn't know anything anymore.  If she can ever realize that power that she has... Look out world, because there will be no stopping Cammy - for better or worse.

This is the story of the end of Shadowloo Cammy.   Just as it answers some questions, it raises many more.  (be sure to read my theory at the bottom!)

cam3-end1.gif (14359 bytes) How could I lose to a copy of myself...?  I AM THE ORIGINAL!!
cam3-end2.gif (9459 bytes) My body...  will be lost...

But soon, I'll be back again...  Back... In your mind....!

cam3-end3.gif (10110 bytes) Gwooooaaaaahhh!!!
cam3-end4.gif (11226 bytes) He'll be...  back....
cam3-end5.gif (7632 bytes) Master Vega...  Same DNA...  Copy...  I am...
cam3-end6.gif (13252 bytes) Uh...uh!  My head....!  Something is creeping into my mind!
cam3-end7.gif (10827 bytes) This is the secret Shadowloo facility!  It's the Psycho Drive!
cam3-end8.gif (12302 bytes) The gate opened!! This must be a trap...  But I have to go it!
cam3-end9.gif (11103 bytes) Wait!  Where is Vega?  You're just a little girl...!
cam3-end10.gif (11497 bytes) Master Vega is no longer... Psycho Drive... Almost explode!

We are not... dolls...!  Have to... save everyone...

cam3-end11.gif (9252 bytes) Wait!!  ...Dolls?  What did she mean by that...?!
cam3-end12.gif (11158 bytes) What is Chun Li doing?  She said she wouldn't investigate alone!

Is that the Psycho Drive facility?  Did she sneak into it?

cam3-end11.gif (9252 bytes) I've got a bad feeling... Are they trying to evacuate...?!

I'll never allow you to escape!  Vegaaaaaaaa!

cam3-end13.gif (8502 bytes) Now...  I can...  save...  everyone...
cam3-end14.gif (8502 bytes) (The Psycho Drive is having problems...)
cam3-end15.gif (21685 bytes) (Boom!)
cam3-end16.gif (7653 bytes) I don't believe it!  All the evidence in now gone!

I wonder if that girl managed to escape to safety?

cam3-end12.gif (11158 bytes) The base exploded!  I hope Chun Li is alright...

Rats!  Now we lost track of Vega!  Well, time to head back.

cam3-end17.gif (7653 bytes) After the collapse of the base, all Shadowloo activity ceased

Even an intensive investigation by the ICPO and the US Army could not place the whereabouts of Vega...

cam3-end18.gif (7653 bytes) or the girl whom Chun Li insists she saw...
Well, like I said... many questions are answered, and many more are raised.  Basically, we know that Cammy is not killed.  

Somehow, after this incident, she ends up on the steps of the English Secret Service Training Center where Colonel Wolfman finds her.  She has no memory of anything - but she does know how to fight.  At this time, she still only 16 years old!  Wolfman trains her, and she soon earns a spot in the Special Forces Anti-Terrorist Team, Delta Red.  3 years after being found by Col. Wolfman, she enters the Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament... and that's the story of SSF2's Delta Red Cammy.

So, there are basically 4 big questions left unanswered... One, how did an unconscious and amnesiac Cammy get to the English Secret Service Training Center?  Two, how does Vega escape destruction and reform Shadowloo?  Three, why doesn't Chun Li recognize Cammy in the SSF2 tournament?  And four... what is the real nature of Cammy - she was experimented on, but she can't have the same DNA as Vega.  So, what's the real deal?

MY THEORY (very interesting!)
Cammy's nature - My guess is that Cammy was kidnapped.  She's originally English.   Anyhow, Shadowloo experimented on her using Gene Therapy.  What's that?   Basically, they take a sample of your DNA and rework it to improve almost whatever they want.  Then the make thousands of copies, inject it into a special virus, and infect your body.  The virus injects the new DNA into your cells, and then changes begin to take place as the new DNA takes over.  They probably used DNA from Vega to improve on Cammy's DNA.  And of course they did some brain washing too.
Sounds crazy, huh?  Well it's a very real technique!!  It's been used in the USA for about 3 years now.  Do a search for "Gene Therapy" and check it out for yourself...