Cammy's SFZ Animation
Last update = August 1, 1999

This page is all about Shadowloo Cammy's animation (just from SFZ3 for now).  There are a ton of great and interesting characters in SFZ3, but Cammy's still the best!  Her style, the way she looks, and the way she moves makes her the coolest!
If you've seen my Cammy SSF2 animation Gallery, you'll notice that the pictures here are much better.  They are taken directly from SFZ3, whereas the others were taken from a shrunk down SNES version of SSF2.  I'm learning all sorts of new stuff, so look for me to redo all the Delta Red Cammy stuff from SSF2 in the future.   And, I also plan on doing animation for many other cool characters when I get the chance.
This section isn't quite done yet, so be sure to check back later for more.  I eventually plan on making available every frame of animation, and animating all of Cammy's movements.  And, I even plan on making some animated movies and comics using these .GIFs!

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Shadowloo Cammy's colors from SFZ3

This is a chart of Cammy's SFZ3 colors.  The PS version is much better than the arcade version because you can actually pick your colors - 6 total.  The only way to pick your colors in the arcade SFZ3, was to change you -ism.  Also, you could only get the other 3 colors if the same -ism Cammy was already selected by your opponent.  I love changing colors - I don't know if you all really give a damn, but I was really hoping that I'd be able to choose again.




1bto5.gif (1899 bytes)1sal-end.gif (1744 bytes) 2bto5.gif (1899 bytes)2sal-end.gif (1744 bytes) 3bto5.gif (1899 bytes)3sal-end.gif (1744 bytes)

4bto5.gif (1899 bytes)4sal-end.gif (1729 bytes)

5bto5.gif (1899 bytes)5sal-end.gif (1744 bytes)

6bto5.gif (1899 bytes)6sal-end.gif (1744 bytes)

Short Forward Roundhouse
In case you're not familiar with the names of the SF buttons; Jab = weak punch, Strong = medium punch, Fierce = strong punch, Short = weak kick, Forward = medium kick, and Roundhouse = strong punch.
I'm sure you all know that the Jab outfit (light blue and red) is the real one.  However, my favorite is the Short outfit (blue and red).  I also like Cammy's Fierce outfit (green and red) and Forward outfit (purple and pink).

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Shadowloo Cammy's Kicks & Punches

Besides the hair, the outfit, the camouflage paint on her legs, and everything else that we all love about Cammy, she's also got a very unique fighting style.  Her fighting style is called "Special Forces", but that doesn't mean much.  Special Forces is basically just a 'homemade' fighting style of whatever works best.  Guile is also a Special Forces fighter, but his moves look nothing like Cammy's.  In a way, it's kinda of dangerous to have a mish-mash fighting style, because your opponent never really knows what to expect.  Anyways, Cammy not only looks cool, but the way she fights looks cool too.  Here's what it looks like... (almost exactly the same as Delta Red Cammy)

** You might notice that all my screen shots are of player 2.... that's because player 1 Cammy is backwards!  The brown armband & scar are supposed to be on her left side. **

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Click on a picture to see an animated GIF of that move (if available)






jab.gif (1857 bytes)

strong.gif (1879 bytes)

fierce.gif (1885 bytes)


jab-close.gif (1863 bytes)

strong-close.gif (1854 bytes)

fierce-close.gif (1815 bytes)


jab-crouch.gif (1618 bytes)

strong-crouch.gif (1534 bytes)

fierce-crouch.gif (1847 bytes)


jab-air.gif (1638 bytes)

strong-air.gif (1865 bytes)

fierce-air.gif (1825 bytes)

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Click on a picture to see an animated GIF of that move (if available)






short_forward-close.gif (1822 bytes)

forward.gif (1987 bytes)

roundhouse.gif (1760 bytes)


short-close.gif (1822 bytes)

short_forward-close.gif (1822 bytes)

roundhouse-close.gif (1800 bytes)


short-crouch.gif (1522 bytes)

forward-crouch.gif (1471 bytes)

roundhouse-crouch.gif (1619 bytes)


short-air.gif (1482 bytes)

forward-air.gif (1672 bytes)

roundhouse-air.gif (1767 bytes)

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Shadowloo Cammy's Misc animation...
Click on a picture to see an animated GIF of that move (if available)

intro-coat.gif (1520 bytes)

taunt_intro2.gif (1832 bytes)

win-bto.gif (1943 bytes)

win-yessir.gif (4000 bytes)

Intro #1

Intro #2
& taunt

Winning pose
(hold short)

Winning pose
(hold strong)

...and one more.

turn.gif (1872 bytes)

...and that's it for now.  But, I
have a lot more almost done,
so keep checking back
because I will add more!

Cammy turns

comming soon...